Aff , Janie, Nok Sinjai, Nok Jariya, Dome Pakorn,Ploy Cherman: 27th Anniversary


sarNie Egg
Yay! Aff looks so beautiful here! Love her in this photoshoot. :) It does so much justice to her beautiful face as opposed to the one with Ken on Volume. She looks so effortlessly graceful and beautiful.

Ang Janie ... she is very sensual here. I like it.

Now ... Dome ... very hot! :) I love it!


sarNie Adult
very unique shoots...i like aff and nok's the best...they shine and they really brought out the theme of the shoot...janie is pretty but i think she didn't bring out the "social lover" theme, it was more like a party girl theme to me


Staff member
i like the shoots.. esp aff.. they all are beautiful ladies.. hehe.. n dome is so.. hubba hubba .. hehe lol.. hmmm i wonder how ploy/dome felt doing this shoot? .. but aniwaise i loved it..