Ch3 new lakorns that will start filimg in June-July


sarNie Oldmaid
it can't be Pinky because she play for ch7 but Dan's la korn will air ch3. i like Pinky. she's so talented+so prettly. i wish she will get to pair up with Dan, i would be so happy.


Lakorn Obsesser
lol Sajenna, that lakorn is already about to air ^^. I don't know why channel 3 is rushing for them to film and put it on air even when they're not done filming yet.


sarNie Coma
so now we're left with dan's lakorn. the rest has already started filming.

so curious to know who'll be his n'ek


sarNie Coma
from what tv3admin listed, theres 2 pra'ek and 1 nang ek. not a new pra'ek but someone new to ch3.