A Smile in Your Heart


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Intro: This is my first fanfic on lakorns ever. I've always made fics on Anime and Videogames but never for real people, so please excuse me if i do it wrong. (Also I haven't written a fic in years so please excuse my rustiness.) Kindly educate me as well if I do it wrong, thank you.

Also I'm a newbie to the lakorn world so I don't know how to cast some of the characters. I will gladly accept any recommendations which you may have. Also, I'm not yet used to the Thai word nuances, especially with the terms of respect and other language quirks (like saying "Kha"/"krup", "na kha" or whatnot) so I opted not to put anything for fear that I might use it wrong.

I dedicate this fic to all the Jirassaya Fans out there. Many of us are going through Jirassaya withdrawal after NNS so this fic is for you.

Basic Plot: For those who have been around in the NNS thread, you've probably seen the plots I've wanted to see Jirassaya in. This one is about James Ji and Yaya being best friends - Yaya falling in love with another guy before realizing that it is her best friend which she loves all along. It's a very basic plot; quite light-hearted. Let's see how it goes.

About the title: "A Smile in Your Heart" is actually a title of a song from my country, composed more than 10 years ago. You can search it in youtube as it was recently revived after it was used in a romcom movie. I'll try to post a link later. It sets the backdrop of the story, with its light hearted melody and and it's... well... mushy lyrics.

Without further ado, I present to you: A Smile In your Heart

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Chapter 1 – Best Friends Forever​

I can do this.

She whispered the words to herself repeatedly like a mantra as she exerted great effort to stay calm. Her hands were cold and her knees were wobbly, but apart from the lack of the usual smile in her face, other people could not possibly notice even a hint of her struggle. She looked unruffled, almost serene, as she stood in the middle of the mat with her back ramrod straight. She looked pristine in her white uniform, while her long sable hair was braided neatly behind her back. She would have looked like princess, in fact, that was what some of her classmates called her, even with the black belt in her waist looking firm and imposing.

She was, after all, the Fighting Dame, Yaya Urassaya of the College of Architecture.

She could easily fell a foe with a calculated kick, just as easily as she can make boys swoon with just one look of her eyes. They dare not get close to her however, not just because she was the ace of the university’s Taekwondo Team, but also because everyone was well aware that she was not an ordinary girl that can be wooed with flowers and chocolates. While her smiles beckoned many friends and admirers, her wit and bearing gave off a clear signal that she was not one to be played.

And this was why the male population of their University merely stayed on the sidelines, cheering her on interschool tournaments and watching her graceful passion explode on the mat. Her girl friends were likewise eagerly watching, hoping and praying for her success while keeping her rabid fanboys in check.

Now she gave off a tranquil vibe, as though she were not fazed by her bigger, better foes. No, she remained fierce yet beautiful as she waited for her turn. The auditorium was bustling with activity with the Interschool Tournament being on full swing. Yet despite the number of matches occurring simultaneously, everyone’s attention seemed to be on her. The audience noted that she easily moved up the ranks in this tournament, not noticing even a hint of her apprehension, not knowing the cold sweat running down her spine. She could barely hear her cheering squad bursting their tonsils in cheering her on. All she could hear was the loud beating of her heart.

I can do this? I can do this right?

She asked herself, her composure cracking a little. She looked up near the exit where the bleachers were, searching, hoping to find what she was looking for. He never let her down. And she believed that he never would. Not now. Not ever.

Where are you?

She asked herself the question as she clenched her fists to her sides. Please, please, please…

She gave one more longing glance at the bleachers, changing her mantra to:

Please come quickly. I need you. I can’t do this alone. Please, please.

Four is to one had never been fair, yet he knew he had no choice when he entered their lair on his own accord.

He always wanted to be a big-shot hero like those cowboys in movies he used to watch as a child. Those cowboys always came to fights alone with guns ablazing against a tribe of enemies, but what he put himself into right now was another kind of war. While he came alone, he need not fight, at least not with guns or fists.

They were civilized men, he’d give them that, as the four club members allowed him entry inside the dark room without any quarrel. They nudged him to sit in the middle of the room, across an imposing man who appeared to be their leader.

He took his time in sitting down as he placed his arms calmly upon the armrest. He tried to assess his situation, hoping he would come out of the room unscathed.

“I only come here because you have something of interest to me,” he stated as-a-matter-of-factly as he leaned back on the chair nonchalantly, looking like he owned the place. The yellow lamp light, which served as the only source of illumination of the room, bounced off the clear glass of his eyeglasses, making him look more eerie in the middle of the dark room.

The members of the club quickly noted his cockiness, and all of them directed their attention his way, as though anticipating a fight.

“You think you’re all that, newbie? You think you can just come in here and talk to me like we’re equals?” the older man at the other end of the table chuckled, as his face remained hidden in the darkness. “You’re wet behind the ears boy. Go back to the library and study your academics.”

“I’ll let your insult pass; it’s understandable for you not to know who I am… yet.” Our hero stated smugly as he faced the side of the room and tilted his head up towards the ceiling. He then cast the leader a sideward glance and added, “after all, the dean’s list had not been published yet.”

“You’re a conceited one. Tell us; what is your name, neophyte? Tell us before I own you,” one of the red-faced members grumbled.

“My name?” he shifted once more in the chair and faced the leader squarely this time. “Which name – the one that I use in this world… or in the world only we know?”

“I told you. We are not equals”

“Perhaps,” he grinned as he stood up in his chair and approached the leader. His subordinates quickly rushed to his side to push him away yet he remained firm as he pulled something from inside his sleeve. He obtained a card and placed it upon the table forcefully with a loud “thump” and then crossed his arms to let the club members see it.

“You’re…. you’re an Empire Master IV?!”

He reached up and used his forefinger to raise his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He then brought his hands further up to brush the hair away from his face.

“There are only three persons with the Empire Master IV rank in Thailand!” one of the underlings exclaimed as they crowded around the table to examine the card more carefully.

“The card it says 2010… it means… you… you were the first Thai Empire Master IV?”

His hair moved back down and settled on his forehead, right above the rim of his glasses and it somehow provided a curtain to hide the subtle amusement in his eyes as he peered at them more closely. The club members all looked back from their crouched position by the table and they realized he was taller than he had seemed when he was sitting down across their leader a few minutes ago.

“Who are you? …. What are you….?” The leader asked, sounding appalled.

“Mages of the Lagoon Deckmaster. 2010 Asian Champion. I only go by one name in both worlds… and it’s Jirayu.”

“….Jirayu,” the club members gasped in unison.

“THE James Jirayu? The seventeen year old who beat the five-time Japanese Champion in the Mages of the Lagoon Deckmaster Asian Card Tournament?!” one of the other club members sputtered, evidently spazzing out.

“…. I’m 21 now actually…” James muttered under his breath.

Someone quickly flicked open the lights and the room they were in looked like an ordinary classroom again. The Mages of the Lagoon Deck (“MLD”, for short) Club members looked like your ordinary nerds, with their thick rimmed glasses and strangely combed hair. While they looked like they were about to pull out a calculator on a whim (or actually, they looked like they already have it built in inside their heads), James didn’t look that different from them. Of course he was taller and had a more easygoing look about him. Yet like them, his slightly disheveled hair almost covered his eyes while his dark rimmed glasses nearly covered half of his face. He wore jeans and sneakers like the average college student, though the way his attire was put together didn’t make him look like them one bit. It’s not that he stood out. In fact, if he walked into a crowd, he’d look like someone who’d easily get lost in it, his height aside. He looked… more average than average – perhaps to the point of being a nobody.

Yet now he attained an almost god-like status among the members of the MLD club, although he was just James Jirayu, the resident math whiz of the College of Mechanical Engineering. Besides being identified as the freak of nature that nearly got perfect scores in calculus and trigonometry exams, he virtually is just another average guy in the University.

“What could we do for you, Empire Master!?” the club members exclaimed once more in unison.

James was slightly taken aback, not sure if the sudden turn of events was truly to his liking.

“Er… as I said, you have something that I am interested in.”

“Tell us Master! ANYTHING!”

“Er… O…kay…” James gulped as he wondered if it was right for him to reveal his hidden card to these people in the first place. Playing cards had been his hobby, and he thought nothing much of it when he was younger. He never knew that he would receive a cult following because of it. This was the reason why he opted not to join the club in his freshman year in the first place. He was also afraid that membership in the MLD club would put him in a more precarious position. He was already the resident nerd in his class for heaven’s sake. Making him the MLD top rank member would probably change his status from a nobody to the university’s guinea pig for all sorts of pranks and bullying. He already experienced that in his younger years and he didn’t want to go through all that again.

He shook his head, trying to get rid of his recent (horrifying) thought and went back to business. “The other day, during your bi-monthly meeting at the quad… did any of your members notice a …” James stopped, trying to gauge the members before finally saying it. He moved his hands as if to illustrate “… well, notice a toy bunny with a blue jumper and yellow ribbons? It’s this small and it’s kinda old. Er… I need it back.”

The club members visibly sweat-dropped as they heard their new idol’s request.

“As a matter of fact, we do have it.” The leader blurted out, “we were going to name it Yellow Mage of the Lowlands and make it our mascot considering we discovered that it belonged to…”

James’s expression quickly darkened into a serious one, as he placed his hand firmly upon the leader’s arm. “Whatever it is you know…. Swear it upon the masters’ deck that you would not let any other soul know,” James said in a low tone, “Please.”

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the leader gave James one firm nod and sealed their man-to-man agreement by walking to the corner of the room and retrieving the said Yellow Mage … er… Bunny from the club room’s cabinet.

“Thank you,” James smiled brightly upon receiving the toy, giving it a gentle squeeze. He reverted back to his serious expression when he saw the blank stares in the eyes of the MLD members. He secured the toy bunny inside his jacket and clasped his hands together for a solemn wai. “I thank you my comrades, but now I must run.”

“Comrades?!” the MLD club members said in unison, looking almost like they were about to break down in tears. They respectfully returned James’s wai and bent their head down and refused to look up until James was out of sight.

I’m coming. Wait for me. Please, hang on. He thought as he clutched the toy closer to his chest as he made a run for it. He remembered the way she looked last night when she told him of what happened. She pouted in that way that made her look so cute and yet tore at his heart at the same time. He promised to get it back for her, at whatever cost. He never wanted to let her down, not now not ever.

Now he had to go to her as soon as he possibly can. He ran down the corridor as though he were being chased by a pack of wolves, yet stumbled midway as he saw the sight he least wanted to see.

“Yo! Abacus Finch!”

James cringed as he heard their resident bully’s nickname for him ring out on the corridor. He hated that name. Sad to say he hated the guy who gave him that name more.

A big burly man swaggered towards him, blocking his path. He was a typical jock, the varsity team captain of the university’s football team. His skin was tan from playing under the sunlight and his muscles were visible from the athletic shirt that he wore. He looked like that even back when they were in elementary school together – and often he wondered if his maturity level stayed the same from that period as well.

“Hey Abacus Finch, what’s the big hurry?”

James wondered if he really had a wit inside that thick skull of his or if he simply did not know that the book character’s name was really ‘Atticus Finch’.

“Oh… hey Pai,” James grinned tentatively as he edged towards the side of the corridor, planning his escape.

“Where are you going Abacus? We still haven’t had our chat?” Pai moved closer and placed his huge hand over James’s shoulder. Soon his teammates followed and the big space in the corridor was made narrow by the sheer bulk of the football team who surrounded James.

“Uh… what is it then, Pai? What can I do for you?”

Pai Visarut then smiled wryly and patted James on the back, nearly knocking the air off his lungs. “You tipped the grading curve off the scales again Abacus, it looks like the passing grade for the midterm exams was raised by five points - All because of you. Imagine that, all my studying down the drain. And I was so proud of my 72% too.”

James smiled tentatively, not knowing how to remedy the situation.

Pai’s teammates all surrounded him and gave him forceful pats on the back, head, all over, all the while shouting their mock “congratulations.”

“Now we have to go to make up classes again to make it to the next semester. What do you have to say about that huh?”

James gulped as rubbed his shoulders, hoping that the brutes’ pats won’t bruise. “Uh… well, I’ll give you guys my class notes after your practice tomorrow. I know how busy you guys are. Wouldn’t want to take your time.”

“With formulas?”

“Yeah, I like the little drawings too.”

“Maybe a smaller version so I can use it as a cheat code next time…”

Before the geniuses of the football team made any other demands, James raked his mind for an escape route.

“Yes, sure guys. I’ll prepare it by tomorrow. But right now, I got to run.” He grinned nervously as he looked behind Pai. “The girl’s swimming team is having a practice game I heard. They’ll be debuting their new swimsuits today.”

At the mention of girls, swimming and swimsuits, what little of the guys’ minds turned to mush. They failed to realize that the university didn’t even have a swimming team to begin with.

James pretended to run towards the poolside and the burly guys of the football team swatted him like a fly and he landed on his butt by the curb. When the guys were out of sight, he smiled victoriously and picked himself up, dusted his pants off, and started running once more towards the other direction.

He was several feet away and he already heard the loud cheering from inside. He smiled once more, an excited smile this time as he ran up the stairs towards the back entrance.


The crowd gasped loudly as Yaya tumbled backwards after avoiding a kick. She moved to her side and struggled for balance as she tried to outmaneuver her bigger opponent. She raised her hand by her head in a guarding position as she tried to figure out what to do. Feeling a bit panicked, she looked to the bleachers and still failed to see what she was looking for. A bit disheartened, she jumped back and tried to avoid more of her opponent’s kicks.


Her opponent then delivered a fake and then with her other leg kicked her on the side. She was not hurt, but rather taken by surprise by the blow, and she fell to her side. The crowd remained at the edge of their seats, refusing to believe that their princess might actually lose this match. She bit her lip and moved to stand as she looked at the bleachers with her last strand of hope.

Then… in slow motion, the door opened, revealing the bright sunlight from outside. A lone figure entered through the door, with his hair moving about his face as though he had run a mile just to get there. He ran down with wobbly knees, struggling not to tumble down the stairs and then tightly clasped the railings. He moved his head, searching for something until finally their eyes met. He smiled brightly then and took out something from his jacket and waved it at her. He raised his other arm and clenched his fist then she saw his mouth move, seemingly shouting encouraging words at her.

“James,” she whispered to herself as she smiled, her spirit seemingly revitalized with a new light. She stood more firmly back into position as she eyed her opponent. Her opponent looked at Yaya’s smile quizzically, not sure how her tired expression changed so quickly. Her smile seemed to mock her and so she lunged forcefully, going for the kill.

Yaya stepped back and turned, delivering a powerful high kick that reached her opponent’s head. Her opponent staggered back and fell. When she stood back up, Yaya went on an offensive and delivered more kicks her way. Soon the bell rang and the match was over, and everyone was relieved at the turn of events.
Yaya’s coach approached her and patted her on the back as her other team mates gushed about her. She smiled sweetly as she was not able to speak as she was still trying to catch her breath. She then glanced sideward once more and looked up to the bleachers and saw him still looking at her and giving her a thumbs-up sign.

Soon the judges announced that she was the Interschool Taekwondo Women’s Champion and the crowd went wild.

Her teammates crowded around her and managed to lift her up, even though she was so tall. Then everything became frenzied as her cheering squad threw flowers at her and some of them even came down the mat to give her bouquets. Her professors were likewise extending their congratulations and even the school paper’s journalists were taking her photo and getting her interview.

She did it again, James thought, as he slowly walked down the bleachers, unlike the other students who ran hurriedly towards the mat to get closer to the action. She had and still is good in everything that she put her heart into and he was just so proud of her. Yet he was worried that soon she might be too popular, too perfect, that she’d be out of his reach. As it was, her friends had been trying to alienate him as much as they could but…

How could he possibly stay away from her, when it was she who gave him life?

He observed her from afar as her fans adulated her. She was so beautiful and so precious to him. Perhaps she’ll never know just how much he truly lov….

“Move it, man. What are you standing dumbly there for?” One of the Yaya fanclub members pushed him aside as he moved closer into the crowd.

“Hey James, here, make yourself useful and put this away,” an upperclassman belonging to the taekwondo club said as he dumped a big duffel bag on him. He struggled for balance as he placed the duffel bag on the benches together with the other equipment. He sighed as he looked back at the mat where the others still continued to gather around Yaya.

“James! James!”

He looked back and saw Yaya’s mother and uncle waving excitedly at him.

“Auntie!” James shouted back as he moved to the wall to meet them halfway.

“I’m glad you made it James, we saved a seat for you, you know, but Yaya said you were on an errand,” Yaya’s mom said as she gently bent down to ruffle James’s hair.

James merely grinned and did a solemn wai to greet them. “Hello Auntie, Uncle. I had to go get something. I made it just in time for the finale. Congratulations to Yaya.”

Yaya’s uncle laughed and said, “Congratulations to you too. We all know she wouldn’t have made it if not for you. It brings me back to those days when you barely reached my waist. You’d go home all muddy with scratches all over because you got into a fight in the playground.”

“That was a long time ago Uncle Kitti,” James replied as he shyly brought one of his hands behind his head and rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment.

“But look at Yaya now, so much of a lady, yet still a little menace at heart.”

James looked back at the crowd where Yaya was, she smiled so radiantly that it’s almost weird when you think about how she was being congratulated now for winning in a martial art.

“Oy James,” Kitti started with a wink, “go back there and go get her son. You snooze, you lose!”

Yaya’s mom laughed as she patted James’s shoulder affectionately. “Uncle’s right. Go. I think she’s looking for you.”

He looked back and walked hesitantly. Was she really looking for him? It was a wonder how they remained friends for so long. He was still the same old nerdy James, while Yaya bloomed into a flower, a wildflower, but a flower nonetheless. Was he really as important to her as she was to him? Could he really be… could they be more than friends?

Yaya smiled politely at the crowd around her, yet she continued to search for him. He was no longer there in that spot where he was a while ago by the bleachers, and she was sure he stayed inside the gym. He always stayed for her, always.

She looked to her side and saw him getting pushed aside once more. Sometimes she wished her classmates would stop teasing him. For such a big guy, he was a softy at heart. She then wondered if perhaps it was too late to teach him some taekwondo moves. She excused herself and moved towards him and after a minute of swimming through the crowd, she finally managed to forge a path towards him.

James looked like he was almost thrown by the path and he moved to regain his balance once again. He turned and raised a hand to adjust his glasses, and when he moved his hand away, she was suddenly right in front of him.

Time froze as they looked at each other’s eyes and James suddenly felt his heart beating madly in his chest. She smiled widely at him, that ear to ear smile of hers as she ran towards him. He moved and opened his arms unconsciously by his side as if anticipating her embrace…



It wasn’t an embrace, but a noogie that she gave him. She locked her arms around his neck and he was powerless as he struggled for the nth time for balance as he held his glasses firmly against his head.

“You’re late!”

“Gaah! Yaya! Ow!”

Yaya laughed as she shifted her position and wrapped her arms around one of James’s. “Come on!” she exclaimed as she dragged him away from the crowd and outside the gym.

James had no choice but to keep up with her, just as he always had for as long as he can remember.

“Ms. Bluebell says congratulations,” James whispered when they were finally alone and away from the crowd as he pulled out the bunny from his jacket and handed it to her.

Yaya quickly dropped her hands from his arms and clutched the toy bunny. “You did it! You really did it! Thank you James, thank you so much!”

“Anything… anything for you Yaya,” he whispered under his breath, and Yaya seemed oblivious to his words as she hugged the toy bunny and pressed it upon her cheek.

He felt his ears burning and his cheeks throbbing as he gazed upon her joyful face. She then looked at him once more and raised her hand to whack him on the shoulder. “But you’re still late!”

James feigned pain as he mock cringed and rubbed the spot she hit. “Ow! Sorry. I encountered some problems along the way.”

Her expression quickly changed to a concerned one but James quickly smiled and shook his head.

“We have to celebrate okay? And since you’re late, you have to sing the banana song later at dinner okay?”

“When will you get tired of that stupid song,” James muttered as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Come on let’s go slowpoke!” Yaya said as she saw the crowd exiting the gym. “We have to escape!”

She linked one of her arms around him and dragged him away.

He followed closely, not having a choice, not really wanting to make a choice for he knew in his heart he’d follow her anywhere anyway, anytime.

“Does it hurt?” the little girl asked the little boy as he sat by the corner of the small room while looking at his scraped knee.

He shook his head though the little girl could plainly see even behind his glasses that her best friend was nearly in tears.

“That Pai and his friends! I’ll get them you know! I swear I’ll get them!” Yaya said so vengefully, she did not sound like she were seven years old.

“Don’t do it Yaya, you’re a girl and Auntie said you’re not supposed to fight with boys.” James said as he reached out and tugged at her free arm.

“No! I don’t like what they are doing!” She stomped her foot angrily and squeezed her toy bunny tightly with her other arm. “They can’t push you off the swing, and they can’t hurt Ms. Bluebell anymore! Not in my watch. No!”
James had always known that his best friend had quite a temper. He had known early on not to invoke her wrath and so they have gotten along well since they were in preschool. Yet he knew that fighting was bad – all the more when it was girls who were fighting the bigger guys in the playground.

“Yaya, don’t. Auntie will just be mad at you. I’m ok. Everything’s gonna be ok.”

“No James!” Yaya said as she crouched down beside him. “I’m going to do it, like the ninja kids we saw on TV the other day.”

“The ninja kids?” James asked, wondering what she was talking about. “We’ll become ninjas?”

Yaya nodded. “I saw the older kids in school the other day. They were wearing white and they had different belts, like the ninja kids. I’m going to get a black belt and scare Pai away. You’ll see.”


Yaya’s family, which is comprised of her Uncle Kitti, her mom and her grandmother all laughed at the anecdote from Yaya and James’s past. They all remembered how way back then Yaya thought that she can use her black taekwondo belt to whip enemies that’s why she trained hard to get one in the first place. She had always been a tomboy as she matched the bigger kids’ in fights when they were much younger. It was always James who pulled her out of trouble, although it was also because of him that Yaya studied taekwondo in the first place.

“This girl, she wanted to beat up the big boys so bad. Yet one of the first things they teach you in martial arts is not to use it for violence right?” Grandma teased Yaya while they were eating dinner.

“What happened to that boy anyway? Doesn’t he go to the same college as the two of you?” her mother asked.

“Well… yeah. He’s still the same. Even his brain seems the same. I often wonder how he passed the entrance exams,” Yaya grumbled as she idly moved the food in her plate with a fork. James laughed when he realized he and Yaya thought the same. He figured he’d have to tell the story about his encounter with Pai earlier that day to her some other time, or perhaps never.

“Just like James here. Still the same, like he hasn’t aged a day,” Kitty grinned as he elbowed James. “This boy, you’re in this house every day. You might as well move in!”

“Don’t be like that Kitti,” Yaya’s mom admonished him lightly. “I love that these two are still here eating dinner with us like they used to way back when. I wouldn’t want to change a thing.”

“That’s what I meant,” Kitti said as he waved at his sister. “You guys are still best friends. When will you move huh?” Kitti said as he moved his fork towards James.

James coughed as he choked on his food and Kitti had to quickly pat him on the back.

“Uncle!” Yaya wailed, “James and I are best friends. Don’t tease him like that. He’s like a brother to me. He’ll always be my brother and the son that mom never had, isn’t that right mom?”

Her mom eyed James and had a knowing smile on her lips. Truth be told, she had the same feelings as her brother, Kitti, but of course she never wanted to force her daughter to move until she’s ready. She had seen the way James look at her daughter over the years. Some might call it mother’s intuition, or perhaps woman’s instincts, but she knew that he was starting to feel for her something more. Her daughter just hasn’t realized it yet. Of course she had seen the boy grow up to the man that he was now. Truth be told, she practically raised him together with her daughter. She would support them all the way should they truly be destined to be together.

“Mom?” Yaya asked as she saw her mom smiling at James’s way, as though deep in thought.

“Ah… yes, yes of course. James is my son. Stop teasing him Kitti.”

Kitti shrugged and continued eating. The family continued to eat their dinner, laughing occasionally at some joke or anecdote which they raised. Finally Yaya and James excused themselves to walk around the house as they claimed to be so full.

“Auntie’s cooking really is the best,” James sighed as he sat down the bench and rubbed his full belly.

“Yep. I wish I can learn how to cook like her,” Yaya sighed as she sat beside James in the bench by their garden and looked at the stars.

James grunted and laughed inwardly when she said the words. He turned away from her, pretending to hide his laughter. Yaya slapped his arm playfully and asked what the matter was. She knew of course why he was laughing but she wanted to hear it for herself.

“The last time you cooked something, I had to call the fire department!”

“That was nothing silly! You overreacted!” Yaya exclaimed indignantly.

“Yeah… sure I overreacted. The sprinklers in the living room went off with the smoke coming from the kitchen,” James said in between giggles.

“Next time I won’t be baking cookies for you, ok.” Yaya muttered with a loud “Hmph!”

“Sorry, sorry, fine. I’ll still eat those burnt cookies of yours so please don’t stop trying ok?” James said as he tugged at her shoulder. She shook his arms off and continued to mock pout.

“When you learn how to cook like your mom, then it’s a sign that you’re ready to get married,” James whispered half jokingly as he bumped her shoulder with his slightly.

“Silly,” Yaya replied silently, as her expression turned into a serious one. She remembered Uncle Kitti’s teasing earlier that night and she felt bad for James. She knew in her heart that they can never be what her Uncle wanted them to be and she was sure James felt the same way. She and James were best friends, and that’s it.

“James, I don’t think I’ll ever get married.”

“Hm?” James turned and eyed her weirdly when she said the words. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m serious James. I don’t think I ever want to fall in love,” Yaya said thoughtfully as she looked at the stars. “When dad died, mom was so devastated. I don’t want to go through that feeling. I’m so afraid. That’s why I don’t want to risk it. I don’t ever want to fall in love.”

James looked at her then and felt his heart sink at the pit of his stomach.

But I already love you, you know?

He looked at her thoughtfully, wondering how he would tell her, especially now that she was so beautiful under the starlight. He had always known that he had always loved her for as long as he can remember. Of course he loved her first as a friend, then as a sister, and now that he knew better, she was starting to be something more to him.

“They say you can’t choose not to love. It just happens you know?” he said in that soft tone of his as he continued to look at her as she gazed at the sky.

Yaya chuckled, completely missing the look of longing he threw at her. “Silly. Hah, well, I don’t know. It’ll probably not happen to me. I’m past 18 and I still haven’t loved anyone ever.”

“It’s not too late,” James said as he unconsciously clenched his fist to his side.

“Hmm? I never thought you were the romantic type James,” Yaya laughed as she elbowed him. “Why? Have you been in love?”

James gulped as cold sweat trickled down his nape. Must he confess to her? Must it be now?

She looked at him and smiled that sweet smile of hers and his coherence just went down the drain.

“Hah, with that lakorn actress, I suppose, what’s her name? Your crush?” Yaya laughed as she saw his ears had turned bright red. “Bella Ranee! Haha! You loved her since you saw her for the first time in a magazine in Junior High! See! I remember!”

James sighed as he turned away with the beating of his heart becoming almost deafening.

Yaya was completely oblivious to his feelings and he almost laughed at how pathetic his situation was. “Heh, I only saw that magazine because you were hoarding magazines for your scrapbook for that guy, Nadech Kugimiya.”

“But…” Yaya sputtered, “Yeah, whatever, he’s cute, so there.” She crossed her arms and turned away from him. They were the best of friends. Of course they’ll know each other’s secrets. Yaya turned slightly and looked at James again even as he continued to look away from her. Could James have been in love? Nah, James? That’s impossible, Yaya thought. She knew he spent too much time studying, tinkering with tools and even playing with those cards of his that it was impossible for him to find the time to fall in love.

James turned slightly and looked back and saw Yaya looking at him in the same way. He quickly shifted his gaze and looked at the sky again, not knowing how to dispel the awkwardness he felt.

“But we’ll always be together right?” Yaya whispered as she unconsciously leaned closer towards James. “We’ll be best friends till the day we die?”

“Oy!” James bumped her gently once more when she said the words, “don’t say it like that. Just say we’ll be best friends forever, or something.”

“BFF, that’s so corny you know,” Yaya giggled.

“Yeah, but that’s what we are, right?” James said. “Even if you fall in love, I’ll support you. I’ll always be here for you so you don’t have to be afraid, ok?”

Yaya was thoughtful for a second at James’s words. She did not know why, but the words brought comfort to her heart. Don’t be afraid. I’ll be here for you.

Yes, he never let her down. She knew it in her heart, she didn’t need a lover; she didn’t have to fall in love, as long as she had her mom, her grandma, her uncle, and James. She was complete.

“Thanks Sir James,” she said, “Thanks also for today.”

James smiled as he heard the gentleness in her voice. “You’re always welcome Lady Yaya,” he replied. Perhaps it was better this way; perhaps things did not have to change.

She didn’t have to love him back the way he wanted her to. He was happy the way it was. He was complete.


Notes: MLD is a made up thing. I based it from Magic: The Gathering which I heard my geek guy friends playing. I have no idea how the game goes, I just figured it's a geek thing. Sorry for stereotyping.

Pai Visaroot is the guy who played Klao/Klau in Khun Chai Pawonruj. He's the lover of M.L. Kratin, played by Gubjib. Thanks Nong Bieluvr for your help in figuring out his name. Don't worry, Pai isn't going to be the third wheel in James Ji x Yaya's relationship. Actually I'm still "casting" a guy. Any suggestions? My first choice is Fair, because I fell in love with him in NNS. If James JI had to compete with someone for Yaya, I'd want it to be Fair. But any other suggestions are welcome. Thank you very much for reading up to this point.
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AMAZING babe ....... You should announce in NNS thread. I bet they will flock to your FF immediately. DO IT NOW.
P.s Cast a guy that suits your imagination. Fair would be equally weighed against James coz we all know he's got that killer smile.( and you know how many are crazy abt Fair on nns thread). DO what you think is best coz I'm sure we all will fall in love with it anyway.


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You are a wonderful writer!!!!! like dude, I AM NOT KIDDING. I wish I could write as good as you. I'm running out of words to say.
You need to write more more more MORE. Good job!!!  :dance1:  :rockon:  :bhehe:  :clap:


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Aww thanks you guys. I'm really flattered by your comments.  :blush: No really Nong ImmaSingaholic, I'm having a hard time writing this since I've been writing for work mostly. It's been a long time since I wrote fiction again. 
I was going to proceed with Chapter 2 but I encountered a road block. I'm unsure of how the third wheel is supposed to be. Originally I had planned him to be a bad boy (original plan was actually Yaya x James Ma with James Ji as Yaya's brother. But scrap that, we're going for Jirassaya in this one  :yahoo:  Maybe I'll do the James Ma x Yaya one someday.) Since i'm contemplating on casting Fair, then he'd have to be different. Definitely he'll be the opposite of James Ji's character. I guess I'll just go back to the drawing board for this one. I just might end up recasting the whole NNS cast, since I'm at a slump for lakorn actors and actresses right now  :sweat: . As a spoiler:
Noey has a character already. But she's not rai... well, sort of. I need to cast someone as Yaya's best girl friend who would be with Pai. I want it to be Michelle, but I'm still thinking if she would look good with Pai. If Fair wouldn't fit the character of the third wheel, I was thinking of casting Ohm Kanin instead since he has to look like he's within the same age range as Yaya and James Ji - i.e. college level. But right now, I'm 70% sure with Fair. Since Chaitra is right. I love his smile. If it's fair, he won't be a college student. dun dun duuuuunnnn
As for the geek squad. I would love to put Ter in there, but he'd be too old. I'm so sorry. haha. Then I thought of putting in Tor, because I dunno, haha it'll be funny to see him as a geek since he had been playing a jock mostly. I also wanted to cast Nong, Boy Pakorn's brother as the elder geek (the leader) What do you think? Ahhh! I need college looking people. Thus I would need the newbies. Any suggestions? 
As promised, here is the song "A Smile in Your Heart", Enjoy! 


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LOL I forgot to answer your question!!!! I have a feeling Bella will be the third wheel... AHHHH I CAN'T BELIEVE U'RE MAKING ME CHOOSE BETWEEN JIRANEE AND JIRASSAYA... THIS IS VERY DIFFICULT LOL!!!!
I'm fine with Fair, I like Fair (but I'm not too crazy about him hahaha sorry girls) But hey, it's your own fan fic!! And if you love Fair, you should really go with him!!! Because it helps you with your vision when you have a certain someone that you want in the character that you are creating :)
I cannot wait for the next chapter!! Keep it going  :woot:


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No no, don't worry, Bella won't be here. I just wanted an inside joke.
but for the nth time, I'm putting Noey with James Ji. But she won't be a "third wheel" per se and she won't be "crazy about him" but she will be "crazy" hahaha. 
I'm working on chapter 2. gaaah. Let's see how this goes. Just go tell me any suggestions or requests or whatever. it might help me with my road blocks. Thanks again!


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Maybe you can cast James Ma as the third wheel. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Or Mark Prin, Mario, even Pope lol. Well these are the ones I thought of. But it really depends on the character :)
Someone who can make Yaya fell in love, someone that is able to make her excited and interested in.
I feel sorry for James already lol. he's gonna have to endure all this hahahaha
I'm kind of bored of Noey as the character who goes crazy for pra ek, but if she doesn't go crazy over James then I'm really fine with it jaaa
Don't rush, take all the time you need dear, I'm sure it's gonna be another awesome chapter :D
your style of writing is exquisite


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Well Nong, I didn't want to cast James Ma as the third wheel just because I didn't want him to lose  :cry:. I want him to win win win!
I'm glad you feel sorry for James Ji. This fic is payback for all the bad things he did in NNS. Mark my words, Imma make this face suffer the wrath of unrequited love (Cr: Instagram, @withjamesji) 


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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA I knew you were taking on a revenge on James in NNS!!!!! Yeah he was such a douche in there! Seeing him being so in love with Yaya and not be able to express how he feels, man that is cruel. But I love the idea.  :woot:  :pervie:  :bhehe:


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Thank you ja for a fun fanfic. Loving it so far and this will definitely keep me under control with my Jirassaya craving


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Sorry may I add that I don't think fair is a good love interest for yaya in this one because I'm still fresh with NNS and I cant imagine him any other than her brother


sarNie Hatchling
Sorry may I add that I don't think fair is a good love interest for yaya in this one because I'm still fresh with NNS and I cant imagine him any other than her brother


P' 140156, your writing is really good, with the choice of wording and descriptions and spelling. Every thing is up to par. Even the storyline is amazing. I would love to see you torture James Ji haha. In the first chapter, everything is clear that Yaya is in love with JJ already.
Yaya was thoughtful for a second at James’s words. She did not know why, but the words brought comfort to her heart. Don’t be afraid. I’ll be here for you.
Yes, he never let her down. She knew it in her heart, she didn’t need a lover; she didn’t have to fall in love, as long as she had her mom, her grandma, her uncle, and James. She was complete.
I wish I can write as good as you, but i just can't. Sometimes i actually find my style of writing is really boring, but that won't stop me from writing though. :)
As of suggestions, does it have to be from ch 3? I want to suggest Gun Napat. Is there girl who doesn't fall for Gun? LOL. My Opinion.


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Nong Bieluvr! Thank you. Gun Napat? Wasn't he Vanus in Koo Gam? I'll feel sorry for him if he gets rejected again. (He looked so sad when Noona rejected him after he fought for her for so long.  :cry: ) I agree, he is quite cute. and when he sings. *faint* I'll watch out for your fic. Go go! :cheer:  Like James in this fic, I will continue cheering you on!
I'm sorry guys, especially to you Jellyfish, it seems that I am going for Fair after all. I've tested it out and I think it's gonna work. Precisely, I need his big brother vibe about him. I'll try to post chapter 2 once I clean it up and please let me know if Fair will do or not. Thank you!


Thanks. :) And I know, I don't know how many times I've fainted when i hear Gun sing. Anyways, I'll wait for chapter two and wait for Fair's entrance. :)
And if you want, I could help you make a poster? But I'm not sure how to post it here though. LOL


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Wow a poster! That would be great. I could only navigate MS Word and MS Paint.  :scratchhead2:  I'm as old skool as you can get. Hehe. I guess I'd have to give you spoilers then huh Nong Bieluvr?  :secret:  Hehe. sorry. Let's see how it goes for chapter 2. And now I give you chapter 2
Chapter 2 – The Variable and the Constant​
“Remember princess, you have to listen to Ms. Bluebell’s advice. She knows a lot you know,” her father assured her as he stroked her hair. She sat comfortably in her dad’s lap as she cradled the new toy that he gave her.
“How could she give advice Dad, she doesn’t have a mouth to speak,” Yaya blurted out as she gazed at the toy bunny more carefully.
“Silly,” her dad grinned as he picked the toy up and made it move with his hands, “You have to listen with your heart.”
“My heart?” she asked innocently as she tried to comprehend her dad’s words.
“Yes princess. Listen with your heart, always.”
Always…. Your heart… always….
Yaya woke up with a start. The memory had been too vivid; she could almost feel her father’s arms around her. She clutched Ms. Bluebell closer to her chest as she bit her lip to stop her tears. She missed her dad terribly even though more than ten years had passed since he died. Ms. Bluebell had been his last gift to her before he left for his business trip that fateful day. She still could not forget the words he told her about Ms. Bluebell’s magic. She has to listen to her advice with her heart.
She looked at the worn out toy, which was sullied by dirt, food and tears over the years. Her mother often washed it and its blue jumper faded and yellow ribbons loosened each time. Yet she loved the toy so much that to her it seemed to be in the same state as when her dad gave it to her.
“Good morning Ms. Bluebell,” she whispered to the toy as she hugged it affectionately.
“Good morning Yaya, your father says good morning to his princess as well,” said the bunny, at least to her mind, at least to her heart.
“Good morning Dad,” Yaya whispered as she blinked off her tears. Today was going to be a new day. She mustn’t let sadness slow her down.
Listen with your heart Princess, always, listen with your heart.
“Yes Ms. Bluebell. Yes Dad, I’ll remember that,” she sighed as she stood up to do her morning rituals.
After taking a bath and dressing up, she went down the dining room to eat breakfast.
“You’re up early,” James said and she was half surprised to see him there.
“You’re here early,” Yaya said as she sat across him and reached out to the middle of the table to get a slice of bread.
James was in the middle of putting jam on a slice of toast when her mother came back to the dining room and placed a plate of cooked eggs on the table.
“Your grandma realized that the lights in her room went out last night so James came early and replaced it. Thanks a lot son for replacing the bulb.”
 “It’s nothing Auntie. Yaya and I were going to school together today anyway, I just had to come earlier so we won’t be late. Good thing Uncle Pat had a spare back home so I didn’t have to wait for the hardware to open.”
“Oh…” Yaya nodded nonchalantly, Uncle Kitti was right. James might as well move in with them since he really was like the son her mother never had. “How’s Uncle Pat? Still working on his blueprint?”
James chuckled as he placed the toast with jam on Yaya’s plate and got the piece she just got and put it on his plate instead. “Yeah, he’s still modifying that old car of his.”
Yaya was about to swat his hand and tell him to get his own slice because she just took a bite out of her own slice of bread, but James just avoided her hand as he raised the bread up to his lips to bite off the other side to even it out. He then stuck out his tongue at her as he proceeded to place jam on the bread. Before Yaya could even speak, her mom spoke up.
“How are your parents James?” Yaya’s mom asked from inside the kitchen. James briefly stopped in spreading the jam on Yaya’s piece of bread and the subtle action was not missed by her. She knew his problem with his parents - that was the very reason why he was in their house most of the time in the first place.
“Mother is in Scandinavia while Father is in Uruguay I think. Something to do with global expansion, I don’t know,” James shrugged as he concentrated on evenly spreading the jam on the bread.
Uncle Pat was not really James’s uncle. He was the trusted butler of his dad’s family ever since. He had retired but his service was secured by James’s dad when he was still very young. James’s parents were often abroad, working at some project some place. That was why James was left in Uncle Pat’s care. She heard her mom and uncle talk about it once, how James’s parents had an arranged marriage for business’s sake. When they were kids, James often cried, telling her that she was lucky because her mom loved her so much. She had been sad when her dad died, but James told her then that it was better for her to have felt her father’s love, at least for a time.
“Oy, Yaya,” James tapped the plate with a fork to get her attention, “I said do you want eggs?”
“Hm?” Yaya looked at James as she snapped out of her reverie. “No thanks, maybe later.”
What was it that day, Yaya thought as she shook her head. Her father’s advice of listening with her heart just made things gloomy. I haven’t changed my mind Dad. And listening with my heart has nothing to do with it. I’m not falling in love ok? She thought with finality as she proceeded with munching down her breakfast.
Pretty soon she and James were on their own bikes and on their way to the university.
“Hey Yaya,” James started as he picked up his pace to be beside her. “What’s bugging you?”
“Huh?” Yaya asked as she glanced at him. “Nothing. What are you talking about?”
James shrugged as he pedaled faster and went ahead of her. “Race you to school!”
Yaya shook her head at his childishness. What college students their age still said that? Seriously? Racing to school?
“I won’t lose easily to you, punk!” Yaya shouted when she saw James picking up his pace and pedaling several meters away from her.
They reached the university at almost the same time, though Yaya’s athletic training made her legs withstand the pedaling more than James’s did.
“I won!” Yaya jumped victoriously from her bike and fixed her ponytail after she tied her helmet to the bike’s basket.
“I just let you win,” James grumbled jokingly as he bent down to tie and lock both their bikes securely by the railing.
Just then a car parked beside them and its driver obnoxiously pushed the horns. The driver opened the window and shouted towards their direction.
“Yaya! Babe! Why are you still hanging out with that loser when you can ride with me.”
James merely stood up straight and looked at the guy curiously. He was used to Yaya’s many admirers, but honestly, he still felt a bit hurt whenever he was reminded just how different he and Yaya truly were. Yet he knew it was better to stay silent than to pick fights with people who merely stated the obvious.
Yaya on the other hand took offense. She hated it when people picked on James. What did they know? Yaya walked closer to the car and smiled lopsidedly, “Nice wheels you have here,” she said.
The guy nodded and winked at her as he dangled his hand out the car window. He moved his lips as though he gave her a virtual kiss. Yaya cringed and looked down at the sole of her shoes and was glad to see she had failed to wash the mud off them from the other day. She moved her leg to run her muddy sneakers on the car but ended up hitting the guy’s arm instead.
“Heh, sorry, dude, I was aiming for your car.” Yaya gave him yet another snarky smile “Bikes are eco-friendly. Try it sometime.”
The guy visibly paled and before he could shout any other profanities, James quickly dragged Yaya away. “Oy Yaya, you should stop doing that.” He admonished her lightly.
“He got on my nerves,” Yaya grumbled, yet she felt satisfied at exacting her revenge.
“But…” he was about to say more when he was interrupted by noise once more, this time, girls squealing as they ran their way.
“Yaya!” the girls said in unison as they jumped to hug their friend.
“Michele, Dao, what’s up?” Yaya grinned, completely over her anger as she reciprocated her friends’ embrace.
Dao moved to bump James out of the way as she moved closer to Yaya. “Yaya! Girl! Congratulations!”
Michelle jumped up excitedly and hugged her once more.
“Wait what? The tournament was yesterday, we’re done celebrating right?”
“No no no! You, my friend, have accomplished yet another feat!” Michelle gushed as she squealed again with Dao.
“Guys, just go and spill, you’re killing me,” Yaya chuckled as she held each of their hands with each of her own.
“Yaya! They just announced the students who got the internship with the CCV Architectural Firm.”
“CCV?!” Yaya’s eyes widened at the mention of the firm. It was her ultimate dream to work in that firm, which was headed by her ultimate idol of all time, Mr. Chesney. They designed everything from bridges to buildings to playgrounds. But her favorite of course was the Autumn Palladium, a classical theater which was built in the middle of modern Bangkok. Seeing that theater when she was in high school just established her dream of becoming an architect someday to create such a beautiful marvel.
“Yaya! You were handpicked by the dean and the partners of the firm to be their intern!” Michelle blurted out and squealed once more as they patted her on her arms.
“Intern? Intern at CCV?” Yaya then placed both hands in her cheeks and uncharacteristically squealed herself.
James watched her with amusement. He knew that internship meant the world to her and he was so proud of her for making it. There was never a doubt in his mind that she could reach whatever she had hoped for.
“Yaya, do you know what this means? We have to go shopping for your clothes because god knows you can’t be wearing those jeans and sneakers there, oh God. No. Just no.” Dao babbled on as Michelle continued to smile as she shook her arms.
Her friends successfully whisked her away, leaving James behind in the corridor, silently smiling at her and continuing to cheer her on in his heart.
Yaya felt like she were in a dream. She could barely even hear Dao’s words and Michelle’s giggling beside her. She tried to stop Michelle and Dao from walking as she felt something was amiss. When she had been unable to stop walking, she just settled with turning her head to look back.  She saw James standing behind on that same spot where they were earlier, looking at her. He moved his arm to his chest and clenched his fist then tapped at his heart. He then grinned and she knew that was his signal for cheering her on. Have heart, stay strong! You can do it! I’m here to support you!
It was strange how that small action can translate into so many words as compared to the litany that her girl friends were giving her. Listen with your heart, her dad was right. She just had to listen with her heart.
“You’re going to be just fine. Don’t worry about it,” James said as he dusted off her blazer idly, after seeing the apprehension in her eyes.
Yaya placed her hands by the car window and peered outside. The CCV Building was magnificent, of course one could expect nothing less from the top architectural firm in the country. It was funny how she had always wanted to work there but now that she was there, she felt her knees weaken, unable to move.
“Good luck Yaya! You can do it!” Uncle Pat said from behind the wheel as he adjusted the rear view mirror to see her. The old man likewise chuckled when he saw the usually upbeat girl almost frozen with nervousness.
“Oy Yaya! Come on! Fighting!” James said as he opened the car door from Yaya’s side and pushed her outside the car.
Yaya walked out and adjusted her blazer and pulled down the hem of her pencil skirt. James then went for a final check and suddenly tugged on her blazer.
“You forgot to remove the tag!” James chuckled as he smoothened out the thing.
“I don’t know why I even listened to Dao. I said my slacks were fine, why do I have to wear a skirt and a blazer anyway,” Yaya grumbled as she pulled on her blouse to adjust it.
“It’s a big firm Yaya, look at all those architects coming in. Dao’s right. With that get up you’ll fit right in,” James said as he tilted her shoulder so she could see the entrance of the building where the architects were coming in for work.
Yaya just felt more nervous at seeing them. They looked so awesome and professional. She wondered if she could truly be like them.
“Hey! You guys, let me snap a photo!” Uncle Pat shouted from the car as he took out an old camera.
Some of the people who were near them heard it and giggled. James shook his head and merely clenched his teeth in an awkward smile and pushed Yaya’s shoulder’s back so she’d face Uncle Pat.
Then James got Yaya’s arms and shook it. “Are you sure you left Ms. Bluebell at home? Can’t risk you losing it again,” James said almost like he were scolding a little child. “I don’t think there are MLD members in there that I can talk to to get it back.” James chuckled.
“It’s not like I carry it around everywhere James, jeez, I’m not a child.” Yaya grumbled as the tension stayed in her chest.
James smiled inwardly when she snapped at him. At least she was getting back her chagrin and she was less nervous.
“Do you want me to sta - ”
“No James, you better go back to school. You’ll be late for your class. Thanks so much for bringing me here on my first day. I appreciate it a lot. Tell Uncle Pat too.” Yaya said as she gave James a bear hug.
James felt his ears burning and he could do no more than to pat her awkwardly on the back. “Susu Yaya! You can do it!”
Yaya let go but when James was about to turn, it took great effort for her to let go of his arm.
James then walked back then leaned against the car and raised his arm again to his chest and clenched his fist.
Yaya did the same and then turned to run.
“Yaya!” James reached out his hand to warn her not to run, realizing just how tight her pencil skirt was, but all he could do was grin as he shook his head, thinking it was no use. “She’ll be fine,” James said, mostly to reassure himself, but Uncle Pat nodded nonetheless. He went back inside the car and looked from the window, waiting for Yaya to get inside the building. With one final smile, he patted Uncle Pat’s seat and motioned for him to drive away.
Yaya could only gape once she got inside the building. It was beautiful outside but the intricate details inside the building left her even more awestruck. The building’s design was so different from that of the Autumn Palladium but it was just as equally beautiful. The big beams that cut across the ceiling and the way the sunlight entered the filtered glass was so precise it was almost like someone measured the angle of the light to approximate the exact way it would cast a spotlight on montage by the far wall.
Mesmerized, she semiconsciously got her phone to snap a photo of it, but at the moment she was about to snap it, a person bumped her back and she was forced to step forward to maintain her balance.
She turned around and bowed her head in apology. Embarrassed, she walked away from the entrance and stood in a corner to look at her phone.
She failed to snap a photo of the ceiling. Instead she saw…
Yaya brought the phone closer to her face as she looked at the focus of her photo. It was a man standing in the middle of the lobby with his head pointing towards the direction of the sunlight. It appeared as though he were looking at the same thing as she did but from a different vantage point.
He was tall, with his hair combed neatly, framing his head. His profile showed handsome features, almost aristocratic, yet with kind soft eyes. His suit was crisp and fit him perfectly, without a single crease or speck of dust. In his hand he held a leather suitcase while she could see from the other side that he held rolled up blueprints.
He was how she imagined architects were supposed to be – and truly, he was highly likely to be an architect of the CCV firm. She bit her lip as she tried to look at the spot where he was supposedly standing a while ago, and she felt slightly saddened when she realized he was no longer there.
She shook her head at her girlish thoughts. Here she was on her first day of her internship and she had better things to do than to fangirl. She walked back towards the line of people about to go up the elevators. One elevator suddenly opened and the people rushed to go inside. She instinctively made a run for it, but she was too late.
She stepped back to push the elevator button.
It was then that his hand touched hers.
She mumbled her apology as she placed her hands together in a solemn wai, when she looked up, her breath got caught in her chest as she realized who it was that touched her hand.
It’s him! The mysterious man in her snapshot.
He nodded once and his lips moved ever so slightly in a half smile and acknowledged her. She turned around quickly and focused on the elevator door. She then saw their reflection beside each other. He looked so relaxed as he really belonged in the place whereas she stood there awkwardly with her bag in front of her. He looked so cool and handsome; she wondered if he was a senior associate of the firm, or even a junior partner. He then moved his eyes and caught her looking at him at their reflection in the elevator door that she had to focus her eyes on her feet.
Soon the elevator door opened and the new group entered. He stayed behind her and she was careful not to move back and step on him as she struggled to keep her balance, even when the people started crowding around them. Soon the elevator was jam packed and moved up.
Just then she felt something bumping against her back… then soon it moved to her behind. She held her breath and looked behind her. The mysterious man looked ahead as though nothing happened. She tried to think nothing of it and focused back on the door. It was a long ride up. They still had 15 floors to go…
After a few seconds, she felt it again. More firmly this time that she had to gasp out loud. It was almost like someone slapped her bottom as she felt something hard tug on her skirt.
Such a handsome man but a pervert! Yaya grumbled inwardly as she tried to hold back her anger in. when finally there were only two floors to go and the elevator was less crowded; she moved away from him and pressed herself against the wall.
She threw daggers at him with her eyes and he turned his head again and looked at her with his soft kind eyes. Seeing the weird look she gave him, he awkwardly shifted his gaze and looked ahead once more.
Finally, the elevator hit 35 and she was off. Finally she can leave that guy alone in there….wait what…?
Yaya gasped again when she realized that the man got off on the same floor as she did. She walked faster to get away from him as soon as possible yet he walked with longer strides as if to catch up with her. Finally she has had enough and she stopped walking midway and faced him.
“Khun!” Yaya muttered as she looked at him piercingly.
The man was slightly taken aback, not sure why she was so mad at him. “Uh…. Miss, there is a…”
He reached out his hand towards her and she quickly took a defensive stance. Her legs moved instinctively, itching to throw a kick at him.
“Back there at the elevator you….” The man started until he saw her expression and managed to put things together, “You think that I… you… back there…?” he then laughed and she couldn’t help but notice the dimple in his smooth cheek.
She was partly angry and partly fascin.... no. she was angry, she told herself as she moved her legs as though she were on the mat again. Just then she felt something tear with a loud “wrrrk!” and she visibly paled at an instant.
He heard the sound too as he suddenly fell silent. The two of them looked at each other with wide eyes until he saw the blush slowly creeping across the girl’s cheek.
“Excuse me,” she mumbled as she turned and dashed for the exit.
“Hey Miss! Wait!” the man said as he picked up his pace and ran after her.
Why was he such a persistent pervert… and why was the corridor so long?! Yaya bit her lip as she made a run for it, no longer caring about appearances.
She turned slightly and saw that the man was still running after her and he was… What the… She was caught unaware when she saw him removing his coat with one hand as he held his other stuff with the other hand.
She quickly ran to the fire exit, remembering vividly one of those lakorns her mother was watching. Was this the part where the handsome leading man seduces the leading lady forcefully? Now isn’t the time to think of slap and kiss lakorns silly! She admonished herself as she tried to gather her wits.
“Miss! Stop!” The man suddenly dropped all his things with a loud thud as he caught her by the waist.
Yaya nearly screamed but was able to stop herself, instead she grabbed the man by his necktie and was about to fling him over when he suddenly placed his other hand by her shoulder.
“Wait just a… Hey!” The man held her firmly and she was unable to move. “Stop moving,” he said authoritatively and it was then that she realized that the people inside the rooms behind the clear glass windows turned their attention towards them. Yaya gaped as she realized her situation. Surely the perverted man won’t harass her in broad daylight in front of all the people in that floor … right?
It was then that she looked down and saw a coat around her waist and legs. Sure enough the white long-sleeved shirt he wore underneath was revealed. He moved her hand to hold the sleeves of the coat around her waist securely as he let her go and he proceeded to grab his things on the floor.
“Your skirt was too tight it seems,” he said, opting not to mince any words. “Let’s go to the bathroom, unless you want to walk around with that ripped skirt of yours.” He said as he pushed her shoulder towards the direction of the women’s bathroom.
Can I just die now? Yaya thought as she dragged her feet to the bathroom as ordered. It felt so awkward to be pushed by the man with his coat on her waist.
Finally he nudged her to go inside and moved his head to tell her to go in quickly. He stood behind and leaned back on the wall then crossed his arms, looking like he’d be waiting for her.
Of course, he’d want his coat back, Yaya thought as she quickly went in the door and looked at the mirror to see the damage.
Sure enough she saw the skirt’s slit ripped apart for twice its actual length that she could already see her slip under it. She bit her lip as she tried to figure out how to remedy the situation.
“Miss, I’ll make sure no one comes in, just hand it over.”
She groaned inwardly as she thought it was her worst day ever. Trying hard to hold back her tears, she opened the door slightly and handed the coat back to the man.
“No miss, hand me your skirt,” the man said bluntly and Yaya was so surprised she had to stick out her head and looked at him squarely.
The man stepped back and smiled at her, once more revealing that dimple of his. “Come on, unless you want to walk around with my coat around your waist all day.”
Yaya felt desperate as she bit her lip once more. Here she was in her dream internship and yet nothing seemed to be going according to plan.
The man probably noticed that she was about to break into tears and so he put on a solemn expression and said, “Trust me.”
There was something about his kind eyes and his sure voice that made her do as he said. She was probably feeling desperate or at wits end and so she unzipped the damn skirt and handed it to him.
He then nodded and got something from his bag and proceeded to work. Yaya watched him from the small opening from the bathroom door and wondered what he will do with it.
He kneeled down on the floor and moved his arms to pull up his sleeves, like a man who was out to get down on business. He pulled out a circular thing and then he looked up, smiled at her and said, “Duct tape. Never leave home without it!”
He turned the skirt over to its reverse side where the lining was. He then pulled the tape like an expert and fastened the two sides of her ripped skirt securely. He moved with swiftness and precision that if she didn’t know any better, she would have thought that he was putting together a 3d model of some sort. He then flipped the skirt back and checked that the duct tape was not visible. Soon he was done and he tugged on the skirt as if to test his handiwork. “Here you go Miss.”
With hands shaking, she retrieved her skirt and nodded once to show her appreciation. She quickly moved to wear it, and sure enough her skirt was in place as she looked at it from the bathroom mirror.
Tentatively, she stepped out the door with her head bowed meekly as she handed him his coat.
“Thank you,” he said as he pulled his sleeves down and wore his coat.
“Khun… tha… thank…”
“Here,” he said as he extended his hand towards the direction of her bent head so her line of sight could see his hand. “Someone pulled the price tag off your skirt it seems. Maybe you can return it…. Or maybe not.”
She remembered her embarrassment once again and she bit her lip to stop herself from screaming or whimpering, she was not sure anymore.
She extended both her hands and got the tag and then softly mumbled “Thank you very much.”
“Be careful next time, ok?” he said as he gave her one last pat on the shoulder and walked off.
She wanted to run away, go back home and hide under the sheets in her bed. She wanted to go kick that kind man’s head, but she realized she’d have to go kick herself since he was nothing but nice to her. She had never been so embarrassed all her life, she wanted to keel over and die. She hid inside the bathroom once more and tried to compose herself. She hid inside the cubicle and looked at her phone hoping to call her mom.
She opened her phone and saw the man’s picture still in an open window and she almost wailed from mortification. She was about to press delete but was stopped when a message suddenly popped up in her phone.
James: Go Yaya! You can do it! I believe in you!
She leaned her forehead against the door and sighed, just praying for this day to be over.
Fair leaned back against his chair and couldn’t help but smile as he remembered the girl at the elevator. She looked so meek and charming, yet so feisty and alive at the same time. When he first saw her, she already caught his attention since she was so beautiful and had a graceful air about her.
Yet when she started throwing him her piercing gaze and moved to defend herself, he felt his heart moving at a faster pace. But it was when she looked at him with those vulnerable doe eyes that he thought he would probably not forget her, not in a long time. He wondered where she was headed, and he wondered if he would see her again. They’ve been apart for less than thirty minutes yet he still can’t stop thinking about her.
Stop it Fair, you’re not in High School anymore for heaven’s sake.
Yet no matter how much he admonished himself, he still can’t help but think of her and feel fondness in his heart. Her hands fit perfectly in his when they caught each other in the elevator… when he touched her while his coat was around her. He wondered if he could…
“Sir, excuse me, the intern is here to see you now,” the buzzing in his intercom suddenly pulled him out of his daydream and suddenly touched his chest to calm his heart. With a sigh, he replied “Okay, send her in.”
He fixed the paper in his desk and heard the slow footsteps coming in his room. He placed his hands firmly on the table and then looked up to see…
“Khun!” Yaya exclaimed, looking appalled.
Fair looked up with his mouth hanging, as the pleasant surprised slowly registered in his brain.
Yaya stood frozen, not knowing what to do until Fair sighed and smiled, stood up and extended his hand towards her.
“Good morning… you must be Miss… Sperbund?” Fair said as he glanced at the resume in his desk.
Yaya turned around and he could almost imagine her big brown eyes in his head. “I… I…”
“Miss Sperbund, I don’t believe I’ve introduced myself. After all, this is the first time that we’ve met.” Fair said, hoping to calm her nerves a little.
Yaya turned around hesitantly and with helpless, pleading eyes, walked closer to his desk. “Good Morning Sir, I am Yaya Sperbund.” She introduced herself with a solemn wai.
“Good Morning. I am Fair Gundon. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Sperbund,” he replied as he likewise gave her a wai. “Please have a seat.”
He eyed her carefully, assessing her mood, then added, “Welcome to CCV. I am presently a Senior Associate here and I shall assist and supervise you during your internship here.”
“Thank you Arch. Gundon,” Yaya said meekly, not wanting to meet his gaze.
The poor girl was probably still embarrassed, he thought as he looked at her. It was not every day that your skirt gets ripped apart and a random stranger just fixes it with duct tape.
Fair cleared his throat and tried to sound more serious when he said, “I went over your portfolio and I must say it looks quite impressive. Perform your tasks well during your internship and surely, should you decide to join our firm after your graduation, then you will be most welcome.”
She nodded once again and she still refused to look up.
Fair then drummed his hands at the table until he finally came up with a plan, “Well, I suppose that’s it for today.”
“Huh?” Yaya suddenly raised her head and looked at him with a concerned look in her eyes. She probably realized that she was acting too gloomily for him to assign her to the tasks at hand. “Sir, I am ready for the work today.”
He held up his hand to stop her from speaking and then said, “I expect you to be here tomorrow at six a.m. sharp.”
6 A.M.?! Yaya was taken aback with surprise. She nevertheless nodded and meekly said, “Yes sir.”
“Come in your comfortable attire…”Fair added offhandedly and it caused a spark to go off Yaya’s eyes. He tried to hold back a chuckle as he added, “I’ll be taking you with me to the site, so you better be ready to run around.”
Yaya nodded and gave him another respectful wai and stood up to leave.
“See you tomorrow Ms. Sperbund. It was a pleasure to meet you.”
The pleasure is all mine, Yaya thought briefly that it was the proper reply, yet she opted to bow her head slightly instead.
When she was out of sight, Fair leaned back on his chair once more, closed his eyes and smiled.
2 units of internship with CCV would entail 240 hours of work or at least 30 days, Fair thought. It will be an eventful 240 hours. He already looked forward to the day ahead.
Yaya laid down in bed and snuggled under the covers with Ms. Bluebell. She had no energy to eat or to talk to anybody and yet she could not sleep either. James already called her many times but she didn’t have the energy to give him the full details of what happened.
Her last ounce of strength was spent in flinging the dammed skirt across the room where she wanted to rip it apart. Surprisingly though, the duct tape that Arch. Gundon put in the rip firmly held her skirt in place and she gave up altogether.
She groaned as she moved around her bed and reached out to the side table to look at her phone. James had sent her several stickers and he asked her if she was all right. Poor James, he always had to put up with her whining and crying. She wondered if he’d get any sleep at all if she starts venting about what happened to her that day.
She was in the middle of typing her reply when thoughts of Arch. Fair Gundon interrupted her thoughts. Before she knew it, she had opened his picture in her phone again. She moved her fingers to zoom in his face and she looked at his kind eyes. Her picture did not do his eyes any justice as memories of him flashed back in her mind. He was so handsome when he was serious, he was even more handsome when he smiled. He had that dimple on the side of his face, just like her crush, Nadech. She gasped at the thought and she quickly hid her phone by the nook of her neck as she forced her heart to slow down.
He wasn’t the villain she thought him to be. Now that she could think about it in the silence of her room, it was very kind of him to shield her, a total stranger, when she had that damn mishap with the skirt.
She remembered how big and smooth his coat was as it went around her back and her legs. She remembered faintly that inside, the lining smelled so good before she returned it to him.
And when he introduced himself… His voice was calm and steady… his eyes were mellow and kind. Perhaps he sent her home because he knew she was having a bad day? She doesn’t know for sure.
Perhaps everything will be clearer tomorrow… tomorrow when she’d be with Arch. Fair Gundon again.
Listen with your heart, said Ms. Bluebell. Yaya remembered as she placed her phone back on the side table and hugged the bunny tight. “Listen with your heart… you’ll know if he really is a good guy…” Yaya mumbled to herself as she closed her eyes.
Soon she fell asleep, hence she failed to see James’s latest message.
“You do remember that I’m here for you right? Whatever happens, I’ll be here for you. Good night. J
note: I had to write chapter 2 right after chapter 1 because I had to see how the love triangle will play out. What do you guys think? Gaaah It's almost the end of the weekend, I hope I could write more before work turns me into a zombie again.  :yuck:


I loved it so much. Fair is the perfect person for this role. It remind me of him in Jao Mae Jum Pen, where he's a businessman and n'eks friend thought he was a ad person, but she changed him when he fell for her. If you have anything to tell me then just message me, like who are the characters and how you would like the poster to be. :) I'll do my best for you and Jirassaya. :)


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