Buying bollywood dvds online


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Has anyone ever bought dvds from eros entertainment or Thos were the 2 sites I found and was wondering about service. Are they good sites to buy from? Or are there other better sites.


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i suggest eros because they have the best quality and majority of INdian films are released by eros. if your into yash raj films though...he has his own site where you can purchase his films only...under his name label.


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it's less expensive if you get it from EROSE..i get all my india from that site..if you need yashchopra can go there..but i usually get my yashchopra from erose too because it's less expensive there..and i think shipping cost is less expensive too..


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jeanie said:
Has anyone ever bought dvds from eros entertainment or Thos were the 2 sites I found and was wondering about service.  Are they good sites to buy from? Or are there other better sites.

I've purchased from They have good sales and they are so much CHEAPER than EROS. I've been to their site a couple of times and the prices is ridiculous. This is why I went to Nehaflix. Nehaflix is cheaper, but the quality is still good. Shipping service from Nehaflix is fast. :) Love the website.


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girl, i would not even recommend eros to you okay... i hated them ever since they did me wrong! alright, anyways, they sent me the wrong movie 'cause the title is kind of like the same. when i wrote them an email, the replied back, only giving me the link on how to refund a product back on the site and they told me "Please, don't send us complaints." i didn't complain, i just let them know my situation and asked them what i should do. i did as they said and they didn't send me the correct one back/ they gave me nothing. i sent them an email, gave them my order number and they say that it doesn't exist.... i was like, okay- forget them- they can keep my 15 dollars since they need it badly....

go to nehaflix! i order all mines there and it is chaper than eros. besides, eros has such bad qualities dvds, i just don't trust them anymore. don't support eros. if you have a bad dvd or a wrong dvd, you'll
expereince what i went through. it's just isn't fair and they're not reasonable at all....


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I totally recommend
I've been buying from them for 2.5 yrs already. Their quality and prices are uncomparable and plus if u sign up to get emails from them, they send u 10% off coupons and free shipping codes every month.

This month I got this:
The 10% Discount Coupon
Get 10% off your next order. Instructions:

1. Place any order at
2. Enter Coupon Code VZ during checkout.
3. Do not enter the @ sign when entering coupon code.

Note: Coupon expires October 31st, 2006 and is not valid on orders already placed. One coupon per order and cannot be combined with any other coupons. Coupon has to be entered while placing the order.


Yeah, I would recommend buying them at however there is also a cheaper site where you could get hindi movies.. and other items.. it's it's a good site too.. they reliable.. at least to me.. i've been ordering from them for about a year now.. and nothing's ever gotten lost or anything yet so yeah.. hope this helps.


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i go with nehaflix. there customer service is way better than eros. and if you sign up with their newletter thing they send emails twice a month that gives you discounts such as free standard shipping on $30 or more or 10% off everything you buy.


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i have bought my dvd from eros far everything gud
however, i hate it when they say *subtitle in english* and when i watch is NOTHING>>>sometime during thnksgiving or xmas eros have buy one get one free...u just have to check and see

will try
i rather watch original bollywood movie..i hate it when hmong dubbed it and cut all the songsa n nice part of the movie