Almost my due date


Hi AF'ers!

I have missed this forum. I've been out, MIA and hiatus due to pregnancy - but I've been lurking about hehe.

Well, I just wanted to share that I am expecting a little luk-krueng girl by March 28th, but I hope I will have her a little earlier than the expected due date. Carrying a child and going through different pregnancy symptoms is really hard, not for all, but for me, I was unlucky to have been in pain and discomfort. Fatigue is now hitting me again so right now, I just love my bed and pillows and my T.V. lol.

I'm sooooo super excited that the day is coming closer to finally holding my little girl! Nine hard months will pay off, surely!

Wish me luck, though! I'm gonna need it when I go through labor hahaha...

Anybody here have kids? Or planning on having kids soon?


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awe, so sweet of your to share your job with us. I want kid but i'm not married nor plan on getting marry any time soon too lmao

The joy of having kid sure is exciting - i recalled the excitement from my lil sister when she had her oldest girl - I couldn't sleep for the night ..

Anyway, congrats and hope your discomfortable will go away .. March 28th is coming soon ^^


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I want kids, but in the future...March 28 is just right around the corner so good luck and congratz


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Congrats to you and thank you for sharing! Is this your first baby? Have you picked a name yet? Everything will work out fine!! Sorry to hear about your pain and discomfort but all of this will be so worth it when you see your adorable little girl!! BTW, I do have two adorable toddler boys!! If you have any questions or just want to share, please PM me! I'll be glad to hear from you and share my experiences regarding childbirth and child rearing! Best of luck to you!


I don't want kids but I'm really interested in maternal and child nutrition. So ironic I know. Hope you have a safe labor and wish you luck with the little one.

Just want to let you know that babies on the first day are very angelic since they're still recovering but expect a lot of crying on day 2 and forward. Just don't panic or be frantic. It's biologically set up that way :)

Have you taken a maternal class or baby class? They are very interesting and can teach you a lot about why babies cry instead of always feeding your baby or sticking a bottle in their mouth or making them sleep.

Also, do you plan to breastfeed? I definitely encourage it. No infant formula is as superior as human breast milk. Human breast milk and colostrum contains antibodies and anti-infective factors not found in infant formulas. It's a bit difficult to learn how to properly breastfeed so don't hesitate to ask nurses, doctors, or consult a lactation consultant if needed. :)


Good to hear, congrates. I want a baby too, but my husband just joined the Army so he is away right now until June. Maybe when he comes back lol. Tell us all about your experience as a mother.

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Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna a kid but i'm still a teen, education comes first then i'll go find my baby daddy LOL


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Congratulations! I hope you the best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy and share when you do give birth :) Maybe she'll come a little early!! But 1st pregnancy usually takes longer...


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Aww, you take care of yourself future mom ;) Congrats to you, I wish you the best during your labor and becoming a mother.


Thanks everybody!!! It's been such a long journey and now that I'm finally in March and have officially hit 9 months this month, the anxiety is hitting me a little more than before.

I am all for breastfeeding, yes yes! I will have to sacrifice the boobies for baby for a few months because I plan on going back to nursing school to further my education as a nurse. It's going to be somewhat of a challenge, but the good part is the in-laws will help out and so will hubby.

I have never thought of myself having kids in my life. I used to party a lot and look at me, all settled down and all motherly. I tell ya, it's a BIG change and one I really really like too! NEVER thought I'd change! Thanks to a wonderful life partner :)

I will keep you guys updated. When I have my baby, I will post a pic of my little luk krung girl. As for the name.....ummmmmmmmm....yeah. I dunno. Let's hope we think of one as soon as she appears LOL! :whahuh:


So hello hello! I am back with my baby in my arms. I had her March 19th. I did it natural with no I.V. meds or epidural, so I felt everything. Painful? Can I say hellllll yeah! But it was doable. What hurt more than contractions were the pushings. Ouch...especially when her head was out. The cord was around her neck as well but the midwife unwinded it. Once the midwife placed her on my chest for skin to skin contact, oh my GAWD....I was crying like a baby. She was so beautifull, I can't believe she is mine. Life as a mom these past 7 days has been tiring (lol) but so rewarding. I can't stop staring at her Asian face. She looks a lot like me. But I know that can change. I'll post a pic later. Thanks for reading.


Thank you! :)

She isn't that hard to take care of. The hardest part to it is having to calm her when she fusses, but that's normal for any baby. Other than that, life as a mother has been full of sleepless nights and baby pukes and poo,, but it is wonderful moreso than the mess. I am so in love. Thank you for letting me share my little birth story. I'm gonna miss watching lakorns, but that's okay. I'm gonna make her watch it with me once she turns 1, haha - "no milk until you finish this episode!" Lll just kidding hehe....Anyway, the pic is coming soon. I'm in love, I wanna show her to the world haha.