black magic help!!!!


sarNie Egg
In need of help. If any one knows anybody in MN or surrounding states im in need of help. My wife left me and the kids for about 4 months now. I found out my mother in law put a spell on her. I need someone who can undo the spell an bring her back. I already had a few people from over seas but no luck. My inlaws did this to me about 6 years ago an I was able to find someone to undo an bring her back but we lost our house in the process. Now my inlaws are back at it again. The one that helped me was old so he passed away already. If any one know anybody who can help please email me asap at


sarNie Egg
I've always been interested in this sort of thing, I never believed in it until it happened to me, my wife left  me two years ago, she  refused to come home with me, you know so many Asian people now are using black magic, and spells, they work but not for long, I was seeking help like you to get my wife back and I was refered to a guy who lived very close by to me, I always seen him but had no idea he could ever help or that he did spells, he charges but not too much, he helped me and my wife and I are back together we have been together and happy now, it just seems there was a lot of bad spells or fueds going around and her spirit drifted from me, I am not saying we are happy now but we are together and trying to make things work If you want help let me know and I can contact the guy for you.  There comes a price though, you have to be willing to go back for good no turning back. If you have already found some one to help you get your wife back then congraduations, if not then respond and we can go from there, good luck my brother.


sarNie Oldmaid
For some reason when I read this topic I thought it was a really old post and never clicked on it. Best of luck to you! I have no idea about black magic. Hope things worked out or will work out.