[CH3] Buang Hong (Thanud Lakorn) Jame Jirayu/ Kim Kimberly


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Okay, it has been a veryyyyyy long while since I last post. I am going to go crazy and write a fanfic on this lakorn. It's a different version towards the middle. The beginning is still the same.

Excuse my crazy sudden urge.

So here goes.

Khun Vee now knows the reason why Pim has to stay at Jirawee. Her eyes gleaming with flame. Her dark red lipsticks paired with the same coloured satin dress she's wearing make her look more like the mistress of hell.

She told her sidekicks of her plan. She's sure that Pim will not be able to get herself out of the situation. She'll go to jail. That'll be the end of Pimlapat.


Pim got caught.


Officer: You have only one chance to call somebody from the outside. Afterwards, you'll be send to the prison.

Pim doesn't know anybody's number at all. She doesn't even memorise her late father's number. Everything was in her phone. She doesn't have her phone with her. Everything is with Ramet.

So she told the officer, I don't have anyone to call.

Pim feels lonely. She has no one. She has no family. She has no friends. She has nobody to lean on to for help. She... only have herself. She is very pitiful. Once a glorious swan that everyone is amaze to look at. Elegant. Now, she's a swan with no feathers. Pitiful that no one would even bother to look at. A swan with no feather like her... is like waiting for her time to die.

She just don't care anymore. I'll just die in this prison.


A week has passsed by. Pim receives a visitor. She said she's not interested to meet anyone. The guard said it's a lawyer. He said his name is Khun Kay. "Khun Kay? Dad's lawyer? What is he doing here? How did he know I am here?" thought Pim.

Khun Kay: Khun Pim. I have been trying to call you for many months now since your dad passed away. I can't reach you at all through your cellphone. I guess it's a blessing in disguise that you got caught. It was all over the news. Only then I know where to find you. I came immediately but according to the SOP over here I have to wait for one week to visit you during visitation hour.

Pim: Thank you for finding me. What is the matter that you need to meet me?

Khun Kay: It's regarding your father's posession.

Pim: I thought everything was frozen to pay Dad's debt...

Khun Kay: Oh Khun Pim! If only you wait for two or three more months, you would be in a different situation! Your dad kept your mom's possessions in his care. He did not disclose them to you... because... he knows you'll splurge all of them. Plus, he kept it so Khun Matavee doesn't know about it. I was too busy handling his case that I put aside this secret. When your Dad's cases were over, I remembered about his "other" will that is meant to be read for your ears only. So this is the will and I'll read it to you.

The will is about Pim's Mom's possession that she inherited from Pim's grandparents. Pim's father has only kept it but never used it. He can't, because it's Pim's. He can take care of Pim on his own, using his own money so that's why he kept it hidden from anyone's knowledge.

Khun Kay: Khun Pim. I can get you out of here. We can pay. We can pay Khun Ramet compensation and settle this case outside the court. You can then go abroad and live at your grandparents cottage in Scotland.

Pim: Please do that. But don't beg them. Pay them double of what they are asking. Please settle this without me having to see that side. Do it quick Khun Kay.

Khun Kay: Yes Khun Pim, I am on it.

Pim: Khun Kay... thank you so much.

Khun Kay: Your parents are kind people Khun Pim. They took care of me and my family when I was a nobody. It's time for me to repay them. I'll take care of you Khun Pim. Don't worry. You'll be out of here as soon as possible. Hang in there.

Pim: Khun Kay... can I have your phone number?


Pim is out of the prison. On her way out, Khun Kay brought her a white Dior dress. Dior was Pim's Mom's favourite brand. It looks elegant on Pim. She put on her sunglasses and a simple comfortable sandal. Her long hair is left untied. Her fringe has gotten a bit longer now but she couldn't tuck them behind her ears. She just left it hanging covering her sunglasses.

She walks out to the parking lot where Khun Kay's rented car is parked. She's ready to go to the airport and back to Bangkok. From Bangkok she'll depart to Edinburgh where she'll be staying at her grandparents property that she has no idea she's the current owner now. Pim has made a thorough plan on what to do with her life. It is what drives her and make her sane while waiting for her release date.

While walking, she was stopped by a man that she no longer wants to do anything to anymore in her life - Ramet.

Ramet: Pim.

Pim doesn't spare him a moment at all. She goes pass through him. Ramet hold her right arm and Pim is so annoyed by it that she pushes his hand roughly.

Though her eyes are hidden behind her sunglasses, Ramet could still see that those eyes are burning with anger and hatred towards him.

He couldn't do or say anything anymore. He knows if he persuade her, she'll hate him even more. She'll not listen. He lets her go thinking that he'll find her and try to talk again some other time. It will be hard but he'll not give up. Little that Ramet knows that he'll not be able to find her as easily as he thinks he could.

Ramet did everything he could to find Pim. He even visited Khun Kay countless times. Khun Kay tells him the same thing again and again that he doesn't know. Khun Pim didn't contact him at all. Khun Kay is not lying. It's true that Pim doesn't contact him at all ever since she left Bangkok. It's not true that he doesn't know where she went. But it it's true that he doesn't know where she is right now.

Pim is not living at her grandparents house. She is pursuing her study in interior designing at a college in Sweden. Interior designing has always been her passion since her mother is also into it. It's in her blood but since she's been modelling since she's a teenager people assume that she's into fashion.


It has been 5 years since then.

Pim is now working as a junior designer in a well known company. The company is owned by a Swedish guy, James and his Thai wife, Jee. Pim befriended the husband and wife as they frequented the same Thai restaurant. The husband and wife has known Pim since she's a freshman in college. They offered her the position not only because they are comfortable with her but they admire her vision and style.

For the people who just knew Pim in the last 5 years, they see her as kind hearted, unselfish, soft spoken and lovely. she's very helpful and always think about other people's feeling. She's happy that she's surrounded by good friends, good colleagues that are like close family members to her. She knows their families, and their families know her.

Jee: Pim, we have a new project. Ready to travel?

Pim: Where to now? I hope it's Greece! James got that project didn't he?

Jee: Yup he got it. But he is sending Mark to Greece.

Pim: What?!!!? Khun Jee... I told you I want to join that project.

Jee: Mark is better suited for that Pim. He is half Greece! Plus we need an Asian for this new project. A Thai! We're going to Pattaya. The owner of a resort there is James' father's friend. He wants us to do the designing for a resort he just bought.

Pim: Pattaya? Err...

Jee: No err! You have to come with us. The client likes your design for the Thai theme you did in Glasgow. He wants your touch. We have agreed. So no excuses. Let's go back. I know you don't have anymore family in Thailand. But, you can come join me and meet my family, meet my big family! You haven't meet all of them yet.

Pim: Okay boss. It's not like I can say no to it.

Jee: Good girl.


At Pattaya.

Pim: Woah! How I miss this weather!!!

Jee: See? Imagine if you didn't follow us back?

Pim: The body knows when it is at home. The feeling is different. I am glad that the client like our design. I can now rest for a while while waiting everything to get ready to start our work.

Jee: What are you planning to do tomorrow?

Pim: I don't know... sleep? I need a good sleep now. My bosses have been pushing me to complete the project that I am sleep deprived.

Jee: Hahaha... I will allow you to sleep as much as you want today and tomorrow. But the day after that, you have to follow me and James to our family's gathering. My auntie is hosting a birthday party for her grandchildren. My mom is going, and she knows you're here... she specifically said to bring you along and if you don't want to she said to drag you along.

Pim smiled, knowing how Jee's mother care for her just like her own daughter. Infact, it was Jee's mother that first make a conversation with her at the Thai restaurant while she was visiting her daughter 5 years ago. She said she was curious about Pim. Pim's always alone. Upon knowing Pim's background, with no family member at all... she made sure that her daughter Jee befriended her and take care of her just like a sister.

Pim: If that what Mom wants, Mom will get it.


The birthday party is at Bangkok. Jee comes from a very wealthy family. Her auntie's house is big. Pim is reminded of her old house. The old house that she once lived with her parents and unfortunately with her stepmom, Matavee. Pim shakes her head to get rid of the sad memory of his parents and the bad memory she has with Vee.

She sigh deeply. This is why she doesn't want to come back. She doesn't want to be reminded of all these memories that she's running away from.

Jee heard her sigh. Jee worries about Pim.

Jee: Pim, don't worry. Don't be scared. They are my family. They are your family too! They are not as hi-so as you might think judging by the size of the house. So, stay close to me and I'll introduce you to all of them.

Pim is wearing a Dior pastel coloured dress with her long straight hair untied. Her long fringe is tuck behind her ears but sometimes the fringe comes out and cover her face.

Jee and her family together with Pim are welcomed into the house by Jee's cousin, Khun Rot. Pim is introduced by Jee to Khun Rot.

Khun Rot invited them into the family room where all of the family are, chatting, laughing, eating and playing together.

Jee's mom: Pimlapat! Ah~ my dear other daughter! How are you? I have not seen you for almost a year! You are getting skinnier. Jee, what did you do to your sister?

Jee: Mom, you are not even asking me how I am feeling!

Jee's Mom: Sorry my darling, how are you? So, now, what did you do to your sister?

Pim: Mom, I have been working out and diet! So that's why I am probably a bit skinny. It works huh?

Jee's Mom: You don't have to diet! You have to eat! How are you going to have energy to work or even walk if you're this skinny?

Pim: It's because P'Jee has been feeding me home cooked meal everyday. So, I have gained weight. P'Jee has been taking very good care of me.

Jee's Mom: Hmmmm good girl my daughter. It seems that your cooking skill has improved now. Oh hello my son-in-law... Hello my grandkids...

Jee and Pim just shake their heads looking at Jee's Mom's antiques.

Jee's Mom: Come Pim let me introduce you to the whole family. This is my sister. She's the host for today. She's my only sister. She's my only sibling.

Jee's Mom's Sister: Hello Pim. I have heard so much about you from my younger sister. She even showed me pictures of you. Thank you for coming to my house. Today is my grandkids birthday. They are twins. They are my eldest daughter, Rot's kids. My second daughter couldn't make it today. She's in the States with her family. ... and this is... my son.

A tall guy who has been looking at Pim from when she entered the family room approaches his mother. Pim is shocked. She tried her best to smile sincerely possible to him. Ramet.

Jee's Mom's Sister: Ramet, this is Pim. She is your auntie's hidden daughter. Hahaha... She is working with Jee and James at Sweeden.

Sweeden. So, that's where you have been hiding for the past 5 years.. You have been staying with my family all these while.

Pim: It's nice to meet you Khun Ramet.

Oh? So we have to act like we don't know each other?

Ramet: Nice to meet you to Khun Pim. Have we met before? You look familiar.

Jee: You are familiar with all beautiful girls Met! Auntie has been complaining about you dating many women but not being serious with any of them.

Ramet: Oh hello Jee.

Jee: Oh don't try to deviate... So what about it cousin? Which model are you dating now? Do I know her?

Ramet: I am...

Ramet's mom: He's dating that model from that branded cosmetic ad. I don't like her Met. Though she's beautiful face, but it's the heart that matters.

Ramet: So, I should marry a kind hearted who is not beautiful?

Ramet's mom: Beautiful heart first than beautiful face.

Jee's Mom: Okay everyone... Now that everyone has arrived, let's cut the cakes!

Jee: Cakes? How many cakes do we have this time?

Jee's mom: 5.

Jee: 5!!!! Everyone get your medicine ready.

Ramet is looking at Pim the whole time. When Pim is alone at the gazebo, he takes the chance to approach her. Pim sees that he's coming. She tries to get away but she is blocked.

Ramet: Pim, let's talk for a while. Please. It has been years.

Pim: I don't want to.

Ramet: It has been 5 years. Can we talk like old friends?

Pim: I have never been your friend. So what's there to talk about? Excuse me.

Ramet is still unwilling to move. He can do anything he wants. He is unafraid. It's his family's house. He's not going to let Pim go again just like how he let her go 5 years ago. He's not going to make the same mistake again. He can't wait for even 5 more seconds.

Pim: Khun Ramet, please mve aside.

Ramet: I have been looking for you everywhere. Everywhere! I even begged your lawyer to give me a clue of your whereabout. I went crazy looking for you for years... and here you are in front of me. You come to my house. You come to me Pim. Do you think I'll let you leave easily?

Pim: Khun Ramet, it's your choice to go crazy. I chose to go away as far possible from you. You should know that I don't want to see you ever again. So please move. I don't want to be here with you. Isn't it enough that you have humiliated me 5 years ago and now you're bullying me in your house.

Ramet comes closer to Pim. Pim moves backward slowly until she's trapped between the pillar around the gazebo and Ramet.

Ramet: Am I bullying you? If that's what it takes to have you listen and talk to me, I don't care. I'll do more than that to get you close to me.

Ramet is so close to Pim that his face is only inches to Pim's.

Ramet: Does your heart beats as fast as mine now Pim?

Pim pushes Ramet. But Ramet hugged her tight.

Ramet: I miss you Pim. I miss you so much. I am so sorry for all the things that I have done to you. It's just a misunderstanding. Matavee tricked me. I tried my best to make sure that you're not prisoned but Matavee send the evidence to the police. She found the CCTV of you entering my office and stealing documents from my safety. I need time to take you out of the prison. It was all very complicated. I tried to visit you but you don't want to see me or anyone. I am relieved that Khun Kay found you.

Pim: Why did you keep the evidence? Wasn't it to scare me? Wasn't it to turn me in? You had always said to me that you'll send me to the prison. You have always been a big bully. You like torturing my heart and the finale was when the evidence you kept has helped the person that I hated the most to send me to the prison. So both of you got what you've always wanted. What more do you want from me now?

Pim is crying. Ramet hugs her thighter.

Pim: I am happy now. So does it bother you that I am happy? That's why you're doing this to me now? Making the family I have for the past 5 years to question my history with you?

Ramet loosen his hug and look at Pim who is looking at his family who is looking at them curiously.

Pim wipes her tears and excuses herself from the party. Ramet chases her and catches her. He is serious. He is never letting her go again.

Ramet pulls her in to his car and drives away. To where?