[CH3] Buang Hong (Thanud Lakorn) Jame Jirayu/ Kim Kimberly


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Hahaha... I am not gonna ask for a half naked, a see through shirt is good enough for me. ;)

Is Margie a good actress? I know she's a good friend... but I haven't watch any of her lakorn yet.
See through works too, hahaha!

I like her acting. She has done various characters that have been really good. She acted with Boy Pakorn in Wayupak Montra (i hope that is right.)
Mike D Angelo in Raak Boon (loved that one, gave me scary, ghost, touch of mystery and fantasy and topped it with a romance, and saw the second season to it too) and then a lakorn with Peter Corp Nang Rai Sai Labb (romantic comedy) which I thought was one of her better roles. I personally like her, and if you want you could check some of those out and see for yourself. I don't think you will be disappointed. :)

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Surprisingly James has more chemistry with Kim than he did with Yaya even though he and Yaya look more physically compatible. I realize I forgot all of Pan and Vee's version except for the attempted rawr from the Sia. I do remember that Pan's Pim was more endearing and less irritating than Kim's. I seriously wanted to strangle Pim in this version when she was at peak brattiness at the hotel, though I guess that is the whole point. The 12 episode length was perfecto

I enjoyed this lakorn, not that much because of the romance but I enjoyed the whole riches to rags plot and the events at the restaurant was entertaining to watch. The romance was legit lacking and barely there but honestly I didn't mind that much since I enjoyed Pim's learning how to be a waitress and learning to make friends to be the best part of this lakorn. Bee is good as Martha, kind of sad that she has n'rai roles nowadays even though she isn't even that old yet but she is great.

James is good as usual, you kind of want to side eye and wonder why Ramet likes Pim so much in the beginning. I understand the physical attraction but you wonder why he liked her despite her flaws. Sure he saw her good side since the beginning but Pim was a real pain in the ass for a good chunk of the lakorn... Yeah I guess he's a p'ek, he'll love you for you.

This lakorn seriously needed a cameo from Nadech, it just doesn't work with seeing the others without him. I probably would have liked this lakorn even more if I got a glimpse of him LOL.


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@Cupid Candy , that had been my main gripe too, at the beginning of the Lakorn (meaning: ep 1-4, before the great reveal) Why the hell would "nice guy" Ramet be so in love with Pim even when she was being so bratty. I tried to rationalize it, and it came down to the following:

1) she was so stunningly beautiful - of course this is the most "obvious" reason since Paa'Jaew drew the "love at first sight" card again.

2) her dad was Ramet's idol and he did say that his daughter is his inspiration so Ramet figured there must be something more about her that meets the eye.

3) "Perfect" guys like "perfect girls" - i.e. high maintenance. Being a manager of a hotel means he has to be on top of everything. The fact that he was able to snag a prima donna is a feather in his cap, even though he'd have to teach her a thing or two about niceness.

4) gut feel that she is nice - Ramet had this whole speech about him thinking with his heart and following his gut feel more than logic. (I think it was a dialogue with Nong) Of course that had been a self serving statement and through the course of the Lakorn he had been more logical than impulsive (maybe also because he is "once burned, twice shy" with Pim so even when he said he wanted to believe her just because he believed her in that soup incident with Matavi, he still chose to be a logical jerk about it and made her apologize). But he also had that speech about the hydrangea so maybe he knew (or at the very least, he wished) Pim's coldness was just a cover and really she is a sensitive, kind soul.

5) ok this is farfetched but look at his sister and look at Pim. It's not incest, but you know how some guys compare their ideal girl to their sisters? Pim fits the mold of the perfect, hi-so woman who is so poised and elegant like Ramet's older sister (and remember he has 2 older sisters, meaning he is not only the youngest, but also an only boy)

6) he hadn't really seen her nasty side first hand - Pim was trying to snag him after all so maybe Ramet took that positive signals and kind of blurred out the negative signs.

Still, those reasons still didn't make it justifiable for Ramet to like Pim from ep 1-4. I really couldn't understand why Ramet who is supposedly smart is actually an idiot (for liking someone on a superficial basis). He is actually the opposite of James's previous P'eks (Puttipat, Ittirit, Saran and Neung, especially Neung) who initially thought of the n'ek negatively, had prejudice against the n'ek from the beginning he only softened up and gave in to love completely when he got to know the n'ek better. Ramet didn't know the n'ek much but already put her in a pedestal from the love at first sight scene, only for him to crash and burn when he realizes she duped him. In keeping with the Swan theme, maybe it's an allusion to Swan Lake, where the prince also got duped by the villain with a princess decoy *sweatdrop*

So towards the end when he gets asked who he loved more, old Pim or new Pim, he answers both, it seems to be like he fell in love with her anew when she shed her bratty side. And whatever he felt for her before the betreyal scene just seemed to have been put aside because by ep 12, he was truly madly deeply in love when Pim likewise became more well-rounded so to speak.


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@Cupid Candy Bee has played N'rai before too, like in that Superstar lakorn. Anyways i agreed i enjoy the whole learning process more than their romance scenes.


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Something I'll like to post before i fall into my coma lol!

Credit goes to Ch.3

Ramet & Pimlapat
Hoping that this is somewhat close to how their wedding looked like. (I am using "looked" here. Past tense. Because by now, our swan might be pregnant with twins already.) Huhuhu... I miss Pimlapat and Ramet too~~~~~


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Every time I see your icon pic it makes me laugh. I'm so going to rewatch that scene again for the 1000th time, lol!
Lol. Glad that it makes you laugh. I doubt I will change the pic anytime soon or at all! So it will remind everyone what an epic scene that was and hope to spread smile or laughter or even that proud feeling seeing your boy remembering to pray while diving.


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Hi everyone! Dunno if anyone would still see this, but Khun Ramet was voted and won the Popular Actor award for the Maya 2017 Awards. Congratulations!

photo cr: Jirayu Home

OMG! Now I wish there's a heart button similar to V app in here so I can hit it a million times! Khun Ramet is soooooooo darn handsome!!! Thanks for the info Granny!