Aum Patcharapa


sarNie Fansubber
One of her first 'swim shoot' photos, and she looks pretty good, no sexy or those kind of poses but a different kind of theme is like someone's hinding from afar taking her photos while she swims or is along the pool side. Not too revealing either, just good ^_^ I wouldn't want her to do more than this hehe.


sarNie Egg
wow im surprised she has a big boobs for such a small and skinny body. usually, asian women who are small have small chests.


sarNie Egg
one of my mom's friend is a fortune teller and she's really good at interpreting what each part of your body mean. she says that women with big boobs (natural and not toooo big) are usually successful women with money. Another plus that aum got is her nose. she has a nice ridge and the side of her nose has meat that is not too thick nor too thin, this feature is also another plus she got. For every plus a person got he/she might have a negative point. But from what i was able to learn from her are these two features.

Yeah gotta admit she has a nice body...wsh i was as lean as she is . :)