[CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn


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Based on what has been released in Cecilia’s spoilers, this lakorn has to move very fast. So we should expect a few already familiar scenes such as Nai in the rain and blindfolded Nok coming up, and I assume Wutang will enter the play to complicate the matter? So, by the end of Tuesday, is Dad’s wedding in sight and Nai/Nok relationship sour again?
Based off of her spoilers, I want to say yes because i think she mentioned the Nai in the rain scene as episode 5 & the elevator scene in 6.


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Lakorn promo this morning
1. Family entertainment on Channel 3/33 at 7.40-8.00.
2. Ban Praram 4 on Channel 13, 8.15 - 8.30,
3. Entertainment News Desk on Channel 28 at 9.15-9.30 hrs.
4. Live !! The Facebook / Youtube2 ch3thailand 11.00 -12.00

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Thank you... I’m watching it but only understand like 10% lol

I guess the one I was watching is just a little bit so much be something different. Both were wearing yellow shirt. It is the promo shirt for nok and nai.
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Hello everyone I'm new in this thread and don't understand Thai too but see something for international fan vote but don't now how can you guys please let me know how I want to vote for JT too . anyway from Canada.nn thanks
Hello ^^ and welcome!

No worries hahaha some of us here are not native Thai as well but watched way too many lakorns that we kinda grasp a bit here and there.

Come and join us during live streaming cause it'll be so much fun with the crew ;)