best n worst hmong dubbed


RujRasa Fan
Just curious to see what dubbing companies do u think is the best n the worst.

I was trying to find the hmong dubbed version of a thai lakorn however i dislike the voices for the characters...especially for the character that i really love the voice ruins my mood which i ended up going back to watch the thai version. Not only do the voice ruind my mood, they also cut a lot.

I wish that st universal can come back to dubbed because they have some very good voices and theyre like the best in the 90s.


Yes i agree on the annoying voices and cutting out too much. Also there is this one dubbing company that always dub for Korean dramas and when they dubbed a Thai lakorn, it didn't fit in my opinion. I don't remember what the name was though. I think the best hmong dubbing company it YKM?