[Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee


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Well it said that she was afraid for her life and her children's life so she fled to the French compound but they returned her to PraPhetRacha where she became a slave but because she was skilledful in desserts she became a royal cook. They mention this part so that was good.

Wait so they did mention the death of PraNarai. I thought the news said P'Mai wasn't going to touch on that. Ugh

Thanks, Kitkat516, she may not love him but she also isn't in cahoots to any of his schemes.


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Wait... does that mean the Prom Likit will be about Por Rit? Ahhh all these questions! And e have to wait 2 years possibly more...


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I'm watching K'Nong and P'Mai's interview with Num and guys it took the script writer 2 years to adapt it from the book. 2 years! What's gonna happen with Prom Likit? I went back to page one and yep this thread was started in 2012 lol.

Other interesting tidbits: The script writer completely took out Si Prat because she didn't want to deal with his story - too many comflicting reports in history with him. He got added for a bit part at the end cause P'Mai really wanted that character and so negotiated w/her.

All those close face scenes with Kade/Date? P'Mai added it cause he was inspired by Pope and Bella lol. Said they're really good at showing emotions with just their eyes and he wanted to capture it.


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Awww I'm so glad they changed the ending story of Malee.
to be honest after i read the story of Malee i felt sad for her and i dislike Pra jao Seu

What’s this fortuneteller thing about?
I don't know too the reporters just asked her about this and they didn't mention what kind of scandal it is ....they stated that it will be more serious and bigger than Pope

Before popular she had so much scandal already. Hmmm....
I didn't follow her b4 BPS the one and only drama of hers that i watched was Plerng Chimplee with Aum but yes like you said i heard about Nat didn't allow Aum to watch this drama and even turned it off while Aum was watching it then they also fought.....after that Aum also unfollow Bella ig...i think it just jealousy of a woman....


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So many kisses!!! They just lip locking left and right! REAL kisses! :naughty2::love::naughty2::love:

Were these scenes filmed originally or were they added after the popularity blew up?

Lmao they are sooooooo loud!!! Everyone was like “uh......” but they in there just going at it.


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Dad's ring is white. Si Phrat is purple. Khun P' is ruby. And Kadesurang liked the ruby chain. Wow!
I thought Si Phrat's is white & dad is purple? I'll have to rewatch. But I've seen Khun P's often enough, it's red. Kade also pounced on that ruby the moment she saw it. This is like that movie Twilight where every member of the family wear the same crest but on different items of adornment.