Borisud Bumbut Kaen(Broadcast Thai)


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i mean ken/aff do have chemistry but theres not much to the storyline. if ken know the reason why aff left him it would of been ended.

lol more screaming. im sure theres gonna be plenty of that since aum/anne are both crazy. just from the clip, look like they are gonna kill each other in the hospital
yes the storyline isn't so complex...but tat's one of the reasons i'm watching...cuz my recent lakorns have been to SB...very hard things to a less complex...less dramatic...more romantic lakorn is juz the thing for me.... :wub:

i have to admit...ep.1 through ep. 3 and a half was killing me..but 4/5/6/7/8 reallie picked it i'm in love :blush: P'Ken is rocking w/ his scenes :yahoo:

though i reallie miss Ann & Ken...Ken is outshinning his nang'eks and Ann is probably gonna outshine this pra'ek...they need each other..juz they shine just a bright together


sarNie Adult
cant wait for it also... both aum n ann r great in acting the versitile role... mad and in love...ehheheehhe that's what we wait for, dont we?


sarNie Adult
oh man... the fist teaser is about ann being crazy and i think the next is aum ... this is a really new year greating lakorn like JLR for 2008... I think this will be a big hit ... hahahah my heart is jumping with joy for this lakorn....


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haha. that was such a crazy teaser LOL ..
and creepy at the same time too ..
why can't they use the good scenes LOL


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^geez, taeyong is so HOT on your banner :p

--- i want to see more sweet scenes .. not the r --- it kindda add to the whole creepy vibes with the trailer LOl (IF THEY WERE TO ADD IT)


sarNie Oldmaid
i was just wondering....when the p'ek is normal and he r n'ek (we are already shock hahah who am i kidding im actually rooting it) the p'ek is a bit coo coo in the kabesa <--spelling? and so is n'ek (imagine that)...but then by the time he does that ® he could be a bit on the normal side? :lol: i just cant wait to see that.

ceci..according to the trailers or teasers that ive seen, i havent seen one sweet scene yet lol its mostly of screams, yelling and body struggling!?! (unless of course i miss something which i prolly did) :D


sarNie Adult
dangggg....the teaser is crazy.....mannnn..ive naver ann like that..but she play the role pretty good...if it is ann play the role it will be great...cuz as you can see she is a really good actress...just give her any role and she can do anyway i cant wait for it to come out...

why is jai rao taking so long... to much is really getting on my im still watching it... hoping it would have better scenes...


sarNie Coma
omg, it looks more intense then i would have imagine!..anne straight up look like a crazy person lol. the last scene was creepy. i see no sweet scenes between her and aum yet lol. 09' is gonna be the year!

no wonder anne was having a hard time with this role. its very challenging


sarNie OldFart
Anne is such a GREAT actress, mann! She can handle this crazyy ass role! Don't think I can picture anyone in it other than Anne, lol :p Ann seems more crazyy than Aum! This lakorn looks so intenseee! Gosh. But mann.. The scenes they picked for the Teaser scared the shiet out for me. It's like watching a horror movie!! So, this is replacing JAIRAO. I knew it.