[Ch3] Poot Mae Nam Khong (minds_at_work):Mai/Oom/Yiiwha


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I remember this lakorn. At first I thought those outfits were their fitting outfits but realized they are at an event. I was about to say this story they are suppose to be dressed in traditional attire haha.


sarNie Oldmaid
My bad just wanna post their cute pics at the event that’s all haha, yeah I remember seeing the old version too not fond of this type of story but will watch it for Mai Oom
No worries at all! Lol! But yes, I agree about this storyline. Not my type either. I wonder who will play Aimee’s role as the ghost because she was a main character as well.


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Is this guy a good actor? I notice he's receiving alot of lakorn. I've never seen his lakorn before. His looks doesn't wow me but maybe he's a good actor?


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Yep Mai admit it in his recent interview with Thairath. Fans can see they have been dating for a while since filming kaew klung dong together.because there was pics of them on a date last year. And Natalie is dating Masu, they are cute couple too.
NO FREAKING WAY?! OMG YES!:aaaaa: I thought the four of them looked too close to be just a group of friends who hangs out with each other. From lakorn to real life! :cheer::clap:This is so cute. They have double dates :love:
Could you please link the article?


sarNie Hatchling
yep It’s true, but I have known for a while Mai/Oom are dating because saw In their Instagrams they always tease eachother and post pics of eachother hanging out together, and their celebs friends always tease them too.

both couples sparks on the set while filming lakorn together, all 4 are not close friends they don’t hang out together, Mai/Oom are close to their co stars in Keoklungdong (Judo,Stephanie) they hang out together often go take pictures together a lot

http://instagr.am/p/CEerQxpn6_q/ MEDIA=instagram]CEerQxpn6_q[/MEDIA]

Masu gave interview he’s dating Natalie.

Masu and Natalie did went on a couples road trip with this other Ch3 celebs couple (Namwhan/Kiak) before
Here’s the link road trip of Natalie/Masu on their friends vlog Namwhan/Kiak

oh oops I thought you meant Natalie was Stephanie. Lols i already knew about them. I thought you meant Judo and Stephanie were also dating.
So technically Mai and Oom aren't confirmed? It would be so cute if all the KKD couples dated irl. It's so cute the four still hang out.


sarNie Hatchling
Love mai&oom!! So glad they're having another lakorn. Their chemistry is really good, so im excited. But this is giving me major nakee vibes lol. I'm hoping the whole cast can act cause I feel as if yiiwha's acting is very soft. But who knows she can prove me wrong.