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Here I go making another post about a new group. This one I look forward to the most!! Still waiting for them to debut. It's a group from Yedang, a company that pretty big in Korea. But, not known for Idol groups. This new group coming out will be their first idol group. And I'm sure it's gonna be a big hit because the leader of the group is hella fine...I don't know about their singing skills but their concept is gonna be different is what I hear. And I like different.

Yedang is known for Im Jae Bum, Jo Kwon Woo, Cha Ji Yeon,ChiChi, Ali, Rania, and Yang Soo Kyung.

Credit to Byu's youtube channel

Preview of the concept this group is going for:



sarNie Oldmaid
Dream Team Cuts


Interview w/ Barom (leader)

Credits: Youtube and embeded video's youtube channel owner


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CHI CHI and RaNia are idol groups though, so C-CLOWN should be their first male idol group~
anyways, all i know is that Taemin (Siwoo) and Jaejun (Maru) have really good vocals.
although they are young, they have talent on them.
Barom (Rome) of course can rap, and i like his voice, and plus his Aussie accent is hot. :D
Minwoo was supposed to debut in BTOB, but due to health issues he left... but i don't think that's the case since he's now going to debut in C-CLOWN.
all i know is that Barom, Taemin, and Jaejun were part of the original lineup for this group, and they went with a dubbed name "B.A.S" which stood for Be A Star~
so yeah, i'm definitely looking forward to them a lot.
and Jaejun will be the youngest idol member, as Zelo is the 2nd, because Jaejun was born in the year 1997.
anyways... yeah, that's all the basic info that i have of them, as i knew of them before and i was able to video chat with them with a few other lucky fans that were able to do it. =]


sarNie Oldmaid
Credit: Cclownofficial and YeDangcompany youtube​


MV member version​

MV dance version​