can you guys comment and .. listen to my singing? ;D


sarNie Hatchling
i just want a little feed back.. and my thai isn't very good but it's getting better..
im putting a new video soon.. so.. just comment - be harsh or honest please!!
and.. um thai songs suggestions duay naa!


Staff member
Sounds good to me .. at least you didn't have that shakiness in your voice like Note.
Just continue to perfect your pronunciation and you should be good.
(i'm no expert at music critique but you sound good to my ears like p'Ma said in THE STAR show)


sarNie Oldmaid
First off, you're so cute (narak-a) lol.

Secondly, great job playing the Uke!

Third, your voice is beautiful but I couldn't hear it too well due to the uke and at some points your voice kind of went quiet. But you've done a good job in my opinion. I like the way you sing--with joy. I can tell you're having fun with the song which is a plus! You can multitask with the uke and singing, that's amazing! I'm no expert either, but everyone has to improve in their own ways, loved it ;)