Barry Nadech&James Ma (DICHAN Vol.25 no.885 January 2014)


sarNie OldFart
:drools: both looking really good, hope to see them in a lakorn together


sarNie OldFart
Both of them looks so handsome. 
I hope Mark and Nadech get to do a photoshoot together. I miss them both together. 


Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.
I like this photo shoot. The cover is kind of awkward, especially the vibes both are giving off :)lol:), but the inside pictures are gorgeous! :drools: And the scenery is beautiful. The concept for this shoot is so cool and masculine! :wub: Both Nadech and James look very hot in here. :blush: :thumbsup: My favorite picture has got to be the first inside picture of them sparring against each other.
Really late, but Happy New Year to you, too, Alice, and everybody else! :grouphug: :kiss: