CA residents...I need help.


So anyone from CA want to board a poor-lakorn-loving college student?!! :)

I'm going on a road trip to CA over the summer w/ a friend from the East Coast. It's going to be a blast! B) I love lakorns but haven't watched any since the middle of last year! School/works sucks up a lot of time...some of you can relate right? That's why I'm going to live it up over the summer. We'll probably be there for at most a week and are willing to pay. :D Don't forget that we're also poor college students here. Anyway, we're both very well-behaved :lol: & probably won't be home unless to sleep and hit the bathroom(c'mon...hygiene! B) )

Advice would be cool, too! Thanks all! :D


sarNie Adult
sweeet! you're absolutely going to have a blast. if i wasn't subletting i'd let u board any day. too bad i'm not quite around.

if only i was, i'd hop on for the ride...assuming u wouldn't mind. :D enjoy urself to the fullest. :)


SweeeT .. I wish I can board you.. I'll see .. ^_^ it depends on where i'm moving too.. but i live in nor cal .. aka northern california aka san francisco lolz.. so if you want to do to LA and stuff you gotta ask people from so cal..


wow road trip to Cali......... doesnt it takes like 3 days to get there and your gonna be there for only a week. is it really worth it to drive 3 days there and 3 days back. hmmm........

what part of the East Caost are you from??????


Hey, thanks guys! Any help would be much appreciated, and I don't know what part of CA I want to go to yet. I just need some water, sun, lots of fruits, sun block, tanning, sleeping, lots of eye candy :lol: ...etc, so wherever in CA I can get all that would be cool.

It would be totally worth it. Yeah, it'll be a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG AS* drive, but who says I won't be having a couple of stops midway and checking out other places? hehe, CA isn't my only destination!

Oh, I'm verrrrryyyy far East, LoL...hitting the ocean here. =) haha, any lakorn loving fan can hop on for the long as we have space. B)


B) Thanks. I've always been bad at planning things, but at least the location is decided...So Cal it is... :)

LoL... :lol: are you suggesting there's not lots of eye candy in San Fran.? :loool:


i would BOARD you. i need a fren cuz im so lonelyy...but i know ill just scare you away jk..cant board you cuz im living off of parents x__xx paycheck to little to afford anything LOL good luck finding some place to stay !