At The Moment I want To........


At the moment I want to watch the Ruk Euy episode with P' Golf and P' Mike.. OMG!!! They are s hilariou and cuuuute!!! Ahhhh their whole family are so cuuute and sweet!! Argggg so jealous of P' Ying.. Ahhh she got a kiss from everyone.. including P' mike!!! :lmao: I'm jealous :ph34r:

pink mafia

sarNie Juvenile
throw everything against the freaking wall...throw my tv remote at the tv...just because i've never done anything like that before.


sarNie Adult
...i want to hide but what is said is said in my words and when i think about it i stand by what i'm thinking...blah blah blah... :blush:

...the waves that crash on the shores of my life this morning steals the sands from which i stand on and i want to let the currents take me out to sea faraway,,, but the sun light that glimmers on the waters edge like fingers tapping my heart to the changes that are happening inside of me,,, are telling me to stay the coarse even when i feel i'm slipping from the shores of certainty... :rolleyes:

P.S. islu P&J

P.S.S. no,,, they are not peanut butter and jelly,,, but you know they do make my heart feel good when i think of them... kinda like the smiles you tummy feels when you give it a sandwich to fill a hunger pain...