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andreanaing said:
Why is Kim so matchable with any P'rek?  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:
cause she got that aura of a woman that can make chemistry with any man really always amaze me by that :heart: 
and here in this cave in a situation of death  their love saw light and they knew that these days that they spend in the island make a birth of a beautiful feeling :spin: :spin:


sarNie Tombstone
time to rewatch this two miss them alot , didn't forget about them but seems is more and more impossible to see them aagin in the same screen
"you are pathetic , your mouth is awful , read my lips PATHETIC, people like you is called mouth..."
"eh was what that ? i didn't hear.come again"
"say it clearly i can't hear "
"it's called"
"i can't hear say it again"
after all that
"will we survive"

i just he comedy part in the first 3 episode

"this is how much it will come up to , ony the neck"
"my neck..read my lips NECK"


sarNie Tombstone
i'm falling in love with you although i should not , but what i do when you look so beautiful so you and smile like that like a sunshine in a spring morning what i do when i can't find my way out from your dreamy eyes that keep me want to look at them what i do when i can't get enough of all the emotion you makes me feel , what i do when all i want is to keep looking at you
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sarNie Tombstone
"should i give up or should i keep chasing pavement even if it lead no where"

*sigh* at least a movie if kim one day can do a movie


I agree that Kim match older p'eks. And she is looking older lately too so that's a plus in matching all the older veteran p'eks. Maybe she'll get to star with our KEN T! :)


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You know I dropped Suer after about 5 episodes, but gosh does this fanvid make me want to pick up where I left off. I do hope they get to pair up again in the future in a better lakorn lol. A movie would be nice, we can get all the kisses and sensual scenes without the weird angles and cuts, if Kimmy ever does a movie that is. I wonder why lakorn actors don't do movies???

Check out this awesome fanvid guys! It's so well done and the song is perfect. But in contrast to the song, in the end it was possible between the two, right? It took forever but they made it there :lol: Thought I'd stop by and share this awesomeness with all you ananberley fans :D Please like the video to show support to the maker.



sarNie Tombstone
the way she seduce him with her eyes her eyes say how much she miss him and her mouth something else and the way he tell her he is her husband and he won't allow she get someone else ommmyyy ,
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sarNie Tombstone
i love this scene because although in this lakorn they had a happy ending but in real life sometime is not that happy sometime two people is just fated fro them that they will just cross each other ; just meet not stay together

"why do fate make us cross path, why "
"maybe our fate is just to meet , just running into each other"

and sometime you can change that fate cause sometime you have to sacrifice or give that person cause he won't handle your path , but for parob and wanvisa it was easier it was about wanvisa's pride and she can't forgive him for all the awful thing he did for her witch she has the right in her place i would do the same
"is there anyway to fight the fate"


sarNie Tombstone
"good bye"
"good bye"

this moment remind me of adele song "someone like you "



sarNie Tombstone
the hot kiss
"you made me fall in love an you must take responsibility"

and finally the war of love ended with " i love you too"

"you are not mad at me anymore right?, now do you know how much i love you"
"i love you"

and will leave you with the romantic lines

"thank you "
"you thanks me?"
"no thanking the ocean"

"because of the ocean we met"
"because of the ocean we fell in love"

"and because of it we almost fall a part"
"but we are back together because of the ocean"

"we should have a song, so we can dance again"
"it's our song, it's on our heart , if you want to hear it use your imagination , close your eyes you will hear it , close yuor eyes"


sarNie Tombstone
and always love stories who end with a happy ending always warm our hearts cause sometime the outside world the real world can be too cold so we love to have some warmth even from a just love story lived by others

i adore kim's eyes and how she create this chemistry through her carachter

"i don't throw anything that made us fall in love"

watching this is really makes feel exactly like the first time , liek if it's the first time i watch it that's amazing

let's have a dance in the sea just the two of us , feel our love surround in the air, living the magic moment forget all the pain we went through and kiss the happiness we are in now