America Best Dance Crew


sarNie Egg
Yaaaaayyyyy GO JABAWOCKEEZ! I'm so happy that they won! They deserve to win after all their hard work and effort :D
But I think Kaba Modern deserved to be in the top 2 crews finale...they were awesome too and I loved their choreography. And all of their performances were great!
As for Status Quo, they're only good with stunts and flips and all of that gymnastic stuff. But their moves and choreography weren't all that good.
Man I can't wait til the next season of America's Best Dance Crew! So exciting!


Mama Noy ♥️
it would've been super tight if jabbawockeez & kabba modern went head to head! it would've been a tough one.

I'mma support the jabbawockeez & buy a t-shirt! so nice to see them represent san diego. :D


sarNie Adult
yeah i wanted to see jabba n kaba battle it out too.....i couldnt believe that they were at the bottom two.....


Expired Sarnie
The last epsiode was too obvious. JABBA won. It would have been harder to guess the winner if it was KABA and JABBA.


Mama Noy ♥️
i was so nervous on the last episode! since the previous one was a close vote so i was on the edge with it! i love the jabbawockeez! i finally bought a jabbawockeez shirt!! oh yeah!!!


sarNie Egg
Haha. Reminds me of this one friend of mine. I think he voted about 50 times for each episode... What can I say? He was afraid that Jabba would lose... as if!!


the last epi was so predictable that you can easily tell that Jabba would win like when the jabba and status quo were performing together the jabbas were unison but status quo had some doing things faster than others and some doing thing slower than others..... i thought it was funny how they made it just like stomp the yard!