Aom Phiyadas new haircut!


sarNie Coma
please say it aint so :eek: ..what have she done to her hair..but i guess she wanted to get a new look..

im so shock right first i didnt even recognize



sarNie Adult
yeah a lot of celebs...cherry for example is doing that "RETRO"'s the trend. but i'd have to agree p'aom suits longer hair!


sarNie Fansubber
oooh everyone going with short hair cut now, Khem, Cherry, Noi and now Aom .....eee hopefully no more beautiful actress with beautiful hair cuts it too >_<


Sexy Back
wow she got me there eheh i luv her more with long hair short hair doesn't look good on her


sarNie Elites
oh my god that scared me. Why would she wear that wig? that is a ugly hair style on her.


lol good thing it's a wig... and khem? her hair in that lakorn, i think it's a wig too..

but there are several ppl doing the short do... like the A line hair cut style. :)


sarNie Adult
Ewww I wonder if her ratings went down for this show. LOL Thank god it's only a wig. hehehheheheh we all know about Kerri Russell and the "Felicity" incident when she cut off all her hair.


sarNie Egg
this haircut doesn't suit her at all because she's too sweet. the sassy short do are more for sexy starlets.