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Boy and Kwan look so cute together...hahaha...you make me want to start a new thread for teh new year too....

love that banner of Yadech


love it pris~!!!!!!!! ^________^ wanna scream for 2011... yeah i can't wait for yadech lakorns this year. :p


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wow .. wow .. impressive .. i'm falling in love with your of YADECH! so hot! Lovely wallpapers as well -- NANGFAH kom chun!


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@Thip: I wish Boy and Kwan could play lakorn together but she with Ch7. :(

@Nikki: I will scream with you! haha

@Ceci- Im glad you like you! ;)

Thank you ladies for the sweet compliments! :D


sarNie Granny
what an awesome want to start of the new year <3
yaya looks amazing. and boy looks good with anyone. i think i found my new crush!


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awwwe.. so pretty prisna!! missed your work!!! LOVELY!!! I SO WANT BOY & KWAN TO PAIR UP NOW!!!! <3<3<3