Anyone seen this yet? I heard it was a super big hit and I finally saw it not too long ago omg its a total must see one min or laughing and the next your either sobbing out of joy or sadness! I just love Aamir in this! If u look it up on youtube I think someone uploaded it in HD with eng. subs so go enjoy! I can't wait to buy the DvD prob. is I haven't seen one yet lol!


sarNie Egg
Omgg dis movie is so good. Thought this movie was overhyped n didnt deserve 2 be India all time highest grossing film, but woow it proved me wrong badly.
Looove Amir's acting, he was so cute as a college boy. :wub: He made me cry n laugh, love his character. The rest of the cast acted great as well, but wish Kareena has more scope. Kareena n Amir pair looks alright, they look more like brother n sister. :D