[CH3] Kiew Ratchasri (Step Power Three): Art Phasut/Susi Susira


sarNie Oldmaid
Thai text: เขี้ยวราชสีห์


An evening lakorn to be aired on March 1


sarNie Oldmaid
I honestly might just watch this for Susie lol even if I'll have no idea what is going on. I've liked Susie ever since her lakorn with Rome, but she hasn't starred in many things since then.


sarNie Egg
I was so looking forward to this paring but so disappointed with the genre of this lakorn! I love Susie and art! I hope they at least have some cute scenes


sarNie Egg
This type of lakorn is not my liking, but I actually enjoy watching this. Susi and Art is my Beauty & the Beast.❤ They're so cute and compatible with great chemistry. I was never a fan of Art, but he's growing on me because I adore Susi so much!


Wait is this lakorn about werewolf and humans? Lol. Dang I am not a fan of Art or Susie but I always thought Art is tall and cute! :)