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sarNie Egg
Sang -
I have just been home for an hour when my phone rings. It's Juang.
S: Juang? What's wrong?”
Ju: P'Sang, ja. I have a favor to ask.”
I glance at the clock to look at the time. It's almost 8pm. What does she want at this hour?
S: Spit it out Juang.”
Ju: I need to borrow your car tonight.”
S: No. I've seen how you drive. No.”
Ju: P'Sang. It's my friend's bday party and we are going to celebrate the end of finals.”
S: I'll take you there.”
Ju: I want to stay there for a while and don't want you to have to wait for me.”
S: I'll sleep in the car. That's fine.”
Ju: You know what, fine! Keep your ugly car that smells like old people.!”
S: Hey! That airfreshner costs me $15! Don't knock on it!”
Ju: The seats are ugly too!”
S: You...Hello? Juang?”
Goddamnit. I am not in the mood to play babysitter tonight. I drive over to her house anyway and parked the car out of view. At around 10:30pm, I saw another car pull up and see Juang get into it. I follow the car. What is she up too? I follow the car to a nightclub. When Juang steps out of the car I can see clearly what she is wearing. Better yet, what she is not wearing. What kind of father allows their daughter to go out looking like that. I do not want daughters. All boys for me. Thank you. I follow her into the club. As I am about to catch up, a figure blocks my way. It's a woman. She looks familiar.
S: Uh, hi...”
Pa: name is Pat. Do you remember who I am?”
S: Of course I remember you Pat. How are you doing?”
Pa: I miss you. Haven't seen you in a while stranger.”
She puts her arms around my neck. I hate clingy girls. I try and get her claws out of me and look for Juang. I see her and she is staring right at me and Pat. Story of my life. Pat's arms are like vises. I can't escape. I try the charming approach.
S: I'm sorry for not coming around more. Let me make it up to you by buying you a drink ok? Same poison?”
She nods her head. She's already halfway to drunk. She releases me and I walk away from her. Back to operation find Juang. I spot her doing shots with a bunch of girls and a couple of guys. If Pat was halfway drunk, Juang was knee deep in drunk. I don't know why she drinks when she knows she's a lightweight. Last time she passed out after half a bottle of wine cooler. I walk up to the group and introduce myself as Juang's brother.
Ju: P'Khap!!!! When did you get bacckkkkkk?!!!”
 I hate it when people talk in echos and exclamation marks. She throws her arms around me.
Ju: Everybody!!!! He's my broootttherrrrr! He lookssss differenttttt tonight though!!!!!!!”
S: Juang..Juang..Look at me. It's P'Sang, not P'Khap ok? Look at me?”
Ju: P'Sanggggggg!!!! My next favorite personnnnnn!!!!”
 Ok. Time to go. I grab her by the waist to guide her out of here. The two guys of the group block our paths. Seriously? I flash them my police badge. They cleared our way real quick. We got to the car and I gently placed her in the backseat. I elevated her head a bit so she doesn't choke if she vomits. I decided to take her to my place instead of hers. I don't want her father to find out, not that he even cares. We get to my place and I gently place her in my bed. She comes to and stares at me.
S: You better not throw up in my...”
 She kisses me. I respond back passionately until I visualize Khap bashing my head in. I hold her away from me until I regain my composure. She looks at me curiously. I pull her to me and give her the kiss of her life. I was not gentle. Dogs, cats, old people, baby poo.....I pull away from her. As much as it hurts, I had to. She was drunk. I can't take advantage of her. Juang begins to cry.
Ju: Am I too ugly for you P'Sang?!! Am I not good enough for you?!!! Are my eyes to big?!!!!"
S:'s not's...”
She starts dry heaving and then throws up on me. I look at the clock. My shift starts in four hours. Fuck me.

Juang -
I wake up feeling like I was ran over a bus. Multiple times. It takes me a while to recognize the room I'm in. It's P'Sang's. How did I end up here? It's 9am. I look around for my purse. It was then that I notice I am in sweats and a t-shirt. I don't remember changing. That means....I grab my phone from my purse and dial the one person who would know.
Ju: P'Sang. What happened last night? Why am I wearing sweats and t-shirt?”
S: Because you threw up on yourself nongsao. Do you need to know anything else? I'm working.”
  Ju: Well, who changed me into these clothes?”
S: I did.”
Ju: So, did you see everything?”
S: Of course.”
  Ju: P'Sang! Did anything happen last night?”
S: A lot of things happened last night. You don't remember?”
Ju: If I remembered, would I be asking you?”
S: You think about it Juang. You were the aggressor. I just laid back and took it like a man. I have to go now. I made a hangover drink for you in the fridge. Drink up. I will see you when I get back.”
Laid back and took it like a man? What does he mean by that? What did I do? I don't feel any different so maybe nothing happened. Ahh. This is so frustrating!

Fang -
I can't believe he kidnapped my sister. When I said I will support you, I didn't think kidnapping was going to be part of it. P'Feung is going to kill me when she finds out I've been helping the enemy. I better come up with excuses. I got it. Memory loss. Works in the movies all the time. My boss calls out for me.
M: Fang, delivery!”
Fa: Where to?”
M: Pongsakorn Hotel.”
Fa: Umm.. can you send someone else?”
M: Am I the boss or are you the boss?”
Fa: You are sir.”
M: That's what I thought. Now get and hurry back.”
 Get? Am I a dog? Pig. I need to find a new job. I get to the hotel and go in to make a delivery. Of course he's here. Maybe if I avoid eye contact, he won't see me.
T: Fang..Fang..hold on. What are you doing here? You don't have classes today?”
Fa: What are you the school police? Class let out early so I picked up a job for extra money. What's it to you?”
T: Sorry. I was just wondering. How are Khap and Feung doing? Are the back together yet?”
Why is he so nice? The meaner I am to him the nicer he gets. What gives. I study his face. He still has a nasty cut right above his left eye. P'Khap got him good there. Thinking back to that day, I remembered that this man has no sense of self defense at all.
Fa: My sister is none of your business. It looks like that cut above your eye is healing ok. “
T: This? Yes, it is. It was really painful the first week. Thanks for helping tend to it.”
Fa: I felt bad since I was the one who made you take me there. Are you mad at him?”
  T: Who Khap? No, I'm not. I understand where he is coming from. I would've done the same thing. “
Fa: You beating up on someone? I can't imagine that. I'm surprised you didn't go into fetal position when he started beating on you. I really suggest you take some self defense class. Men should be able to defend themselves and fight back against an attacker.”
T: Do you like men that can fight?”
Fa: Well, yeah. It's always good to know that someone can back you up. I can take care of myself 99% of the time but I do know my limits.”
T: You got it. I will go and take some self defense classes.”
It registered on me what he was thinking.
Fa: Hey, I didn't mean that if you learned how to fight, I would like you.”
T: I know what you meant. Thanking you for caring.”
He flashes me a smile and walks away. How annoying!

Thap -
What Fang doesn't know is that I do know how to fight and defend myself. I just didn't think it would resolve anything that day. Khap was out for blood. If it wasn't my blood, it would have been someone else's blood. So, I offered myself up as the sacrificial lamb. It was also a ploy so that Fang could tend to my injuries. It was quite a sacrifice. My parents and sister were horrified when they saw my face. Khap did a number on me but I knew it was a misunderstanding. I suddenly remembered that I needed to be in Bangkok to take care of paperwork for some land acquisitions. I have to ask for P'Sabai to cover for me again.
T: P'Sabai, kap. Can you cover the Singburi site for me starting next week? I should only be gone for two weeks or so.”
Sa: Thap, where are you going this time? Last time I covered for you when you went away, you came back looking like you were someone's punching bag!”
T: I'm going to be in Bangkok this time. Last time, I was someone's punching bag...Literally. Think of it as your vacation. You said you liked it here. It's nice and quiet. Bring P'Jerd if you want.”
Sa: Next week right?”
T: Kap.
Sa: I'll be there.”
I hang up the phone with my sister. My thoughts shift bacl to the girl with the razor sharp tongue.

Feung -
We've been driving for several hours now and he hasn't said anything else.
Fe: Khun Khap.”
He turns and smiles at me.
K: Ja, Mae Feung?”
Fe: Why are we going to Phuket? I need you to take me back home. Who is going to care for the children?”
He grabs my hand and places a featherlight kiss on my knuckles. I remove my hand. He smiles again.
K: It's all taken care of. P”Sinjai and Fang have everything under control.”
P'Sinjai and Fang? Why are they helping Khun Khap?
Fe: Khun...”
K: Don't worry about anything khon dii.”
I give up on asking him to take me back home. I rest my head on the window and fall asleep. A while later, I feel someone lightly shaking me awake.
K: Mae Feung ja...we're here.”
Where is here? I wake up and look at my surroundings. It looks like a restaurant. He takes hold of my hand and whispers for me to stay close. We walk to the back of the restaurant and down a set of stairs. It looks like a kickboxing arena. We walk past the boxing area and I notice a lot of stares our way. Khun Khap holds me close and I stay as close as possible to him. We reach the back offices where there is a gentleman sitting down and doing some paperwork.
K: P'Got.
G: Khap, welcome back . Is this your Feung?”
He looks back at me and smiles.
K: This is my Feung.”
G: Good for you.”
K: I am here to ask for a favor. You mentioned that you had some beach property for rent. I was wondering if it is not rented out, can you rent it to me for a few days?”
G: Sure. Let me go get the keys.”
While we sit and wait, I take a look at the surrounding. The guys fighting outside are going at it without mercy. One is bleeding from the eye. So much violence.
K: Does this place scare you Feung? This is where I came after I left Khai BangRajun.”
Fe: You were here? Doing what?”
K: I was one of P'Got's fighters? He paid me good money. I have a lot saved up from here. I have it in bank in your name. For when you are ready to buy the orphanage.”
At that moment, Khun Got comes back in with a worried look on his face.
G: Khap, we have a problem. The two farangs you were supposed to fight that night are here and they say you walk in. They want to fight you. “
K: P'Got, my fighting days are over.”
G: Khap, they have group of guys out there who will not let you out if you don't agree to a rematch.”
Khun Khap looks at me and shakes his head.
K: Can you get Feung out of here and to safety then? I'll do the rematch.”
I grab his arm.
Fe: I'm not leaving you.”
K: Feung, these guys are dangerous. I'll find you when I am done. I trust P'Got. He will take you to safety.”
Fe: I want to be here with you here. I am not going to leave you.”
Khun Khap shakes his head.
“K: You stay in here though. I'm going to get ready.”
I wait for him in the office. The crowd outside is growing. The announcer introduces Khun Khap and the farang. The bell dings.
Khap -
I should have never walked with her in here. I'm putting her in danger again. It wasn't my intention to miss the last fight. P'Got told me that my replacement was knocked out in the first round and the farang felt like they didn't get their money's worth. I stepped into the ring. These guys are big. They 're fighters back in their country. MMA fighting. This one is bald and looks like he has 15 pounds of muscle on me. The bell dings and I'm in fighting position. He grabs and me and I avoid him easily. He is bigger but I am faster. I throw in a few jabs and kicks. I connect on a couple. He tries to grapple me again but misses. My roundhouse connects with his jaw. We dance around for a bit more and go into round two. He is starting to get pissed and become more aggressive. Some of his punches landed but so did mines. He got a good one in on my right brow. I think it's bleeding. I see the blood in the ring. It could be his too. His lips is busted. We are now in round three. It's time to end this. I throw in some quick jabs and punches. I kick, knee, and do a roundhouse. All my hits connect somewhere. He's tired out. Just when I think I'm home free, the other farang gets into the ring. It's two against one. I make eye contact with Feung and try to tell her not to worry. This is going to be bad, real bad. I'm already beat down from the first guy. Throw in a fresh fighter? I may not come out ahead in this one. Thirty minutes into the fight, I'm bloody and bruised. I think I have some broken ribs. I'm on my knees now. I can barely stand. Why isn't anyone throwing in the towel? A punch lands on my left ear. It's ringing. I can't hear anything out of my left ear. I can't get up. Everything just hurts. Then I hear her.
Fe: P'Khap..get up. Please.. get up!”
P'Got is holding her back so she doesn't come near me. I have to get up. For Mae Feung. Luckily the bell dings. Signaling a break. P'Got comes to my corner with Feung next to him.
K: Why are you here. Go back inside Feung.”
Fe: Chan rak pee. Come back to me.”
The bell is about to signal for the fight to go into the next round again. I have all the strength that I need to win this fight. I wish I could say I won by a landslide but I didn't. I barely won the fight. If was I wasn't able to deflect that last punch from the second farang, I would have been a dead man. He was aiming for my vital points. Fucker. I was smart after we started the round. I finished off the first farang so that he would go down first. Once he was out, we were back to a one on one fight. The fight was more fair but my body was already worn out. I didn't even stay for them to announce me as the winner. I just wanted to go back to Mae Feung. P'Got felt guilty that he couldn't stop the fight so he let us stay at the beach house for free. He also gave us a good sum of money from the fight. He even drove us to the beach house. Even after getting cleaned up, I bet I was a sight for sore eyes. What made it worth it all? I was in the backseat with my head resting on Feung's lap. She was holding on to me and holding my hand. She said that she loved me. I would take a beating like this everyday if it meant hearing her say those words. When we got to the beach house, P'Got took a taxi back to the club. I was able to make it up the stairs even though I was sore everywhere. Feung helped support me and guided to the bed. She moved away but I grabbed her hand.
Fe: I'm going to get a washcloth to tend to some of your injuries.”
She came back with a bowl of warm water and a rag.
Fe: Take off your shirt.”
I took off my shirt slowly. Just lifting my arm hurts. She begins to wipe my body. It actually feels very soothing. I am about to shut my eyes when I hear her crying silently.
K: Why are you crying?'
Fe: I don't like seeing you hurt like this.”
K: Feung, this will heal in time. Don't worry. The important thing is we are here together now.”
I kiss her forehead. I let the kiss linger a bit so I can inhale her scent.
K: Were you worried about me Feung? Can you tell me that you love me again? I want to make sure I heard it right and it wasn't me hallucinating.”
She doesn't say anything. I take the rag and bowl of water from her and placed them on the table. My hands cup her face. My thumbs brushes her cheeks.
K: Tell me Feung. Did I hear you wrong? Tell me what you said to me in that ring.”
Fe: Chan rak pee.”
She looks me in the eyes. All the hurt we went through was worth this moment. Everything seems so insignificant compared to this moment.
K: Pee rak Feung moht hua jai.”
I lean in to kiss her on her cheeks. I kiss her again on her lips. I pull back and look at her to ask for her permission with my eyes. I received my answer and kiss her again. I kiss her everywhere again and again. I become familiar with her body. I'm overwhelmed with emotions because she is giving herself to me. She is accepting my love and reciprocating it. We become one. I ignore the pain from the beating and focus on the pleasure. She's mine now. I wake up the next morning to an empty bed. Did I dream everything. I get up to go look for her. She's standing on the back porch looking at the ocean. I walk up and hug her from behind. I nuzzle her neck.
K: Did you sleep well?”
Fe: It was fine.”
K: Fine? That's it?”
Fe: Khun Khap..let me go cook something for you to eat.”
I pick her up. I ignore the pain coming from my body.
K: I'm hungry but not for food.”
I take her back to bed and explore her body. I don't allow her to leave the bed for the rest of the day. I hold her close while we are in bed. I can't stop kissing her.
Fe: Khun Khap..”
K: Don't call me that anymore. You're my wife now and I'm your husband. Call me P'Khap like you did at the ring.”
Fe: P'Khap..”
K: Ja, Mae Feung?”
Fe: We need to go buy clothes. We don't have anything to change into.”
I realized I didn't pack anything for her. I keep what I think about clothes to myself. I don't want to push her too far out her comfort zone.
K: Ja, we can go to the store down the road here. We can walk there. We should buy some groceries too for the next couple of days.”
Fe: How long are we staying here?”
K: Until we are ready to go home. Let's go get ready to go to the store.”
I listen for her to start the shower before I call Fang to let her know that her sister is ok. I called Sang after to check in on P'Got to make sure the farangs didn't give him any problems. I called Juang to tell her that I love her. When I hung up, I went to join Feung in the shower.
Fe: P'Khap!”
K: We're husband and wife now. No need to be embarrassed. Can you shave my mustache and beard for me. It's been a while since I've shaved. Unless you like my beard scratching against you.
I rub my beard on her cheek to make a point. She squirms against me.
Fe: What if I cut you?”
K: Then it will blend in with the other cuts on my face from last night.”
I watch her apply the shaving cream on me. She shaves slowly, being careful now to nick me accidentally. After she finishes, she washes my face. She takes her hand and runs it along my jawline.
K: Smooth?”
She nods. I kiss her neck.
Fe: P'Khap. We have to get to the store before they close.”
K: Ok, ja.”
We finish our shower and get dressed. We walk hand in hand to the store. My happily ever after is really beginning.


sarNie Egg
Not finished yet. Still more to the story. We'll see about the slap/kiss episode. I like happy happy stories lol and right now they are in  the honeymoon phase. Stay tuned!


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
Greeeeeeet! Lakorn mak! He kidnapped her away for a honeymoon hehehe. So sweet that she started calling him p'Khap! Oh be nice to them please! They understand each other now, it's going to be so hurtful when they get angry at each other again!

Lol at Sang and Juang! I can't wait to read them getting more romantic! Oho, he's going to do something that will need Khap's forgiveness!


sarNie Egg
Sabai -
I arrive at SingBuri alone. P'Jerd said he had commitments in Bangkok and couldn't come with me. I know the real reason why he is staying behind. While the cat is away, the mouse will play. When Thap asked me to help manage the SingBuri site for a few weeks, P'Jerd was more that open to that idea. I've noticed he is always eager for me to leave town. I walk up to the reservation desk to the man working the desk. No introductions are needed. All who works in the Pongsakorn Hotels know who we are. My parents brought us up well. They taught us to always respect everyone equally, even those who are less fortunate than us. Thap and I always go out of our help to help the less fortunate. Although we come from a very wealthy family, we are well like by both the rich and the less fortunate.
“M:Sawadee, Khun Sabai.
“Sa: Sawadee. Do you have the schedule my brother left for me?”
“M: Kap. It's all right here Khun Sabai. Please let me know if you need anything else.”
I look over the list. We have weddings schedule for the next four weeks. We also have a photo shoot lined up this week. I'm glad our hotels stay busy but I wish we would be able to find a general manager for this site. We've been through four managers in the past three years. My parents are taking their time hiring the next one so Thap and I are helping manage it in the interim. I see a note on the bottom of the schedule that says someone from the Children's Haven will be here to pick up the donation box. I've never been there personally but I have donated clothes numerous times. They are clothes that went out of season and I had to move inventory somewhere. I hear a lot about the place from my brother. He's enamored with one of the girls working there. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot dirty sandals and dirty feet. I slowly glance up until I reach the owner's face. The rest of him wasn't in any better shape than his sandals. He stares at me until I say something.
“Sa: Can I help you with something?”
“J: Uh..Sinjai from Children's Haven sent me to pick up the donation money.”
I am not a rude person and I do not judge people based on the exterior. However, I cannot just hand this man money just because he said he was from Children's Haven.”
“Sa: Do you have any proof that you work for Children's Haven? Like an ID or something.”
“J: Khun, we barely have enough money to put food on the table for the kids. What makes you think we have money to spend on the technology to create Ids? Look it has been a very long day. I still need to run some errands before I go back the Khai BangRajun. Can you just call Sinjai to verify that she has send me?”
Thap has always dealt directly with the orphanage. I don't even know who Sinjai is. I excuse myself to ask if any of the staff recognizes the man and they do not.”
“Sa: None of the staff here recognizes you. I'm afraid I cannot give you the donation money. Why don't you leave the address and once I verify everything, I will personally make the trip over there with the money.”
“J: Khun...You know what that's fine. I'll make sure I wear a suit and tie next time I am sent to pick up the money.”
“Sa: I do not judge people on what they wear. Even if you came in with a suit and tie, I would still not give you the money if I cannot verify who you are.”
I turn away from him to look at the schedule again. He has a lot of nerve to accuse me of judging people based on the clothes they wear. I don't deny that what he wore was what caught my attention at first but I would have given him the money if I was able to confirm he was with the orphanage. I'll call Thap and ask for the address so I can deliver it myself.
P'Sinjai had asked me to pick up the donation money since I was going to be running errands in SingBuri. I had just finished working out in the farmland and had to rush to make it to SingBuri in time before the stores closed. I cleaned up the best I could but I guess it wasn't good enough since the lady behind the country looked at me like I was dirt on her shoes. Not everyone has the luxury to wear clothes that costs thousands of dollars. I leave the hotel feeling disheartened. I failed at the one task that P'Sinjai asked me to do. I failed at protecting Feung and Fang. I fail at everything. The only good thing I am good at is being a farm hand. Fang won't even talk to me these days. Feung avoids me so I never even get to see her. When I go and help out at the orphanage, everyone there is just so indifferent to me that I feel like I am no longer welcomed. Sometimes I feel so disconnected from everyone here. If they need my help, they always come to me. Once I am of no longer of use, they toss me away. Before, I had Feung and Fang. Now, they don't even want me. Am I cursed to live this life alone?
Sang -
I had to work two shifts back to back so needless to say I am very tired. I look around my apartment and it is a mess. It really needs a woman's touch. A woman named Juang. I shake my head. I need to stop it with those thoughts. She is my best friend's sister. She is my best friend's sister. If I say it enough time maybe I'll start to believe it. Who am I kidding? After that kiss, she ruined kisses for me. I have no desire to kiss anyone else. I have no desire to hang out with any other girl. I haven't seen her since the incident. I intentionally wanted her to think something happened between us that night. Hopefully, she thinks she belong to me now and won't be hanging around any of the other guys. I throw myself on my bed and was about to fall asleep when I hear the phone ring.
“Ju: P'Sang. I'm in trouble.”
Hearing a distressed Juang wakes me up real quick.
“S: Juang, what's wrong. Where are you?”
“Ju: I'm at P'Pope's apartment. I locked myself in his bathroom. I think he is drunk.”
I have to force myself not to rip into her right now. I convince myself to talk to her calmly until she is back home safe and sound.
“S: Juang, do you know the address?”
She starts crying. She knows she messed up.”
“S: OK. What's his name?”
“Ju: Piphop Songphakdy. P'Sang, please hurry.”
I call in a favor to a buddy and he was able to give me the address. I am speeding on my way over there. When I arrive, I don't even bother to knock. I start kicking in the door. The door opens suddenly and makes me loose my balance. I take one look at the fucker and start bringing on the hurt. I see recognition and fear in his eyes. He starts backing away trying to get out of my reach. Usually, I let them go when they try and retreat. I do not make that exception this time. This is my Juang. I throw one last punch and he is knocked out cold. I call out for Juang. She comes running to me and I hug her tightly.
“S: Are you ok.”
She nods in between sobs.
“S: Someone get his motherfucker to the hospital I yell out to no one in particular.”
I take her to her house and see that her father was home. I hug her tightly and whisper that everything is going to be okay.
Juang -
I messed up bad today. P'Sang and P'Khap warned me that this will happen. P'Pope asked if I need help studying and I did. He said it was easier to study at his apartment since it was quiet and we could concentrate better. He told me his sister was going to be there with us. I thought it was okay since it wouldn’t be me and him alone. When I got to his apartment, he said his sister had to go out and run an errand. P'Pope started drinking and offered me a beer. He said he studies better when he has a little to drink. A little turns out to be three or four beers. After the fourth beer, he got a little grabby. I tried to run away but he was stronger. He told me he knows how much I want him. When he tried to kiss me, I was able to kick him and get away. I locked myself in the bathroom and called P'Sang. He's driving me home now and hasn't said one word to me. I know he's disappointed. I almost rather he yell at me and get it over with. When we get to the house, I saw that my father was home.
“P: Juang, if you are going to be in and out the house at all hours of the night, maybe you should move out. You need to be considerate of me having to wake up early to go to work.”
“Ju: Por, something happened to me today. P'Pope...”
My father just looks me up and down.
“P: If you respected yourself, maybe this wouldn't have happened. I give you everything you need, let you do everything you want. The only thing I ask is that you not bring trouble home and bother me. Is that too much to ask for?”
“Ju: Por, do you not even care about me? I'm your daughter.”
“P: You're my wife's daughter. I am just the man who gave you life.”
My father gets up and walks up the stairs. I have to retain P'Sang from following him. I can feel P'Sang shaking from anger. Or it may be shaking from trying to not fall apart. P'Sang whispers in my ear.
“S: Juang. Go pack your stuff. I'm getting you out of this hellhole.”
I go and back my stuff up. Mostly school stuff and clothes. I still need to finish the semester. It should only be a couple more weeks. When I am done packing, I go and knock on my father's door. I wai him one last time and wish him a long and healthy life. His eyes were void of emotions. I walk away from the home I've only known. When we get back to P'Sang's place, he told me to take the bed and he'll sleep on the couch. I lay awake thinking about what tomorrow is going to bring. I know I don't want to be by myself. I miss P'Khap. I miss Fang and P'Feung. I miss the children at the orphanage. I also miss P'Sang even though he's just right outside this door. I get out of bed and slip next to P'Sang on the couch. I expect him to tell me to back inside. Instead, he holds me tight and whispers.
“S: Go to sleep tee rak.”
Sleeps takes over me quickly.
P'Feung's not back yet. I did get to talk to her two days ago but that was it. She sounded happy so that means they were able to patch things up. Love is so tiring. I'm tired from just watching them. I ran into P'Jai a few times but I turn the other way when I see him. I'm not mad at him anymore for what he did but I just have no desire to talk to him. He's always felt like an outsider to me. I'm only nice to him because P'Feung asked me to be nice to him. P'Feung is nice to everyone. I'm still doing deliveries for the restaurant. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold up this charade. P'Feung is going to find out that I dropped out of school and she is going to be so very disappointed. I know one of her dreams is for me to graduate with a degree so that I can find a job that I like and live comfortably. After talking to Juang, I really want to go into Hotel Management/Tourism. The program is so expensive though. I don't know where I would be able to get the money to pay for everything. The cost per semester isn't that bad. It's the other expenses that makes that dream impossible. My thoughts shift to Khun Thap and what he does for work. Hotel Management. I bet he enjoys his job. He's probably very good at it too since he is so nice. He has a very nice and personable smile also. I realize what I was thinking and slap myself a few times. Why I am thinking of him?! He's annoying and obviously doesn't know how to defend himself in a fight. How would he defend me? Wait. I don't need him to defend me. Why did I think that? I slap myself a few more times. My boss calls out to me.
“M: Fang. Stop wasting oxygen. We have deliveries!”
Have I mentioned how much I hate my job and my boss?
“M: It's going to be to a residence. There is a special package in there also. You do not open it under any circumstances. You hear me?”
I take the packages and start loading it in the basket. When I reach the destination, I see that the house is huge. The people living there must be rich. I ring the bell on the gate. Two guys wearing suits come to the gate.
“M1: What do you want?”
“Fa: I have a delivery from First Chinese BBQ.”
“M2: Show us the packages.”
How weird, I think to myself. I'm just delivering food. Regardless, I show them the packages.
“M1: Give us the black package and get out of here.”
“Fa: I need you to pay for the food though.”
They only take the black package but paid more than enough to cover the cost of the food. They quickly went inside the house with the package. I guess this means free food for me then.
Thap -
I signed the paperwork for the land we purchased in Chiang Mai. My parents want to expand the business and I found a good piece of property there. The next property I want to buy is in Pattaya. The owners and I haven't come to agreement yet. I told my parents that I would start the business for them in Chiang Mai and Pattaya but I want the hotel in SingBuri to be mines. Fang is there so that is where I want to settle down. Feung said that Fang was going for a degree in Finance Administration. I can't imagine a girl like Fang doing that. She needs to be out and about and free to wander around. Regardless what her degree is, she can work with me in the hotel. The hotel can support us fine and we would never want for anything. We can support three or four kids also with the business. The hotel business has been good to us. My parents always said never to take it for granted though. We can fall down as quickly as we rose up. That is why I take the business very seriously. Our business depends on guest reviews so I always make sure they are taken care of. I take their comfort and security very seriously. As a matter of fact, one of our guests mentioned that there may be some drug trafficking going on in SingBuri Province. They reported it to the police department of SingBuri but nothing has been investigated. It's common in small provinces. The police are in the back pockets of the criminal. I'll file a report with the DEA here in Bangkok before I leave. Keeping SingBuri safe means keeping Fang safe. SingBuri is going to be the place I settle down with Fang and have kids so I making it safe is a priority for me. I hear a woman's voice calling for me. Unfortunately, it is not the woman I want to hear.
“R: P'Thap, why didn't you tell me you were back from SingBuri?”
“T: Roong. I was only going to be here for a couple of days and then I am going to Chiang Mai. We just bought property over there and I want to go take another look at it.”
“R: Take me with you. I always wanted to go to Chiang Mai.”
“T: Roong, it doesn't look good for you to go out with me so soon after your breakup with Khap.”
“R: P'Thap. You know I never loved P'Khap. Our parents were the only who forced it. You know my heart has always been with you. Now that I am free, we can be together. I know you love me too. When P'Khap made me cry or ignored me, you were always there to cheer me up.”
“T: Roong, I did it because I saw you as a little sister. Nothing more.”
She throws her arms around me.
“R: But I love you so much P'Thap. You are the only one for me. I can let P'Khap go because I never loved him. I will never let you go though.”
My parents walk in to the study at that moment. I push Roong away from me.
“T: Por,'s not what it looks like.”
Feung -
We've been in Phuket for two weeks now. It's been the happiest two weeks of my life. I've broken more traditions than I can think of by being with him. It's still early in the morning and he's still sleeping. I feel safe just being next to him. I reach to touch his face. A reflection catches my eye. I pause to look at the ring on my hand. We bought it when we went shopping the other day. It was nothing expensive but it represented us perfectly. It was two simple silver bands. If you look closely enough, you can see the scratches and dents. It's as if the rings had been through many hardships yet they still remain together; just like P'Khap and me. He also told me that I'm never allowed to take it off. Guys need to know that I'm already taken. I told him he can't take his of either so girls won't bother him. He told me he only has eyes for me. I run my fingers along his jawline. I just shaved him the other day but he already has a five o clock shadow. I trace his nose, his lips. I feel alive and happy. All of a sudden, he bites my finger and rolls me over so that he's on top of me.
“K: I need my rest waan jai. You've tired me out the last few days.”
“Fe: P'Khap!”
I pinch his cheeks and he laughs.
“K: I meant with walking along the beach and just exploring Phuket. What did you think I meant?”
I pinch him again. He kisses me. I pinch him again and he kisses me back. He grabs my hands and pins them above my head. He stares into my eyes. I forget who I am when he does this. When I look into his eyes, I feel like I was born to love him. I feel we have this love that transcends through time. I feel like our love is a continuation from a love in our past life time. A never ending love.
“K: Mae Feung, ja? Can you tell me that you love me?”
“Fe: Chan rak pee, ja.”
I watch the tear flow down his cheek and fall on to me. Who knew that those three words could be so powerful. Powerful enough to make men cry. I'll tell him everyday that I love him. He kisses me again and then reminds me how much he loves and worships me.
Khap -
I lay in bed and listen to her soft breathing. I never want to leave this place but I know we have to go and face the real world again. I leave a trail of kisses from her back to her shoulder and then her neck. I nuzzle her neck. She stirs awake.
“K: I want us to get married. I know I am doing this all backwards but I want us to register our marriage here in Phuket. I want you to know that this is forever for me. When we get home, I will ask your father for forgiveness and permission to marry you again. We'll have a wedding with the people we love around us. How does that sound waan jai, ja?”
“Fe: P'Khap, I'm just a poor village girl. I didn't even finish high school. Wouldn’t you be embarrassed...”
“K: Stop right there. You are talking about my wife whom I love and cherish. I put her on a pedestal and worship her. Feung, I'm just a poor city boy now. My father disowned me. I have no money to my name other than what I saved from the fight club. I can't afford to give you a comfortable life right now. I should be ashamed for asking such a beautiful and good woman like you to suffer with me but I'm a selfish man. I can't live without you. I'll work hard though Feung to give you a comfortable life. I'm confident with you by my side, I can do anything. What do you say Feung? Will you take pity on an unworthy man like me?”
She kisses me in response. I breathe a sigh of relief. I know that I am not worthy of her. There are other men out there that would be able to give her a better life. Like I said earlier, I'm a selfish man. I want her for myself. Only her. We register our marriage certificates the next day. In the eyes of the law, we are husband and wife. People cannot condemn her for being with me now. We start packing our stuff so that we can leave for SingBuri in the morning. Our movements are slow. I know we both don't want to leave but we have responsibilities also. I walk over to grab her hand and whisper to her.
“K: Let's go say goodbye to the beach.”
We build sandcastles. We swim in the water. We kiss in the water. We hold each other while watching the sun go down.
“Fe: I want to come back here again. This is where we put the pieces of our broken hearts back together.”
“K: Ja, it's where we made our hearts stronger too. Pee rak Feung moht hua jai.”
We made love one last time underneath the stars. We ended up leaving later than we anticipated the next morning because P'Got invited us to breakfast. We leave Phuket close to noon. I told Feung we would spend the night in Bangkok so that we can surprise Juang and Sang. When we arrived at Bangkok, I took her to my favorite dinner spot. We rented a hotel and made plans to go see Sang the next morning. Feung and I arrived at Sang's apartment complex in the early morning. I had the key so I didn't bother to knock because I didn't want to wake Sang up. Patrol schedules change often so I wasn't sure what shift he was working. When we stepped in the living room, I saw Sang's bedroom door opened. It was not Sang that walked out. It was Juang, in her sleepwear. Sang walks out behind her. Juang looks like she is about to cry and Sang is backpedaling. Feung grabs my arm to calm me down but the fire has already been lit. Only one man is walking out of this apartment alive today.


sarNie Egg
Sang -
This is not how I wanted Khap to find out.
“S: I'm in love with Juang.”
Juang turns to me with a shocked expression.
“Ju: P'Sang!”
I step in front of Juang with my hands up. I don't want to fight him but I won't back down if he wants a fight. I know how overprotective he is of Juang. I'm hoping what he has with Feung will make him realize that love works in mysterious ways. You can' t choose who you love.
“K: You're not good enough for her Ai Sang. You're unfaithful. You've been through too many women. Juang, go stand with Feung. NOW!”
Juang runs over to Feung holding on to her crying. I look at Feung and she is tearing up also.
“S: Ai Khap. Calm down and let me explain.”
“K: What is there to explain Ai Sang?!”
“S: I love her man. The other women were just a front. They were a distraction so I wouldn't act on my true feelings.”
Khap rushes me and tackles me to the ground. He has me pinned to the ground so I can't do much except for hold my arms up to protect my face. He's bringing down punches on me. Punch after punch. I felt on connect to my temple and feel the dizziness kicking in. Once I feel him slow down from being tired out, I flip him off me and stand up. I kick him in the ribs once, twice, three times. He grabs my leg and tries to bring me down. I don't go down but instead gets him in a choke hold. Please call mercy, please call mercy. I don't want to kill my best friend. I hear Juang and Feung crying out. Khap was able to get out of the hold and toss me against the china cabinet. The glass shatters. I can tell the glass is cutting my hands. He rushes me again but I catch him and throw him on the broken cabinet. There is a nasty gash on his arm from the glass.
“S: Ai Khap, that's enough.”
He grabs and me again and knees me repeatedly. My ribs are starting to hurt. I push him away and throw a few punches. I connect a punch to his head which has him try to shake the dizziness away. I take the opportunity to pin him the ground. I have my arms against his neck.
“S: I'm sorry man. I'm sorry. Calm down. You're scaring Juang and Feung. I'm sorry. I love you man. Just calm down.”
I feel his body slacken so I release my arm and allow him to sit up. We are both sitting down in a pile of shattered glass. We are both beaten and bloodied. Is our friendship shattered like this glass?

Khap -
To say I was livid when I saw Juang walking out of Sang's room, is an understatement. I trusted him with her. This was never supposed to happen. I know how Sang is with women. He uses them and than discards them. If things don't work out between him and my sister, my sister will be left with a broken heart. I will also lose the only friend that I have.
“K: How long?”
“S: Since I first met her. She was too young back then. I want you to know that I tried to distance myself but I kept being drawn back in. I know how protective you are of her.”
“K: How long has she been staying here?”
“S: A couple of weeks. Since your father kicked her out. We didn't want to bother you because you were trying to fix things up with Feung.”
I rub my eyes. Just twenty four hours ago I was in paradise with the love of my life. Now I have to deal with this.
“S: I'm sorry. It just happened man.”
My anger flares up again. I'm up on my feet. He gets up also. Round two fucker.
“K: It just happened? You just happen to fall into bed with my sister? That's a shitty way to put it Ai Sang!”
“S: I didn't mean it like that. You made this impossible Ai Khap! I'm the guy for you sister! I love her and worship her just as much as you do Feung. I can make her happy!”
“K: This was supposed to be impossible Ai Sang! Butt somehow you made it possible! She's my little sister!”
I'm pissed off but he has a point. I sulk in my anger for a bit.
“S: You said you would always forgive me. Remember? Those were your words. I'm asking for your forgiveness now. I'm also asking your permission to love Juang the way I want to love her. I promise on my life that I will love only her. She will never feel sadness or pain.”
I did say I would forgive him for anything. This is big though. My baby sister. I love over at her. She's no longer a little girl. She's grown into a beautiful woman. I think about what I would do if I was in his shoes. If Fang tried to keep Feung away from me, I would rather die than be without her. I look at Sang. I can see the pain etched in his face.
“K: How much do you love my sister?”
“S: More than all my lifetimes combined.”
I nod my head. I turn around about to walk to Feung. I turn back to Sang and punch him one last time. He falls to the floor.'
“K: That's for not calling me when something as big as my sister getting kicked out the house happened.”
Feung inspects me for injuries. I place a kiss on her forehead. I walk over to Juang and open my arms. She walks into them and I just hold her tight.
“K: I love you.”
I look around at the mess. I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the cops from all the ruckus. I look over at Sang who is still sitting on the floor. I look at the girls.
“K: Let's get cleaned up and go get something to eat. Are you coming or no Ai Sang.”

Juang -
I gently guide P'Sang into the bedroom. I take him into the bathroom so that I can clean up his injuries. They are best friends but all of their fights end with them both being bloodied and bruised. In one of their fights, P'Khap had a concussion. In another, P'Sang had to get stitches. This was by far one of the worst ones. It had to be right up there with the fight in Phuket.
“Ju: Why did you say all that P'Sang?”
“S: Because I meant it. Considering the situation we were in, I thought it was best that I came out clean with all that. I also thought with Feung there he would take it easy on me. Obviously not. Ouch. Be gentle woman! I'm broken!”
“Ju: Why didn't you tell him that I was sleeping on the bed and you were sleeping on the floor?”
“S: Did you really think that would stop the fight?”
It probably wouldn't. I decided on using alcohol for his cuts. I want him to feel some pain for saying all that he said. P'Feung was right there! How could he confess his love with so many other people in the room? I'm so embarrassed!
“S: Juang! Are you trying to kill me? That hurts!”
“Ju: It's fitting! Why didn't you tell me all this before?”
“S: Because I wanted your brother's approval first. I want our love to grow out in the open. No hiding.”
He grabs my hand and kisses them softly.
“S: Pee rak Juang, ja. It's always been you. Only you.”
I begin to cry and hug him hard.
“S: Ouch, Juang. I would like to be able to kiss you a few times before you kill me. “
“Ju: Sorry, P'Sang.”
I let him go. We look at each other and started laughing. I would have never guessed this would have happened when I went to bed today.

Feung -
I'm cleaning up his injuries a little more rough than I normally would.
“K: Feung. That hurts. Be a little gentler, ja.”
“Fe: You should have thought of that before you got into that fight with Khun Sang. Do you know think before you fight?'
“K: I'm sorry Mae Feung. I was just so mad. I wasn't expecting to see Juang come out of his bedroom. I was shocked. They hid this from me.”
“Fe: How is it different from what you were doing with me?”
“K: I love you though.”
“Fe: Khun Sang loves Juang too. The merits of their past life brought them together in this lifetime. It would be a sin to not allow them to be together. I want to love you in all our future lifetimes. Don't you want that too? We need to do as many merits as we can in this lifetime so that our wish comes true.”
“K: Ja, Mae Feung.”
“Fe: You should apologize to Khun Sang too.”
“K: I can't do that. I would lose face. I'll do anything you say except that.”
“Fe: P'Khap. It's just an apology.”
“K: I can't. I'll buy him breakfast as act of apologizing but I won't say it to him. Let's go. I'm starving.”
I finish cleaning him up and was about to walk out the door when he grabs me.
“K: Can I have a kiss? Everything hurts so I need you to kiss and make it better.”
I place gentle kisses where I see a bruise forming. When I'm done, I look at him and smile.
“K: Pee rak Feung, ja.”
With that he cups my face and kisses me passionately. I'm lost in his kiss until I hear someone clear their throat.
“S: Uh...where should we go eat?”
We decided on a rice soup a couple of blocks from Khun Sang's apartment. We were seated in a corner out of view from everyone else. The waitress came by and took our orders. There was not much talking while we waited for our order. P'Khap finds my hand under the table and holds it. It makes me happy that he always want to touch me.
“Ju: So, P'Feung, you're officially my sister now right?”
I nod.
“Ju: I've never had a sister to do stuff with. Now I have you and Fang. Our mother died when I was very little so I didn't have much of a woman's touch growing up. I was practically raised by P'Khap. Then, P'Sang came around and well you see how they are. I'm excited to add two more women to the family!”
“Fe: I'm glad you accept me to be part of the family.”
“Ju: You have to have kids soon. I want a niece or nephew that looks like you and my brother.”
P'Khap squeezes my hand under the table. Does he not want children? We never talked about it. We weren't being careful while we were in Phuket. What if...
“S: Your punches are weak man.”
“K: You want to go another round so you can test them again?”
“S: I'm just saying. Maybe marriage life is tiring you out?”
I feel my face turning red. I know the underlying meaning of what P'Sang said.
“K: Shut it man.”
“S: I think our waitress is a lady boy.”
“Ju: P'Sang! She's going to spit in our food. Stop it.”
“K: I did see an Adam's apple.”
The two best friends looked at each other and started laughing. Juang and I joined in. I'm happy that everything is okay again. Our food was brought out and we started eating. I looked out the window and was surprised at what I saw. It was Khun Khap walking by with a woman on his arm. Just a few months ago he was confessing his undying love for Fang. The rest of the group catches on to what I was staring at.
“Ju: I knew she was going to put her claws in him after you broke off the engagement.”
P'Khap held my hand.
“Fe: Engagement?”
“K: That's Roong. The woman I was engaged too. We never liked each other, much less love. We only did what our parents told us. We grew up around one another - Thap, Roong, Juang, and me. She always gravitated towards Thap not that it bothered me any.”
“Fe: He asked for my blessing to pursue Fang. He said he was in love with her. Was he lying then?”
“S: Ai heah! Is he trying to play Fang?!”
“Ju: We should confront them!”
“K: I'll go and talk to him.”
I grab P'Khap so he would sit back down. I watch the two of them sit at the other end of the restaurant. Maybe this is a misunderstanding. It doesn't comfort me though when he smiles at something she says to him. I hope Fang hasn't opened her heart to him yet.


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Omg dear. I love that you incorporated so many aspects of BR into your ff. It really does feel like BR took place today. :) thanks. Im still smiling. Hahaha


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
Hahaha shit finally went down with Sang and Khap. Their way of expressing brotherhood is so violent and hilarious. Loved that visual with the broken glass. Glad that things settles with Juang and Sang. He takes such good care of her!

Aw, Mae Feung might be giving Por Khap a child!
Oh no, Thap is going to have it rough with Fang. She's that resistant already, how's he going to woo her with Roong around??

Felt sad for Jai.


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Thanks for all the feedback! It's spring break so I took some vacation days. Hey just because you are out of school doesn't
mean you still can't enjoy spring break! I'm enjoying the sun and writing my fanfic while my boyfriend is out fishing! Lol. He's mad that I can't detach myself from the laptop. I'm a horrible fisher and always get my line stuck anyways.
About Jai.. I was disappointed in him in the lakorn so I am going to inflict some karmic justice on him. I'm trying to keep the ff light.. nothing too heavy because Bang Rajun was emotional enough for me. Lol.. Samakee!


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@Nasithiya, really love the ff so far..just wanted to ask where I can view pictures of the photos between each couple. I really like the picture on your profile but I don't know where to view that picture. Can you give me the link please? Thank you!


sarNie Egg
Khap -
After breakfast, we make plans to stay another night and leave in the morning. We reserved a hotel since Sang’s apartment only had one bedroom. Which he shares with my sister now. I try and shake the image out of my head. It’s going to take me a while to get used to. Deep down I knew what was going on but I was in denial. I was so used to seeing them as my best friend and sister that it is weird now to see them as one unit. Sang is a good guy. If anything were to happen to me, I know my sister would be taken care of. I would never admit that out loud to him though. Since our check-in was in a few hours, I decided to take Feung on a tour of Bangkok.
    “K: Mae Feung, ja. What do you think of Bangkok?”
    “Fe: It’s nice but I don’t think I would want to live here. Do you want to move back here?”
“K: No. My home is wherever you are at. If you don’t like it here, I don’t like it here.”    
“Fe: P'Khap, should we go and see your father?”
“K: Feung. My father and I have a complicated relationship. I don’t want to give him a chance to hurt you.”
“Fe: It would be the right thing for us to do P’Khap. Regardless of what they have done to us, they still gave us the gift of life.”
I sigh. I was expecting this. It’s not that I don’t want to introduce Feung as my wife to my father. I’m afraid he will say something hateful. I nod my head and we make our way to go see my father. I grab on to Feung’s hand was we walk in the house. Since it was not my house anymore, I decided to ring the doorbell. Our maid, Ploy, answers the door.”
    “P: Khun Khap. You are back. I’m so happy to see you.”
    “K: It’s nice to see you too Ploy. Is my father home?”
    “P: Yes, he is in the study. Come on in.”
    “K: Ploy, let me introduce you to my wife, Feung.”
    “P: Your wife?”
Ploy wai her as a sign of respect. Feung returns the gesture.
    “P: Khun Khap. You have such a beautiful wife. Well-mannered too.”
I smile at this. I throw an arm around Feung’s shoulder as I lead her into the house. I notice how she looks around to take everything in. It’s true that we have never had to want for anything. If my father was good for anything, it was that he provided us with a comfortable life. I don’t regret throwing it away though. Feung is my treasure. I spot my father sitting in a chair reading the newspaper. Feung and I both wai him.
    “K: Por. I brought my wife, Feung, do pay you respect.”
He looks at Feung from head to toe. He turns back his attention to the newspaper.
    “P: Was she worth it? Giving up your life of luxury for a poor country girl? How long will that last Ai Khap? Does she realize that you have no money to your name? When she realizes that you can’t give her the comfortable life, she will leave you. Women like that are only after your money.”
My body convulses with anger. Feung is trying to calm me down by holding my hand. I close my eyes hoping to calm down some.
    “K: Feung’s not like that. I’m the one unworthy of her.”
He doesn’t even give us another glance.
    “P: Get out of my house. Don’t ever step foot in here again.”
I grab Feung and walk out.
    “K: Let’s go Mae Feung. Let the old man die alone in this house with his wealth. I already have the things that matter.”
I had to calm myself down when we got back to the car. My anger issues have gotten better but it is still there. Feung picks up my hand and lifts it to her face. I can never be angry when I look at here. I take another deep breath.
    “K: I’m sorry you had to go through that.”
    “Fe: P’Khap. I will always be with you. Through the good times and bad times.”
I take comfort in her words and we drive off to meet Juang and Sang for a late lunch. I have irritation written on my face.
    “S: Whoa. Trouble in paradise already?”
    “Ju: P’Sang.SHUT UP.”
    “Fe: We went to see your father.”
Both Sang and Juang sit up.
    “Ju: P’Khap, why would you do that?”
    “Fe: I asked him to. I didn’t know.”
    “Ju: That’s why I moved out. We don’t exist to him. I’ve accepted that. I have my brother who has been like a father of me. I don’t need someone who doesn’t want to be my father.”
    “S: You have me too Juang.”
I cringe when I see Sang hugs Juang. I’m still getting used to it. I just need time. Especially now that they are being openly affectionate. We have lunch and then part ways. We make plans to have dinner together. When we check into the hotel, I flop on the bed. The meeting with my father took a lot out of me. I rather go three rounds in the ring with THREE farangs than talk to my father. I shut my eyes to rest a little bit. I can hear Feung moving around the room.
    “Fe: P’Khap, ja?”
    “K: Ja, tee rak?”
She lay down beside me and I pull her in close.
    “Fe: Chan rak pee.”
I smile at this. I hold her tighter and breathe in her scent. She’s my whole world.

Feung –
My heart breaks for him after seeing him deal with his father. I know he wants acceptance from his father. I know this because I crave it from my own father. I know how much it hurts to not feel wanted. In a way, we are all orphans. I truly believe that we were born for each other. We were born to want and love each other. We were born to make each other whole. I think of the sacrifices he made for me. Am I really worth all that? I look at his sleeping face. He’s got a five o clock shadow again. He always makes me shave his beard. I can see the small cut from several days ago. He kept trying to kiss me while I was shaving him. I glance at the clock and it is almost time for us to meet Khun Sang and Juang for dinner. I kiss his chin to wake him.
    “Fe: P’Khap. Wake up. We have to get ready for dinner.”
He doesn’t stir. I shake him a little harder and he still doesn’t stir. I’m worried now and shake him harder.
    “Fe: P’Khap!”
    “K: Ja, Mae Feung?”
I sigh in relief. I guess he was more tired than usual.
    “Fe: We are supposed to meet Khun Sang and Juang in an hour.”
    “K: Ok, ja. Let’s shower together then and save time.”
I smile. I knew he was going to suggest that.

Sang -
We are getting ready for dinner with Khap and Feung. I used to be annoyed at all the girly things that were taking residence in my apartment. Now that our relationship is out in the open, I like her invading my space. Sleeping arrangements were still the same. I slept on the floor and she slept on the bed. That will have to change soon. Khap already thinks we’re sharing a bed so we might as well right? Juang and I haven’t actually discussed our relationship since that night.
    “Ju: I’m moving to SingBuri after I graduate.”
    “S: What? Why?”
    “Ju: I want to be closer to my brother so I can take care of him. There is nothing left for me in Bangkok. Maybe I can ask P’Thap for a job at his hotel.”
    “S: Juang, Feung is taking good care of your brother. She’s taking care of him in ways you can’t take care of him.”
    “Ju: Ugh..why do you say stuff like that P’Sang?!”
    “S: What? It’s true. Also, I don’t know if I want you working with Thap.”
    “Ju: P’Sang. We’ve known each other since we were kids. We’re friends. Although, I am mad for what he is doing with Fang. I think it may be a misunderstanding. He’s not that type of guy from what I can tell.”
    “S: Men are pigs. They are driven by lust.”
    “Ju: My brother is not a pig. The verdict is still out on you though.”
    “S: Your brother and I are the exceptions to the rule. They don’t make guys like us anymore. Be glad you snagged me when you did. Well, I guess I’ll put in an application with the SingBuri Police Department.”
“Ju: You don’t have to go with me you know.”
“S: What do you mean? I go wherever you go. We’re together now.”
“Ju: We are not together. I don’t even know where we stand.”
“S: We’re standing in the middle of my living room! What do you mean we’re not together?! I got into a fight with your brother so that we can get this out in the open!”
“Ju: Stop yelling P’Sang! So are you saying we’re exclusive?”
“S: We better be damn exclusive! There better not be anyone else Juang! If there is, I promise you I will throw them in jail and they will never see the light of day!”
“Ju: Fine! There better not be any other women also!”
“S: There’s not!”
“Ju: Fine!”
“S: Fine! I’m hungry!”
“Ju: Then let’s go eat!”

Juang –
I’m not sure how we are going to make this relationship work. We argue constantly.  I can’t talk to him about anything serious without it turning into a war of words.
    “S: Juang, I’m serious. We’re in a committed relationship.”
    “Ju: How is this going to work P’Sang? We don’t even like each other.”
    “S: What are you talking about again? You know I love you. Are you saying you don’t feel the same way?”
    “Ju: That’s not what I’m saying. I have feelings for you too but we are always fighting. What if it doesn’t work out?”
    “S: You have to have faith that it will. This is what we do. We fight and we make up. This is our relationship. If you don’t want me to argue with you, let me know. I’ll always agree to everything you say. I’ll be your perfect boyfriend. I’ll never argue with you again. I have a feeling that you would get bored of that real quick though. You tell me what you want to do.”
I think about what he says. He is the fire that ignites my passion. My life would be boring without him.
    “Ju: Ok.”
    “S: It’s going to be so good Juang.”
    “Ju: Or very bad.”
    “S: Stop being such a pessimist.  I already know our ending tee rak. I don’t know how our past life ended or what is going to happen in our future lives but I do know we are going to get our happy ending in this one. Trust P’Sang.”
He leans forward and gives me a kiss on the forehead.
    “Ju: I trust you with my life P’Sang.”
We take off to meet P’Khap and P’Feung at the restaurant. It’s interesting to watch my brother and his wife from afar. The way he acts around her. When she moves, he moves. They are so in tune with one another. My brother looks at her with adoration. Is that how P’Sang looks at me? I look over to P’Sang and notice that he’s fixated on the food.
    “S: I wonder what that guy ordered. It looks damn good.”
Way to ruin the moment. We take a seat at the table.
    “Ju: I can’t believe you guys are leaving us tomorrow. It makes me so sad. P’Khap, ja. I want to move to SingBuri this summer.”
    “K: Juang, you still have a year left after this semester. You have to get your degree. You’ve worked so hard.”
    “Ju: They have my program at SingBuri. I already looked into it. Since it’s also my senior year, I’m thinking P’Thap can let me do my internship at his hotel.”
Everybody looks uncomfortable when I mention P’Thap’s name.
    “Ju: P’Khap, you guys used to be friends too. Let’s not jump to conclusions about what we say. I admit I was mad at first too but P’Thap is not a womanizer.”
    “S: Be glad that your brother became best friends with me and not Ai Thap. There is something innately wrong with a guy who smiles that much. Makes me want to punch him. He’d probably even smile at a plant for goodness sake.”
    “Ju: He’s a good guy. You know this P’Khap. You grew up with him. You just distanced yourself because his parents were always so nice to us. It made you think what we were missing in our lives.”
    “K: I don’t hate the guy but if he is trying to two time Fang I’m going to have a problem with him.”
    “Fe: He’s always been nice when I see him at the orphanage. He also seemed very sincere about his feelings for Fang.”
I can tell my brother doesn’t like the idea of P’Feung talking to P’Thap. Guys.
    “S: I’m moving to SingBuri also. I’m going to put in an application at the police department there.”
    “Fe: Will it be only you? What about your family Khun Sang?”
    “S: Call me P’Sang or something. Khun makes it feel so formal. We are all friends here. This is my family right here Feung.”
I can see the irritation pass through my brother’s features when P’Sang told P’Feung to call him pee also. It’s funny to see how possessive he is of his wife. I have to give him props for being able to refrain from saying anything. The brother from six months ago would have probably flipped the table already. The things love do to you.

Thap -
Roong is getting clingy and I don’t want to lead her on. I’m trying to be very sensitive to her feelings though because we are friends. It was time for me to go back to SingBuri but she wanted to tag along for the weekend and also take the opportunity to visit her father who is the Chief of Police there. I agreed to take her because I also wanted to talk to her father about the drug activity in SingBuri. I wanted to put out some feelers to see what side of the law he is really on. I’m thankful that it was only a two hour drive to SingBuri.
    “R: P’Thap, when are you guys going to hire a general manager so that you can stop going back and forth?”
    “T: Not sure. Por and Mae wants to make sure they find a good candidate who is going to last this time around. Last time, they hired so quickly, they didn’t really get to make sure the person was a good fit.”
    “R: Well, I don’t blame the person for wanting to get out of there. Bangkok is way better and there is just so much more to do. Everything is much nicer in Bangkok.”
    “T: SingBuri is nice too. Remember Roong, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
When we arrived at SingBuri, I can tell that Roong as not excited to be here.
    “T: Do you want me to take you to go see your dad?”
    “R: I’ll go later. I want to tour your hotel. Ugh..why is it so dusty around here. So much red dirt. It’s going to ruin my clothes. I am going to have to throw them away where I get back to Bangkok.”
She holds on to my arms as we walk inside the hotel. I come to a complete halt when I see who is talking to my sister at the reservation desk. It’s Fang.

Fang –
P’Sinjai sent me over to pick up the donations this week. Khun Sabai had dropped the donation off at the orphanage herself last time because she wasn’t sure who P’Jai was when he attempted to pick them up last time. I liked Khun Sabai. She seemed very kind and motherly. My P’Feung is still the best but I liked being around Khun Sabai also. She was like my sister from another mother. I was shocked when she told me she was related to Khun Thap. I admit that I do kind of miss him being around and annoying me. He and Khun Sabai were nothing alike. Well, except they have this aura of sophistication and class. I would have to say that they did not rub their wealth in our face. Khun Sabai even spent some time with the kids when she visited the orphanage. As I was telling Khun Sabai about my day, I saw Khun Khap walk in with a woman on his arm. I felt this pain in my chest but quickly push it aside. Was I jealous? How could I be? I don’t even like the guy! I hate Bangkok men! He walks up to me with a smile on his face.
    “T: Fang, it’s nice to see you here. How are you?”
    “Fa: Couldn’t be better. Living the dream life. You?”
    “T: I just got back in from Bangkok. I see you met P’Sabai. Has she been nice to you?”
I hear someone clear their throat.
    “T: Oh, this is Roong, my…”
    “R: Fiance.”
The look of shock registers on both Khun Thap’s and Khun Sabai’s face. Roong..Roong. I’ve heard that name before.
    “T: That’s not true. Roong, don’t go around saying things like that, people might misunderstand us.”
    “R: P’Thap. Why lie? I’m an understanding woman. If you want a mia noi in the country, I wouldn’t mind.”
The nerve of this woman to think I would do something like that. I am mad. Spitting mad! I grab her by the hair and slap her across the face. Khun Thap tries to stop me but I take my anger out on him too. I aim right for the nose. I should’ve aimed for his teeth so I can break one of his pearly whites. Next thing I know, security is dragging me out of the hotel. P’Feung is going to be so mad when she finds out. I’m sitting in a holding cell. How was I supposed to know she was the Police Chief’s daughter? I’ve never been in jail before. I don’t like it. The men are looking at me weird. P’Feung! When are you coming home!

Jai -
P’Sinjai calls me to tell me I need to pick up Fang at the police station. I drop everything I am doing to head to SingBuri. When I get there, Fang doesn’t seem to be excited to see me.
    “Fa: What are you doing here P’Jai?”
    “J: P’Sinjai sent me. What did you get yourself into?”
    “Fa: I’m sorry she bothered you with this. I’ll figure something out.”
“J: Fang, I just want to help you.”
“F: P’Jai you are neither my family nor my friend. I am going speak truthfully about how I feel about you. I feel like you are an enemy to me. I know you have done nothing to me and have always been nice to my family but that is just the way I feel. I don’t feel comfortable around you. So please, stay away from my family. I don’t want to hurt your feelings.”
“J: Fang.”
“Sa: Fang?”
It’s the lady from the hotel. The one that sent me away. I look at my apparel and realize I look worse than what I looked like the first time I met her. Great. She gives me a quick glance.
    “Sa: Fang. Thap and I talked to Roong and she agreed not to press charges. Let’s go get you signed out so that I can take you back home.”
    “Fa: Khun Sabai. Are they going to charge me anything? I don’t have any money.”
    “Sa: I’ll pay all the fees, don’t worry about it.”
    “J: I have money. I can pay for it.”
    “Fa: Keep your money P’Jai. I don’t want your help.”
    “J: Fang, I’ve known you since you were little. Are you willing to take help from a stranger than someone you know like me?”
    “Fa: I may have just met Khun Sabai but I trust her.”
Her words are like a final nail in my coffin. I have done nothing but treat her and Feung with kindness. I treat all my neighbors with kindness. Why can’t they accept me? What have I done in my past life to be treated as an outcast in my own homeland?

Sabai –
I don’t know who this man is but I do feel pity for him. Fang can be very blunt so I hope he would just walk away before she hurts his feeling anymore.
    “Sa: I can take care of Fang from here. You should go home.”
    “J: Khun, do you think your money is going to solve all the world’s problems?”
    “Sa: I never said anything like that. I’m saying I’ll help Fang. Is it always about being rich or poor with you?”
    “J: I just know that people accept rich people and cast off the poor.”
    “Sa: It’s not always that black and white. I hope you know you just insulted Fang by saying that. You should go home. ”
I sign Fang out and we get in my car so that I can take her home. I can tell she feels uncomfortably accepting my help. It’s probably the lessor of two evil for her. We wait for the light to turn green. Once it does, I start to drive. I remember hearing a loud crash. I look over to Fang to make sure she is ok. She looks a little shaken but not physically hurt. I get out of the car to look at who hit me. I was none other than Jai.
    “J: I’m so sorry. Is everyone ok?”
    “Sa: We’re fine. Are you ok? Did you not see the red light on your side?”
    “J: I’m fine. I wasn’t paying attention. My mind was on something else. Are you sure no one is hurt? I’m very sorry.”
We both look at the damage done to my car. His motorcycle was in worse shape than the car. There’s probably a couple thousands of dollars damage to the car. His bike may be totaled.
    “J: How much will it cost to fix that?”
    “Sa: I’ll have to get an estimate but it would probably be a couple thousand.”
    “J: A couple of thousand?!”
    “Sa: Look, please don’t take this the wrong way when I say this. I know you don’t have the money to pay me for the damage. Go take care of your bike. Please be more aware of you surrounding next time. What if it was a person that you hit instead of a car? Remember that there is a consequence for everything.”
    “J: I’ll pay you back. Every single dollar. Please just give me the cost when you find out.”
    “Sa: I told you that you don’t have to.”
    “J: I will. I don’t need you looking down on me anymore than you already do.”
He picks up his bike and walks it away from the car. I do pity him .I look at Fang and she shakes her head.
    “Sa: Are you ready to go home?”
    “Fa: Yes, Khun Sabai.”
    “Sa: You can call me P’Sabai. I feel like you are my little sister.”
Fang smiles at me and we head on home. We talk about everything and nothing.




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Hey @elegantnas21 ! Thanks for reading the fanfic! I'm glad you are enjoying it! It's getting longer than I planned for.. as for the pictures, I just steal it from Mai P Wat's Instagram... hope that helps !


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Poor Jai! His karma is hanging over him. But at least this time he gets to meet Sabai again.

More more more! Lol Juang and Sang are my bias but the entire story is fantastic!


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:dance3: OOh yeah P'Sang and P'Juang going steady!! lol
P'Fang, you go girl :numchuck:  Roong's father needs to reeducate his daughter.
I shall take care of her :ninja:
I really did fall for P'Jai by the end of BR and so it breaks my heart hearing him going through tough times but P'Sabai will make it go away :kiss3:
P'Thap ouii, you gotta kick Roong out of your world and focus on courting P'Fang na.
@Nasithiya You did it again!! :clap2: :rockon: Rock on sista!!
May I please call you P? Na Phuying Suay Suay!??


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Khap -
We’re almost in SingBuri. I can tell Feung is nervous. I put my hands over her’s.
“K: What are you nervous about Mae Feung?”
“Fe: I haven’t told Fang that we’re married yet. I wanted to tell her face to face. I feel guilty for keeping this from her. It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve seen my sister and the children.”
“K: They’ll understand. I did kidnap you so you can blame it on me.”
I kiss her hand. I’ll never get tired of kissing her.
“Fe: P’Khap. We should go see a doctor.”
I panic. I look around to make sure we are safe before I pull the car over.
“K: Are you okay Feung? Are you hurt somewhere?”
“Fe: I’m fine. I think we need to get on birth control.”
“K: Birth control? You don’t want to have children with me?’
“Fe: It’s not that. I don’t think we’re ready for children yet. I have practically eighteen kids depending on me right now. That’s a huge undertaking. You didn’t sign up for that when you decided to marry me.”
“K: Listen to me Feung. I love everything you love. If you are their Mae Feung, I’ll be their Por Khap. I know what I signed up for. Also, we’re not using birth control.”
“Fe: P’Khap, we can’t be that careless. What if I get pregnant?”
“K: Then we either have a girl that has your beauty and kindness or a boy that is strong and loyal like me.”
“Fe: I thought you didn’t want kids.”
“K: What makes you think that?”
“Fe: Your reaction when Juang mentioned kids.”
I take a deep breath.
“K: Feung. I have to tell you something. I need you to hear me out before you say anything ok?”
“Fe: P’Khap. You’re scaring me.”
“K: Do you love me?”
“Fe: You know I do.”
“K: Just remember that. Ok, ja?”
She nods. I look for the strength to tell her the truth.
“K: The real reason I came to Khai BangRajun…the real reason was Parob…Parob was the reason why I showed up in Khai BangRajun. I’m the reason why Parob is in the orphanage. I was working the call that came in for Parob’s parents.”
I tell her everything. Every single detail. Every single emotion. I look for understanding in her face and I find it. I find compassion and concern.
“K: I carried the whole weight of the world on my shoulders after that night. When I met Parob, I felt even guiltier. I still feel responsible and I still feel the guilt. I’m slowly letting all that go though. I think to myself that if I was a father, I would never put myself in that situation. Regardless of how bad things are or how poor I am, I would always put my family first. I gave him a choice that night but he didn’t choose his family. He chose to be selfish. I was not responsible for the decisions that they made. I have a better understanding of that now when I think of starting our family. Do you know what I think when I think of our baby growing inside of you?”
I touch her stomach. She places her hands on top of mines. I can see the tears falling from her eyes.
“K: I think of how we are going to be great parents. Our children will always feel loved and wanted. I will be everything my father was not. I’ll do everything for my family to have a loving and comfortable life. Do you still love me Feung?”

Feung -
“Fe: P’Khap, I love you more than I thought was possible. I love you more each day to the point that I think my heart is going to burst. I love you so much that this lifetime and next would not be enough for me to show you. What happened to Parob’s parents was not your fault. The merits in their past lifetime was not enough for them to find happiness in this lifetime. We can only hope we can do enough merits to meet each other and love each other in all our future lifetimes.”
“K: Feung..I love you so much.”
“Fe: Let’s go home.”
We continue our drive once he is able to regain his composure. I see some of the weight on his shoulders have been lifted. We arrive at Children’s Haven a little before lunch. I’m crying as I run into the orphanage to see the kids. The children see me and suddenly I see arms coming at me from different directions. I’m trying to hug each and every one of them. All I hear is Mae Feung this and Mae Feung that. I look for the little boy who holds a special place in my heart. He was my last but biggest hug. I hold on to him a little longer than most. I see Fang running from far away. She nearly jumps on me and sobs uncontrollably.
“Fa: P’Feung! I didn’t think you were going to come back! You were gone for so long, I thought you abandoned me.”
“Fe: Nongsao, I would never leave you. It would be like cutting a piece of my heart off.”
I push her away for a bit so that I can take a good look at her. Make sure she is all in one piece. She grabs a hold of my hands.
“Fa: I’m okay P’Feung. I’m…Why are you wearing a ring on this finger?”
P’Khap chooses this moment to walk in.
“K: Did you tell her?”
“Fa: Tell me what?”
I can see Fang zeroing in on P’Khap’s wedding band. She lets out a loud scream and rushes P’Khap. In the next minute, Fang is choking P’Khap with both hands. Parob joins in and bites his hand.
“Fe: Fang! Stop! Stop right now!”
My sister doesn’t stop. P’Khap is trying to remove her hands from his neck. He has one hand on her head to keep her away. He is trying to shake off Parob gently so that he doesn’t hurt him. I think I see blood. Fang is still trying to hit P’Khap.
“Fa: Ai baa! How dare you defy culture and tradition?! You kidnap my sister and force her to marry you? You didn't respect her enough to ask for her hand in marriage properly! How dare you disrespect her like that! I’m going to skin you alive!”
“Fe: Fang! Stop! It was me. I agreed to marry him. It was me. It’s not P’Khap’s fault.”
My sister stops thrashing.
“Fa: P’Feung. If he forced you, tell me. I’ll take care of him.”
“Fe: Fang, nothing happened that I didn’t agree too.”
“K: Fang, I love your sister. I am going to go ask your father for forgiveness and ask for a traditional wedding. I know we did everything out of order but believe me when I say that my heart is in the right place.”
I look between my sister and my husband. I’m torn between the two. Not sure which one to go to. I go to P’Khap since his hand was bleeding.
“Fa: P’Feung. This is the first time you chose someone else over me.”
“Fe: Fang, I am not choosing anyone over you.”
“Fa: I’m not sad. I’m just glad you opened your heart and allowed yourself to love him. I know how deep your feelings are for him. If you are happy, I’m happy.”
Fang looks over to P’Khap.
“Fa: You, if you ever hurt my sister, we are going to have very big problems. Understand!?”
“K: Ja…”
“Fe: P’Khap. Let me look at your hand.”
I inspect it and can see the teeth marks. I clean it up and wrap it the best I can.
“K: Well that was a piece of cake. Now let’s go face your father.”
My stomach drops at hearing this. If he thinks Fang was bad, wait till he meets my father.
“Fa: P’Feung, I’ll go with you.”
It feels like eternity walking to my house. I’m hoping my father wasn’t home so that we can delay this another day. Alas, my wish did not come true. Father was home. Of course the one day I didn’t want him home he would be here early. I feel like I’m about to be given a death sentence. My father was under the house playing cards with some of the village elders. I did not want an audience.
“Fa: Lung Watit, Lung Beam, can you give us a minute with our father?”
“P: Ee baa. Who teaches you how to talk to your elders like that? Have some respect.”
My father looks up from his cards and sees me and P’Khap standing next to each other. He smirks.
“P: Did you come to tell me you are pregnant out of wedlock Nang Feung? I told you the apple doesn’t fall from the tree.”
The other men laugh.
“Fa: Por!”
I can tell P’Khap is conflicted what to do. I can feel the anger radiating off of him. He sits on the ground and wai my father.
“K: Por. Feung is a good and righteous woman. I took Feung against her will. I came to ask for forgiveness and to properly ask for her hand in marriage.”
“P: How much are you willing to pay for her?”
“Fa: Por! Stop saying such things. You are embarrassing us!”
“K: I don’t have any wealth but I promise I will work hard to give Feung a comfortable life.”
Father gets up and kicks P’Khap to the ground.
“P:You think you can eat for free and not pay? Do you know how much men are willing to pay for a girl like Nang Feung? Promises are worth nothing. If you don’t pay for her, I will take her and give her to someone else that can afford her.”
P’Khap stands up and walks to my father until they are nose to nose.
“K: You are not taking my wife away from me. I tried to do the right thing and ask for your forgiveness and blessing but I see now that will never happen. You should be embarrassed to call yourself a father. You have daughters who are beautiful and kind but you do not cherish them and value them as you should. You will regret this.”
“K: Feung, Fang, pack up your stuff and let’s go.”
“P: Ai heah, you are not taking my daughters away from me. You will have to get through me and these guys here first!”
“K: I won’t hit you out of respect for Feung but anyone else who comes at me will get it. Try me! Come on!”
“M1: Ai Thaht. We are here to play cards and drink not fight. Come find us when you are done taking care of this.”
I can tell my father wants to back down. Without any backup, he won’t go against P’Khap.
“P: Fine. Go and be a disgrace. You’ve disgraced this family, both of you. Don’t ever come back to ask for my help. You leave everything in its place. You take nothing just yourselves.”
“Fa: Por, everything in this house was bought with our money! You didn’t buy anything!”
“P: It’s my house! Get off my property now.”
“K: Feung, Fang. Let’s go. We can buy everything again.”
The three of us walk back to the orphanage in silence. P’Khap allows Fang and I to have the bedroom. I turn to him.
“Fe: P’Khap…”
“K: Shh…Get some rest tee rak. We’ll deal with it tomorrow na ja.”

Khap -
I can tell that the fight with her father is taking its toll on Feung. I spend the next few days trying to gather up enough money to buy the essentials. I had to dip into the savings that I kept for Feung to buy the orphanage. I can make that money back later. I gave Feung and Fang the money to buy what they need for themselves and the house.
“Fe: P’Khap..”
“K: Feung, I’m your husband. I’m supposed to provide for you. Take the money and buy what you and Fang need. We’ll make a trip to SingBuri today.”
“Fe: What about you?”
“K: I have what I need. Don’t worry about me.”
“Fa: P’Khap. I have some money.”
“K: Save that for something else you need Fang. I have some money. Let me take care of you guys.”
They both nod. We arrive at SingBuri and the girls went shopping. I keep an eye out for any job prospects. I’m tempted to put in an application at the police station but I remembered it was Roong’s father who was the Chief here. I knew that wasn’t happening. We got what we needed within a couple of hours and headed home. It took us several weeks to get things to resemble some type of normalcy. Feung was back into routine at the orphanage. Fang is on summer break so she’s been helping out at the orphanage too. She goes into SingBuri several times a week to pick up odd jobs here and there. Every little bit helps. We’re draining the money I made in Phuket quickly. Every time I dip into that fund, I see Feung’s dream moving further and further away from us. I pick up some small construction jobs in SingBuri on the weekdays. It’s not making me as much money as the fights in Phuket did. Money is money though. On the weekend, I spend it in Khai BangRajun either helping Feung out or playing soccer with the kids. Parob is friends with me again. He is getting to be a heck of a soccer player. I hope to be able to set up some tournaments with the kids in the other districts. It would give them something to do on the weekend. Juang and I talk at least once a week and I keep her updated on what’s going on here. Even with all that is going on here, I am happy. I do miss having my wife to myself though. I’m not too thrilled with the sleeping arrangements. Since there is only one room, I gave it to Feung and Fang. I sleep outside. The time I have with her are stolen moments here and there. The construction job today finished early so I get to come home earlier than normal. It’s right around lunch time so Feung should have a break coming up soon. I see her focused on cooking lunch. I grab her from behind and kiss her neck.
“Fe: P’Khap. You’re home early.”
“K: We finished the job early today. What are you cooking?”
“Fe: Beef stir fry. Are you hungry?”
“K: Very hungry.”
I kiss her neck, her face, her shoulder, everywhere I can make contact with.
“Fe: P’Khap, someone is going to see us.”
“K: I miss you. I’m hungry for you. I’ve been sleeping alone at night for almost a month now. Can you take a break right now?”
“Fe: I can’t.”
I call out to P’Sinjai.
“K: P’Sinjai, can you take over for Feung for a little bit. I need to steal her away. I have some things to discuss with her.”
P'Sinjai comes out from one of the rooms.She smiles at me.
“Si: Sure, take your time. We’ll still be here.”
I take Feung to our house and drag her into the room.
“Fe: P’Khap!”
I smile at her.
“K: We need to talk Feung.”
We didn’t do much talking but I did show her how much I love her and made up for lost time. Later, we just lay there in each other’s arms.
“Fe: P’Khap, you lost weight. Soon you will be just skin and bones.
I kiss her shoulders.
“K: Well then, you should love me more so that I can gain weight then.”
“Fe: It’s impossible to love you anymore than I do. Maybe you’re working too hard. I can get another job to help.”
“K: No, Feung. I want you to do what you love. I may be physically tired but I have so much energy emotionally. When I come home and see you with dinner ready, I don’t feel tired. I feel energized. Actually, I’m feeling energized right now.”
“Fe: P’Khap…I have to get back to work. Fang will be home anytime. Get up!”
“K: OK, ja. I’m getting up. I need to work on building another room in this house as soon as possible though. We need to practice making babies.”
“Fe: P’Khap!”
She swats at me and I quickly move out of her reach so all she gets is air. I laugh as I walk out the room.

Feung –
It’s a bitter pill to swallow to know that your father thinks of you as no more than something that can be sold for money. What would have become of me if I didn't marry P'Khap? Would I have been sold to the highest bidder? I shake the thoughts out of my head. I no longer have to worry about that. Fang and I are living out from under my father's rule. He doesn't have any control over us anymore. I have my family here and I am happy. My husband is the head of household now. Although, I would be lying if I said it didn't hurt when my fathered ignored me when we ran into one another. Kamyat is a small village. It would be impossible not to run into each other. I'm drying our clothes and look out to the soccer field. P'Khap is there with the boys teaching them the rules of soccer. He is trying to put together a team to compete against the other districts. I learned that my husband has a competitive streak. Whenever they play a game, he never lets the other team win even though he is much much older than them. I do notice that Parob always wants to be on his team. P'Khap takes his shirt off to wipe his sweat. Parob does the same thing. I find it adorable that Parob mimics everything that P'Khap does. P'Khap has gained muscle from working at the construction sites. He's lost a lot of weight also. Weathered would be a good word to describe him. He never complains though. He's the last one to go to bed and the first one to wake up. For a while there, he tried cooking me breakfast every morning but the food was not edible. My husband does not have any culinary skills. Now, he just wakes up and helps me around the kitchen in the morning before he goes to work. Fang and P'Khap gets along much better now. I think after the incident with father, Fang has come to respect P'Khap.
“Fa: P'Feung ja! P'Sinjai gave us some tried meat. Her sister in law sent it from Bangkok. It's so tasty.”
I got a whiff of the meat and it made me sick to my stomach. That was not a good smell. I turn to dry heave.
“Fe: Fang. That smells horrible. What kind of meat is that? It has a wild smell to it.”
“Fa: It's just beef jerky P'Feung. It doesn't smell bad to me. P'Khap! Food!”
P'Khap comes running over and takes a piece of meat from Fang.
“K: This is good Fang. Did you make it? What all did you put in it?”
“Fa: Rat poisoning. I'm kidding. P'Sinjai's sister in law sent it.”
“Fe: You two. Go away with that. I don't like the smell. I can taste the smell now..I need something sour to wash that taste out my mouth.”
“Fa: I saw some sour mangoes in the kitchen. I'll grab them for you. Here P'Khap, eat the rest of the meat.”
“K: Parob is going to be an excellent striker. He just needs to work on his footwork a little bit.”
“Fe: P'Khap, he is only four years old. About to be five next week. He has a lot of time to train. Oh and honey, it won't hurt to let the other team win sometimes. What if they get disheartened and want to quit?”
“K: If they want to win, they have to play like they want to win. I want to teach them that you have to work hard in life. You're not going to be given everything on silver platter.”
“Fe: Honey, they are just kids.”
“K: Suu suu Mae Feung!”
He pumps his fist in the air and gives me a kiss before running back to the field. I can smell the meat and it makes me nauseous. Fang comes out with some cut sour mangoes. This I can eat. I eat a couple of pieces and take them to the house to save for later.

Fang -
I need to come clean to P'Feung soon about not going to school. I can only lie to her so much longer. It's night time and we are winding down before going to bed. P'Khap and I usually end the day by playing cards. He has his head on my sister's lap while she is reading a book. Probably something to teach the kids tomorrow. P'Feung didn't finish high school but she is smarter than I would ever be. She is a quick learner in everything. Whereas, it takes a lot more for things to stay in my head. Like this card game, P'Khap has taught me several times how to play. I have to resort to cheating to win.
“Fa: Psshh...P'Khap. I want to ask a favor.”
“K: The answer is probably no but what is it?”
“Fa: That construction site you work at. I saw women working there. Can you get me a job there?”
“K: It's too dangerous out there Fang. It's safer if you stick with the restaurant jobs.”
“Fe: Is it really dangerous?”
“K: Well, not for a guy...but it is hard on a woman. I rather Fang not work out there.'
“Fa: We need the money though. We almost have enough to buy the orphanage now.”
“K: We're making good money now. I'll find a few more jobs here and there to help bring in more.”
“Fa: P'Khap, if you take any more jobs you would never be home to take care of P'Feung.”
“K: We'll figure something out. Don't worry. I won't let us starve.”
We hear little footsteps running up the stairs. Of course it's Parob. He's been sleeping with P'Khap outside for the past few weeks. I feel bad that P'Khap and P'Feung have to sleep separately. P'Khap insisted though since we only had one bedroom. Parob sits on P'Khap's stomache. To an outsider looking in, Parob looks like P'Khap's and P'Feung's son. They are the loving parents and I am the doting aunt. Our little family spending time together. I admit I misjudged P'Khap when I first me him. He's a good man and he worships the ground my sister walks on. I can tell that my sister loves him deeply too. It's the small gestures. Like right now, she is holding the book with her left hand but caressing his face with her right. When I look at them, I think to myself that I want that. My thoughts shift to Khun Thap. I haven't seen him lately. Not since the incident. He's probably mad at me. My sister doesn't know about the jail incident and I am happy to keep it that way.
“K: Fang. It's your move.”
“Fa: Uh....”
“K: We don't have all day.”
“Fa: I don't like this game. I quit. I'm going to bed!”
“K: Hey, I was winning! What a sore loser. You see what a sore loser looks like Parob? If you look it up in the dictionary, Fang's picture will be there.”
“Fa: I was tired!”
I hear P'Feung laughing. P'Khap starts explaining to rules of soccer to Parob. He also tells him of all the good soccer players and what country they play for. I'm happy in this house. Much more happier than I was when I was living with our father. I'm not sure what they are doing out there but I hear all three of them laughing. I fall asleep with a smile on my face.
-Is Feung pregnant?
-Is Thap mad at Fang?
-How is Jai going to pay Sabai back?
-What's going to happen next? Sang and Juang take their relationship the the next level or they kill each other over food?


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Lolol love the ending teasers!
Feung, Khap, Fang and Patop have turned into the sweetest little family! So happy to read this! Thanks ja!


sarNie Egg
Juang -
The semester is over so now I have to make the decision of whether I want to move to SingBuri or not. I thought I was ready to move but I think about all the things I would miss about Bangkok. P’Sang said he’ll go wherever I go. P’Sang and I share the same bed now. I felt bad for him having to sleep on the floor. He would work long days at the police station and come home tired. It didn’t feel right for me to live comfortably while he suffered. It’s his apartment anyways. I did tell him that just because we were sharing a bed, it didn’t mean I was ready for any funny business. It’s untraditional what we’re doing now but I’m happy with this stasis. I want us to be married before we take that next step. However, P’Sang has made no mention of marriage. I feel like we’re a married couple already. I cook and clean. He works and bring in money. We go out together. We argue six days out of the week. It’s practically a marriage right?
“S: Juang! Are we going out to eat or are we cooking at home?”
“Ju: I’m thinking we stay in and cook something? BangRajun should be on tonight. It’s such and addicting series. To think, P’Khap is living in that are right now. I want to see the monument next time we go.”
“S: I really want some Som Tum down the street though.”
“Ju: P’Sang! Why do you even ask me if you’ve already made a decision! Do you know how much that aggravates me?”
“S: I’m sorry. I figured it was a 50/50 chance you would say you wanted to go out and eat. How about we just order in? Is that a good compromise?”
“Ju: How about I just make Som Tum here?”
“S: Uhh…the lady down the street makes it really good.”
“Ju: Are you saying my Som Tum isn’t good?”
“S: I didn’t say that.”
“Ju: You insinuated that.”
“S: Ok. We’ll cook at home.”
“Ju: No, we’ll go out and eat. I’ll just DVR the show. I’m going to get ready.”
Sang –
I love Juang but have I mentioned how infuriating she is? Why can’t she just let me win an argument for once! I watch tv while I wait for her to change. It’ll be about another thirty minutes before we get to leave. I lean back on the couch and start falling asleep. I’ve been picking up extra shifts to make some extra money. I applied for the patrol position in SingBuri but I was going to have to take a pay cut if we do move there. I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to put into savings when we’re out there which is why I want to save up as much as I can while I’m here. I have enough to buy the ring that I want for Juang already. She doesn’t know this yet but I’m going to ask her to marry me. I’m going to ask Khap first. We’re not exactly following tradition but I would like to do that much. It takes a lot of willpower to be in the same bed as her and not do anything. She allows me to kiss and hug her but that’s it. I haven’t really pushed the matter out of respect for her. Just holding her in bed is good enough for me. For now anyways. Once we’re married she’ll make up for it.
“S: Juang! Please hurry up! The lady is going to run out of Som Tum by the time we get there. I’m hungry.”
“Ju: I’m almost ready!”
Who is she trying to look nice for? She already has me. I already confessed my love. Is she trying to impress someone else? She comes out wearing this beautiful sundress. She looks stunning.
“S: I don’t want Som Tum anymore. Let’s cook something at home and eat in.”
“Ju: P’Sang! I just changed!”
“S: You can still wear that. I’ll start on the rice.”
I walk to the room to change before she can argue with me. Yes, I get jealous easily. I come back out to find her in the kitchen, still in her sundress. It makes me happy to see her in my kitchen.
“S: Can I help with anything, ja?”
“Ju: Can you grill the chicken? I’ll get the ingredients ready for Som Tum.”
“S: Ja.
I lather some seasoning on some chicken breasts and was about to take it to the patio to grill when I heard the doorbell ring. I never get visitors. I open the door and come face to face with my father. I see him every now and then but he’s never visited me. I didn’t think he remembered that he had a son.
“S: Por..what are you doing here?”
“P: Your mother kicked me out of the house.”
“S: What do you want me to do about that?”
“P: I need a place to stay, just for tonight.”
“S: I’ll get a hotel for you.”
“P: Sang, I need to talk to you.”
“S: Why now? You didn’t need to talk to me for the past twenty years. Why now?”
He was about to say something else with he noticed Juang.
“P: Is that your wife? I didn’t know you got married.”
“S: You don’t know a lot about me, Por.”
Juang comes and wai my father.
“S: Juang, this is my father, Chatchai. Por, this is my fiancé, Juang.”
“Ju: Khun Chatchai. I heard a lot about you from P’Sang. Please come in and join us for dinner.”
I look at Juang. I hope she can tell that I’m not interested in my father hanging out with us.
“P: Thank you Juang. I’d love to join you guys for dinner. What are we having? Do you need any help?”
“Ju: I’m fine but P’Sang may need some help with the chicken.”
I walk outside to the patio with my father and start the grill. I don’t know what to say to my father. We’ve never talked.
“P: Sang, your mother and I are getting a divorce.”
“S: That’s not surprising.”
“P: There’s another woman.”
“S: There always is another woman with you, Por. When are you going to settle down? Don’t you ever get tired of going from woman to woman?”
“P: Sang. This woman has been in my life for a while now. We’ve been together for a long time and I want to marry her. I can’t do that while I’m still married to your mother. What I did wasn’t fair to her or your mother. I was the wrong one. I fell in love with a woman while married to another. I was an absent father. I want to fix that Sang. I want to make amends. Kwan has always encouraged me to try and build a relationship with you. She told me that some people never get the chance to fix their relationship with their kids. I was just too obsessed with her at the time. All I saw was her. You know how that is son.”
“S: No, Por,I don’t know how that is. I would never do to my son what you did to me. I had a father but it felt like I didn’t have one. You were never around. Mother despised me because I look like you. So, as far as I’m concerned, I’m an orphan. I have no parents.”
I’m angry now so I start throwing the chicken on the grill. Why did Juang have to invite him for dinner?
“P: Son, I know I was wrong. I’m asking for another chance. If you want me to beg you, I will. I want a relationship with you. I know it’s a lot later than what you want but I can’t change the past. I can’t control the future. All I can do is work on the present. Give me a chance Sang. At the least, think about it. Don’t make a decision yet.”
What should I say? I’m angry at him. He wasn’t around for me when I needed him. He is making an effort now. Is he sincere though?
“S: You can stay for dinner. I’ll reserve a hotel close by for you. I only have one bedroom so there’s no room for you here.”
He nods his head in agreement. I don’t say much at dinner. Juang and Por make small talk. He leaves after dinner. Juang walks him to the door while I sit on the couch watching tv. Juang sits next to me and holds my hand.
“Ju: P’Sang, your father is trying. I would forgive my father in a heartbeat if he came knocking on my door. When we have kids, we’re going to make mistakes too. Wouldn’t you want them to forgive us?”
She’s right. I would want my kids to forgive me when I mess up. I nod my head and she kisses me on my forehead. I lean in for another kiss but she moves away.
“Ju: Good boy. Now come help me clean up.”
I groan. I hate cleaning. Before I get up to help her, I send a text to my father.
“Text: Do you want to meet us for breakfast tomorrow?”
I’m making big boy decisions now. I smile to myself as I walk to help Juang.
Fang -
Life is good. It would be better if we had more money. P’Feung has finally bought the orphanage. The guy upped his price last minute though and I thought P’Khap was going to combust when he heard that. I heard cuss words I’ve never heard before. P’Khap did come up with the money though and they are now proud owners of Children’s Haven. Well, proud broke owners of Children’s Haven. The paperwork was signed last week. Now, the government assistance money will go to the orphanage as it should have been. I’m still working at First Chinese BBQ. The pay was decent and I got to take free food home sometimes.
“M: Fang! Delivery!”
I look at the order. It’s to that residence again. The huge house with the weird men. I’ve done several deliveries there and they never take the food. Only the black package. They pay though so it doesn’t affect me. I’m just curious. As I near the house, I see P’Jai ringing the doorbell to the house. I try and hide my delivery motorcycle out of the way. What is P’Jai doing here? How does he know these guys? I watch the men come and escort him inside. I can’t make the delivery now or else P’Jai will see me. This is getting stranger by the minute. Fifteen minutes later, I see a car slow down as it is passing by the house. The driver can’t see me because I’m well hidden. The window rolls down and it’s Khun Thap! He’s taking pictures of the house. I don’t know what to do so I just continue to watch the scene. When the door to the house swings open, Khun Thap drives off. I see P’Jai walking out the house. He shakes hands with the weird men and takes off also. I give it about another fifteen minutes before I make the delivery. Again, they take the black package only but pays for the food. When I return to the restaurant, I run into P’Khap.
“Fa: P’Khap, what are you doing here?”
“K: Getting some lunch.”
“Fa: I’m going to tell P’Feung that you’re eating someone else’s cooking and not hers. She’s not going to like that.”
“K: She hasn’t been feeling well this last week so I told her not to worry about me. She has a lot to deal with at Children’s Haven especially with the transition and all. I didn’t know you worked here. I thought you were at Ai Heng’s restaurant down the road.”
“Fa: I did work there for a while but I quit over there and am working here full time. The pay is decent. Tips are good.”
“K: What about when school starts? You’ll have to cut your hours.”
“Fa: I’m not going to school P’Khap. We need money.”
“K: What?! You have to go to school Fang. Think about your future. Don’t worry about money. I’ll take care of that.”
“Fa: P’Khap, you work so much now that you rarely get to see P’Feung. P’Feung is always busy with the orphanage so when do you get to see one another? How is that going to affect your marriage life? I don’t want to a burden to you guys.”
“K: You’re not. When I married Feung, I knew I was going to gain another sister. I was prepared for that.”
“Fa: P’Khap, I have a confession to make. You can’t tell P’Feung though.”
“K: I’m not going to lie to her Fang. If she asks me, I have to tell her.”
“Fa: It’s probably better if she hears it from you anyways. Umm.. You see, I haven’t been attending school. Like ever. I have the money that she gave me for tuition. It’s in an account that I opened so I can give the money back to here. I went for a couple of days and realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do. It was boring for me.”
“K: Fang. Feung is going to be upset when she hears this. You know she only wants the best for you. Tell me this. What do you want to do with your life?”
“Fa: Well, I’m really interested in what Juang is going to school for. Hotel Management and Tourism. I bet there is never a dull day and you get to meet people from all over the place.”
P’Khap sighs loudly.
“K: I have an idea. You’re not going to like it. I don’t even like it but it’s our only option. I should be done with the construction job in a few hours, I’ll pick you up.”
I’m nervous for the rest of the day. P’Khap is going to tell P’Feung and she’s going to be so disappointed in me. P’Khap picks me up just as my shift ended. I’m familiar with where we are going.
“Fa: P’Khap. I am not doing this. I would rather starve than do this. Please don’t make me do this. What about my honor? My reputation?”
“K: It’s your only choice Fang.”
We pull into the parking lot.
Thap -
I’ve been busy these past several weeks. Between running the hotel and trying to gather enough evidence for the police to make a case for drug activity in SingBuri, I haven’t had any time to myself. I wanted to go see Fang and explain the misunderstanding with Roong but I needed Roong on my side for now so that I can talk to her father. Chief Timon was a reasonable guy. He said he heard the rumors also but there just wasn’t enough evidence for this department to take action. He’s already running on a skeleton crew. He’s had issues recruiting for the police department because of the location and the pay for the positions. So, I took it upon myself to gather the evidence for them. Imagine my surprise when the woman who’s invading my dreams walk through my lobby. Only Khap is with her so I wonder what’s going on.
“T: Khap. Where’s Feung?”
“K: Can you stop asking for my wife man?”
I get tell he’s irritated. I just laugh. I’ve known Khap and his sister since we were small so I know he has a temper. Khap and I used to be close but then one day he decided he didn’t want to be my friend anymore. I’m not sure what changed. I still don’t know why we had a falling out.
“T: I’m sorry. Well, what brings you here?”
I look over at Fang. She’s looking everywhere but at me. I hear Khap take a deep breath.
“K: I have a favor to ask you. I was wondering if you have an available position here for like an intern or something. Something that would be hands on experience.”
“T: We don’t have anything like that right now.”
I can see disappointment in both Khap’s and Fang’s face.
“T: We do need help bad though. An intern is not a bad idea. Who are you asking for?”
“K: Fang wants to pursue a degree in Hotel Management/Tourism. I don’t have the money to pay for all the tution and fees for the program so I thought it would be a good idea for her to work somewhere that she can not only get the experience she needs but also help with the tuition payment.”
“T: That’s not a bad idea actually. I can really use the help. How about she works here on her days off from school. I will cover all tuition and living expenses?”
“K: That’s too generous. Pay her like you would pay any employee. Based on what I’m calculating, that should be equivalent to half her tuition. I can take care the other half and her living expenses.”
“T: Khap…”
“K: That’s all I’m asking. I already feel bad for having to ask someone else for help with taking care of my family.”
“Fa: P’Khap..”
“T: I wouldn’t think of it as that way. Think of it as us helping each other out. I need the help also. I say deal. When do you want to start?”
“Fa: School is out right now. I won’ be able to register until fall comes around. I have a couple of months where I can just work and get use to everything.”
“T: That sounds great Fang. Why don’t you start Monday? It gives you time to take a small break and also quit your other job. Khap and I’ll discuss the tuition/school arrangement. Sounds good?”
“K: Fang, why don’t you wait for me in the car.”
Fang nods her head and wais me. I can see it pains her to wai me. I smile. I like the idea of having her close and seeing her everyday.
“K: Thanks for doing this for us Khap.”
“T: It’s no problem. We used to be friends Khap. I still think of you as a friend even if you don’t think of me as one.”
Khap shakes his head.
“K: About that, I’m sorry. I just couldn’t be around your family. I was jealous. You had the perfect family, the perfect life. I wanted what your parents gave you and P’Sabai. They were always so kind to me and treated me so well. I started to resent that because my father never treated me like that. If only he would treat me a fraction of how your parents did, I would be happy. That’s in the past now though. I’m over that. I found my happiness. We can start over though. If you’re game, I’m game.”
I smile at this.
“T: Of course, friend.”
He pats me on the back and thanks me again as we walks away. I knew Fang wasn’t attending school. I checked in on her and she wasn’t a registered student. I kept tabs on her and know her every move. I guess you can call me a stalker. I would pay for everything for her if Khap would let me. I know he has his pride though. I’m excited at the idea of having Fang by my side all the time. I’ll break down those walls until she falls for me. I’ll definitely be turning on the charms. I get a text message from my sister telling me she’s almost her. I text her back that I will see her soon.
Jai -
I never thought I would be in this situation. I’m having to see some of my farm land to pay for that stupid car. It’s not like I have much farm land anyways but I’ve worked hard my whole life to be able to own what I have now. One of the landowners I work for mentioned a guy in SingBuri who likes to acquire farm land. I take down the address and hop on my motocycle to head that way. I was able to repair my motorcycle after the accident but it never worked the same. I had to spend an arm and a leg also. Luckily, I had some money to spare. I was saving for my future with Feung but now that she’s married, there was no need for that anymore. The house in front of me is huge. I ring the doorbell and two men in suit and tie greet me. I look at my tattered clothing. If you’re poor, you’re poor. They escort me inside the house. I see a man sitting on the couch who must be Khun Tik.
“J: Khun Ti…”
“Ti: I hear you need money and you want to sell some land?”
“J: Yes, sir.”
“Ti: I hate to say it but your land won’t fetch you much money. I’ve heard a lot of good things about you though. How hard you work. I hear that you are a bit of a lone wolf? No family?”
“J: No sir, my parents have passed away. It’s just me.”
“Ti: How about you keep your land. I want to offer you a job. I need a driver to pick up shipments for me from Myanmar. It’s a long drive but one trip will make you more money that what you make in a year. You’ll be making several trips in a year. Think of how much that adds up to? I will you guy a sign on bonus too. $5,000.
“J: $5,000? What am I picking up in Myanmar?
“Ti: Materials for my production company here. Look, I treat all my workers like family. I’ll treat you like part of my family and you’ll make good money. You also get to keep your farm land. It’s a win win situation. Go home and think about it. Let me know your answer by the end of this week. I like a hard and loyal worker.”
$5,000 up front is a lot of money. I don’t think any more about it.
“J: I’ll take it. When do you want me to start?”
Khun Tik laughs.
“Ti: Very good. The first pick up is in two weeks. I’ll let you walk out today with your sign on bonus then.”
He motions for one of his guys to get something. They come out with a bag full of money. All I can think of is that I can pay that lady back.
“J: Thank you for giving me the job Khun Tik.”
“Ti: Everyone calls me Por. We’re family now so call me Por too.”
“J: Kap, Por. I will see you in two weeks.”
I walk away feeling I have a purpose and feel like I belong now. It’s getting dark outside now. I get on my motorcycle to head home. I encounter a woman getting attacked by two men. I jump off my bike so that I can go help her.
Sabai -
My phone rings again but I let it go to voicemail. I’ve been getting calls left and right today. The last one was from P’Jerd. It was his twentieth call and it looks like he left a message again. It was all over the newspaper that P’Jerd was cheating on me with an up and coming model. She was a model for some of my summer pieces. The newspaper even printed pictures of them together. My heart doesn’t hurt like it used it. This is not the first time he cheated on me. At least the other times, he was able to keep it out the spotlight. I call my parents and let them know I’m going on an extended vacation. I ask my mother to look after my boutiques for me. I think of going to Chiang Mai or Pattaya but those are popular places so someone may recognize me. I decide on going to SingBuri. I’ll spend some time catching up with Thap and maybe go visit Fang and the kids. I’m almost in SingBuri when I see a guy lying on the road. It looks like he may have lost control of his motorcycle and had an accident. I get out the car to check on him and when I do another guy comes out from hiding and holds me at gunpoint.
“M1: Hey, pretty girl. What are you doing out here all by yourself? Don’t you know it’s dangerous?”
The man on the ground gets up. There was nothing wrong with him.
“M2: Hey baby. Let’s have some fun. We’ll take good care of you. If we like you, we may keep you alive for a bit.”
I’m scared to death. They’re going to rape and kill me. No matter what I do, they don’t look like the type to let me go free, ever. I try and make a run of it back to my car but one of the guys grab me. He licks my face.
“M1: I like Bangkok girls. They like to have fun. Be a good girl and give us the keys and your purse.”
“M2: Yea. We’ll show you pleasure before we get to the pain.”
I try and stop on the guy’s foot and kick him in his private. I make a run for it again but the other guy pistol whoops me. I’m dizzy from the contact and feel them pushing me into the back seat of my car. I’m about to lose consciousness when I hear a man yelling for them to let me go. I hear them scuffle outside the car but I’m busy trying to keep conscious. I falling in and out of consciousness. Everything is quiet outside now. Did they hurt the person who was trying to help me too? I see a figure looming over me.
“J: Khun…Khun..stay awake.”
I recognize him.
“Sa: You?..”
I look at him one last time before I lose consciousness.
Feung -
It’s been a whirlwind the past several weeks. We are now the owners of Children’s Haven. My dream is coming true. There was a lot of paperwork that we had to go through. Mainly, we had to register our orphanage with the government again for assistance. Now, we can utilize those funds correctly and put them back into the orphanage. I still manage the day to day operations at Children’s Haven. I rarely see P’Khap anymore. I only see him on the weekend and at night before we do to bed. We still don’t sleep together since there is only one bedroom. He’s extending the house now but the two new bedrooms he’s building are not finished yet. He built the second one for Parob. Parob is with us so much now that it feels like he’s our son. The only thing that is missing is the paperwork to make it official. On his fifth birthday, he said two words. Everyone was surprised as it was the first two words he said in his entire life. It was Por and Mae. He looked at P’Khap and me when he said it. I miss having alone time with P’Khap though. We use to spend time with one another when I cook for him in the mornings. I haven’t been feeling well so he’s been letting me sleep in. I’m hoping that whatever I have will pass soon because I still have a lot of work to do on the orphanage. I’m cleaning up the kid’s bedroom when I feel a dizzy spell coming on. I sit down to wait for it to pass.
“Si: Feung. What’s the matter? Are up ok?”
“Fe: I’m just feeling dizzy. I’m probably not getting enough sleep.”
“Si: You should have Khap take you to go see a doctor or at the very least have one come see you. You’ve been like this for a couple of weeks now.”
“Fe: I’m fine. I’ve just been caught up with the orphanage. I worry about Fang all the time. P’Khap is always at work. There’s just a lot going on right now.”
“Si: Come sit down and have some soup. I just made it for dinner.”
I sit down at the dining table as I wait for P’Sinjai to get me some soup. When she sets it in front of me, I start to feel sick. I run to the bathroom to throw up. I just can’t stand the smell of food lately. P’Sinjai comes behind me and starts rubbing my back.
“Fe: I’m sorry P’Sinjai. The smell of the soup isn’t sitting right with me.”
“Si: Feung, look at me.”
I look at her. She’s smiling brightly at me.
“Si: Feung, are you late?”
“Fe: Late?”
“Si: Did you miss you period or anything?”
I think back. I did miss my period last month. I dawns on me what she is thinking. My silence must have answered her question.
“Si: Feung, I think you’re pregnant. I’ve noticed that you’ve been eating sour food more often now. Normal food makes you sick and nauseous. You’re also tired more often.”
I’m shocked from the news. I put a hand on my stomach. Is P’Khap’s baby growing inside me? I’m crying but they’re tears of happiness. I think. I worry though about having the means to raise a baby well. I mean, I have eighteen other kids to look after. How will P’Khap feel about this? Does he still want a baby? He’s been working so hard these past several weeks so that he can support us. Will he feel like another mouth to feed is a burden? I push my worries aside. There’s not much we can do now. It’s happened already.
“Si: I’m almost sure those are symptoms of pregnancy. I’m no doctor though so you should really go see one.”
I nod in agreement. I should keep this to myself until I can confirm this.
“Fe: P’Sinjai, ja. Can you not tell P’Khap about this yet? I want to make sure I’m really pregnant before I tell him. I’m not sure if he is going to happy or upset about the news.”
“Si: Oh Feung. He will be ecstatic. That man worships the ground you walk on. You’re the reason he’s breathing. I see how he is around the kids, especially Parob. You have your own little family now Feung. You’re going to have a little girl that looks like you or a little boy that looks like Khap.”
I smile at hearing this.
“Fe: P’Sinjai. I’m going to head home now. P’Khap and Fang should be home soon and I need to get dinner ready.”
I smile on the way home. P’Khap and Fang pull in just as I get home. Fang runs up to me and gives me a hug.
“Fa: P’Feung, ja. I miss you so much.”
“Fe: Fang, you just saw me this morning you silly girl.”
“Fa: I love you so much.”
“Fe: Hurry and shower so that we can eat.”
She takes off into the house. P’Khap pulls me into a hug.
“K: I want a hug too.”
He tries to kiss me but I pull away.
“Fe: We’re outside and you smell.”
“K: You don’t want to kiss me because I smell?”
I look around and didn’t see anyone. I gave him a quick peck on the cheek. I earn a smile for that. He looks worn out. I know construction is very physical intensive. We walk inside the house and he tries to give me another kiss.
“Fe: P’Khap…”
“K: Feung, I just want to touch you. I miss you all day when I’m at work. I don’t even get to hold you at night. I crave you all the time.”
I let him kiss me to his heart’s content. I miss him too.
“Fa: Whoa…P’Feung! P’Khap! There’re kids around here.”
I smile as I pull away from P’Khap.
“K: You’re not a kid Fang. We’d probably be marrying you off any day now.”
Fang sticks her tongue out at P’Khap.
“Fa: Why don’t you guys go shower. I’ll start dinner. She walks off to the kitchen.”
“K: Yes, let’s go bathe in the lake. It’s getting dark so no one’s going to see us.”
I give in since I miss him also. Once we went in water, he was all over me. Kisses, touches, and hugs.
“K: I miss you so much Feung. I need you. Let’s ask Fang if she can sleep outside today ok. Or I can take you right here.”
“Fe: P’Khap, we can’t. The animals and the trees are looking at us. Let’s go. Fang should have dinner ready by now.”
“K: So, it’s all part of life. Birth. Death. Rebirth. Babies have to be made somehow. There's nothing to be ashamed of.”
I can feel my heart race when he mention the word babies. I look at his face to try and gauge what he’s feeling now. I can see love, passion, and fire. I hug him closer to me. He takes this as an invitation and kisses me again. I pull away.
“Fe: P’Khap, I need to go and see a doctor.”
He assesses my body with a worried look.
“K: What’s wrong? Are you hurt? When? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
I take his hand and place it over my stomach.
“Fe: I think our baby is growing in here.”
He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. This is the moment of truth. Is he going to be happy or angry about this?
-When is Sang going to pop the question? How is Sang’s relationship with his father going to evolve? Is Juang moving to SingBuri?
-How will Thap and Fang handle working so close with one another? Is she going to fall for him or hate him even more? Is this the last we're going to see of Roong? What is Thap getting himself into with the drug investigation?
-How deep is Jai going to get into with this drug business and Khun Tik? How is Sabai going to handle being saved by Jai?
-Is the doctor going to confirm that Feung is pregnant? If so, how is Khap going to feel about it?