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i'm sorry if double posted


WOW! Mark's fans were really devoted! haha They came all the way to support and cheer him!!! haha
I love all the gifts they gave him..hahaha


Mark was hot at the concert! I cant wait to actually watch it! I hope this comes out in DVD! hahahahahaha
Mark's my man!!! haha


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have u seen other performances? :rofl:
Yes I have. Yadech were hot. The boys were hot, charming and freaking hilarious. Yaya was quiet a surprise. But Mak and Ann kiss scene will foever be talked about. It was freaking shocking and out of nowhere. It is going to be like Top and Lee Hyori. That is what I mean by stealing the spotlight!!!


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Oh really? From yesterday until today, I've not seen media talking about that kiss

U mean talked about in AF?

I only saw one newspaper's criticism on the concert.

On other hand, Top and Lee Hyori was the most talked about among Korean citizens to be exact among international fans


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I think this is at the end of the show. B/C the boys are saying their Thank You. :)


Credits: TheKaygirl84


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Mark! :D


Credits:amningnong's youtube channel


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Actually, I would disagree that mark and Anne stole the show...their play act was interesting...but the true stars of the show was Nadech and Boy Pakorn. They're the two who got rave reviews on their solo performances. If people think the kiss between Mark and Anne was the highlight of the show...seriously? have you never seen people kiss before? I wouldn't pay money for a show just to see two people kiss. Not trying to detract from their performance because their performance was great, but you would have to try harder to convince me why that should be the highlight of the show...because at this point, i don't think it is. I guess I'll have to wait for the whole show before I decide who had the best performance, but from the clips available right now, I would agree with critics that Nadech and Boy's performance were the best.