[CH3] Nak Soo Taywada: Panjan Kawin/Prang Kannarun


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Thai text: นักสู้เทวดา
English translation: Angel Warrior

Fitting pictures

^Love this shot

Credits to topzaru, armyb_photography, Punjan, Prang FC, star_thai_fan, apassin

Action lakorn? Sounds interesting!!!
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Love it! I remember she said she wanted to do more action. In the lakorn with Andrew n ploy.

Both look really good/ cool!


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From Punjan's IG

If my spelling of the romanized title is wrong please don't hesitate to correct it thank you.


sarNie Oldmaid
Yay! So excited that both of them are getting more lead roles =D They look good together, hopefully this is primetime. (Sidenote: Still disappointed Phet hasn't been promoted to primetime yet, but I digress...)

Looking forward to more news/updates on this


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OMG!!! YASSS They look great together! Arent they paring up as well in the lakorn with Pope and Bella? I still waiting for more Prang and Phet tho -___-


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They both look very cute. Actually I don't really watch his drama at all but he looksso handsome recently . I guess I'm gonna catch up with his currently drama now. Btw Prang having one more drama with him. Prang is very beautiful


What's the update?! And like is this a prime time lakorn? I'm excited. Not a fan of Prang but definitely in love with Mr. Kawin at the moment.


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Holy cow! I completely forgot about this?! Omg— I’m just happy to see Prang as a lead n’ek and Punjan as p’ek although he’s so funny at times!!!!! LOL! I want to see Prang with some of the prime time actors! She would have amazing chemistry with Mark, especially after Pope Rak I want them in a full Lakorn of their own!:naughty2::love::icon12:

Anyhow, really can’t wait for this! Not the biggest action film, but it’ll depend on the plot and who’s in it. :D who’s the producer anyone knows?