Bo Bay (DaraVDO) CH7


sarNie Elites
Someone needs to tell Kwan to get rid of those nasty nails. It looks like she's playing a high schooler and those nails don't match the character at all.


sarNie Adult
Clip of Cee fitting... Credit to Cee dara ch7


sarNie OldFart
its clear enough ja;
thanks for sharing

I soo can't wait..
its soo different to me compare to the other lakorn
i know ATEAM did a lakorn in china like this but never watched it
can't wait to watch this one :)


sarNie Oldmaid
I wish Min was the nang'ek although Kwan isn't bad either. I only watch Kwan lakorn when she pairs up with Win. I loved Cee w/Min in Sawan Saang and I just finished it not too log ago. I miss them together! Min is gorgeous^^

Cee doesn't like like father figure here but Kwan does look like a mother figure though, LOL.


sarNie Hatchling least Min plays a more significant role than Cee's legal that she has to be 2nd to Kwan.


sarNie Adult
I think Kwan has more acting experience than min though and in that sense it feels a little bit better that Min is playing second to her. Min is a beautiful girl. When it comes to that both are equal and can not be compared. So having Min playing 2nd to Kwan due to beauty is awkward for the viewers. But anyways I think CH7 just wants to draw in as many viewers as possible with Min in there and Kwan in there also Cee that makes 2 love plots which equals a bigger variety.