[CH.ONEHD] Your're My Destiny (Exact) : Bie Sukrit / Esther Supreeleela


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Oh man. I didn't even know the teaser came out already. From the looks of it, I don't know how I feel about the lakorn yet. I'm not really feeling any of the Ch.5 lakorns coming out. Maybe i'm just being bias. I do wish it was Noona instead of Esther. I feel like she plays these kind of characters too much. It would be nice to see her play different types of characters instead of the usual innocent characters she always play. She did good in the Gentleman series as the mean girl though. It'll be nice to see her play strong characters once in a while. I'll wait and see once the drama airs to see if I like it or not. I miss my Bie, especially my BieNa. Hehhe.


I am used to Esther playing the N'rai role in SJ series so I just cannot watch her play N'ek roles yet! I am just not a fan... who knows maybe one day :(


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She is looking very sultry...mature women...I'll love to see her pair ip worth tootman again. Her character seems interesting enough...strong independent...unless they change from the other version


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a new trailer is out ? so does that mean its confirmed to air in Sept ??
cant wait for it !!


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I'm look forward to watching this one. Hope it doesn't turn me down in the middle. Still like Bie.


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I got a little surprised when I saw this in the "airing" section, for a minute there I thought this had already been on-air for sometime & I just didn't know lol.

My interest is piqued in seeing how this remake goes.


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The sadist in me will enjoy it if the make the pra'ek super overprotective and jealous lol. In the Taiwanese version Ethan Ruan was suppppper jealous. Although I don't care for the semi two timing much lol.