AZN 2006 Award


sarNie Adult
anyone watching the AZN Excellent award earlier tonight? anyways, i watch it, and just wanted to share the winner. i didn't really caught some of it, but these are the one that i caught.

Outstanding Perform Film

-Joan Chen- Saving Face
-Stephen Chow- Kung Fu Hustle (WINNER)
-Michelle Krusiec- Saving Face
-Gong Li- Memoirs of a Geisha

Outstanding New Commer

-Lynn Chen- Saving Face (WINNER)
-Rex Lee- Entourage
-Katie Leung- Harry Potter and The Goblet)
-Grace Park- Battlestar Galactica

Outstanding Film

-Kung Fu Hustle (WINNER)
-Memoirs of a Geisha
-Saving Face

Outstanding Live Performance
-fogot their names
-forgot their names
-Lincoln Park (WINNER)

Outstanding Style Maker
-Josie Natori
-Eugenia Kim
-Kimora Lee Simmons (WINNER)

Outstanding Male TV Performance
-Naveen Andres- Lost
-Mark Paul Gosseslaar- Commander In Chief
-Daniel Dae Kim- Lost (WINNER)
-B.D. Wong- Law & Order: S.V.U.

Lucy Lu win award
Quentin Tarantoro win award
Dr. David Huo win award

Performance by:
Fort Minor


awww i can't watch it. I'm at work. Ya ya...right lolz hehe whats new about that. Hehehe...


sarNie Adult
Gong Li was in Memoirs of a Geisha? I think they meant Zhang Ziyi. never knew there was such an award show. That's cool though. What kind of channel was it on? An asian channel? or was it on an American one?

p.s. Stephen Chow ROCKS!!!!!!! :w000t:


:w000t: i did catch this award....i'm so surprise when they announce Stephen Chow win for Kung Fu Hustle...but sad that he couldn't make it to the award....bugsy, it was on AZN 98 on cable....