Bla Boo Tong


Mama Noy ♥️
yeah her father was... the step-mom or the other wife put a spell on him. i don't even remember how the nang'ek looks like. haha. the preview in youtube isn't all that clear. so i can't tell who it is.


sarNie OldFart
nang ek is Bla Vanida she is really pretty but i never saw her in any boran lakorns other than this one sorry don't have a pic of her


sarNie Oldmaid
What do you mean Bla JiebLover lol..Are you talking about her name in real life..? Because thats not her name..Nor in the lakorn lol..


sarNie OldFart
well that's what i nida or someone else told me that BLA VANIDA was nang'ek name.
what's her name then?
i wanna know!


sarNie Hatchling
i just finished watching this lakorn dubbed in hmong..and they cutted the part where everyone realizes that the queen wasnt actually the queen but her sis..can someone tell me how they found out?


sarNie Adult
well according to what i remember, the queen's friends were suspicious of her half sister because of the way the sis act and so the queen's friend (the guy one) went back to their hometown and asked the people there do they know why the queen act so different and people he talked to say that it wasn't the queen but the her half sis. so the friend who now work for the king went back to tell the king what he found out and then later on the queen and king's son came to the kingdom and tell the king about his mom (the queen) and that the half sis now queen isn't his mom.

i'm really bad at summarize stuff so hope this is making sense to you


True, the second time they found out about nang ek and her sister, they didn't show how exactly they found out who was who. Auy's son just seemed to have went to jail and bailed his mom out and she went to visit her dad and they threw the half sister in jail. They didn't show anything, the next thing Auy is in the bedroom healing the Monica (The other princess). And this is the thai version im talking about.


sarNie Egg
Yes i did brought from KittyDVD. Is just came 2 day ago and i havent finsih watching
yet. Well since is a old lakorn the quality not that good maybe is C+ but some scene
the quailty is pretty good like a B but some scenes the quailty is not that good.
Is have 3 DVD's with no cut scenes (Not sure) but i sure is dont have any scenes cut out
so dont worried okies...well here KittyDVD email (Is take 2 week to come since she live oversea Thailand)

well, since you have a copy, will you make a copy for me and I will purchase it from you??