anyone know this boran tittle???


this movie is kinda like boran...I think there's two life time in this movies if I'm not mistaken....hope someone could hlep me on this....I really want to know the the pix.below



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omg, i've been looking for this movie... but i dont know the tittle in thai. i only know the one in khmer.. yes, the girl in the middle reborn once.


hey...does anyone have this movies.....I had been looking for this movies for a very..very...long time....I want to get....please let me know...k!!!!


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Here's a summary for one of my favorite boran lakorns:
The story starts off with Pra Sao, a deity/angel who meets a pretty ginaree (a half angel half bird girl) and asks her to be his wife. She agrees and asks him to give her something that will make her young and pretty forever and three years more with her family. He agrees and disguises himself as a common angel in the Great Tep's garden where he plants a flower that he hopes will please the Great Tep's wife and so she would give him the magical necklace she wears which he would give to his fiancee. The flower takes three years to grow and bloom. During his stay, he becomes friends with a playful teptida (girl angel) called Upsonsawun and they fall in love with each other but they don't realize it. In a plan to prevent Pra Sao's marriage, Upson. causes Pra Sao to curse his fiancee and her kingdom and when he finds out about the plan, he gets angry at Upson but they make up and realize their love for each other. Just as they are about to get married, Upson get's mortally injured and dies. She is reborn in the modern times but the karma she'd done in her previous life follows her and causes her to travel to the dimension of her previous life so that she can lift the curse on the ginnaree kingdom and make up for her wrongs.
She has to find the sacred waters of the three worlds, not an easy task and disguises herself as a male pram (a Brahmin that wears white, etc). Pra Sao, who has brought her to this dimsension in order for her to right her wrongs, looks after her from afar but he has a love rival in the reincarnation of Pra Angkan, another deity who fell in love with Upsonsawun. Eventually, the characters are able to get the three sacred waters and lift the curse but she then has to decide whether she wants to go home, go to Pra Sao or go to Pra Angkan, both of who she has feelings for.


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Does anyone have this lakorn in Thai..I would like to buy it...


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I was searching the web for an old lakorn and ran into this...

Click Here

The site is in Thai, but go to the home page, and it can link you to a page where the instructions are in English. Im pretty sure this lakorn is in Thai.


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aw... i saw the preview of this lakorn in youtube and got interested, but didn't know wat the storyline was like exactly... now that i know, i think i wanna see it... does anyone have it?


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yeah i really wanna see it too! is art the p'ek in here also?