[Ch3] Oum Ruk (LakornThai)


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:eek: :eek: yay!..thanx for the pix annthongprasom!..ann's coming up with some more new lakorn..im happy shes coming back with alot..ever since tae pieng korn shes been coming out with one lakorn to another.. :D


calla said:
no, not that Noon.....i meant the Noon Siripun that in p'tang new lakorn 'pin din hua jai' on my banner......lolz :D

and yeah, ken and ann lakorn confirned its called "Oon Ruk"
lol I forgot to read the top...thanks and Calla I edit u're title since it's confirmed now to be "Oum Rak" hope u don't mind...

Ann & Ken they look adorable :)


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BlueMoon said:
lol I forgot to read the top...thanks and Calla I edit u're title since it's confirmed now to be "Oum Rak" hope u don't mind...
Ann & Ken they look adorable :)
don't mind ja....thank you :p


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Oum Ruk will be airing sometime next year in 2006. :D

More pics from Opening ceremony

credit to Matichon


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thanx for the pic roots!..ann n ken looks HOT! anne looks like she has gooten chubby..im happy shes looking very healthy


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here's the matichon article translated by swtanne, it tells a little about Anne and Ken's role

The opening of the set had already been done, for the romantic/comedy lakorn "Oum Ruk" that the producer "Da" had once again pair up the 2 pra'ek and na'ek "Ken Teeradeth" and "Anne Thongprasom," who had once been in the lakorn "Rang Gnaow" together before. There was also "Jamie Buher," "Gunchai Gumnerdploy," "Oh Pakjira," etc.

The surrounding environment that day was a bit quiet because most of the actor/actress was busy with other work, but as for "Ken-Anne" they certaintly didn't miss this event. After they are done with the ritual of opening a set, both of them had to immediately start to film the first scene.

Even though the temperature that day was a bit hot, but the workers and actors/actress did their best in their job. Every body continue to do their job efficiently, and the actors continue to pose for picture taking.

As for the pa'ek "Ken" in this lakorn he's role is a photographer with a fast mouth. Whenever he met with the na'ek they will always fight with each other. So this time, he will have to try to talk back with Anne, it can be said that both side wouldn't let the other win. For "Anne" her role is no lesser than Ken, in this lakorn she is a famous Hi-So na'ek and model. She is a confident woman with a fast mouth, so when these two meet, it will definitely be fun to see what will happen.

After that "Anne" and "Ken" excuse themselves to get prepare for the first scene. In the first scene, both are already fighting with each other...so who ever want to see this part, will have to wait a little bit, for this lakorn will be airing soon on Channel 3


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i just read it at spicy forum..sounds great so far..ann and ken gonna be arguing..ann's funny too when she argues..and shes good at it..like in ruk lamoon..cant wait to watch these two!


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Im excited...I didnt get to see Rang Ngao but for sure this I wont miss. I love Ken, he's so freaking hott!! Thanks for the pictures! They're so cute together!


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i heard Ann Thongprasom and Ken Theeradaeth.. is going to have a lakorn together..

I'm so happy. They look so cute together. Does anybody know the storyline?