BOF Jeong*Ea uel (soeul)


sarNie OldFart
These 2 are the only reason I can finish this drama. Their relationship was very mature.

She is a great heroine...gentle yet strong in a subtle way. Brave in her feeling.

Though he got issues...he was sweet and gentle.

They helped each other grow as a person (she helped him more). She was NOT gaga over F4. Though he interact with her to help his friend. He later seek her out on his own. She wasn't confrontational but her words are sharp and to the point. My fav scene was her walking away leaving him speechless. Though he looked like he wanted to confess his feeling.

The smile he gives her and how he subtly paid attention to her. Ji hu noticed it ands use his phone to call her. The actor's smile and dimple swooon. The actress is sooo stinking cute! I'm sooo obsess with them and want a reunion @!! This commercial

I'm finning these two sooo bad!❤❤

The main pra'nang gave me a headache and I lost interest after 7 ep...I was rooting for the sweet Ji hu.