Boran after Jaoying Tang On

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
Boran after Jaoying Tangon is จันทร์-สุริยะคาธ. Someone mind translating? 
not even a teaser. lOL more like a short clip:
Hopefully they'll give better trailer or preview tomorrow. I have no idea what it's solar eclipse? 


I think it means Solar Moon? but it reads Jun-Suriyagarn or Jan-Suriyakarn. :p Wonder what it's about. And Wow, that's a really really short clip that doesn't even show anything. Hope they'll release a real trailer/teaser.


sarNie Adult
haha that what I said. haha funny .anyway yes hopefully we get tp see more tommorrow. Ohh hoping they wont disappiont us :/