A toy pet with life?

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i was forwarded an email. thought it was interesting, so i wanted to share. it's about this new pet.


01. Genpetâ„¢
The Only Bioengineered Buddy. Available in 7 different personality types.

02. Color Coding
Each personality type of the Genpets has been linked to its respective colour, and that color is then used as a base for each package. (Read more)

03. Heart Monitor
Each package has a built in low cost heart monitor that is fully functional, with green LED lights and built in speaker. (Read more)

04. Fresh Strip
Every single package includes an easy to use "fresh gauge". Four simple blue LED lights display the status of the Genpetâ„¢. The display will also display if the Genpetâ„¢ has been sitting on the store shelf too long, or if the package circuitry has malfunctioned in some way. (Read more)

05. Bio-Genica IV System
While the Genpets hang on the store shelves they are in a form of hibernation. Each Genpetâ„¢ package has a special nutrient feeding tube attached to it, supplying our specially formulated mix and keeping them healthy and asleep.
06. Genpetâ„¢ Restraints
Restraining the pets in their packaging ensures no damage to the product, as well as allowing for optimal consumer viewing.

(*Genpetâ„¢ life may vary depending on temperature and Genpet â„¢ freshness)


it's a biogenetic pet. it's a toy but it also has life... and it's for sale!

what do you think of toys that have DNA, is breathing, has a heartbeat, and can die if you don't feed it and care for it like a real "live" pet?

fortunately, it's not real! http://www.brandejs.ca/portfolio5/gp01.php


sarNie Juvenile
Yeah, I've seen these. The odd thing about it is that there aren't any videos or blogs about people who've bought one. I want to see it in action.


Yeah, I've seen these. The odd thing about it is that there aren't any videos or blogs about people who've bought one. I want to see it in action.
hmm i wonder if someone actually bought it. there was only 19 made.

the site is actually just a fake site to promote it like any other HOT new item for sale.

the dude who invented all those dolls was just doing a thesis to prove a point, i suppose. :unsure:

but wouldn't it be freaky to have a live pet in a package like that waiting for us to buy it or it'd slowly decompose...?!?!


sarNie Juvenile
Good market strategy. Kind of scary, gross, and inhumane.

Even if there were only 19 made, there should be a picture or something. There's just pictures of it in the package...government conspiracy?


sarNie Adult
changing the world and how we think thru art. beautifully disturbing, yet profoundly insightful critique

Muddie Murda

I wanted to find a video or something of it, but yeah, I KINDA searched, but nothing. That was just me being lazy, searching. ^__^ But if I had the money, I'd get one and make him/her THE BEST GENPET EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


sarNie Egg
wow creepy looking! can't they make it look more cute or something! Interesting though! I want one too just to see if it will really die if i dont feed it and scare my nephew with it!! Well, thanks for sharing!


OMG ning looks pretty scary! i wouldn't buy that thing *nods* my head
omg i was reading and i was like what?! i look scary?! hhaha then i re-read and was like ohhhh.... ok it's "ning [pause] looks scary" hahah lol i'm joking, i do look scary, that's why all men on SW are scared of me muahahah :ph34r:
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