Bee Namthip and Kelly Thanapat Broke Up???


sarNie Egg
That is sad...
To me I think she is talking to someone else and he is seeking with cheer the one movie he play as big brother...
anyway.. that sucks and its hard to move on... oh well good luck for them two..
Im not a fan of their but whatever...


sarNie Granny
wierd how nickhun was drag into this but anyways honestly didn't like bee with kelly, she could find some1 better. :shutup:


sarNie Egg
hey isn't it because of nickhun thats why they broke up??....if that is, so sad for kelly...but still like bee


sarNie Hatchling
So sad to hear they broke up. I don't follow any of Kelly's works but he seems nice and they made a good couple. I read the story but I don't really believe it. So what I wonder what really happened and when did they break up??? If there's a 3rd hand, I am sure we will know soon enough.


sarNie Adult
I thought they were cute together.. Good height for each other..LOL though i don't think that matters much.. Too bad, if it doesn't work out it just doesn't work out. If one of them think they found someone better for them to love.. then go right's still better than trying to save a relationship that's not going anywhere.. SO good luck for both and hope they find their other half.


sarNie Juvenile
I thought they were gonna last too and wanted them but that's not gonna happen anymore. They say they are still friends so I hope they get back together.


sarNie Granny
WHAT?! I'm so late on these things. This is so sad!! I really like this couple, they were very cute and did not showcase their relationship to the media a lot. :teary: They were such a good match for each other, totally thought they were going to get married one day. Wishing them the best...interesting that Nichkhun is brought into this though.

By the way, does anyone know how long they were going out?