[Ch3] Heyha Mia Navy (Duang Malee Manee Jan)


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I had to come on A-Fuse to stalk this forum! First off, I would like to say how HAPPY I am to see Phet being given a Pra'ek ROLE - so proud of this guy, he so deserves it! Ugh, agree...the anticipation of seeing who the main lead is..I wish for it to be Prang so bad..huhu. If worse comes to worse..& the nang'ek isn't Prang..then PLEASE don't give Phet a newbie, if y'all give Phet a newbie nang'ek, I'm about to come kick some butts!! & Yes, it does remind me of Manee Yard Fah...hehe, MYF was one of my favorite oldies lakorn too :p


What a life savor. Thank you so mucH. Sighs. The nangek is probably confirmed but I guess I'll still give it a try


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Oh my!!!! Excited!!!! I hope it's Bow!!!!

I don't care if they give him a newbie the role, since some newbies are doing okay so far. But I just don't want Mint to be paired with him. Because she's been acting in quite many dramas already but I don't see any improvements at all. If she does get the role, Imma have to skip it. Sorry Mint fan, I'm just not feeling her acting is good.


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ip.smilez said:
What a life savor. Thank you so mucH. Sighs. The nangek is probably confirmed but I guess I'll still give it a try
good luck 


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tgamber said:
Silly dear, how can Mint and Bow be in Ch3 lakorns. They're from ch7.
Sorry, Im not familiar with whom they are contract with and how the acting industries work. But I'm glad I won't see it (Mint) happening then, or a chance ever happen until she gets better. Although, I'm said too, that Bow won't be paired up with him… I just love her (Bow)… And thanks for the information, appreciated.


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Waaah!!! Its not Prang?!! *cry hysterically* I love Phet and Prang and PRAHET but i don't know if I will watch it if its a newbie...i might watch for Phet but I will still cry over Prang not being the nang'ek. Aww man, I hope they reunite some day soon..


She's pretty, but just haven't seen her acting yet. I guess i'll watch for Phet and give her a chance.


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Awww Prang's not na'ek?... Awwisss... Either way, I'll still tune into this lakorn for Phet.
Can't pass out on any of his roles :) As much as I love PRAHET, I know they can't always pair up.
I really do hope they pair up in the near future though!
Looking forward to pictures of Phet :D


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Thanks THIP for the research for us ladies! Awwww, I knew it was going to be a newbie. Damn it. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH. Time to go stalk the newbie gal & judge her..So sad. I think I'll be tuning in for the amazing Phet...what's the storyline?! @Thip, since you're good at researching. lol.