[Ch1] Hormones 2 (GTH)


sarNie Adult
I can't believe it's Pang's friend who is behind Sprite's matter all along! Was really shocked. But yes, I did wonder why she was in the series when she didn't really do anything, but now I know why. Just don't understand why she did that to Sprite. Waiting for the next episode! 


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
I also wondered the same too. She was so quiet the past few episodes that I kind of got annoyed of her existence until this episode. lol I actually felt really bad for her but if she tried to make friends, I'm sure she would have friends. I wonder if Pang is ever going to find out about her faking herself as Sprite and who she really is - where she lives and etc. It's sad that she has to lie to Pang and everyone just to fit in. I think she was jealous of Tar too, which is why she kept doing all these research for Pang about Toei and Tar's past relationship (statuses) and etc.
As for Dao, I actually cried when her mother was crying to her father after Dao flipped out on her. It's true that she literally almost took the spotlight in epi. 9 even though it's suppose to be about Oil and her story. It was good but not what I was hoping for. lol 
I want more Win and Kwan. Hope they show something about those two soon! I really miss them! :( 
Kwan and Win are getting better and better, but I am beginning to pity Mhog.
And...I officially hate Pang and her best friend, Oil. As far as I remember, Tar didn't put a ring on Pang's finger! Geez.


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Oh man i feel drunk. And I'm not even old enough to drink.
First I adored the tah/toey couple, and rooted for them blah blah
But then I didnt like them once toey started showing feelings for tah after a whole freaking season and a half, then tah starts dating pang knowing he still had feelings for toey etc 
Obviously i got annoyed with all this pointless drama, and then i wanted to punch tah in the face when he ran after toey leaving pang like she was a human without any emotions.
Then toey still keeps her mouth shut about everything and THEN FN PANG WANTED TO DO IT WITH TAH! Luckily enough he still had some sense in him not to do it and left her crying there without saying anything but 'sorry'
Thank you for tuning in for my rant


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This dramas is crazy! And I love it!!!!! I need english subs though! Been crying and my emotions have been confused in every episode!!! I think I am starting to like Tar so much!!! He just gets hotter and hotter....and we are probably 15 years apart in age lol


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All I have left to say about this season is that I am sadden to see the 1st generation leave and the end to season 2. These past 2 seasons has been an emotional ride. Even though Season 2 contained a lot of heartbreaks, it was good while it lasted. It gives you a different feeling from season 1. In season 1, they focused a lot more on school, class subjects, & etc., whilst season 2 was more focused on their outside relationships and so forth. They really grew up a lot from season 1 to season 2. I still can't believe that season 1 first aired back in 2012. The wait for season 2 was agonizing, I remember. 555 I was quite upset with the last episode because they gave us 12 episodes of tragedies and heartbreaks only to end the last episode by reconciling everyone in within a short period of time. We all still want to see them happy for at least 1-2 episodes before they all graduate. I really want to see Win and Kwan's relationship even after they graduate. Hopefully the director would bring back the 1st gen. and show them for just a bit in season 3. Even a 1 min. scene is better than nothing! 555 I'm going through withdrawals. I don't know how I'm going to take season 3 if I don't get to see my favorite generation, pairs, anymore. Hopefully season 3 will convince me otherwise to continue watching the series. :) 


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Hahah! Oh yeah! It did air in 2013. 555 I'm overthinking the time. Maybe because it felt like forever since season 1 first aired and ended. 555

cool :)

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Geeee, finally took the time to finish season 2 :cry: I'm pretty late about finishing this but I still wanna share my thoughts and feelings about this season. Overall, I enjoyed this season just as much as the first season. But this season seem to not focus as much on each individual like in season 1 because there were more characters in here sadly lol. First generation will always have a place in my heart. But this season still gave me the intense feelings and DRAMA just like season 1 so I applaud :yes:

Now moving on to the individuals :
I was hoping Kwan and Win's relationship to grow from season 1, but we barely got any of them :cry: there were only brief scenes where she would advice him and care for him but it wasn't anything "sweet" or a "cute thing". It did show that she was worried about him, which meant she still had good feelings for him. Also, almost everywhere Kwan was with Win, Mhog was there too or atleast in the same building, so it kinda made the growth of Kwan and Win's relationship impossible. I tried so hard to adapt to Mhog and Kwan's boyfriend/girlfriend status but it was almost impossible for me to believe it. I was quite disappointed tbh. I do think Mhog was a good person and all but I didn't feel the chemistry between them lol

About Toey/Tar/Phu, man this upsets me!! In season 1, even though Tar was probably the most perfect for Toey, I always shipped Toey with Phu because I can feel the true feelings they had for each other, so I was hoping for Toey and Phu's relationship to groooow in season 2! But NOO, everything just went wrong! They started off really cute and all, dating and being girlfriend/boyfriend but then Phu got reaaally jealous for stupid things and he ruined everything!! Sleeping around and still having mixed feelings and all >:O like seriously?!? Lol and then Toey started to have feelings for Tar.. I just coyldnt feel it! Haha. I can feel Tar's love he had for her but Toey liking Tar? I always thought she saw him as a good friend. So this whole Toey/Tar/Phu relationship upsets me so much 555

Sprite and Phai's relationship was probably the BEST! This couple was my top bias couple along side with Toey/Phu and still is! Unlike Toey and Phu lol. But yeah, this couple grew and grew and grew! It was believable and worth it to root for them! :ghehe: I don't have much to say about them because man, they are just perfect. In season 1 they were both the worst and "bad habit" ones but they turned out to be amazing people. Their feelings were real in season 1 and still remained real! Not so disappointed about their story hahaha

And about the ending, I was a bit upset how it ended but at the same time "okay" with it..? I mean everyone ended off well, it's just that it didn't really "finish" any of the relationships :no: sprite and Phai ended up just understanding each other, nothing big like admitting back their love or apologies or anything :shrug: . Kwan apologizes to Mhog and breaks it off but then she doesn't get back with Win.. :cry: . Toey tells Tar that she really missed Tar, but that we it! Phu barely got and ending, it was more like a "happy" moment. And at the very last scene, it showed the girl that was with Win out of the country, it really didn't give me any intense feeling. I was like, "oh okay...it's her" lol, nothing like "oh my god!" I honestly felt that the ending was just so loose. Nothing was really tied and andwered you know. I was still left with many things unfinished and I mean, of course it shouldn't feel like it's finish because there's season 3 BUT... It won't have much focus on the first gen, or I don't even know if the first gen will be in season 3! So I'm sad about this. Really sad :cry: I think for me, it'll always be First Gen. For Hormones. They start it,they finish it. I'm hoping they will be in season 3, but I doubt it.. Siiigh,we'll see if I'll watch season 3.. I really miss the original cast, yeah, I'm having hangovers lol. But like I said earlier, I enjoyed it. I really recommend this whole series :D