Anyone here feels alienated around white folks???


Share your stories? I am running out of time but I notice that lately I have been encountering rude and cold shoulders from white people? At first I don't feel comfortable with the word 'white people' but if Asian can be said why not white??? After all it is just a term to describe people. The bottom line is how do you deal with white people who are rude, make you feel alienated? Or if you are intimidated by white people? Why? In addition, anyone intimidated to present around/in front of white people???? I am very dead intimidated by white audience? I don't know why??? Some say it has to do with confidence????? Like if you are not comfortable or confident in the subject you are presenting, presenting it to white folks can be scary!!!

Share your stories or advice for people to overcome intimidation by white folks!


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As for me, I grew up with white people because I lived in a white neighborhood and currently still am surrounded by a large amount of white people at my college. LOL I'm used to them and get along well with them. I have no problem being myself, presenting a speech and etc. It just depends on the environment you're currently living in. It also depends on those people as well. It's just their problem if they have a problem with you. Well, I honestly don't know what else to say. lol :D But hope everything goes well for you soon...around them white folks. :)
If you feel uncomfortable around only caucasians in particular, then that may stem from an inferiority complex. I'm not saying that in a rude way, but that's the only way I can think to describe it. It may be an ingrained notion of yours that caucasians are better or whatever, so you naturally feel anxious when presenting in front of them or being around them.

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I'm an awkward person, i get nervous with all types of people. But i just tell myself to be a "man" about it, after a while you'll get used to it. My white neighbors are soooo annoying, i don't know if it's their goody goody white language or what but they speak to me like i'm a 5 year old kid. I never really had a lasting friendship with any white person either, my previous ones were either really jealous of me or they thought they were too good for me. I hang out with my fellow asians and black friends LOL

Anyways, i find that the white people in my city (well some that is) think they are better than all the Asians and they basically look down at you. My family is pretty well off and we worked hard to have a nice and big house. I think this is partially my dad's fault for showing off that we are well off but white people would straight up tell him that an Asian that looks like him isn't good enough for such a nice house. They'll insult and ridicule any Asian that they see has a better life than them. I'm not trying to be racist here and i think i might come off as racist but this is really how it works in my city and my city has the reputation of one of the most racist cities in my country.


thanks all for your opinions. ill make further comments in the future.