Ananda in Laos-Thai Movie "Sabaidee Luang Prabang"


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oh wow..that's crazy..shooting the movie in laos, actually because that was where my parents were born too...i wanna see!


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damn if only i was still there!! i heard about this movie a while back...i'm glad to see sc from it!! can't wait because i love ananda and laos!


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aw she's cute. is she lao? she look like it. i remember seeing ananda talking about dis movie. he was real happy to do it cause dats where his mama is from.


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i was wondering when he was going to start shooting. i'm not sure but supposedly he's also helping directing this movie.

dang the nang'ek is kute. i hope she is laos cause then that would defeat the whole purpose of his movie. he said he was going to be casting nothing but lao ppl so hopefully he sticks to his words, besides he's laos his damn self. lol


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she is laos!! lol her name is Ms Khamly Philavong. i was looking for pictures of the movie and look wat i found.

" Sabaidee Luang Prabang " start filming

The text from Vientianetimes

Lao Art Media and Thailand 's Spata will be joining forces to film a new movie entitled Sabaidee Luang Prabang, which will demonstrate the beauty of Laos to local and foreign audiences alike.

The film production team, comprising members from both Laos and Thailand, has already finished filming scenes in and around Vientiane, before moving on to other provinces in the north and south, with the hope of revealing the essence of Laos to foreign movie-goers. The film aims to complete production by Pi Mai Lao (Lao New Year) in April next year.

Apart from key team members from Thailand , well-known Thai actor Mr Ananda Everingham has been invited to play the film's lead role, the hero who falls in love with a local Lao beauty, the daughter of a Luang Prabang souvenir shop owner.

Sabaidee Luang Prabang , or ‘Hello Luang Prabang', tells the real-life story of a young man of mixed Lao-Australian parentage, who grows up in Australia immersed in a culture very different to that of Laos . But he falls in love with Lao charm and hospitality - and a beautiful Lao girl - during a visit to his father's home in Luang Prabang province.

The film will consist of 70 scenes, three of which have already been filmed in Vientiane . The next destination is Champassak province, where the production team will capture a variety of natural and cultural sites, before returning to Vientiane to film at Sisaket and Ongteu temples, among others.

“The film will, however, focus on the World Heritage site of Luang Prabang, which holds much intrigue for foreign people interested in its cultural and natural beauty,� explained the movie's director, Mr Anousone Sirisackda, at a press conference at Lao Art Media last week.

“ Laos is beautiful in terms of its culture, way of life and long history, and has many stunning tourist destinations, but all of these wonderful things haven't yet been exposed to the outside world. We are confident this film will showcase the beauty of Laos ,� he said.

According to Mr Anousone, starring next to Mr Ananda will be Ms Khamly Philavong, who will play the role of the local heroine. In the film, she will dress according to traditional Lao custom.

Mr Ananda explained that the script actually corresponded with his own real life experiences, and his feelings towards Laos .

“I have often visited Laos because I really appreciate the way of life and culture here; I particularly love the beautiful tourist destinations. I'll never forget the kindness of the Lao people who all treated me so nicely during my stay. I hope to be able to communicate this to foreign audiences through the film,� he said.

Will Mr Ananda (or his character Sorn) be able to win the heart of the beautiful girl? Audiences will have until the film is released to find out.

By Phonesavanh Sangsomboun


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omg, she has the same last name as i do!..i wonder are we related. thats so weird lol. i didnt know ananda is half lao. this is so kool. im gonna tell my parents now.

edit:do you know where i could watch the interview? mom wants to see


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More Pictures...................

Thai and Lao people might get to see this movie in April, which is our New Year if everything went by as planned.
They just finish filming the movie, and now in the process of editing and stuff.


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i didn't not know that laos had magazines that has to do with entertainment. lol i'm so slow. lol


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seems really interesting.. hoping i will get a chance to watch it.. the girl is really cute. thanks for sharing the news


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will they be releasing it on dvd or no? i wanna see it and my parents as well


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This movie seems so interesting. I LOVE ANANDA! He is so hot! The actress is very pretty!


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OMG.............Since I'm Laos myself, I hecka wanna see this. Khamly is cute. I never knew Ananda was half Laos, so what nationality is he really?


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Ananda is Lao-Australian and not Thai.
His mom was like a major political reporter? and she had to fee laos with Ananda's dad because of some political problems with the lao government.
I think his dad was like a australian photographer/reporter or something.

There was even a American movie about his parent's love affair.


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wow i didn't know about this movie at all should be interesting to see. I'm laos also and didn't think i'll ever see a lao movie being made ever so it'll be nice. n'ek she's okay looking not bad but not pretty though.