America's Got Talent


Professional Lakorn Watcher
Have you guys watched last week's episode? The strangest act to me was that one girl who laid broken glass on the floor and then stood on the broken glass and started rapping. And when the judges buzzed her, she started to jump up and down on the glass and kept rapping. What's up with that? That was really weird.

And then there's the lady with the huge boobs, her name is "Busty Heart" or something like that. She crushes objects with her boobs. That was just far out.

But anywho, today's episode, I was really surprised that they booed the man who injured his vocal chords. He was good, but eventually he turned the crowd around and they ended up cheering him.

I like watching this show versus American Idol or So you think you can dance, because it's a variety of different talents and not just singing or dancing.