Black & White Memories Ep 20 (End)


sarNie Adult
AWWW, Love the ending... Too bad Grand and Mai's mom had to die...
Love the name, Grand... I wish a lot of Lakorn endings would end like this, with naming their child with the Na'rai's name!


- Marina ♥
I missed this fic, super glad you updated~
Son's so sneaky, hehe :D It's great Son found out about him & Peung ^^ Poor Peung, -.-
Grand is such a *itch !! OMG, whattheefudge!?
"I'm willing to get hurt instead of you." - Peung. Awww. Too beautiful. I love the scene when they admit their feelings. It's so touching. Willing <3
;~; Awwies, Son got shot ... but but but he's too hot, LOL.
Grand is srsly ... a .... a .... beotchh, arggg, I wanna hit her !!! All the couples are too cute, I can't stop saying awwww.
I really loved the ending where they named their child, Grand. This is such a great fic, it's like a lakorn. I really wish it could be a lakorn since it's got everything, it's even better than some lakorns out there.

Great job, Mainhiathao. Love the fic~


sarNie Adult
Wah! Finally finished eh?....
well first of all, i liked to THANK u for writing such an awesome ff. and second of all i love this ff-4ever! it's like one of my favorite ffs...REALLY....i lOVE it ..
- i love the romance and drama in this ff, it's like im just finished watching the drama of this ff...
ANYways i love this ff and i love u !!!!
THANKS!!!! :thumbsup: