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  • Thanks alot Lyn and hahah yeah I need to clean my inbox and I know I have loads of stuff in there but im so lazy lol I'm gonna tell Darv to increase my inbox space lmao I have to go through it one day. I cleaned it up somewhat, but thanks again Lyn
    entertainment one...and I was inspired to have my own summaries and post my opinions on it as well...Keep up the great work, always a fan...
    Hi, it's sofabed...and I finally found you here...I love reading your blog, and half the time, I'm reading your blog instead of watching the lakorns...thanks for the translations of Jai's what got me through watching it without subs...and I love your comments...Like Tina mentioned below me, you're an inspiration to me, not that I have a lakorn blog...but just an entertainm
    hey lynda thought I stop by your profile and say hi. I'm tina btw. Just wanted to tell yah' I love reading your posts and I totally love your blog for thai lakorns! LOL it kind of pushed me to finish mines. I started mines but NEVER had content in it. Then when I saw yours I was like dude she has enough dedication to do this I should too! LOL your my inspiration *I know thats corne
    haha...I knew I would find you here...XDXD...this forum is nice...I really like the music here... XDXD...
    nahh. you're not that hapens to me too. his songs are just so good and keep on listening to it over and over until a new one comes out.
    thanking me for what? for getting you addicted to Jay Chou's songs? lol Nahh. You liked him way before, right? lol
    i like how u put things into perspective on the marriage between lao couples finding their pairs abroad :) especially with thos examples.
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