Bitter Flowers NEW UPDATE {-Ch 14-}


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That was a great update.  It may not have been a rated "R" scene but a willing scene is just as good.  Can't wait to find out who the intruders are.


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Wow thanks kiki for theses news chapters

Don't bielive this Turn like this

Waiting for the next chapter


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and that was one of the best turning event i could never have imagined.
one question though was he her first man or as he claimed that she was not inexperienced?????
update quickly please


Loved the updates. You surely have great writing skills. So many great writers out there these days. Can't wait to find out what happens next. :)


FF Writer!! Love it!
Bitter Flowers

Chapter 14

When the door finally opens, taking the breath out of Jen, her whole body shook, while her eyes shifted and she gazed up unexpectedly to meet her ex-husband. Without a another thought, she made her way in.

Nadech was applauded. He tighten the string to his robe and with a question look he closed the door.

“Is there a reason why your here?”

Jen clutch her hands together. She knew what had just happen inside this very place and yet she stood outside that single door, listening to the moans of someone else so foreign to her. And yet she couldn’t help but feel bitter. She wanted to stop them, distract them, but anger rose, jealousy rage and her sadness sweep beneath her interior.

“I heard you broke up with that women. So I thought I’ll come by to......”

“Well I didn’t. Jen.......” Nadech hesitated. “I don’t think it’s a good idea that your here.”

“I just, I just wanted to check on you.”

“I’m doing perfectly fine.” Nadech said sternly.

Yaya on the other hand, wrapped the blanket on top of her. She slowly walked to the door and gently tilted her forehead against the side door where she eavesdropped. She didn’t know if interrupting would be a good idea. She has never been the type to be jealous and her relationship with Nadech wasn’t exactly normal. She could admit that she had a sexual attraction to him, who wouldn’t? But it didn’t change the relationship between them. She wasn’t exactly a virgin and falling in love wasn’t exactly her. Her feeling were of a mutual understanding.

“I should leave shouldn’t I?”

“I think that’s best.”

Jen then slowly walked to the front door again, where she paused before opening the door. She whisper, “where exactly did we go wrong? If we have another chance, will you come back to me?”

“You should leave.”

With that, Jen open the door and left. Nadech hadn’t answer her question and if he didn’t answer that would give her some hope. No matter how many people Nadech was with, ultimately he would come back to her. She would wait for him and find her opportunity.

Upon hearing the door closed, Yaya tiptoed back around the bed where she stopped before balcony. She open the French glass doors and sat outside on the bed with her chin against her knees.

Nadech on the other hand locked the door behind him. He limped against the door before closing his eyes and taking a breath. All his memories of the women he once love and maybe still does flashed against his eyes. How he had yearn for her once he force her to leave. But that was once upon a time ago. Now he had someone else, someone who he wasn’t sure if he actually loved. A women with new warmth and sass, that could raise cold and warm feeling within him. It was a good feeling. He then pick back his steps and walked back to his room where he discover Yaya waiting outside for him. The back of hers where alluring indeed. Her hair was a mess but in a good way. She enticed him and annoyed him.

Then Nadech sat besides her and pulled her into his embraced. Where he pressed a kiss onto her lips.

“I’m sorry” Nadech said murmuring against her neck. “For forcing you when you weren’t willing.”

“Considering you were intoxicated, as long as you don’t do it again.”

“You’re such a chilled women.”


“You know who just came by?”

“Your ex?”

“She wanted to make up.”


“I’m with you. Until I make them pay, I don’t want to add her along the ride.”

“So theirs a chance you guys might get back together?”

“I’m not sure yet.”

“Should we just get married then?”


“You don’t want too?”

“Do you want to?”

“Let’s just go to sleep.”

sorry for the long long wait. I recently had a request to finish my story so I am starting again. And since it’s been awhile, I don’t exactly remember where I wanted the story to go. So since re-reading what I had. I will start with the exact plot but change some things around. Thanks for reading.