[CH3] Plerng Naree (Guts Entertainment) : Mai Davika / Tik Jesadaporn


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Ending was sweet. I wish the revenge was stronger...but the again...was it worth coming back for revenge? Idk I guess I didn't go through what Risa did so I should t say if it's worth it or not. I liked the interactions between Risa and Pope towards the end. It got better but could've been way better lols. Though I do love how soft Tik's voice gets when he's sweet talking! Lmao! Makes me giggles and melts


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This lakorn is like where everybody is forgiven.

Some thoughts...
I was laughing when Mira and Athiruth were shopping together and the latter was like a personal assistant LOL and the part where he gave her a piece of paper written "reserved" and a writing I can't understand LOL and when the three assistants sent a video to Risa about Grace getting engaged to some random guy in the hospital when in fact it's all pretend so that Risa will be relieved that Grace won't get Phob. And she didn't actually end up with anyone. How I wish someone made a cameo instead.

And Risa and Phob's moments are so sweet! I also giggled on their part. Especially when he kissed her in the forehead and lips and hugged. Aaaahhhh!!!

I am now looking forward to their part on Jao Wayha series. I hope Aum and Nat will be able to settle whatever issues they have about the lakorn so it will be pushed through. I want to see how Tik and Mai's chemistry will turn out on JW. It would be a waste if we won't be able to see Part 2 (Andrew and Pancake) and 3 (Tik and Mai).

I wonder if a production company will make the 2nd and 3rd book of this trilogy as a lakorn. I hope Fluke and Pae will reprise their roles as Prince Kamin and Kaisak should they go for it, they are the respective pra'eks of the last two books.

Here are some bloopers shown at the ending credits
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Saimai and Wan will be on a sitcom together airing on October 2. Looks like they are the main couple? YAY! :aaaaa:

Final episode got a rating of 6.2 :)
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I think because Tik is aging gracefully and Mai look older than her age, they are tolerable on screen! At first I thought "Oh no Tik is going to look like Mai's dad in here!" but I guess not. LOL I am glad :)