Bi-Rain Official Thread


sarNie Adult
OMG...i can feel the HEAT already! And i wasnt even there, at the concert! I would seriously melt if he was in my precense. HOTT HOTT HOTT HOTT HOTT HOTT! *sigh...if only..... I'm soo jealous, this one chick, i think it was on d-addicts, actually went to his concert and was backstage with him!! Lucky girl!

And i totally dig his ruggedy look in "A love to kill/This love i want to kill!!!" Even hotter!! Ay yai yai....gotta stop...breath!!

Also, I truly think he deserves to get all this fame and attention cause he worked hard for it. So....GOOO BI!!! OMG...I LOVE YOU! Eeekkkk....I am NOT crazy....heheheehehe....


Staff member
heheh...rumors has it that there might be anoter concert in th prepare when the time come..start your saving now..i'm starting to do mine too..:lol:


sarNie Hatchling
wow...thank you for this sexy n cute azz clip of Bi. Gosh yes he is amazing like Omarion said. hehe.

Oh yeah i wished i was there in hoo.. :wavecry:


sarNie Elites
yeah i already saw the clip but i wish i could see the full version instead of short version. :(


Sticky Rice
OMG yeah man i so wated to be there for his concert in NY but i couldn't T_T
well thanks for the clips though I'll just imagin i was there haha


sarNie Egg
I don't know how true is this...but i think its either his going to have another concert in October or his English album is going to come out in October of this year....but either or.....I can't wait.....and if his concert in October is going to be hold in California...even better..cause I'm going...haha...


sarNie Adult
So I've heard Rain sing and I really don't like his singing or his voice for that matter. His acting is so-so, but his facial expression are all the same. So why do you guys like Rain Bi? I guess I'm just trying to understand what's so popular with him.

I think that he's the big thing now, but later on his popularity will fade.


sarNie Adult
I like well LUV Rain cuzz he's adorable :p
He's really talented, he can sing, act and dance i enjoy his performance as well as his personaliy (base on clips, interview, etc :D ). Everyones will fade oneday but right now he's just getting HOTTER :w000t: