[Ch3] Hong Sabud Lai (Tv Scene)


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hi jarofnothing im also waiting 4 eng sub 2 understand better, currently m watching w/o understanding but love hsl soooooooooooo much.


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I don't think anyone is subbing this lakorn. Which sucks. I,too,can only understand the parts I know.hahha

Anyway,last episode tomorrow already. :(


sarNie OldFart
^ I haven't watch the last episode today yet but I did just finish epi 12 a couple of hours ago.I believe
there was a happy ending. :) They went back to Paris. :D

The most random scene in epi 12 was when Poh's brother,who passed away,his girlfriend came to
the scene a shot the bad guy.That was a random and out of the blue scene.ha.

To confirm if there was a happy ending.Yes, there was. :D i just got done watching the last episode.
I love both Por N and Janie. :) They have good chemistry. I hope in the future these two get pair up again.
And this time I want them to be in a romance/comedy/cute kinds of lakorn. Please let it happen. I'm kind of
disappointed that there wasn't as much na'rak scenes of them but oh well at least there were some.
Overall,I thought this was a well done action lakorn. :D


sarNie Adult
Janie and Poh have a happy ending but I also feel bad for Art cause he really love Nae. Agree that Janie and Poh have a good chemistry and I want them to reunite in romantic comedy with a lot of sweet scenes. I'm a little dissapointed cause in this drama they didn't have a lot of cute and romantic scenes. Maybe cause she's engaged with Art and is awkward to see her lovey-dovey with another man. Normally Janie always kiss her pra-eak but I didn't see in HSL even the end.

I did enjoy HSL even if I can't understand Thai. See you gals in Raeng Ngao thread next week.


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The ending between Janie&Poh was so touching. made me cried a long with her esp. the scene she read his postcard. so cute everytime he call her "jao nai". so sweet when she ran and hug him after they say love eachother. for me i love it when n'ek ran and hug p'ek it's more sweet. i think it's weird that i felt Janie&Poh have such good chemistry when they don't even have many love scenes together,whoa just realize no kiss scene between p'ek/n'ek in this lakorn, such a surprised. but Janie/Poh look so cute together and play their characters so well. and make me realize that for a pair to have good chemistry not always there has to be a lot of passionate love scenes(kissing etc) but instead that actor/actress have to play their characters well and interact well together, that make me into their characters/love. hope Janie/Poh get to pair up again. wanna see them play romantic comedy together will be fun cause haven't see Poh play comedy in a while and his real self he's a funny guy too. the scenery in this lakorn is beautiful, both in thailand and paris. felt sorry for Siwat but he take it like a man when n'ek doesn't pick him, i like that about his character, sometime a person life/heart is not for themself but for their job and duty. so sad but not everyone get what they want, you gain something and lose something it's reality have to accept it.


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surprisingly i felt sorry for siwat. it's hard for me to choose who at the end too because siwat is such a good person too. at the beginning of the lakorn i thought he was going to cheat on her like most of the lakorns where the nang'ek already has a bf. but no he stayed true. felt sorry for him. his dad ruined their relationship. i guess the moral of their story is don't stay distant from your loved one. but gosh just when i'm starting to like art, he had to have that scandal with the transexual..eww.. nonetheless, i thought he did good here :)

wow janie is back to back i saw the preview to raeng ngao. too bad i don't want to watch something i've already seen. i swear, has it been 10 years yet since ken and ann's? either way feels like just yesterday. i still remember that lakorn vividly in my head. i HATE remakes arghhh


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its a mature action romance drama. love janie/por and also janie/art chem, they all did well, all so lovey dovey, each v different & romantic. i like art 2 and really sad 4 him at the end. hes a good man just 2 good a son and def a great bf if not for dad & silly t !! always speaking so gently & softly 2 janie ! wish list : janie/por, janie/kenT, janie/tik, janie/art, janie/andrew, janie/rome pairings in future lakorns. thank u everybody 4 sharing yr tots & esp the beautiful ost by ABnormal wif eng sub. love love love ABnormal osts soooooooooooooooo much.


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^Tikaff,I agree with all those pairing you mentions on your wish list. Since, Tik's having three lakorn and two out
of those three it's with ch3. Hopefully,he gets pair with Janie,again. I miss the both of them together.


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Aylove tats great Tik having so many lakorn, cant wait. really hope for a tik/janie 1. thanks 4 da info :=)


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have to agree, one of the bestt lakorn productions i've seen in awhile....

i actually really wished Nae picked Siwat..... ART AND JANIE blew it upppp~~~ they were totally cute!!!! :cry:

overall.. good story line. art's role was very well written and played. thumbs up*


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hi karen, agree with u, its a v good lakorn and janie looks great, cute with both hotties. the end was sad cos Art was alone. tats why hoping for a janie/art future lakorn where they are totally into each other, make up time :=)


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I've finally gotten around to watching this after it was dubbed in Khmer. I gotta say that this lakorn is different. the plot, the characters, their chemistry. it's very well played out. throughout the drama, i kept thinking that art was gonna cheat, and he doesn't. I kept thinking that art's father was behind everything, he wasn't except for ruining the relationship between art and jaine. also, there were many elements in this drama that was so unexpected..which is weird to me. b/c when you see a few lakorns, you see it all. lol.

but i love this lakorn. wish they have more sweet moments together. this lakorns feels more like a korean drama to me. haha


I came into this thread because Art caught my attention in these pics:

Gosh, if he played the main character in a lakorn dressing like this, I would totally watch it even if I don't understand anything! Can someone say sexy boss!

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I liked this lakorn BUT....for a 12 episode lakorn it felt like eternity. One of the many flaws TV Scene has is making slow lakorns, after Rabin left Nay the lakorn started to move at a snail's pace, nothing interesting, I got bored and started playing with my iPod. So many filler scenes of flashbacks, Poh and Janie didn't even have that much stuff going on with their characters but TV Scene managed to scrimp up all they had to have long ass flashbacks. Poh and Janie had great chemistry though. Was it just me or in some scenes Janie was stiff (was it because of the PS???? She couldn't move her face???) and she didn't give it her all at times, so unlike Janie who gives it her all but I guess the character of Nay was a little dull too so it wasn't much to work with.
Alex looks adorable in this lakorn. The girl paired with him looks like a younger version of Marisa Anita but much prettier. The girl that plays Kwan is gorgeous, I wish there was more to her coupling with Vichert.
As for Siwat (Art). I can see why Janie didn't choose him, I wouldn't choose him either. Why? Because I don't want a guy who got no guts and is a complete pushover. He lets Tee get all over him and he could have told her off. He didn't fight to be with Nay and when he wasn't there, of course she is going to fall in love with the person that is always with her, makes her laugh, gets a different side of her personality out. I don't get his father, for someone who pretty much raised and saved Nay, he let these political games change him into an asshole. I didn't expect him to give in a sleep with Chulakorn, I thought he was responsible. Kind of a complicated character or the writers didn't know if they should have made him good or bad so they made him both. It was touching with the part at the end where Siwat hugged his dad and his tears fell. It was a beautiful scene. Overall I liked this lakorn, there was no crazy n'rai, the action was pretty good, Poh and Janie are cute together.