[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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Lakorn: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (รอยฝันตะวันเดือด) [ Rising Sun Series 2 ]
http://asianfuse.net/discuzz/topic/53735-ch3-rising-sun-series-1-roy-ruk-hak-liam-tawan-maker-y/"]Part 1 - Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan (รอยรักหักเหลี่ยมตะวัน)[/url]
http://asianfuse.net/discuzz/topic/54517-ch3-rising-sun-series-2-roy-fun-tawan-duerd-maker-group/"]Part 2 - Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (รอยฝันตะวันเดือด)[/url]
http://asianfuse.net/discuzz/topic/54518-ch3-rising-sun-series-3-sai-luerd-dan-tawan-maker-k/"]Part 3 - Sai Luerd Dan Tawan (สายเลือดแดนตะวัน)[/url]

Cast: Barry Nadech & Yaya Urassaya
Production: Maker Group [ Khun Ja Producing & P'Num Krit Direct ]
Broadcast: TV3
Status: Confirmed
Genre: Action/Romance
Status: Filming starts end of year or beginning of 2013

- P'ek (Ryu Onizuka) is a big boss of a Yakuza gang
- Inherited Yakuza from Takeshi (his buddy/cousin)
- He has a dragon tattoo on his back
- He's a honest, brave, and desire man

- N'ek (Mayumi) is a the daughter of another high gang
- She is a calm and reasonable person

Both are engaged when Mayumi was 15 years by his uncle but Ryu is not interest and feels he will not fall in love like Takeshi b/c he thinks that love will make him feel weak and be taken advantage of (troublesome) so he never comes to interact with Mayumi at all even though she had fallen for him the first time she met him. Since Ryu never cares for her, she decides to continue her study and become a doctor like she hope for. She practices sword, arts, and fighting skills as a big boss daughter while Ryu continue to live life as a bachelor, seducing women here and there (such a player).

He shows up 7 years later and proposes to Mayumi but she refused. In truth, during the years she's study, he has been watching her from afar b/c he realized that she's the only one in his heart (what a sweet heart). But will she forgive him since he has another woman, constantly coming at him while she has another man (a high profile policeman) who has the will to get rid of Ryu at any time and is also smart, chasing after her too? However, Ryu didn't give up and made a big announcement that she is his woman only.

In the meantime, the Gokudō (極道http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Installing_Japanese_character_sets"]?[/url]) or Ninkyō Dantai" (任侠団体 or 仁侠団体) "chivalrous organizationsreturn to try to get rid of the Yakuza gang completely. (There was some past rivalry things - was not mention in the synopsis) This will be a hard lesson for Ryu to get through war and love LMAO (don't worry, he has a doctor next to him, he'll be fine)

Translate: Cecilia (I read through and just pick what's important to translated - if i mistranslated something, please accept my apology and let me know) thanks
Source: http://www.bloggang.com/mainblog.php?id=aunty-owl&month=29-07-2009&group=3&gblog=2"]Aunty Owl[/url] | http://campus.sanook.com/912004/%E0%B8%A3%E0%B8%AD%E0%B8%A2%E0%B8%9D%E0%B8%B1%E0%B8%99%E0%B8%95%E0%B8%B0%E0%B8%A7%E0%B8%B1%E0%B8%99%E0%B9%80%E0%B8%94%E0%B8%B7%E0%B8%AD%E0%B8%94/"]Sanook[/url]

*According to this reviewer - this book is very well organize so i'm assuming that it'll be another great lakorn from ch3 if they keep the script as close to the book as it should be. Now, i'm excited!
Takashi & Ryu are cousin and they were about the same age and attend the same university. Takashi character is discribed as "calm, handsome, smart and keep to himself "quiet" and a one woman man...

Ryu on the other hand, is a playful, playboy, charming, talkative, smart, strong minded, very impatient and of course he also a one woman man..

Mayumi is beautiful, smart, determind, strong minded, shy and she has one love, and that love is only for Ryu!!!!

Praedao or "Sayko" "I hope I spell her name correctly, anyhow" she is beautiful, shy and very soft spoken and does not like confrontation, in the other word, she's very woman like (weak) from thailand, she got a scholarship to Japan.

Takashi, Ryu & family are member of "gokudō",or the other name that people call them is yakuza.
Credit: kittiya | asianfuse
Takashi & Plewdao met at the university. Takashi has a fiancé but he never love her and once he saw Plewdao he fell in love with her but was too shy to introduce himself and all he can do was admire her from afar. Ryu knows his cousin is head to toe in love with Plewdao and too shy to let her know so he decided to help.
As soon as Plewdao found out that Takashi & Ryu were member of gokudō, she was scare and distances herself from them and told them to leave her alone. Takashi didn’t gave up, every day he’d go near Plewdao’s class and watch her from distant.
Takashi & Ryu got their back tattoo with “a giant with red face and a dragon wrapped with samurai sword when Takashi became the head of gokudō & Ryu as the second in command after the murder of his dad and brother. Takashi announced he will not marry his fiancé (Iko) until he revenges his dad & brother’s death.
His fiancé was furious when she heard him announced no wedding until he settled his revenge. She also found out that he loves Plewdao and that made her even angrier. Iko went to Takashi’s enemy, and ask him to kill Plewdao. His enemy was thrilled and willing to do as Iko asked since he wanted to kill and wipe out Takashi & all of his people to begin with. His enemy kidnapped Plewdao and was about to kill her but decided not to and use Plewdao as bait. When Takashi received the message and he was ordered to go alone, Ryu didn’t agree with Takashi to go alone and that he & his people will go and help rescue Plewdao even though Takashi refused, but Ryu gather his people and followed Takashi there without Takashi knowledge.
Ryu saw that Takashi’s weakness was his love for Plewdao and Ryu doesn’t want his love one to be in the same situation as Plewdao so he told himself he will not let love interfere with his duty as gokudō.
Mayumi was to engaged to Ryu but the engagement didn’t take place due to Ryu’s uncle was murdered and Ryu himself doesn’t like the idea of being engaged at that time, he was still in school and he told his uncle that Mayumi was too young to be his fiancé.
Ryu has been sitting in Mayumi’s heart since the day he rescued her from a boy that threw food on her dress when she was only 10 years of age. From that day on, Ryu has been the love of her life. When she turns 15, she found out she was to be engaged to Ryu and was so happy but Ryu showed no interest in her. The two met and talked about their future. Ryu told her she’s too young for him and he wants her to concentrate with her study. Ryu asked Mayumi what she wants to study and her goal in life, she told him she wants to study and become a nurse but her dad refuses. He helped talked to her dad to let her pursue her dream and her dad agreed.
Before Mayumi start school, Ryu got the chance to discuss with her about their engagement. He told her to concentrate with her study and finishes school which was about 5 years and if neither of them found someone else then they’ll talk again.
While in school Mayumi devoted herself to study and on spare time she took self-defense classes. She earned black belt in Judo & an expert in Kendo. There was no time to date and also it was difficult for any guys to approach her since she was labeled as Ryu’s fiancé to be, no one dare to date her. The reason behind she took self-defense classes were, she thought that in the future if she was to be Ryu’s wife she will need them due to gokudō has many enemies and life is not save. She also wants to be ready for any situations and to be able to help Ryu when he needed her. After Mayumi graduated and got a job at the hospital and it has been 7 years she still doesn’t see Ryu around. She on the other hand has been following his news either from her dad or on the newspaper. He has been dating different women every week. The latest woman was an actress and a daughter of one of his members. Mayumi was disappointed, mad and she told herself she will not marry him and will tell him there will be no engagement. Mayumi doesn’t know that the whole time she was in school, and at the hospital, Ryu ordered his men to watch her every move. His men report to him every step she takes and what made him proud of her the most was that she never opens heart to any guy. He likes how Mayumi have grown to be a beautiful woman and he loves just everything about her.
After 7 years, Ryu showed up at the hospital and took Mayumi out to dinner to talk about the engagement and the wedding. He told her he is now ready to marry her want have kids. Mayumi rejected him and he was fuming she told him she will only marry if there’s love, she doesn’t him to marry her out of duty and the promising his uncle gave to her dad.
The madness started when Mayumi met a detective and she went to dinner with him. Ryu heard about her date and that drove him crazy. On the date he picked her up to practice kendo with his men, he decided that Mayumi will be his wife!
Credit: kittiya | asianfuse
On the day of kendo practice, Ryu couldn’t concentrate due to lack of sleep. He was awake all night thinking about Mayumi and the detective. He didn’t talk to Mayumi from the time he picked her up and until they were done with practice. He gave her a cold shoulder and insult look. Mayumi didn’t like the way he treated & looked at her. When they were done with the practice, Mayumi went to the main house to change. Ryu was waiting outside the bathroom when she came out. She told him to move out of her way she wants to go home and doesn’t want him to take her home; she will go home on her own. She also told him this would be her last time coming over to his house to practice kendo. She couldn’t bear the way he was treating her and she doesn’t want to see him again.
It hurts him to hear that from her, he scoffed and said: does he have to act and treat her like the detective “Yuji” for her to be able to bear him. Out of anger, she told him that “Yuji” was 100x polite and he is not a thug like him. As soon as he heard that from her mouth, Ryu was furious; how dare she compare him to that detective! At that moment he was beyond furious and out of rage, he grabbed and lifted her and took her to his bedroom. In his head he kept seeing pictures of Mayumi & Yuji at dinner cuddle and saw them end up somewhere and have done the deed. He declared that Mayumi is (HIS) and only HIS! Mayumi has no right to have any romance or anything with any guys! Mayumi was born to be his and he is hers.
Mayumi scare to death when Ryu took her to the bedroom and she knew right away what was going to happen. She pleads and screams for him to let her go, but he refused to listen, too enraged to hear anything she said….
Credit: kittiya | asianfuse
Mayumi struggled to break free from his embrace but Ryu over powered her. When they were on the mattress on the floor, his whole body covers her and he kissed her face all over and said “you are my woman, you belong to me and only me, do you hear me?” he then tore her skirt, underwear, shirt and threw them on the floor all over the room then he (…R...) her, Mayumi cried of despair and pain, he was not gentle with her, she felt the tissue tore and that made her want to kill him. He gazed down at the sheet and saw red stain; he immediately realized he was the one that ruin her innocence. For some odd reason he felt relief to know he was her first. As soon as reality hit him, he felt horrible to have miss-treated her and to force her. He never meant to hurt her or take advantage of her especially her first sexual intimacy. The suspicion of Mayumi betraying him and for her to compare him to “Yuji” drove him crazy! He admitted he was outraged and refused to listen to Mayumi when she tried to explain. He regrets to have force her and never in his life to force any women.
He saw Mayumi face covered with tear; ashamed to have done that to his only love. He fell in love with a 15 year old girl and found out he was to be engaged with her, he knew he had found his soul mate. She was born to be his and only his. At that time he was stubborn and didn’t want to admit his feeling toward her. His main reason for not showing his affection toward Mayumi was that he didn’t want his enemies to know and use her as bait just like Plewdao. He would die if she was harm and to be in the same situation as Plewdao. She’s his HEART/LIFE and that was why he ignores her for her own safety and it worked. Throughout 7 years, Mayumi live a normal life, his enemies were not even aware of her being.
He knows he cannot go back and undo what he had done. The expression on his face changed from beast to gentle and kind. He kissed her with passion and caring manor. He caresses her and handles her like she so brittle that one wrong move she would shattered. Mayumi was confused and curious by his enticement and all the wonderful things he performed on her. The despair and pain she felt just a few minutes ago vanished. She hates herself for letting him seduce her and the tension and madness start to slip away and forgot what he had just done to her. She starts to like and participated and followed his lead. Deep down inside she knows she belong to him and only him, this is her man and she love him unconditionally.
Credit: kittiya | asianfuse
Ryu was ecstatic when he saw Mayumi legs wrapped around his waist and follow his lead. He gazed at the naked body with affection and content of what he sees; he loves her with all his heart. After their love making, Ryu wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to his chest and whispered “I love you Mayumi.” Upon hearing Ryu, she shook her head and said “wicked man like you do not have heart for anyone and you told me yourself you never loved anyone, you do not love me and all these years you were never around and you abandoned me” her voice was icy, she wanted him to know she is still mad but she doesn’t hate him.
Hearing those words and the sound of her voice hurt him like a knife pierces through his heart. Only if she knew how much love he has for her and it is painful to hear that. He never ignores or abandoned her like she said. He was so proud of her when she graduated, even though he was not around due to his business meeting in Europe, but he asked her dad for her picture and keeps her graduation picture on his desk in his office so that he can see her every day. He didn’t want to irritate her anymore; he pulled her closer, hugged her and fell asleep.
While in his embrace, she thinking of what just happened to her, tears drift down her cheeks. She promised herself from today on she will not forgive him for what he had done to her. Her exhausted body and mind cannot take it anymore. All day today, there were so many things happening, from kendo practice, their argument and including Ryu’s punishment. She almost fell asleep in Ryu’s arms but the knocking on the door woke her up. The voice of Ryu’s maid announced that his men were waiting for him downstairs. Ryu lifted his head and shout to his maid, he will be down there in 5 minutes. Ryu slowly loosen his arm and Mayumi took this opportunity and seized a blanket and conceal her body. She was happy to see him go downstairs, out of sight out of mind, but her happiness didn’t last long, Ryu turned and looked at her and shout out to his maid to bring his clothes and also come in and help dress Mayumi, he will be waiting downstairs and will hold the meeting until Mayumi joins them. He got up and put on his clothes and he told her that he and she have to talk, but right now both of them have to attend the meeting first.
Mayumi asked him why she has to attend his meeting and before he can answer her, she said she does not want to go anywhere with him anymore, she wants to go home now. Ryu’s expression changed from evil beast to a polite and sincere and with a calm voice, he said, I will take you home but right now you have to get dress and go downstairs and please no more argue. She then asks why she has to attend, it has nothing to do with her and he said you will find out when you go downstairs.
The meeting commences as soon as she entered the room. Ryu wanted Mayumi to witness the punishment of one of his bodyguard. Mayumi has to learn and acknowledge gokudo’s rules since she will be his wife. She has to be strong, fearless and not scare of anything. One of his bodyguards gave out Mayumi’s workplace and his whereabouts to Ryu’s “ex-girlfriend. It is very important, no one, beside him & his bodyguards are allow to know his whereabouts due to his & Mayumi’s safety. (This punishment is their own unique way of apologizing when they make mistake, or do something wrong. It is called "Yubizume.” Yubizume is the act of cutting off their little finger and giving it to the person they are apologizing to).

Mayumi is now aware of the meeting and has to endured the horrify scene, she is now disgusted and beyond mad! The punishment she witnessed was cruel and savage! She hates gokudo, hates everything including Ryu. When the punishment was done she asked him if she can go home. He told her to go wait for him in his room and he will follow her and they need to talk. Mayumi tried to refuse but end up going back to his room and wait. She waited for Ryu on the floor and when he came in she looked up and said, “Say what you want to say, so I can go home” the rage look on her face disturbed him. He kneels down in front of her and reaches out to touch her but she abruptly moved away from him like he was a demon. Don’t touch me! I will not allow your evil-self to contaminate me again! Ryu then said, please calm down and listen to what I have to say, last night you went on a date with ‘yoshi’ and before he can continue, she cut in and said “Yuji is not completely recovered. He still wears a cloth loop arm because of wound surgery has not healed and his chest is also still wrap with linen clothes.” If your men would give you a better detail report I wouldn’t end up like this. Ryu stumbled upon hearing her explaining that’s right; he completely forgot that “Yuji” was released from her hospital a few days ago. Ryu didn’t know how he could have thought of Mayumi betrayed him with Yuji. Jealousy got the best of him, madness and jealousy took over and he lost control. He felt so bad and ashamed. Mayumi continue… now that you know the truth and you have punished me can you let me go home now? He said she cannot go home yet because they are still fighting, he begged and she continue …I’m not fighting with you, you thought I did you wrong and punished me; I don’t owe you anything anymore. Ryu plead, please don’t say it likes that, I love you, and love you so much that I’m jealous of all men that come around you, he tried to explain. Mayumi said, not true and I don’t believe you. When you know I’m mad, you use the word “love” so that I can forgive you, I will not forgive you.
All his youth life he never tells any women he loves them until Mayumi and she doesn’t believe him. Then he said ok, I’ll take you home and next Saturday I’ll go pick you up and we will talk again. Right after he said he’s going to take her home she announced the cancelation of their relationship; I will not come back here again in this life time. All agreements we have are cancelled as of today. No more kendo practice, no more giving you a chance, you and me we are over and go on our separate ways. I do not want to see you ever again! He was shaken and called her name…Mayume-jung… and reaches his hand to her again but he was too late, she got up and grabbed her bag and headed to the door. He quickly got up and seizes her waist from behind and pulls her to his embrace. She screams with shock, thinking he’s going to force her again but he just stood there and hug her tightly without any intention of forcing her. She struggled but fail and he whispered into her ear, please stop struggling, I will not hurt you. He places his face on her shoulder and said I will not ever let you go Mayumi and he apologized and ask her for forgiveness.
Mayumi stop struggling, and said; you have destroyed everything including my trust. I will never forget what you have done to me for the rest of my life. Hearing her said that, he felt the pain in his chest and it was indescribable then he said we will marry soon; I will be responsible for everything that had happened. With shaken voice she screams, NO, I will not marry you, I want to leave this place as fast as possible. Leave this stupid room and go away from gokudo and out of your life! You are my woman, I will never let you go, and why is it so hard for you to understand that our families want us to marry. It is faith and destiny. Mayumi then said, I don’t understand and I hate you! Again, the pain he feels in his chest at this moment was unbearable to hear the love of his life announced that. He can’t let her go, and he knows if he let her step out of his house now, she will be out of his life, he will never see her again. Ryu said, since you are not listening, I cannot let you go; you are to stay here with me! Mayumi lifted her face up and looked at him with shock and said, you cannot capture me here, I won’t let you! With regrets, Ryu said, believe me I can, and I have to since you give me no choice.
You have no right to imprison me! He then said, I have all the right to keep you here, you are my woman and we are getting married as soon as possible and you cannot escape from me in this life time. I will never marry you and I will have you arrested and I will escape. Ryu had enough with this argument; he decided to use her family to threaten her and he knows she will not risk her family. He feels bad to do this, but he has no other choice. Then he said, I can do anything, do you not remember what I am? No Officers are dare to mess with me, and don’t forget your family is under my protection and if you defy me they too will be suffering. Mayumi was terrified and said…You…you… what are you going to do to them? He then said… there are so many ways, it is up to you to agree and obey.
…you … you despicable! I never thought you can be this despicable. My father praise you, trust you how can you do this to him. Then he said, believe me, I do not like to do this but you give me no choice. She looks at him with anguish eyes, tears flow down her cheeks when she knows she is now his prisoner. He loosens his arms, got up and told her he will send his man to her house to get her clothes and belong and he left the room.
He knows what he had done was callous and ashamed but he can go back. He promises to change for her, from now on Mayumi will be his only woman. He will do everything she asks. He wants to win back her trust and he believes and hope one day she will see the love he has for her and win her back.
A few hours passed after Ryu left, she heard the door in his room open, frighten look with fear on Mayumi’s face, thinking he came up to force her again but was relief when she saw his maid. His maid brought her suitcase from her house and said, “Oyabun” which means (supervisor) said you will be staying here and also sharing his room. Upon hearing his maid, Mayumi couldn’t hold her tears and turn away to avoid his maid’s gazed and nodded slowly. His maid feels so bad for her and she said, please don’t cry Miss, Oyabun is mad right now, this is not his norm, he is a good person, calmly talk out the issue with him. His maid reach out and took Mayumi hand, patted it gently and said, Oyabun and this house has been lonely for a long time, I am happy that Oyabun finally takes you in.
Mayumi follow his maid to the closet, to Mayumi’s surprised the door open into another bedroom. His maid said Ryu’s & Takashi’s bedroom are connected. Oyabun said you can use the closet in this room. Before she leaves, she said, okay, I am going to get Oyabun’s clothes ready and when you done unpacking I will show you where Oyabun’s keeps his clothes. His maid continues…Miss, from now on, taking care and dress Oyabun is your responsibility as his wife.
Mayumi turn around and told his maid she will take care of her clothes and she will stay in Takashi’s room starting this moment. She will not stay at Ryu’s bedroom. His maid said, Miss, you cannot do that, Oyabun will not allow. Husband & wife have to be in the same room. His maid also said, please forgive “Oyabun” he is a good man and trust worthy just give him time and you will find out. Mayumi didn’t believe her and ignore what she just said and told his maid, I have decided I will stay in this room and don’t worry; I will handle it with Ryu. Mayumi’s victory didn’t last long, after she finished unpacking and settle for a few minutes, Ryu sent his maid’s daughter to get her to go downstairs for dinner. She refused but decided to go because the girl that came to get her said; if you don’t go he will come get you himself and you probably won’t like it.
When she arrived at the dinner table, Ryu saw her and he gave the biggest and the nicest smile. Mayumi took a seat next to him. All of sudden he asked, “Normally what time do you leave to work?” He pour sake for her before he pour one for himself, *in japan, serving sake is normally women or wives duty* but he did it to please her. Mayumi didn’t want to drink it; she didn’t want to forgive him. “Normally I leave at 6am” She answered him and with face down looking at food and eat quietly. He continues asking, what days are you on call? Mayumi face still looking down and ask him, why you wanted to know. He immediately let her know his intention, I want to drop you off at work and pick you up every day, and if I can’t pick you up, I will have my men pick you up and this is why I have to know your schedule. Mayumi was surprised and didn’t believe what she just heard and said, what! You are going to drop and pick me up at my work? Yes that’s right, he said. Mayumi answered with icy voice, I won’t escape, don’t you worry, and I will not risk my family. In her head, if he drops & picks her up, she will only have a few hours of freedom, she doesn’t want him to do that.
Ryu was a little concern when he saw Mayumi agitate face and hurry and explain, please don’t say that, I just want to help and I noticed my house is far from the train station. Mayumi then said; if you want to help, please let me go and let me live my normal life without you.
Credit: kittiya | asianfuse
Monday at 6am I’m going to drop you off at the hospital and will pick you up at 5pm and if you are on call, I will wait Ryu told her. She couldn’t eat anymore after hearing his command. She put down her chopsticks, Ryu immediately question her, done already? You barely ate. She answered him with cold voice; I’m sorry I’m not that hungry and she bow her head and left the table. She went outside to catch some fresh air, but to realize his men were all over the place watching her. She was thinking to herself, if she knew Ryu was this kind of person from the start she wouldn’t have given her heart to him. She decides to go back up to the room.
Ryu can’t think of ways to win back Mayumi’s trust, he decided to call his cousin (Takashi) for advice. At first his cousin laughed at him and ends up sharing his advice and the method he used with Plewdao. His cousin told him that last week, Plewdao received Mayumi’s letter, and in her letter Mayumi complaint about him. Ryu was elated when he heard his cousin said Mayumi mentioned him in her letter and asked what else she said about him. Immediately Takashi explains the contents on Mayumi’s letter. She’s confused and I think she is head to toe in love with you and at the same time she’s mad at you. In the letter she said, you abandoned her and she’s mad at herself for not able to stop loving you. You will discard her once she’s yours just like you do to all of your women. That’s not true, I never thought and never will do that to her, Ryu declined. I waited many years for her to grow into woman. Takashi immediately uttered, now that she’s a fully grown, beautiful and irresistible and is that why you force her? With weak voice Ryu said, you know I am not proud and I am ashamed of what I have done to her, and Mayumi should never have said those hatred words and compared me to my enemy. Takashi then said, I understand, women’s mouth and heart always contradict. Ryu added, Mayumi is feisty, daring and never back down and continue to argue with me, unlike your Plewdao, she doesn’t seems brave enough to argue with you. Upon hearing Ryu, Takashi laughed and then said, women have mood swing. First thing you need to do is to understand her and reduce your fierce pressure. You don’t have to apologize anymore; sometimes actions speak louder than words.
How do I do that asked Ryu…Takashi then said, you are a flirt and a playboy, you are asking me for advice? A little annoyed, Ryu then said, Mayumi is not like other women that I flirt with. Takashi continues his advice, second of all, do whatever you can to show her that you love her by actions not by words. Thirdly, you have to do it from your heart, so she can feel & touch your love from your actions. After the phone conversation, Ryu smiled, he was content to know Mayumi secret and the secret is love she has for him. He will do anything to win her back. Oyabun walked upstairs with a big grin on his face, he will start his mission right away so he can win Mayumi’s trust and love back. On the way to his room, Ryu saw a light from Takashi’s room, immediately he knows Mayumi is in there. He hesitates, and thinking what he should do next, if she’s in that room and he in his room, there is no way they can talk and resolve their issue. He thought of a good plan, decided to go take a bath. After bathing, he put on his pajamas and went to Takashi’s room with confidence.
The sound of the door opening startles Mayumi; she was on her mattress reading, she dropped her book and instantly got up and asked him with unfriendly voice, what business do you have with me? Ryu sent out a warmest & sweetest smile and said, “if I’m not mistaken, I told you we are to share bedroom (pointing) to his room” Mayumi then said, you said that to yourself, I didn’t agree with you, what else do you want from me. You took everything from me and I stay here like a prisoner with 24 hours guard or do you want me to be your s3x slave as well so that you would be satisfied? Upon hearing her stern statement, Ryu took a deep breath and said, no, it is not going to be like that, I’m thinking I’m going to accept and follow your order. Mayumi ask with curiosity, what do you mean? Are you going to let me stay in this room? Yes, you can stay here, he nodded and took a long stride and stops near Mayumi’s mattress and continues talking, I decide to move to this room and sleep here with you, because I don’t want to displease you. Mayumi startles and said what! I won’t let you force me again; I will fight and quickly got up take her position ready to attack. Ryu just stood there and said, please calm down Mayumi; I’m not going to do that, unless you are willing. Mayumi then said, no, that day will never come. I told you I’m not giving you any more chances, you have destroyed my trust and the mutual feeling I had for you have gone since this morning.
Ryu then said, even a prisoner put to death was allowed to appeal, and are you that mad that you cannot forgive me, because of my instant emotion? I know what I did was unforgiving, I feel awful and I’m hoping you will take into a consideration my wrong doing and give me one more chance. Mayumi squint at him and not trusting him, he is full of tricks and she cannot catch up with him. She then said, you can go back to your room now and we will discuss this issue later. He answered, no, I won’t go, and I have decided I want to share my life with you starting today. Mayumi object, I didn’t agree with you, if you are going to sleep in this room then I’ll go sleep in your room. He then answered with a smile and shrugs his shoulders, no problem; any room is fine with me. Whichever room you go, I will follow. But you said you are not going to force me again, she hurry and reminds him of his vow. Yes, I promise you and I won’t break it he answered with confident. Mayumi hesitates; she knows if she doesn’t allow him, he will find other ways to oblige. It is bad enough that I’m your prisoner; do you have to guard me24 hours? I’m not guarding you Mayumi; I just want to spend quality time with you after I get off from work. I want a friend I can talk to and if you avoid and cage yourself in this room then we cannot talk, this lonely house is still lonely even with you present and it is no difference than before. Mayumi sympathy him when she saw his sad and sorrow face.
Mayumi, I promise I will not disappoint you again he pleads. If you break your promise, she threating him, but he cut in and said if I break my promise I will disembowel myself in front of you, please believe me my vow is as critical as life. She is satisfied with his promise, she walks to the closet and pulls out a mattress, place pillow and blanket on top of it and set his mattress a few feet from hers. Ryu walked to his mattress without saying anything and sat down. Mayumi gazed at him with distrust before she pulls light switch off and lay on her mattress facing him. Ryu did the same, he smile in the dark before he start the conversation, okay, can you let me know what days are you on call? When she hears that he was asking her nicely, she answered, my schedule is not set, normally it changes every month, this month my on call days are Wednesday and Sunday, starting this Wednesday if there’s no change. Ryu then said, I guess you will be going to work tomorrow. I will drop you off and pick you up myself. She tried to protest, but he cuts in and said, let’s not argue about this anymore. I can drop you off every day and if some days I can’t I will have my men pick you up. I’m doing this for your convenience and safety and don’t forget the most important thing is your safety. She didn’t want to believe him and said I don’t have any enemies; therefore you don’t have to worry about my safety. You may not have enemies in the past but as you became one of the Oneshika ‘his family or last name’ your enemies are all around which I believe you father has informed you about that since you will be daughter in law of this family. (Mayumi remembered her father told her many times of her responsibility including duties when she becomes Oneshika. Their enemies are all around and ready to attack anytime, she must be strong, brave and fearless, which is why she took self-defense courses. She knows what is expected of her as his wife)
I told you I don’t want to be Oneshika and there are women out there that want to take my place and if I remember it correctly, your ex-girlfriend is one of them Mayumi answered. I don’t want to hear her name and I have chosen you and none of those women are qualify, this is why I want you protected 24 hours. Mayumi sense that she cannot win this conversion so she pull her blanket up to her neck and said, I’m sleepy now, I have an early start tomorrow and I don’t want you to disembowel yourself , so stay far away from me. Yes ma’am! Ryu answered and he let out a soft laugh. Mayumi close her eyes with her mind full of confusion, the terrifying ordeal of what Ryu had done to her but underneath the suffering she found happiness and ashamed at the same time. She can’t denial that she didn’t enjoy his love making. She was unable to control her innocence body from magnificent pleasure that she received. She was amazed of Ryu’s attitude changed, from black to white. She notices at the dinner table, he sent her a warm and sincere smile. She tried to come up with answer to her confusion but came up empty. He serves her sake and he just now promise to disembowel himself if he force her again. He doesn’t know his promise made a big impression on her. She sees him loveable and admirable a little bit and starts to feel sorry for him. She then drifts off to sleep and in a dream. She dreams she saw Ryu naked, he came to her and they make love. While still in her sleep she felt the warmth and thought it was from the blanket, she moves her body close to the warmth and the last thought that she could remember before she drift deep to sleep, she accept to herself, starting now she belong to Ryu’s and she is his woman.
The sound from downstairs woke Ryu up. He opened his eyes and lift up his head, a little bit lost as he glance around the room and he remembered he came to sleep in Takashi’s room with….he gazed down and see soft black beautiful hair rest on his chest, he then smiled. Last night after she fell asleep he dragged his mattress and places it right next to her and slowly put his arms around her waist and thinking he was going to sleep in that position but it was Mayumi that move toward him and snuggle into his chest, Ryu’s shocked a little bid, thought he had woken her, instead he saw her eyes still closed and peacefully sleeping, he looked at her with contented heart then slowly drift to sleep with her. He lifts up his hand and lightly pats her long hair and bends down and place a soft kiss with affection. The petite body in his embrace start to move slowly…she looked up, her eyes popped out in shocked. You…she uses her palms to push on his chest, with a loud voice she said, you said you are not going to take advantage of me. Ryu chuckle a little bid and loosen his embrace and said, what is it young lady, what’s with you? Please look first, whose taking advantage of whom? I should be the one to complain; you came and took over my mattress. Mayumi shocked, looked down and realized she’s sleeping on his mattress! She couldn’t argue and didn’t know what to do; she got up walked to the dressing room, pick up her clothes and before she hurry to the bathroom, she turn around and gave him a dirty look. Ryu got up still laughing and went to his room. On the way to the bathroom he sees her coming out and gave her a sweetest smile, she didn’t smile back but her cheeks were red from the embarrassment when she found out she was the one that crowd his mattress last night.
At breakfast Ryu gave all his attention to Mayumi, He talked about his business and he told her that his business is extremely busy and difficult he has to deal with so many different aspects. Being the last one of Oneshika, he tried his best to take care of his people and he doesn’t want not fail them. (He almost mentioned his cousin, Takashi (there are only two people that know Takashi’s still alive, him and one of his man whose he considered as his uncle) he then pause and change his conversation back to his business. First few years was hard for him, he was still young and has to work harder to proof to his people he is capable and can handle his business as a leader of gokodo. Upon hearing and saw him pause, Mayumi immediately knows who Ryu was going to mention, she empathy him, he must be lonely as he is the last of Oneshika. She remembered last time she saw Ryu at Takashi’s funeral, Ryu was devastated. He distant himself from everyone, she also remembered her father talked about how hard Ryu work to be accepted by his people. He overcame his obstacle. She then encourages him by saying, you can do it, you are smart and capable you can overcome any obstacle. Ryu smiles when he heard her compliment and said, it is difficult to handle all of these by myself, that’s why I need a woman that is the same level as I, and that woman is you Mayumi-jung and he places his large palm on the top her hand. She pulls her hand out, finishes her water and announced she’s ready to go to work. She arrived early today since today is Sunday. The door of a van slid open and Mayumi step out and thanked his bodyguard. Ryu then said, see you tomorrow young lady and don’t forget to think about me, Mayumi wrinkled her nose as an answer. As soon as the van took off, she couldn’t stop smiling when she thinks of a brightest smile that was on Ryu’s face when they talked in the van on the way to her work. He did most of the talking, she barely answers him but that didn’t discourage him. He continues talking and eventually she gave in. She turns around and walk into the hospital, instead of gloomy mood as she should be, she strangely thinks of Ryu, she miss him already she wants tomorrow to hurry and come so she can see him again even though he just left.
The hospital is not busy today since it was Sunday. She went on with her duty and toward the end of the day she went to her staff and informed them she’s on call and if it gets busy to come and get her. In her office, Mayumi tried to read her medical textbook. She doesn’t understand anything she’s reading, her mind keeps wondering to Ryu. She tried to block him out of and told herself from now on she will not think of him, she will not forgive him for what he had done to her. She told herself many times don’t expect anything from him he probably won’t follow up on his promises including dropping and picking her up. It was useless trying to read and she’s also tire she decided to rest. Throughout the night there was no emergency case and her staff didn’t need her assistance. She had a good rest and woke up to better Monday morning.
There was good amount of patients on Monday; it is back to normal for week day. Most of them are patients with appointment. Toward the end of the day, she performs appendicitis surgery to a little boy and that took her several hours to complete. First person she sees when she came out from the operating room was Ryu waiting for her with bright smiling face. She automatically smiles back at him and immediately put a straight face when she remembered what she told herself last night. She turns around to the little boy’s parents and informs them of his condition and answers their questions. Right before she’s done with the little boy’s parent, at the corner of her eye she sees Ryu slowly walking toward her. He asked her with the warmest and the sweetest tone of voice, are you finished? The nurse told me you were in the middle of surgery so; I waited for you out here. She answered with just one word “yes” and gave him annoying face. I told you, you don’t have to pick me up. Ryu then said, we are not going to argue about this anymore, please go change and I’ll wait for you here.
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She follows him to his car. When they both seated, with the warmest tone of voice he asks, are you hungry? Should we stop and grab something to eat first? Let’s not I’m, tire and want to go home she answered. Ryu then told his bodyguard to go straight home. He turns to Mayumi and gaze at her with his charm eyes and gave her his sweetest smile and at that moment Mayumi is lost in the wonderland and her body is melting uncontrollably. She tried hard bringing her back to reality. She told herself to concentrate and avoid his gaze then she asks him, have you wait long… He said not long. She looked at her watch and realized right now it has pass 6pm and if he was on time that means he had been waiting for her for more than an hour. Normally a man like him doesn’t like to wait for anyone, and she was surprised to see him still in good mood and with warm smile on his face. Mayumi brought up the dropping and picking up subject, right away he refused. She was going to continue, but he grabbed her hand and bends his head down and places his warm lips on the back of her hand and said, I miss you so much. I didn’t see you for two days. I never knew your work is so demanding. I have been thinking, after our wedding, you should quit your job. She attempts to pull her hand out from his hold but failed, she then said, to get where I am right now, I have been through rough time, I dedicate my life to my study and graduated, therefore I will not quit my job for this reason.
If you pregnant, you will be tire and I don’t want you to be exhaust from work. It will affect the baby’s health; he’s not going to be strong Ryu said it like they are already married. Mayumi didn’t say anything; she knows he will dismiss everything she has to say. When Ryu noticed that Mayumi didn’t respond he thought she’s probably exhausts from work so he keeps holding on to her hand and send his affection through his touch. As soon as Mayumi steps in the house, his maid’s daughter came to greet her and brought her the indoor slippers and took her working shoes and put them away. Mayumi then walks to dinner table, as soon as she sat down, his maid brought out foods, set them in front of her, and announced they are ready to eat. Mayumi was impressed. When Ryu see her expression, he then explains, you probably hungry so I have my maid prepare food and have them ready to eat when you get home. Mayumi then said, “Oh”… Little things he does may seem insignificant but it’s a major significant for her. She has been working day and night and to come home to this, she was speechless… she appreciates his effort. Ryu then said, or do you want take a bath first? I have my maid prepare that as well. Grin on his face when he sees a smile appears on her face. Mayumi then said, I’ll eat first then I’ll take a bath later. He then said, good I’m hungry too even though he is not really hungry, but right now whatever Mayumi say goes… all he wants is to pamper and please her. He sat down and was surprised, when suddenly Mayumi pour sake and serve him and invite him to drink. Ryu picks it up and drank it quickly and place the empty cup down, she pours some more, he drinks, she pours he drinks and finally she said if you keep drinking like this you will be drunk since you haven’t eaten yet. Ryu with smile on his face, answered her, I’m happy that you serve me; I want to hear your voice, want to see your smile and especially you pour sake and serve me. It shows me you are not ignoring me.
Mayumi gives quirky look and with tender loving care smile she said, I’m just doing my job and if my mom sees you serve me, my arms and legs will turn green from her pinching. Ryu smiles and try to score some points he then said, I know you are a perfect lady, good with housework and a very skillful nurse too. Mayumi is aware of his pleasing and sweet talk, she picks up her chopsticks and say “Ittadakimasu” (let’s eat), then Ryu answers; “douzo” (go ahead)…he then picks up his own chopsticks and said, please eat a lot, I see you are skinny and you will look healthier if you gain a little weight. She looks at him and quickly looks down hiding her embarrassment. He continues his compliments as he sees her red cheeks, actually you are already beautiful but if you gain a little bid you would be perfect. While he was complimenting her he also filling up her bowl and it was almost full, she then said… this is enough, and I don’t think I can finish what’s already in my bowl. Ryu nod and happy she didn’t refused food he offers, he then fill up his own bowl and before he starts eating he remembered something and said, this morning we had a meeting about accepting you to become a member of Oneshika, I want to let you know in advance because there will be a formality. Mayumi frowned, right away Ryu explains with good mood,
In accordance with the process, you have to become a member first then after the wedding I can appoint you as “okami-san” (supervisor’s wife). Then your body will receive “a giant with red face” tattoo. It doesn’t have to be big; the tattoo is to let others know you belong to Oneshika. Some people believe the bigger the tattoo the braver they become. Others want to tattoo themselves all over their body, but for me, tattoos are a form of art on a body, therefore too many tattoos will make it look sloppy. Takashi and I have the same opinion; therefore we tattoo a picture of a giant with red face which represents our group, which you may already have seen.
Again Ryu mentioned Saturday morning; Mayumi saw that tattoo on his back when he got up to dress. She knows this type of ritual tattoo. She read them from textbook, if this was 7 years ago, she would be more than ready to have her back tattoo of a giant with red face and would be proud to be one of Oneshika’ s member BUT not after Ryu had (…R…) her. Getting the tattoo now would be like committing sin rather than pride. Mayumi snippily answers, I don’t think of becoming your member, don’t wastes your time and I don’t want to accept Okami-san position and there will be no wedding. Another thing you are also well aware of is that I stay here as a prisoner. You force me to stay here. I thought I have made myself clear. The smile that was on Ryu’s face suddenly disappears and slowly replaced with wrath. He tried suppressing his anger as best as he could by using Takashi’s advice to calm himself as to prevent outburst of rage. His fuming look didn’t slip Mayumi eyes, his faces bright red it almost burst. His fierce eyes shine just like the day he (…R…) her. This time he avoids looking at her and gazed down. For a second, his anger scares her, and she is afraid that her smart mouth will cause him to lose control like “that Saturday morning”. She immediately felt guilty, then with calm voice she explains…Oyabun, I am a woman that is not willing to accept the position you offer; I’m not interested no matter how important it is to you and there are many women out there that are willing to accept your offer, why are you forcing me? As soon as she finishes, she starts to cry… Ryu gazed up at her with eyes still red then ask, are you still mad at me from what I have done to you the other day? Mayumi didn’t have to answer because the answer is in with his question. I made a terrible mistake and I regret it, please give me one more chance he begs. Mayumi then retort, I don't like what you are doing to me; you treat me like a prisoner and threating my parents’ safety to control me. Do you think I should forgive you?
Would you take into a consideration if I ask for you to stay so that I can make it up to you? Mayumi was confused of his sudden change of manner and a new proposal…she then ask… you will not interfere with my family right? Ryu, I never thought of harming them and I’m asking you to stay with me and not cut me out of your life like you said the other day. Mayumi thought for a second then said, okay I will give you two weeks and if you still can’t make me believe that you are good enough to lead the family then I’ll go home and all contracts between us must canceled with no conditions. Ryu squinted and negotiates…two weeks is too little…two months. Mayumi thought for a second and said…no, two weeks… Ryu with final negotiation… one month…I ask you to give me one month and if I still can’t make you love and forgive me, I will let you go home and all contracts canceled. Their eyes gazed at one another then Mayumi said, fine one month…I must not be detain like a prisoner and I can go visit my family…Ryu then said, you will get to go visit your family once a week, I will be taking you and there will be no more watching your every move if you promise to let me know first where you are going. Please believe me, that I am really concern of your safety, and please don’t argue anymore. Just by looking at his eyes, she couldn’t deny him then said…one month then I will be free from you. He reaches and takes her hand and gaze at her with the gentlest eyes and said… since we decided to call a truce I want to see the old Mayumi, I want to see you smile and I want things to be like they were before our quarrel. Mayumi nod and said, I will try…
Mayumi ask to be excused after she was done eating. Ryu continue drinking, he feels uneasy thinking of his one month contract. There’s so little time to spend with her. He only gets to see her for a few hours on weekdays due to her unforeseen work schedule. Her only day off is Saturday. To think of it he will not have enough time to take her on a trip and not enough time to win her heart. He’s mad at himself for being impatient, his mind wonders to Yuji, what does Yuji wants, what’s his intention? Maybe Yuji knows Mayumi is his woman and that’s why he flirts with her, Yuji is up to no good. The more he thinks the more concerns he gets he has to do some more research on this matter before things get out of hand.
He calls for one of his men; he discussed his plan and orders him to follow up then he went upstairs. He hurries to take a bath, changed into his pajamas and went to Mayumi’s bedroom. When he got there, he saw her already asleep due to exhaustion. He also saw that Mayumi had prepared his mattress/pillow/blanket and placed it next to hers like the evening before yesterday. He then dragged his mattress closer to hers and gazed at her face and notices how soft and young she looks not much different than the first time he saw her. A young girl with chubby cheeks grows up to be a beautiful and attractive woman. He smiles as his recalls “Saturday morning” he tore her clothes and exposed her whole body due to his enrages. He remembers her beautiful round tight breast he caressed with his palm; her skin as soft and white as milk, so fascinated that he can spend the whole day fondling them without any boredom. His body starts to react to his thought; he hurries and shakes off the sinful thought because he doesn’t want to disembowel himself and still wants to live and spend the rest of his life with her. The cold air seep through his body, he moves closer and closer near her. He carefully places his arm on her waist. He hears her sigh softly and slowly move toward him and cuddle into his chest like she did the other night. Ryu slowly sigh when he sees her eyes closed and still asleep. He slowly wraps his arms around her body and pulls her into his embrace, close his eyes and before he goes to sleep, he prays to all of his ancestors spirits to help inspire Mayumi to accept to be his “Okami-san” in the near future.
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After a restful night Mayumi slowly opens her eyes, adjust her focus and recognized this room is no longer just her room. Strange that she feels familiar with his arms around her waist with her back attached to the front of his when she wakes up. The warm breath that clashes her hair regularly, tells her he’s still in deep sleep. She looks at her watch and see it is still early so she didn’t rush to get up and she wants Ryu to rest a little more because last night she saw him came to bed late.
Her mind slowly wondering to the agreement, she doesn’t even know if she will get her freedom. Ryu is courage, successful business man, and he’s very cunning. She is confidence that if he thinks of not letting her go, she will never be free, unless he follows the agreement. She quietly sighs afraid the person spooning her might wakes up. The truth is, she should be angry and hate of what he had done to her but why? It has been only 3 days; all of her anger and hate rapidly disappear.
Last night, it was her that longing for his warm embrace and when she felt his arm on her waist she turned toward him and cuddle into his chest and fall asleep. She looks at his large arm that rest outside of the blanket, she notice Ryu’s had gotten a little darker than 7 years ago, his fingers look powerful like he can control everything efficiently and then she thinks of when this side of his hand touched her body every square inch, it indicates how much he admired her body when he thrust inside of her. She felt her entire body shiver just by thinking, she immediately close her eyes to refrain from the tense picture. She felt his movement, she hurry and open her eyes and look at his hand that she looked at a few minutes ago, she see him slowly trace his hand upward, she’s shocked but then relieved when he moves his hand to brush her long hair that tousled on her shoulder away before his breath touch the side of her ear lightly.
Ryu: “good morning young lady” he then kiss her ear and down to her neck that she tilted open for him unaware then she became aware of his kiss and immediately toss to face him and put her finger to his mouth to stop him from going further.
Mayumi with firm eyes on him: didn’t you say you are not going to trespass anymore and are you not afraid of disembowel yourself?
Ryu: grabs her hand, kiss her palm down to her wrist before he whispery answers, “hmm… last night how far did we limit the trespass?” His voice like a giant lazy cat groans with sexy and seductive mood. He continues kissing slowly down to her arm.
Mayumi shocked, you! Are you thinking of breaching the agreement?
Ryu: who’s said? Just kiss, it’s not considered trespass, like this, its call morning greeting, his eyes coordinate with hers…
Mayumi with harsh voice, not even a kiss, I do not consent.
Ryu utters, “heartless”…then with no fear attitude he toss her to lie on her back and lift his body and got on top of her and before he touch the tip of his nose to her soft cheek he said “just want to be cheerful and since you are a kind-hearted nurse you should consent right?”
Mayumi confused when she felt his warm mouth on her cheek, she opens her mouth to answer but he moves his mouth to close hers and swallow her voice down his throat and slowly insert his tongue down between her parted lips. His kiss is gentle, pleasing and inviting her to kiss back much different than last time. Mayumi closed her eyes, she softly sighs, when she can’t resist Ryu’s sweet and gentle kiss anymore, she tilt her face a little to receive his passionate kiss. She doesn’t know when she puts her arms around his neck; she only knows her fingers are in his hair and study his head thoroughly wants to know what his head is made off to make her fall madly in love with him this much…
Ryu didn’t trespass Mayumi more than just kissing & tracing his hand over her shoulder and on top of her night gown, even though he wants so badly putting his hand in between the opening of her night gown to caress her breast with his palm and touch her nipple and make sweet love to her in the morning… but then he shakes out his urge and trace his hand and coordinate with hers and slowly removing his kiss with eyes still gazing at each other.
Mayumi hesitate, she admits without sham that she doesn’t want him to stop because she knows he had given her enjoyment like going to nirvana alive before. She still wants to continue her journey to the castles heaven with him, she will never be bored. He saw her hesitation, but all he can do is smile sweetly to comfort her before he slowly bend his head down to kiss her one more time but he was interrupt by the sound of the knock on the door outside the room.
His maid informed him of a telephone call. He walked to his office, pick up the phone. His man reports that there were dead men on his ship and he is afraid they have been set up by his enemy. He told his man on the line to report to the authority and he is on his way there. Once he hangs up the phone, he went back to the room and saw that Mayumi folding their beddings.
Her cheeks red when their eyes met because of the embarrassment from the incident that just happened before he got the phone call.
Mayumi: is there a problem?
Ryu said with disappointment: My men found dead bodies on my ship this morning, I have to go there and I will not be able to drop you off
Mayumi hasten: it’s ok, I told you that I can take care of myself
Ryu: One of my body guards will drop you off and I will pick you up this evening and as he was telling this, he walks toward her and lifts up her chin and lightly places his lips on hers and said “see you this evening young lady”. Once he’s done, he walks to the bathroom then hurry dress to go to his shipyard.
Mayumi dressed and went downstairs. His maid brought her coffee and bread, for some strange reason, Mayumi feels sad and lonely. When she was done with breakfast, she walks out to the front she can see Ryu’s Mercedes Benz pulls up and park in front of her and the driver came and open the door for her. Mayumi stepped in the backseat with the feeling of emptiness then she lifts her hand and lightly touches her lips that were still hot from Ryu’s kiss. She can’t tell herself if she will have enough energy to stop him if his maid didn’t come and knock on the door. She only knows that she was willing to let him when he bends his face down to kiss her one more time. She knows Ryu will not do more than kiss her, just like he told her because he brought his hand and clasped with hers so that his hand cannot roam all over her body LIKE she wanted him to do…
His kiss was almost started again but was interrupted when his maid knocked at the door, for a second she felt pity….She understands that he has urgent business or else his men won’t bother him this early in the morning.
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She then cannot hold her curiosity any longer, she asked his bodyguard…
Mayumi: “what is happening at the shipyard?”
Bodyguard: from the front seat, turns around and answers her, “our men reported that someone threw dead bodies that belong to ‘Miura Harru’ (another group of Yakuza and Ryu’s allies) on our ship, that’s the reason why Oyabun has to be there and check it out, polices are watching us.”
Mayumi suspects: “what does it mean the Police are watching? Does Oneshika do anything illegal?”
Bodyguard: “Not at all Miss, I have been working with Oyabun since he was second in command of our group and I never see him interfere with anything illegal. Right now, Oyabun suspects that polices are watching him since the police went to our warehouses and searched many times in the past few years and they never found anything.” “Until recently two weeks ago, the police tried to arrest ‘Miura’s men near their nightclub, they were chased to our field and there were several dead bodies found in our area. There were some that went missing and we thought they have been thrown in the ocean but instead they emerged on our ship.”
Mayumi: “My god!” Startled when she heard the story and feels concern for Ryu, “what will Oyabun do now?”
Bodyguard turns toward her with consoling smile: “It’s not of a big deal; Oyabun will soon manage to silence things successfully.”
Mayumi then said “Ok”… before lightly sigh and wondering the people that create this situation what are they intended to do…

Ryu stepped in his van, took off his neck tie with frustration and with extreme enrage state he ordered his driver to speed off from the police station. “The police here are not understand of what I said, I kept telling them I do not know, I do not know and they still imposed on me to know” his clamor when in the van with his men and his attorney. His attorney came along with him to the police station with bail bond in case he was arrested in the charges involved in the murder case of the two men found on his ship this morning.
Koji, one of the bodyguards (had been through countless catastrophic events, he can predict without wasting time analyzing) “someone purposely uses us as a scapegoat…killing two birds with one bullet…and it looks like Oyabun became a victim of police and Miura Haru, which still waiting anxiously to hear explanation of this matter.”
Ryu is stressed because he knows he must point out and clarify the situation as soon as possible to Miura Haru so that he understands before problem occurs and avoiding conflict between them. He is not ready to quarrel with anyone at this time.
Ryu mutters between his teeth “Why didn’t the police ask about the products search on our ship from the coast guard? This I know they purposely overlooked”… “The crew members all said that the coastguards gather them to the other side of the ship and kept the captain busy helping them inspecting the products, and this is the only time someone would be able to bring the dead bodies and threw them on our ship”
Koji scratch his chin and thinking of the possibility “if this really concerned with the police then it’s not just the police in this area that intent to trouble us because the one inspected our ship was from another area”
“If they can’t arrest the person who’s responsible, it will be a sully that is hard to wash off” Masato (another one of Ryu’s bodyguard) mumbles before he suggests “Perhaps Oyabun may have to ask Iero, (the police officer that was supposed to be in charge of the police force but his promotion is being steeped due to his former boss was shot to death) for his cooperation since he’s an officer there and may know something that benefit us.
“That’s right” Ryu mumbles before he nodded and asked his attorney to call Iero and make an appointment to see him this Saturday
“And how about Miura Haru?” Koji asked
“Call and make an appointment with him tonight the sooner the better for us”

Yuji Kobayashi with rigorous stress face, standing outside the dark interior room next to his father looking through the glass at Ryu Oneshika listening to the police investigation about the case of dead bodies found on Oneshika ship. His men were unable to cornered Ryu, whether the relation between Ryu and Airu that may be related to drug trafficking as well as the case that just occurred. In the end, they have to release Oneshika when there’s not enough firm evidence to lay charges against him.
Yuji mumbles, “If he is arrested, I don’t think the court will decide whether he is wrong since the evidence is too weak”
“hmm…I don’t want him in prison, Yuji’s father said…”influential person like him will not be detained for long he will probably be out walking soon”
Yuji turned and looked at his father and asked “then what is it that you want”
“To manage influential people, you would have to eradicate them from the root” his father answered calmly like it’s not an important matter.
Yuji mouth agape hearing his father statement…his father didn’t turn to look at him instead he continues…”they have influence to overwhelm the city and very strong. Their groups are linked by their primary elder members and subsequent inheritance, even if their Oyabun died; they are still strong enough to continue maintaining their group” “looking at 7 years ago, for example, ‘Misawa’ (Oneshika former member that Ryu beheaded) killed his uncle and both of his brothers but Oneshika status is still solid even though there were many changes of Oyabun. All this due to their firm foundation and is enough for the new Oyabun to continue what is left from the old one.
Yuji whisper “father, you are not thinking…”
“No, I don’t think because I’m not the one to do the job” his father answered without waiting for Yuji to finish his question. “The one that will do the job is ‘Miura Haru’ or Takao if I be able to sufficiently pressure them”
“This means…”
“Mmm…his father slowly nodded “it means, the dead bodies found on Oneshika ship are not an accident but it was intentional. Miura Haru probably gone mad to know his allies blackmail him and this is only our first plan, we still have more and you will be helping me”
“Yes father” Yuji slowly nodded, he knows his father (as governor) intended to eliminate all Yakuza out of Yokohama city, but this city not only have Oneshika, there are others Yakuza then he asked with suspicion “do you not think that even though we rid of Oneshika, they still have other groups and the new ones will probably start forming.
“Those are poor insignificants; I barely flip my hands and they all can’t escape” his father chuckles…”right now, we need to manage Oneshika first. I will show you the others are just weak insects that once they are not benefiting us then there’s no need for them!”

Ryu drop off his two elder members at the office and then hurry to the hospital to pick up Mayumi as promised. On the way to the hospital Ryu kept looking at his watch and feeling uneasy. He’s thinking Mayumi might have already gone home since he came 15 minute late. As soon as his car park in front of the door he hurried toward the official public relations aiming to ask but he found her sitting and reading a book at the waiting area outside
“Mayumi-jung” he calls out…smile on his face to see that she waited for him even though she could have gone home due to him being late. Mayumi closed the book in her hands and looks up with a thin smile and that makes his dull heart from fussing problem suddenly delighted just by getting a smile from her.
“You are late” she complains with a tone of voice that letting him knows she’s not too serious
“I just returned from the police station and dropped off Koji at the office then rushed here” he quickly explained
She nodded and said “ok” not blaming him for waiting and she’s surprised herself why didn’t she go home when she has the chance…or maybe she didn’t see his driver waiting so she knows he would be picking her up as he promised and she didn’t want to disappoint him if he doesn’t see her waiting.
“Let’s go…tonight I have to go to Miura’s night club because there are some problem occurred and I must hurry manage it as soon as possible” he told her when walking together side by side toward his car.
Mayumi frown before asking “is it a very serious matter?”
“If I don’t take care of it, then it is considered very serious” Ryu answered when he stepped up the car behind her followed by his bodyguard and closed the doors when his Oyabun seated.
“You are going to the night club with whom?” Mayumi asked
“I’m going alone because this problem I have to quickly cleared before the matter escalates”
Mayumi calmly thinks, picture of nightclub in her imagination filled with women in skimpy clothes serve drinks to lonely men and may include Ryu. The club owner would immediately call those women to service him. The jealousy plays to and fro…she doesn’t want Ryu to go to night club alone… “I have not been clubbing before perhaps it may be a new experience” she claimed. When she looked up at him, she see dazzling smile like he knows so she quickly defend and said “but if you go to talk business, I should not interfere”
Ryu chuckles before he lifts her hand up kissing it lightly “who says…Oneshika’s business it’s your business as well. I feel much honored that you are going with me” When he is being cute, Mayumi could hardly resist his charm, she then nodded a little with a smile “ok, then I’m going with you” he smiled, lift her hand and kiss it again before he holds onto her hand all the way home.
Credit: kittiya | asianfuse
After dinner, Mayumi didn’t refuse ‘Ayako’ (Ryu’s maid) that came in the room and volunteers to help with her hairdo. Ryu went to his room to dress. Mayumi put on a light green flare skirt knee length; it is a shirt and skirt as one piece with deep square neck and sleeveless in accordance to fashion at that time suitable to wear to nightclub. Mayumi puts on make-up and Ayako fixes her hair. While fixing Mayumi’s hair Ayako mentions she used to help Plewdao with her hairdo and she misses her. Seeing her sad expression, Mayumi ask “Oyabun doesn’t bring women here?” Ayako met Mayumi’s eyes for a second then immediately dodge and answer her genuinely “He dates many women but never date them long and in the past he sometime brought them here”
Mayumi with disgruntle voice “a womanizer like him would not stop at anyone”
Ayako trying to reason “Please don’t say it like that Miss, Oyabun is young and he has his needs, he works hard and would like to relax” “and he doesn’t want to make you lose your concentration since you were still in school” only if Ayako knows, Ryu dating different women like that worsen her concentration…
Ayako continues…”Oyabun never interested and concern for anyone as much as he has for you, since that day he made you angry. He tries pleasing you and also tells all of us to take very good care of you. Before, there were many women that wanted to come and stay here but he never let anyone until he has you here” by hearing Ayako saying that it makes her feel rejoice and to know she’s more special than other women, but still opposing, she then said “once he is tired of me, he’ll discard me just like others”
Ayako: “oh no… no…don’t say that, all men in this house have one love and one heart since modern grandfather and great-grandfather, they never had ‘Ane-san’ (a mistress) …err…except Miss ‘Saeko’ (Plewdao) because at that time Takashi already has a fiancé and she is to be “Okami-san”
Mayumi turns toward Ayako and ask “It’s that true that this family never had Ane-san?”
Ayako answers with confidence: “yes, it is true and if you don’t believe you can ask Koji, he has serves this family for a long time and he will assure you that men from this family all have one love and one heart”
Mayumi still feeling unhappy then mumbles “If I was chosen to be loved, it would be good…Oyabun used to say he never loved anyone because it is vulnerable”
Ayako discouraged; Oyabun loves Mayumi wholeheartedly but still stubborn, she then said “but I know he loves you, please believe me, an old person like me can’t never be wrong, don’t forget I raise him since child, and there’s nothing about him that I would not know”
Mayumi shakes her head slowly “if he loves me, he wouldn’t…err…force me…people who love each other they care and cherish each other they do not force”

Mayumi smile, turn left and right looking at her-self. She deliberately applying more make-up than usual because she knows she may have to compete with women at the nightclub and she is confidence that she is beautiful as those women because she doesn’t wants Ryu to look at any women except her.
Ayako: “Beautiful”
Mayumi: “thank you” she looks at the mirror again and smile. Before Ayako opens the door for her she said “Have a great time Miss”
“Thank you” Mayumi thank Ayako again for helping and right before she passes the door, Ayako lightly touch her arm and said “there’s one more thing I’d like to suggest Miss”
“What is it” Mayumi raise an eyebrow
“It’s about Oyabun, I think if you cool down a bit, reasoning with him and give him time, you will see him decent. And this man seeing from the outside maybe hard to understand but whenever you get to be in his heart you will be able to easily read him, believe me” Mayumi met Ayako care and sincere eyes before she lightly sigh and nodded
“Ok, I will try” Mayumi answered and stepped out of the room and down the stairs…
Ryu waited at the bottom of the stairs. He walked from the living room to the stairs as soon as he heard the door upstairs slide open guessing Mayumi is probably done, and then he saw slender legs in light green dress step down. Her waist wrapped with thick black leather belt, above the belt it’s a sleeveless shirt with deep neck that makes him want to capture her in a room because he doesn’t want anyone to see her white with pinkish skin that emerge, nonetheless, it is good that her rolled hair nestle on her naked shoulder and cover to her chest. He watches with admiring eyes, but still not pleases with her dress it’s too revealing.
Legs that stepping down suddenly halt for a little bit, when she sees Ryu in black suit. His hair oil, hair on the side of his ears are comb to the back, the middle comb up high, strands falling on forehead with sideburn (translator’s note: image of Elvis Presley’s hairdo appears when I translate this sentence J). He looks gorgeous. She stumbles on his heated eyes but then they changed to displeased, she stopped on the last step, unconvinced and ask “you don’t like it?”
“No…” he quickly answered. How can he say he doesn’t like because he likes it too much. He is not please that others will see her in this dress, but since they are going to nightclub he can’t let her dress unimpressed so he smile sweetly and continues “you are beautiful, I don’t want to go and I want to stay home with you instead”
Mayumi huffs “It took me a long time to get ready; if we were to be at home then I wouldn’t waste too much time dressing up”
Listening to her saying that makes Ryu laugh out loud before he reach and grab her hand and put it on his arm and said “well, then we shouldn’t waste any more time, all those men in the club will be jealous of me to have such a sexy and beautiful future Okami-san.
She glances at him with a better mood. Her hand holds onto his arm and walks out to his Mercedes Benz that park waiting in front. She’s surprised to see two vans and a car, one van in front and the other behind his car. She frown with uneasy feeling, she didn’t think he would bring this many bodyguards with him. As she was stepping in the car she asks “this is a big problem isn’t it?”
Seeing concerns in her eyes, Ryu nods and explain “police are suspecting that I’m involve in drug trafficking with Miura or maybe the opposing of interests that I have to get rid of him.
“And the truth is”
“The truth is, I’m never involved with Miura illegal business. He and I know each other and because he relies on me when he first starts his nightclub in Yokohama and until his business expands to three branches. I know he provides drugs to his customers at the club and I had warned him that he should be careful the police are watching him. He told me he had stopped and he was trapped by the undercover police pretending to buy drugs two weeks ago. Many of his men disappeared and two dead bodies appeared on my ship…and what do you think”
“Mmm...” she nodded her understanding “and who do you think did that?”
“There are two people that want to see me ruined, Kobayashi and Takao”
The last person she understand why he wants to destroy Ryu (Ryu beheaded his father), but the first person she doesn’t understand why he has to do this.
“Why did the police commander get involved?”
“I have many times self-asking but never got answers, unless he personally hates me without any reason. From observation, many times the police have been disturbing and creating difficulties for my business. Sometimes products are just quarantined and claiming they are searching for illegal substance and drugs. This makes me unable to export products on time and causing millions of yens.
“And what did you do?” she asked with anxiety
“Litigating the police is all I can do”
“Ok, there will be no more of that problem, right?”
“there shouldn’t be” he slowly nodded “but it looks like problem is not going to end, this time is worse, they thrown bodies on my ship this task will be a little tiresome because of the evidence. Ryu continues “that just the first problem. The problem that follows is the relationship between us and Miura, the ever help each other will be shaken if we do not quickly fix this problem.
“Is this the reason we are coming here?”
Ryu nodded “yes, and the reason I came prepared is just in case of unforeseen situation but I think we will be able to discuss and come to an agreement without using force.
“Oh” Mayumi with concern, lift both of her hands and place them on her chest
“Don’t worry young lady, I will protect you and if there’s force majeure I will have my men escort you home first” Ryu lightly pat her hands for reassurance
“I wish you and Miura can come to an agreement because he is your only ally” she flip up her hand and place on top of his as an encouragement for him. Ryu send her his thank through his smiles.
Their car pulls up to the front of the club “seven seas” (translator’s note: does this name sound familiar to you?) the door opens and Mayumi step down follow by Ryu. The young females hostesses rushing to welcome them and took them to the reserved table next to the stage and dance floor.
In the dark room there were colorful lights flashing from side to side from the spotlight. Her table is complying with luxury semi-circular sofa that facing the stage and terracing tiers to the dance floor. She and Ryu were at the rear seats which they can clearly see the stage and the surrounding. Even though is a week day, but most of the tables were half reserved including customers that were on the dance floor that dance to the music that the hostess sings on the stage. Mayumi scanning the room and her eyes saw 3 men walking toward her table. Ryu follows her gaze then he stood up to greet, as seeing him do that she follows, Ryu then introduce “my fiancé, Takahashi Mayumi and here’s my good friend Miura Haru” Mayumi not please with Ryu introducing her as his fiancé, but when in public she shouldn’t argue because it is considered bad manner and disrespectful she then bow her head for the elder
Mayumi: “Nice to meet you”
Airu returns her greeting with a smile: “same here and it’s a great honored that Oneshika Oyabun brought his beautiful fiancé to my nightclub”
Then all of them seated. Mayumi glances at 4 of Ryu’s bodyguards that stand warily behind, they are more rigorous and stress than before Airu came to the table.
Ryu: “You probably heard all the news including that I was called in for interrogation today”
Airu didn’t answer and his eyes looking toward Mayumi
Ryu immediately said: “I have no secret with my future Okami-san; you can say anything without worrying, because I trust her more than life”
Mayumi heard what he said and looks at him with gratitude. Ryu turns toward her and make eye contact with warmest smile to let her know he means what he said.
Airu: “I was informed by the police that the two bodies were my employees and it’s strange that they appeared on your ship, instead of have been thrown to the ocean.
Ryu: “that is because someone purposely leaving evidence and specifically choose me.
Airu: “that’s right; it looks like a set up scene and it is too obvious, starting from killing my men in your area and thrown dead bodies on your ship, what you say?” Airu shakes his head a little and let out a mocking voice
Both men exchange gratitude toward each other and settled their business then Airu excuse himself to go serve other guests.
Mayumi: “lucky that he’s friendly and easy to understand”
“And he’s reasonable too” Ryu added before sighing. Pick up his glass of brandy, take a sip and said “let’s go dancing”
Mayumi face warp: “but I’m not good with dancing especially disco dance”
Ryu: “disco is for kids, and for adult like us it would have to be ballroom dance”
Mayumi said with a bit of embarrassment: “I’m not good at that either, I know a few steps”
“Just come with me” he cut her from protesting further, grab her hand and walk down the steps to dance floor and as she reach the floor the new song stats with cha cha cha beat which is enough for Mayumi to be able to dance to but when she is paired with a young spontaneous society like Ryu, she feels courage enough to spins and follow his steps. He’s a great leader and she dance smoothly and seamlessly. Soon, she begins to feel that she had dance through multiple rhythms, not realizing that she used to be an inexpert. All she knows she’s enjoy dancing with him and she’s able to follow his steps and forgot all about the time then the band stops playing before it changed to a slow song together with dimmed lights.
Mayumi thought that the club is letting their customers a break from the continuous dance so she turns about to go back to her seat, but Ryu pulls her into an embrace and wrap his arms around her waist very different from the dance that just finished.
“What type of dance is this?” she’s wondering when he took her hands and places them on his large shoulders
“No types in particular, just move to the music” Ryu says and look at Mayumi. She was looking at other couples around, he then tightens his arms around her to make her ignore them and turn to look at him again when she heard his question “when should we set our wedding date, I want us to be married as soon as possible because I don’t want to disembowel myself “ he feebly confessed.
Mayumi secretly smiles despite her vulnerable heart she still wants him to conciliate a little bit more in order for him to know the demerit of wrong doing so she tries putting up strict face and said “we both agree to one month, everything is subject to the agreement and you will need to keep your promise”
He was thinking as time passes by with all the sweet moments they had today will make her forget about the agreement “Will you forgive me then we quickly get married next week” he moaned.
“No, I won’t” She looks up at him with serious eyes “if you afraid of disembowel yourself then keep your hands far away from me and go back to sleep in your bedroom”
“No, I want to stay with you, want to hug you every night, and I miss you so much throughout the day…you know. I frequently think of how beautiful you are on that morning; your body is perfectly beautiful and I want to enjoy you in every way that a man could show his love for his woman…” he pause for a bit to synchronize their eyes before he continues “I feel guilty to act against your will, but I do not regret to possess you. I have never experienced the most beautiful feeling like this with anyone except you”
His voice was sweet and squeaky, tells the mood of the speaker well. Mayumi cheeks flash hot and the heat runs uncontrollable throughout her body, she admitted she was angry that he was so enraged and refused to listen and force her but she does not regret that she is his, because that is what she has been waiting for all her life.
“I have yet given in to you” she tries to answers with serious voice but her knees are weakening from his sweet and seductive whisper “your time is one month for you to prove your sincerity”
Their eyes are firmly fixed until they stop moving to the sound of music. Ryu looks at her with protest, but she refused to give in
“I never thought a beautiful lady like you to be such so tough” he said it like a rebuke before he squeeze hard on the tip of her nose.
“You’re the one that started all of these” she replies mockingly “that’s the consequences of your action” she tries not to laugh when she said that, but then she see him doing the same thing, they both couldn’t hold it any longer so both laugh out loud and he tighten his embrace and she wrap her arms around his neck and place her cheek on his shoulder and move along the music.
Once the sweet song end, they went back to their table get ready to leave since it’s getting late and she has to go to work early. Airu came to say farewell and left to another table. Ryu holding on to Mayumi’s hand and walk out to their car. Nobuo (bodyguard) opens the door, Mayumi steps in first and Ryu to follow when a black van pulled alongside then a sound of dozen bullets broke out violently…
The thunderous gunfire panic Mayumi, she screams then immediately lay down on the seat. Cover her ears when the bullets hit and cause several large cracks on the bullet proof window near her. When she sees that she is in a safe place, she lifts up her head looking for Ryu but then she screams again when she sees him lying on the ground. There’s blood bath on his neck and face, still conscious because he looked up to her.
“Ryu Ryu-san” she calls with concern
Kazuo (the bodyguard) threw himself over Ryu, he uses his body to cover Ryu and when he is set, he whip out his gun and fire back at the black van. As soon as Ryu’s bodyguards fire back, the black van sped off and left black tire marks on the ground.
“Follow them” one of his bodyguards shouted
As the sound of gunfire ceased, Mayumi clambers down to the ground then pushed Kazuo out from Ryu’s body to check his condition. Kazuo ignored his own wounds because at this moment Oyabun condition is more important.

“Ryu-san, can you hear me?” she bends looking down and flips him to lie face up, his eyes half-closed but still looking at her and slowly nods.
“You will be okay; I’m going to take you to the hospital” She sobbed repeatedly consoling him but she’s not sure herself when she saw blood flowing from his chest

Kazuo wobbly standing up: “Oyabun is injured” He shouts to the driver to bring the van and they lift Ryu up in the van and sprawl him on the seat.
Mayumi follow to the van and before she gets in the van she orders “take him to Yokohama hospital. One of you calls the hospital and let them know we have wounded patient, he was shot in the head, shoulder and chest. Have them prepared the emergency operating room and also inform professor Hara and professor Ito (these two doctors are her mentors at the hospital. The author referred them as “professor” instead of doctors) tell them this message is from doctor Takahashi” she tries to compile her consciousness to the best that she can. Ryu needed both general and orthopedic surgeons and never once in her life as doctor to be this panicked to the point where she almost can’t control herself. She steps in the front row seat, kneels on the floor in front of Ryu.

Seike as the last one to jump in the van, closed the doors, and ordered the driver to speed off and asked “How’s Oyabun doing?”
Mayumi: “he was shot in the head, his temple grazed by a bullet and there are bullets that lodged in his shoulder and chest” She raises her hand to wipes the continuous flowing tears, and at the same time trying to stay alert checking his symptoms and carefully examined him “I need some cloths to help stop his bleeding” she then heard the sound of fabric tearing, not too long, a piece of scrap fabric was handed to her. She lifts up his head and firmly bands the opened wound and asks for another piece to press on his chest to stop the bleeding.

Mayumi: “Keep your eyes open Ryu-san, don’t fall asleep, I’m taking you to the hospital and we are almost there” Feeling uneasy when she sees his pale face. Trying to encourage him, she firmly holds on to his hand and said “just as long as you make it to the hospital you will be safe. Professor Hara is very skillful and he can help you but you must be strong” Ryu has no strength to move so he blinks his eyes slowly as a response.
Mayumi sobbed but still forced a smile to encourage him “you and I still have a lot of business to liquidate. You will be operated then soon you will be strong and able to stand up and argue with me”
Ryu tried to smile even though his chest is in pain as though he swallow red charcoals. He is aware that blood poured out of his body every second that passed but still toughing himself to force his eyes open as ordered.
He fought the pain in the chest and tells her “I…will…get…well…we…will…be…married”……. “I…lov…love”
Mayumi cries, it is a bad omen if he is going to tell her he loves her at this moment; it is like a final statement. She quickly raised her hand and placed it on his lips.
“Hold them until you recovered then you can tell me. Keep your strength now; I will wait to hear after you recovered from the surgery” She felt his hand grip her hand tight as a signal and nodded again, she smile with tears.
“Hurry and step on that gas pedal!” Seki (the bodyguard) shouted loudly to the driver when he sees the increasing exhaustion on Ryu. The driver floor the pedal, their van rising on the streets, and passed through red lights. Everyone in the van sighed with relief when they arrive to the hospital.
“Go to the emergency room” Mayumi ordered the driver to pull in along the front entrance of the emergency room which they already had hospital bed and nurses waiting. She jumped down as soon as the van stopped and shouted an order “bring the patient to x-ray the shoulder and then into O R” (operating room) and asked “have the professors Hara and Ito arrived yet?”
One of the Nurses answered: “they will arrive in 5 minutes”
Mayumi nodded and looked toward the male nurses that were lifting Ryu onto the hospital bed. She then turn toward the same nurse and said “there are more patients with me here, gesture her hand toward the four bodyguards. One was shot in the arm and three with minor injuries. Please help take care of them”
“Yes, doctor” the nurse answered and quickly lead the 4 injured men to the emergency room while Mayumi rush to Ryu’s which being wheeled to the x-ray room before going to the operating room. She briefly reported Ryu’s symptoms when she sees her friend on duty waiting in front of the operating room. She is concerned but all she can do is look at the back of her colleagues that are going in to the room. She cannot perform surgery on Ryu because she has been drinking alcohol. Moreover, she can’t pull herself together due to her state of mind is too sensitive therefore she should not perform surgery and leave it to the professors and her colleagues.
Soon professor Hara and professor Ito arrived. They briefly greet her because they got phone call and they know who the patient is
Mayumi calls out to one of the best surgeon of the hospital and also her professor before he opens the door to the operating room “Professor Hara”
Doctor Hara: “Yes” the elderly doctor full of experience turned and caught Mayumi sad eyes with tears running down her cheeks and before Mayumi bows she said “Please, he is my life. We…we are getting married. Without him…I would…” her voice lacked sound when a massive whimper ran down her throat.
Doctor Hara lightly places his hand on her shoulder and said “I will take very good care of him, trust me”
“Thank you so much professor” Mayumi with shaky smile, bows once more and the elderly doctor opens the door and enter.
Mayumi wipes the flowing tears when she heard approaching footsteps. She looked up and saw 3 elders of the group walking toward her followed by the bodyguards except Kazuo who is still getting his upper arm stitches by the doctor
Koji immediately ask “How’s Oyabun doing Miss”
Mayumi: “he was shot 3 places, one shot grazed his head, another shot embedded in the shoulder and another shot…err… I think it hits the lung which is the biggest concern”
Masato: “how severe is he”
“I don’t know either; I have to wait for professor Hara to come out and let me know” she answered and lifts handkerchief to dab tears that formed again.
Kazuma: “I’m sure it’s Miura, he’s probably enraged and thinks that we cooperate with the police to eliminate him. Think about it, that van vanished into thin air. Our men follow them very near but when they turned in behind the nightclub and all of the sudden the van just gone out of sight!”
Masato: “Miura would not do something blunt like that and that’s also in front of his nightclub. There are other nightclubs in that area as well; it could be another that helps hide the van”
Koji: “Miura had already called to apologize to the incident that occurred. He’s probably trying to be cautious as to what we thought about the incident. He claims he will come to visit Oyabun as soon as possible but still not show up yet due to he may be scared of us”
“If he didn’t do it why not come” Kazuma still trying to support his concepts
Koji didn’t answer; instead he turned to Mayumi and asked “what do you think of the negotiation with Miura in the evening and did he has peculiar manner?”
Mayumi immediately shake her head “Oyabun said Miura is easy to understand and reasonable. They spoke for a few sentences, and then Miura left. Oyabun also seemed to be at eased and relaxed. We…err…dance until 11pm then Miura came by to bid us farewell and excused from walking us out because he has other guests to greet and I do not see anything unusual about it”
Koji muttered softly “hmm… such coincided event. In the morning, dead bodies appeared on our ship, late at night, Oneshika Oyabun was shot in front of Miura’s nightclub. It’s clearly reaffirmed to completely shattered and will not be able to come back to harmonize”
Kazuma blurted “you don’t think Miura did that?”
Koji turned to answer his bosom friend: “it’s possible and impossible” “it’s possible Miura is angry and take revenge. But it’s strange to deliberately shot Oyabun in front of his own nightclub, because a businessman like him does not do that. It will shock the guests and it is like destroying his-own business, therefore, I don’t think it’s him. If we break up with Miura, Misawa will fully benefit and we all know that if Miura lack support from us, he will not be able to fight Misawa alone”
Masato, who doesn’t always see things one sided asked “Do you say the police are involved with this?”
Koji: “I do not cut off the police issue out, if Misawa dare to aggressively attack us in the middle of the city like this, it means he show no fear of the law. Police may take part of the conspiracy”
Mayumi stood listening to the 3 elders’ discussions with little knowledge because her mind is blurred and often looking toward the operating room door. The 3 elders have not yet concluded who did it and they intended to send a spy to track the movement of the 3 parties. Then all went to sit and waiting attentively to hear the results of Ryu’s surgery.
Almost 4 hours have passed; the front area of the operating room is mum. Dawn came near; Masato and Kazuo were napped sitting on the seat while Mayumi and Koji were fully awake and look forward to the operating room door again and again. Finally the wait was over when the operating room door opens again and doctor Hara walked out.
Mayumi dashed towards her professor and asked “how is he professor?” she coordinated her hands on her chest praying that she doesn’t get to hear bed news.
Doctor Hara smile, his face full of wrinkles, he look exhausted due to having worked throughout the night “he is off the danger list. The bullet lodged in his lung causing a pleural tear and congested with blood which needed to be drained. He is now prepared to move into the ICU”
Mayumi tear flow again but this time is tear of happiness. Koji and the other two elders walking toward Mayumi all exclaimed with joy when they know their Oyabun is off the danger list and several members that were waiting also pat each other on the back and shoulders and smile eventually.
Doctor Hara saw Mayumi exhausted face and recommend “Right now he had not yet recover and very weak. Go home and get some rest and you can visit him tomorrow”
Her face stained with tears, she smile and bows several times “Yes, thank you very much professor, I will never forget this gratitude” Doctor Hara smile and returned her bow before he walks into a physician’s room to change.
Mayumi then turned to Koji who offers to take her home
Koji: “I will take you, you can go home and in the morning I will have someone pick you up”
Mayumi lightly shake her head before answering ”I’m going to Oneshika house and I will hurry here in the morning”
“Yes, Miss let’s go” Koji grinned, when he see the solid armor that Mayumi built to defend against Oyabun now dissolved and he see love and care shown in her eyes. Then all members dispersed, by Koji went in the same car with Mayumi to Oneshika house and he decided to stay overnight so that he can go to the hospital the same time as Mayumi in the morning...
Mayumi let Koji answer Ayako questions that has been waiting all night. She walked up to the room with drowsiness. Once in the room, she drags the mattress out and dropped down on it. And before she dozed off, she thinks of Ryu and missed him enormously… missed his embrace that he sneaked as he thought she was asleep. Missed his body warmth and realizes that she wants to wake up every morning in his arms for the rest of her life…because she had already learned how it felt like when she almost lost him.
For the first time in her life that she learned the words “life is too short” His time with her just begun but almost ended because of someone’s evil plans. Throughout the whole time she sat in front of the operating room, she prayed to the holiness again and again that if he recovered she will not refuse him again and will hold the wedding ceremony as soon as possible just as he wanted. Because she knows she will not be able to live without him in this life time.
Six am, Mayumi who had just dozed off a little more than an hour of nap bounce up without alarm clock. She quickly bathed, changed and went downstairs and saw Ayako already waited at the breakfast table
Ayako, “your bread and coffee is ready Miss. Koji said he will join you in a bit”
Mayumi can tell by looking at the prepared food next to her plate belong to Koji. Not too long, Koji joined her and both quickly eat their breakfast because both wanted to rush to the hospital as soon as possible.

Even though she is a doctor for a long time and familiar with injury images, including all kinds of illnesses but when she saw his pale face on patient’s bed wired to IV, blood bag, pressure and heart rate gauges that equipped disorderly and a small tube that drilled out from his chest to drain blood clot in the lung membranes, Mayumi still felt her hand weak and tremble and she felt pity for him.
“How is he doing Miss?” Koji whispery asked Mayumi after hearing a nurse reported the result and didn’t understand some of the medical terminology
“His symptom is much better. Right now he is still under the influence of anesthetic, soon he’ll be recovered. His pulse and blood pressure are normal. There’s nothing to worry about now” she answered before sighing softly
Koji, “okay, I am relieved since Oyabun is safe now. So I’ll leave you to take care of him because I am in a hurry, we have an urgent meeting this morning at the company.
“Okay, I’ll take care of him” she volunteered then Koji walked away. And instead of start checking with her patients on ward, she stays with him. At least if he wakes up now, she would be the first person that he will see. She reached down to hold his hand gently, careful not to touch the IV line on the back of his hand…and then thinking back to the warmth of this hand when holding on to hers, but at this moment its owner lay unconsciously not even clutching fingers around her hand as always
“You are safe now. Last night the Ojisan (uncle) they came and sat waiting in front of the operating room worried about you including your 4 bodyguards. None were willing to return home. When everyone knows you safe, they were relieved” she whispered to him softly before rubbing his thumb slowly on the back of his hand
“Hurry and recover Ryu-san, I am worried and missed you so much. I went to sleep at your house this morning but did not completely sleep because you were not there lying beside me” She sigh softly when she didn’t see any reaction from him. She should start working since she has been lingered too long. Slowly place his hand down his side, but before she moved away, he twitched his finger a little. She still can feel it despite a wispy movement. She quickly looked up and saw his eyes squinting looking at her, of course still dazed from drugs but she is convinced that he knows it’s her because his dry lips attempted to smile even though the breathing respirator tube inserted in his mouth. Mayumi smiled, tears dripped with joy that he opened his eyes looking at her once more
“You recovered”
Ryu nodded gently since he can’t talk. He made an annoyed face to the tools inserted in his neck. Mayumi understood when she saw his gesture and immediately explain
“It’s a respirator, put on since the surgery. Now that you feel better, I’ll leave you breathing gently without aid then gradually remove the tube out of your mouth” she wiped tears of joy from her cheeks and continues “in a few minutes, Dr. Hara will come and take a look at the symptoms which I think the tube should be taken out“ again, Ryu nodded his head slowly. When he moves, his body sore all over then he frowned. She quickly prohibits him from moving and explains again
“You cannot move yet because you were shot in the shoulder and chest. Dr. Hara had to do surgery to remove the bullet. Your head, the bullet grazed and left a large wound, and Dr. had to stitch the wound as well. When he understands his conditions he closes his eyes for a moment. He can only move his hand; he then grips her little hand tightly. His eyes swept over her body, relieved to see that she is safe.
Mayumi, “I’m safe, your car is bulletproof but you got it worst because you were the main target of the villains”
Ryu is not surprise of what he just heard, since he is not able to interact, he hold on to her hand tightly. But then he has to release her hand when Dr. Hara arrived. Mayumi quickly bow her professor who cheerfully greeted them even though he barely had any sleep last night. Dr. Hara has been in medical field for more than 10 years. He knows he has to keep himself healthy and strong to be ready to work 24 hours, therefore, last night surgery was not a big problem for him. Dr. Hara thoroughly examines Ryu, before nodding with satisfaction and turns to talk to Mayumi “Everything seemed normal, the surgery went well, lucky that he’s healthy, strong and still at a young age”
Mayumi bow once more, “thank you very much professor”
Dr. Hara teased “because I know you were waiting for him outside, how can I let anything happen to him”
Even though his mouth has breathing respirator tube attached, Ryu couldn’t help smiling when he saw her red face. He is happy to know that she waited for him outside the operating room the whole time.
“Besides, I want to hear wedding bells from both of you. When he regains his health, this time hurried and distributes the wedding invitation cards” Dr. Hara laughed to see Mayumi bent her head down to hide her embarrassment, not even dared to look up. “Well, I am going to examine other patients. In a few minutes, nurse will come by to take off the breathing respirator tube because he is able to breathe on his own now”
“Thank you very much” Mayumi bows again before Dr. Hara went to the next bed. A few moments, a nurse came in and took care of Dr.’s ordered. Ryu whispery asks for water immediately.
“No drinking yet, symptoms must be observed at least 4 to 6 hours. Right now, you can only have a little piece of ice in your mouth” Mayumi prohibits before picking up a tiny piece of ice and placed on his parched lips. Ryu made an annoy face because it’s not sufficient for his thirst, but he was too weak to oppose, so he request two more times, then his throat is somewhat refreshed.
He asks with hoarse voice “Who else is injured?”
“Kazuo, he was shot on the upper arm. His wound has been stitched. He jumped in and uses his body to shield you and got shot. Others dodged and have minor bruises but no one is as seriously injured as you”
“I am happy that you are safe” Ryu said. She is his main concern since hearing the gunfire erupted
“I am also happy that you are safe” Mayumi gave him a heartily sweet smile before looking at her watch and see that she has been lingered too long. She then took a hold of his hand and said “I’m going to work now, soon a nurse will come by to inject pain killer. You need a lot of rest and I will come up here to visit you again at noon”
Ryu frowned when he know he will be lying there alone, but try to understand that she has duty that she must fulfill, and then he nodded again. He can only look at her walk out of the ICU door. When the brain clears up from the effects of drugs, he’s thinking back to last night incident including the images of the two gunmen that sat between the van doors countlessly fired at him…He frowned again trying to think who is the mastermind that wanted to kill him…and how should he solved the problem going forward?…
Akiko (Ryu’s ex-girlfriend) begged her father to take her to visit Ryu after reading the newspaper about the shooting in the middle of the city and news of Ryu being hospitalized. He refused to take her, because he knows that Ryu has prohibited her from meeting him no matter where and he does not want to violate Ryu’s order. Her father also ordered her not to interfere with Oyabun again under any circumstances. Akiko then call Taiichi (a demoted bodyguard) and used to be in love with her. He once was punished by the method of “Yubizume” because of her. She used her charming voice to lure Taiichi but he immediately refused and reminds her that the reason he is not part of the bodyguards anymore is a result of leaking information of his Oyabun whereabouts to her. He too, told her to stay away from Oyabun as ordered and since Oyabun had already given her lump sum of money and if she uses it wisely she will be well off for the rest of her life. He then hung up on her and she was furious.
One mind, Akiko wanted to put an end to the matter between her and Oyabun just like that because she fears his threats as well. She knew that if Ryu was serious, simple result for defying may be beaten, for severe may be put to death. But in the past he just reproach and never once strike or beaten her, so she is convinced that he would not harm her. And as the day passed by, her fears gradually shrink when thinking of the necessity.
Upon recalculating the money she got from Ryu, it’s still not enough to pay off the new mansion because she picked the largest room with ocean view. His money only covers 65% of the price; this puts another burden on her. She will have to pay the rest by installments and just the income from her acting alone is not enough, therefore, she will have to rely on Ryu for more money. And deep down inside she still loves and misses him. She missed the convenience that just lost. If possible she wanted to go back to him to take care of him during his injury; maybe he’ll see her good intention and take care of her in the future. Even though both men refused to take her, she’s not the type of person to give up easily. Perhaps, she will try to take a risk of going to the hospital in case there’s a chance they will let her visit him.
As soon as she arrived to the hospital, she began to waver when she saw how many people were there. There were media, news reporters and police officers including members of Oneshika who came to visit their Oyabun. But they were disappointed when Dr. Hara prohibited everyone from visiting and the reason is because the patient must be cautious of the infection due to his chest is inserted with a small tube to drain blood clot in the lung membranes.
Akiko was also disappointed as everyone else. But she didn’t want to leave yet so she went to roam in front of the ICU room and she saw two police officers standing at the door guarding the patient from being attack again. She almost gave up when she see no other ways to go in that room. But then suddenly, a reporter walked straight up to her when she recognized her. She asked if Akiko visited Oneshika and how is his condition. Akiko gasped but immediately closed and replaced it with a smile and tried to thinks of ways to survive the critical situation. Everybody knew that she had proclaimed she would be the wife of the most successful businessman in the city of Yokohama if not too long she was dumped, but this news has not leaked out because she did not dare tell anyone, fearing they will brand her as media bullshit. Then at that moment, most reporters turned their attention toward her and crowded around. She then forced a sad face before answering
Akiko: “Yes, I have visited but only for momentarily, the doctor is heartless, and told me that the patient is tired” she just freshly made up lies
One reporter fired a series of questions: “how come you didn’t go with Oneshika last night? Someone said he went with other woman, who is she, do you know her?”
Akiko with extremely tight face, she opens her mouth then close, open and close and before closing it again she said “oh, she’s a friend of mine. At first, we were supposed to meet there, but last night I had an urgent business and I was not able to make it. Oneshika volunteered to take my friend home and that’s when the incident took place”
The reporters looked at her and then looked at each other before splitting their mouth a little. Their eyes said they are listening to a fib because everybody knew that woman is a woman Ryu announced as his fiancée and a doctor of this hospital.
The crime reporter asks: “since you are close to Oneshika, who do you think done this outrageous act?”
Akiko rolled her eyes doesn’t know how to answer. The reporters were asking all kind of questions, from the dead bodies on Oneshika ship, his competitors and the shootout. Her head race and felt dazed. She still tried to come up with something but nothing…
Then all of the sudden someone ask “err…excuse me, are you Kudou Akiko?
She then turned sharply to the right and sighed with relief when someone reaches out to help and answered “Yes”
“I am Kobayashi Yuji, an officer in charge of this case, this way please” a tall man introduced himself and showed the badge. Akiko was surprised to see he has a white cloth arm sling around one of his shoulder. She can clearly see that he just got better from the injury and already in charge of this case. Then the reporters changed their attention to him. They ask if the progress has been made on this case. He said there’s no progress at all and if he has additional information, there will be open press conference. He then excused himself from the reporters. He used his other arm wrapped around Akiko’s shoulder and walked her out. On the way out he told Akiko that he has question and want to ask her about Oneshika. Akiko asked if he was going to interrogate her and if he is going to then there’s no need to save face otherwise, the case may be brought against her. She quickly confessed and told him she doesn’t know anything. She wasn’t there last night and she doesn’t even know which woman went with Ryu. He told her there will be no interrogation, she’s not a suspect. He just wants to know something, and considered as an honored to have coffee with her. She then hurried and follows him.

Mayumi walked up to the ICU again after work. She has already come to visit Ryu twice today. At noon, the event was not much hassle, if in the afternoon things seemed to get worst after the doctors reported the condition of Ryu’s because a lot of reporters were interested in the case. They began to ask about the woman that went to the nightclub with Ryu. Then they went to investigate and found out that woman was her, so in the afternoon, when she stopped to visit Ryu she was crowded by the reporters, they asked all kind of questions and she almost cannot wiggle away. The police guarding the front of the ICU room have to come and help her. She then was able to go into the room. Coming back out was the same situation, again the police helped escort her out from the ICU room. Once in her office, she hides and stayed inside until she was off from work and a nurse told her the reporters have rushed outside. She took this opportunity to come to the ICU room again.
She smiled when she saw Ryu expression more vivid. He smiled as soon as he saw her coming. That smile weakens her and she forgotten all the chaos outside.
Mayumi “how are you doing?”
Ryu answered in a low voice “hurt” he is not able to talk much. He felt pain inflicted every time he moves because the doctor gave him a weaker analgesics than after surgery. He held out his hand to her which she laid her hand down to his willingly and smiled bashfully when he lightly pressed his lips on the back of her hand
“I miss you so”
“Oh, you just felt better and already sweet talk” she gave him a skeptical look. Ryu answered with a smile before changing to talk about the stressful issues and he has to do it quick before he gets tired and will not have enough energy to talk
Ryu with voice still painfully hoarse, breathe slowly and said, “Koji came to visit in the afternoon. He said that he contacted the deputy commander in chief of the police Abe-san, and found out that Kobayashi Yuji was assigned to this case” he was almost out of breath but still tried to say a sentence at a time
Mayumi: “Ah really? He is not yet recovered, why taking on a case already”
Ryu shook his head slowly “I don't know because I have not yet seen him. I only knew that those men in front of this room belong to Abe-san, he sent them to guard the door, they are not Kobayashi men”
“I don’t understand. They are all police officers, why were they divided?”
“It’s complicated” Ryu feebly replied “I will tell you when I’m recovered. Lucky that the doctor banned visiting, or else Yuji-san would have come in to see me”
Mayumi frowned, Yuji is not a man without reason and so far as she had talk to him, he seems to understand things easy and maybe Ryu thinks too much, “Yuji is not likely stubborn, when the doctor said visiting is prohibited then he should not violate”
Ryu did not think so, because he has never looked at Yuji in that sense, but he did not want to waste time arguing with her. “I told the doctors to prohibit visiting for 3 to 4 days and wait until my symptoms get better than this” he stops to breathe before continue talking “to give Koji time to coordinate with Abe-san to investigate for the main initiator”
Mayumi suspicious “you don’t think it was Miura?”
Ryu then shook his head slowly “I do not cut anyone out on this one, whether the police or any groups. All seem to be suspicious because there’s a reason that they all want to get rid of me”
Mayumi, “Misawa and Miura have reason…but the police…I don’t believe that…”
Ryu raised his hand to inhibit because he is getting exhausted, “I will tell you later, right now I am so tired”
“Yes, yes” she responded. Because of her curiosity, she had forgotten that he is in pain so she reverts to the symptoms of his immediately “the nurse said that professor Hara allows you to eat soft foods. In a few moments, I’ll feed you and then you can take medicine”
Ryu nodded his head with pleasure and added a low voice “can you please give me a sponge bath too, I don’t want the nurse to do it”
“But…” She opened her mouth to protest because it is the duty of nurses to care for patients, but he squeezed her hand gently
“Please Mayumi-san. Are you going to be cruel to a wounded person?” he sound exhausted and pleaded and this makes it impossible for her to resist him especially he is injured. She shyly nodded so when the nurse brought in water basin Mayumi volunteered to do it. The nurse smiled and understand then drawn the curtains close providing privacy for both without delay.
When the nurse left, Mayumi starts to get clumsy even though she had a very intimate moment with him, but it was only for a short time. Suppress her shyness and think of him as one of the patient, and his body still has wounds from the surgery on both the shoulder and chest. He is not a young man full of energy and strength like last week. She then took off his shirt; gently and slowly rub on the skin of his chest before hands and arms. Careful not to touch the wounds, she then put a large towel and covers his chest because she did not want him to expose to cold air too long. Next, she pulls the pants loose down to the legs and then quickly pulled a towel to conceal his private parts before began to wipe in accordance with the strong legs. She tries not to linger on the muscle under her palms, and only think of him as a patient.
It’s true that injury made him weak, but his body is full of muscle like a person who exercises regularly. And she believed he knows that his body is attractive to the opposite sex without a doubt. Ryu closes his eyes pleasingly while small hands gently wipe his body. He feels content that she takes care of him like this. It’s worth a pain when the wall that Mayumi built for self-defense has broken down and only remains a woman who takes care of him with concern. And he is very happy to know that she did not neglect him throughout the period of several hours of surgery. When she finished dressing him, he slowly opened his eyes with pity
“Thank you very much Mayumi-san” He smiled at her with love wholeheartedly which she can only shyly nodded before she opens the curtain to return water basin and towels to the nurse then she took the medicine before meals from the nurse and give it to him to take. She takes care of him without any lack. After meals, she was waiting for him to fall asleep from the effect of drug then go home in the car that Koji had arranged for her. When she got home, she quickly went to bed because she had to wake up early to take care of him before she starts working. Tomorrow night she will be on duty and will get to take care of him all night…
The inquiry or delving into the secrets from Akiko went smoothly because the young actress rather timid and paranoia. Whatever Yuji ask she rushed to explain the truth and almost everything that there’s no need to ask further.
Yuji: “you always know that he is engaged to doctor Takahashi and yet you still expecting to be his Okami-san?”
Akiko: “he never mentioned that woman, until nearly three weeks ago, then suddenly broke up with me and said he was going to marry her” she vent her anger out by not hiding it “and as I said, I never see him again after that until this day. And I was there because I’m worried and just want to visit him that’s all”
Yuji: “but just now, you were going to tell the reporters who it is that set the act”
“Oh, it’s easy, everyone knows” Akiko chuckles “yesterday morning the police found dead bodies that belong to Miura on Oneshika ship right? I read the news too, then in the evening Miura managed to avenge Ryu”
Yuji looked at Akiko with smooth expression, no comment whatsoever… and understand now why Ryu chose Mayumi…but there’s one thing he doesn’t understand… when Mayumi was engaged to Ryu for a long time why Ryu had never been around or visit her until recently… and that’s also after he knew her…
And that night when he went to dinner with Mayumi, she clearly expressed which position she placed him. If his guess is not wrong, the man in her heart for many years is always Ryu. Then his father’s men discovered that Mayumi has been staying at her fiancé house since last Saturday after their dinner. Which he assumed it was the announcement of the possession. And last night Ryu also took her to Miura’s nightclub, even though he went to settle business, which was an indication that Ryu ever trust Mayumi.
Yuji: “It may be possible, but I suggest that you do not guess blindly because of this, it is considered defamation if you release it to the media and if Miura is pissed off, he may sue for damages that cost him his reputation”
“Oh no, I did not intend” Akiko lifted her hand to hush immediately
“Okay, you have to be careful from now on. If you come across the press, learn to say one word ‘I don’t know’ will be better, because sometimes not saying anything will be useful rather than to keep blabbing” He carped at and she who has been taught turned pale instantly and nodded slowly.
Akiko: “Okay, may I go now since I have told you everything that I know”
“Yes, you may but I would like to ask for your phone number and address in case of an emergency that you need to be contacted, and I will be notifying you if the doctor allow visiting Oneshika” Yuji being generous
Akiko: “really?” she looks with astonishment as expected. Because she has already told him that Ryu prohibited her from being near again “you will take me to see him right?”
“I think Oneshika would not be mean to you when you have good intention. If he won’t allow seeing him then that’s bad manners” he chuckles
“That’s right if so, here’s my number…but…I just moved and just asked for new number, I should get it within 2 to 3 days. If you want to contact me immediately, call my current home number and here it is and my new address”
Yuji accepted the card, lifted it up to see and could not help looking at Akiko again because of her mansion. It’s the city’s brand new mansion. Only the wealthy would buy this type of luxury mansion, because it is located by the sea and near the city. Which he did not think the supporting actress like Akiko income alone will be able to buy it on her own. But he did not need to ask because he has already set out to investigate her story anyway.
He then replied “got it, I will contact you as soon as possible. I’m thinking within 2 to 3 days you will be able to visit him if not, I will have to rely on Dr. Takahashi connections because I’m both her patient and her friend, we are quite close. If the doctor won’t allow, then the person that will be able to bring us in would be a doctor” he left end of the sentence before laughing loudly.
That’s right…if she thinks to get access to Ryu it would be a doctor to help, that’s it…Akiko grinned when a plan rise up in her head…
Yuji then offer to take Akiko home and on the way home they chatted and Akiko found out that Yuji is single. He talked and she flirted. When arrived to her mansion, she asked him to go up to her mansion for a drink but he refused and told her that he felt pain from excessive exercise in the morning. Akiko waved, turned and walked toward the lobby and into the elevator, going up to her brand new mansion with pride to be one of the residents of the most modern building on the block and she is happy to show off to the handsome young officer too…that she is one of the nobility (Hi-so) of the city as well.

Three days later, Ryu was transferred to a special room with the patient room inside and living room on the outside. In the living room two bodyguards of the group take turn to watch while the front being watch by Abe-san’s subordinate officers. It’s called safeguarding Oyabun of the Oneshika tightly, the type that do not allow anyone to have access.
The middle of that night, Ryu expressed a desire that he want Mayumi to go rest at home after a busy day and also have been taken care of him all evening. He wants to let her rest to the fulfilling. She was reluctant to go however, when Ryu and Koji helped to persuade, she was eventually persuaded to return. If she does not know that he is needed to do so because there are some secret that he can’t tell her. So, shortly after she left, the phone in the room rang. The elder of the group answered the call. He answered a few words before handing the phone to Ryu, which have enough strength to sit up on his own.
“How are you doing Ryu? Uncle Koji called to report that you encountered it severely” the other end of the line asked, the voice was conceal with concern
“Severely, this time lucky…but next time…”
“You are a lucky person Ryu. Don’t say anything like that is an omen” Takeshi quickly inserted before Ryu could finish
“I am not that very optimistic. We both know how your dad and mine end up like. Power is what people seeking whether you want to associate or not, we are still considered the number one enemy. If they want to take over the city, they would have to take it over our dead body” Ryu answered freely
The other end of the line went silent…because he also learned the intensity of the word ‘power’…and that is why he wanted to leave the gokudō circles
“I am not the negligence. If something happen to me, your eldest son will become the next Oyabun” Ryu said the intention
“Seiko will refuse. Also, when I decided to withdrawn and I do not think to revert again. The secret in the past should continue to be a secret” Takeshi said with concern “but I believe that uncle Koji will have a way to protect you until you find the instigator. And when you married Mayumi, you will have heirs to inherit”
Ryu sighed softly. The sound of his cousin clearly state that he will not change his mind, but he is also determined “I wrote the will for your eldest son and when I am not exist anymore, you then decide and choose”
Takeshi did not promise in that matter. He changed to talk about the problems they are facing “I call today because I heard the news from uncle Koji he said you are safe and wanted to hear your voice” Takeshi said “when I know you just moved into a private room, I arranged with him that I will be calling”
“Thank you very much. Mayumi-san has been taking great care of me. Right now, I am doing much better. The blood clot in the lung membrane is being drained and almost gone. I should be going home soon”
“I am happy that you are safe…err…it is destined. We both know that there’s no real way to avoid it” Takeshi sighed softly
“The image of our group is still the gokudō that dominate the city anyway. Although our business model changed from the original and we are not involved in anything illegal. But we cannot flee from the old image as the influential persons of the city” Ryu complain with seriousness
“The transition cannot be done in one day or a year Ryu. The image of our group to the outsiders is still the influence of the city. And when people have been respecting our family for many generations and it’s hard to change their thoughts and feelings. I know that you had clearly shown that you do not interfere with anything illegal, but you have to give them time to change their thoughts” Takeshi encourage. He and Ryu know that his father tried to change their business model for more than ten years ago, if only the outsiders still see them as gokudō the influence of the city. But his father never gave up and had said that change takes time. If it doesn’t happen during his time then it will happen in the generation after.
“It was seven years ago. It is obvious that the peace is just an illusion” Ryu replied with a tired mind “indeed, there is undercurrent waiting to surface only a matter of time”
“I agree and if it happens this time may be more severe than previously, perhaps if necessary…” Takeshi dragged a long voice like considering and sighed softly “you will have to eradicate them from the roots. Don’t leave Misawa to be a thorn in our side anymore”
Ryu: “You said like you are confident that it was the act of Takao”
Takeshi: “Regardless of who have done it, Misawa will have part of the conniving for sure and if you find out and know exactly who did it, then make sure to go deep down to the roots and get rid of them all”
After Takeshi hung up, Koji, which also in the room reports the latest situation to Ryu. He said Abe-san is not able to do much since most of the officers belong to Kobayashi. The autopsy reports showed that the bodies found on their ship had been tortured and killed 3 to 4 days prior to being thrown on the ship which was around the time of the coastguards inspecting their ship. Ryu asked if Abe-san could find out which group the coastguards that inspected his hip belong to. Koji said that they are investigating right now and will take time. They continue to discuss and brainstorming.
Dr. Hara refused visiting and claims that Ryu’s condition is not ready to give testimony to the police. Yuji is extremely frustrated to have waited 4 days, even though Ryu was moved out of ICU, but the doctors still ordered to refrain from visiting until he began to distrust. Over the last several days, he visited the hospital every day and went to Mayumi to beg her to help bring him to visit Ryu. If she was so adamant and said that he was not her patient; therefore, she has no right to bring him in to visit.
He noticed that there were only a few people that are close to Ryu were allowed in the room including Mayumi, which visited every day until the next morning then return to Oneshika’s home. His people have been monitoring Mayumi for several days, if he was not able to pry out the truth about Ryu’s conditions other than reported by physicians. And he must know the real truth of Ryu conditions or a physician helps buy time of Ryu to stretch out to ensure that the Oneshika have enough time to investigate for those who ordered the killing of their Oyabun. They intervene in the work of the police before the police could interrogate, so he had to do something, and anything that will get him into Ryu’s room.
Yuji left a letter for Akiko with the security guard at her mansion to arrange for her to meet him at the same restaurant. Once there, he said his plan carefully and had a female officer to help wrap the tape recorder to Akiko’s body, which will be pressed to record once inside Ryu’s room.
Yuji brought Akiko who has been crying to get her eyes red enough for a performance, to meet Mayumi at the exactly the time Mayumi getting off from work. Mayumi gathering her personal belonging in a bag and ready to walk up to Ryu’s room, then she heard a knock on the door. After allowing, she then sees Yuji and Akiko standing between the doors.
“Hello doctor” Akiko bow along with Yuji and greet at the same time.
“Hello” Mayumi confusingly answered. She doesn’t understand how the two end up coming together. But she does not need to ask anything because Yuji is the person that answered the questions in the next sentence.
“I just saw her crying in the hallway outside and wondering why. I asked and found out that she was denied a visit to Oneshika err…since I’m kind of a softhearted guy, I sympathized with her.
Mayumi looked at the actress who has tears trickled down her cheeks…as a woman herself…for a brief moment; she felt compassion for her as well.
Akiko: “I am worry about Oyabun. I would like to visit him for a little bit. Let me see him with my own eyes that he is all right, and then I’ll be satisfied”
“If you won’t let me in is okay, I understand, because Oneshika is probably still in a critical conditions than to talk. But here she came to visit and ask just for a little bit of time, I’m sure you are not going to be mean to her” Yuji also help pleading
Mayumi looked at the actress interspersing with the police officer. She guesses Yuji probably knows the affair between Akiko and Ryu already to have dared take her here and ask this. And her guess was not wrong when she heard the next sentence
“They used to be friends. You should have good understanding of her feeling and sympathize with her”
“Please doctor, let me go in and visit him for a little bit. I am really worried and if I know he is safe, I will leave and will not bother him again
“But he is not my patient” she insisted her words if there was a weakness in the sound
“But you are allow to visit him and if you bring a friend he would not mind it, if it is you that bring her in” Yuji help added
“Oyabun and I have already talked and with clear understanding; he said he is going to marry you. I am happy for both of you” Akiko pretended to congratulate and also said the reason “but when he is injured, I could not help to worry. I really want to visit him as friends and as a person he used to know that’s all” sobbing as she speaks until the person listening feels remorseful
If another person that heard it is not too pleased, even though he heard it from Akiko earlier that Ryu broke up with her because he will marry Mayumi. But deep down, he could not help jealous of Ryu that all of the sudden came and grabbed the woman of his desire right under his nose before he could have the opportunity to even fight like a man, when the woman expressed clearly who she chose. Besides that, he has to investigate for the illegal performance of Oneshika businesses for many years. He did not know since when he hated this man. He knows that Ryu has many things over him without trying anything, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and just the family business. Which he and his father believed that was filled with background that he was not able to penetrate into the secret of this family.
This man has been the attention of the women of the city. And there are hundreds of thousands of women in the city, why must he come to specifically pick the same woman that he is interested. Thus, when compared between the two men, Mayumi is not stupid to choose him instead of Ryu. So, for him, if not counting the mammon then he has everything no different from Ryu at all
He tries suppressing his personal feelings and reverts to the matter
“Please doctor; you probably know well how she felt. Just an old friend who concerned about him and asking to let her visit for a minute. It won’t make his conditions severe than this” Yuji made a sad sound, looked at her similar to a complain that he also felt no different from Akiko when she refused relationship with him
“Please doctor, I ask to see him once more and I will not interfere with him again. He will forever be yours” Akiko weeps
Mayumi sighed softly. She sympathizes with them. It is difficult to get over a broken heart. In addition, Akiko promised she will not interfere with Ryu again. She then decided…and nodded slowly
“Okay, I will bring you in to see him but once you are in, everything is up to him. I do not have the right to tell you to stay or to leave.
Akiko look with shock and quickly nodded “no problem just let me see him for a little bit and I will be satisfied”
“So, let’s go and for the officer please waits for professor Hara to check on his conditions again, then it will be decided whether he will be able to testify and on which day” Mayumi turned quickly to tell the man because she did not want to interfere with the investigation.
“Definitely” Yuji raised both of his hands to the chest similar to surrender “I came because I sympathized with people who are in the same situation as I am. I hope you understand”
Mayumi didn’t answer because she understands the implications of that statement combined with the sad sound. She did not need to be interpreted to make it difficult. Then, she stooped to pick her bag on the table before opening the doors to let the two out and turned to lock her office. Therefore she did not see Yuji sent signal to Akiko to press the tape recorder that was hidden under her shirt. Yuji then said goodbye and walked away letting the two women walk in the elevator alone.
Credit to: Shampoo @ SPICY Forum


I think the series is call "Rising Sun" but the books has it own different title too it....anyway....

This is Part 2 story to "Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan"

Title: รอยฝันตะวันเดือด



sarNie Tombstone
Mayumi and Akiko heading toward Ryu’s room quietly. Each party revolves around with the thought of their own. They do not have anything to talk about so they didn’t say anything to each other until they walk up to the front of the room. The seated police officer stood up and raised his hand to obstruct Akiko from going through the door, if Mayumi quickly said, “she came with me”
The two police officers turned to look at each other. Both knew doctor Takahashi well because everyone knows that she is the Okami-san to be of Oneshika-gumi (gumi means ‘group’) and when she was the person allowing, they will have to let Akiko through. Akiko heart beats fast while walking through the door. She noticed his bodyguards seated in the length chair reading a newspaper in front of the TV turned and looked at the opened door. And then she was shocked when suddenly Nobu stood up abruptly and with unfriendly voice he asked
“How did you get in here? Oyabun had forbidden and you are not listening again?”
“I brought her here Nobu-san” Mayumi answered modestly “I will be responsible”
Nobu gasped, turned to look at Yasuo with worried eyes before he turned to protest again
“But you probably don’t know that Oyabun has ordered and forbid her…”
“I know. All right, I understand that it’s your duty, but today I would like to be a special case. I will take full responsibility”
When the Okami-san to be said that he was not able to oppose. So he can only look at Mayumi open the door and went in with Akiko follow behind. Both officers turn and look at each other again and do not want to think what will happen inside the room

The patient lying on the bed in the room looking at his watch upon hearing voices behind the door. He was going to complain that Mayumi was unusually late. But then he was gasping as soon as he saw who followed behind the love of his life in the room
It was the voice of Akiko. She ran passes Mayumi to go to Ryu which lay on the patient’s bed and clinging to his arm when she later utters the sentence “Oyabun, how are you doing? How do you feel?”
Ryu looked at the two women in the room with angry eyes. He pulled his arm out of Akiko’s grip no fear of showing bad manners. He didn’t answer, if his eyes that looked at Akiko were filled with disgust and gritted his teeth firmly to avoid emitting expletives because he was never rude to women before. Moreover, he doesn’t want to reproach Akiko in front of another woman even though she deserves to be
“Take her out” he turns and told Mayumi. The sound of his voice hoarse without pretense when he was just woke up a moment ago and also has not been talking to anyone. Yet, his voice that spill out was full of power
“But Oyabun, I was worried about you. I came to visit every day, but the doctor said no visit. The police officers at the front of the room too, won’t let me in to visit you. They are so mean to me”
Mayumi starts to dislike the actress. The actress has agreed to leave willingly if she gets to visit Ryu. However, the manner in which she is revealing let Mayumi know that she still has strong ties with the Ryu who is sending a rage complaint stare to Mayumi before turning away. He refused to look at anyone and also refused to answer Akiko
Only this much Mayumi knew that Ryu was trying very hard to suppress his anger. She then touches lightly on the elbow of the actress and a warning “you should go now, the patient needs to rest”
“But why you get to stay?” Akiko turned sharply to Mayumi and not give up.
Mayumi regretted that she gave in and brought this woman here. In addition, there is no need to tell the reason why she had to stay because it is the relationship between Ryu and her and unrelated to an outsider. So, Mayumi then simply answers “You said that you just want to come and see how he is doing with your own eyes and then you will leave. Do you remember that?”
“But…but he did not say a single word to me. I want to know if he is well or not” Akiko answered before turning to shake on Ryu’s arm “Are you better or not, so, when will the doctor release you to go home?”
Ryu turned back, moves his mouth to speak again, slowly and clearly “Get-out”
Akiko was immediately taken aback upon hearing the brutal voice and seeing fierce eyes before he tells Mayumi that stood behind
“Call Nobu in here” His voice trembling, and sounds like panting as a result of trying so hard to suppress his temper.
Mayumi understands the intention of the order well. Therefore she warn Akiko again
“Please leave now. Don’t wait for Nobu to come in to pull and drag you out. We are all adults. He said just that, and you should understand”
Akiko was angry and embarrassed that Ryu have no respect for her, but still not deterred she then cries and snuggle up to him “I am leaving now but Oyabun take care of your health. If you need someone to care for you call me any time”
Mayumi hiccupped when she heard the manner of the actress speaks. The actress has no regards for her at all even though the actress knew in her heart that Mayumi took care of Ryu over the last several days. And then Mayumi was relieved when Ryu raised his hand waving to cut in Akiko’s whimper. Mayumi then walk to open the door and saw Nobu standing ready for the command in the doorway.
Akiko wavers, she is not afraid of Ryu because he still lying immobilize on patient’s bed. But she does not trust Nobu because once he had dragged her out from Oneshika’s house, before Taiichi came to obstruct and she did not want to risk again. Also she did not want to be humiliated in front of her opponent. Therefore she grudgingly say goodbye
“I will go; whenever the doctors permit to visit, I will be visiting again okay”
“No need to” Ryu replied without thinking before waving again. Nobu stepped in and stand beside the actress, who bound to spun out of the room with rage. And as soon as the door closed, Ryu turned to take action against Mayumi immediately
“I thought that Nobu would have been forbidden Akiko before coming in” His voice was so harsh that Mayumi can feel “but because she came with you, he then has to let her in”
Mayumi who has been rebuked sighed softly. She could not help to be hurt from his rebuke but did not push the blame on anyone
“Yes, she came to asked me at my office. I am wrong that I was no longer able to bear her plead. If you are not satisfied, I am sorry” Mayumi droop her eyes low with grief before whispered “perhaps you may still be irritated because of my arbitrary decision, so I should be leaving too. Tomorrow I will drop by again”
Once finished talking, she turned to pick up a bag that lay on a chair beside the door. Ryu looked at the slim figure and trailing down to shoulders, he saw a sadden expression that she’s trying to hide it then his anger faded
“Wait Mayumi-san” Ryu sighed softly trying to move to sit up but feel inconvenient because the IV line and the injury on the shoulder, he then softly drew in air with his mouth. Instead of grabbing the bag and leave as said, Mayumi turned sharply and took long strides. She only takes three strides to reach the patient
“Are you okay, are you hurt?” she helped him sit up prior to help elevate the head of the bed and arrange the pillow for him to sit comfortably and a warning “don’t move so quickly like this. It is not good for the wound”
“Mayumi-san” Ryu grabbed the small hand that was arranging the pillow up to hold and held it “don’t go yet. Just now, I’m a little irritated and acting like a bully. I’m bored of woman who talks nonsense and do anything her way to get to me that she has to interrupt you”
Mayumi smiled scarcely when she saw Ryu changed his attitude from the original position. His tune also changed. This kind of manner, it’s a bit better to talk to so she then explained “I understand her feelings. As a woman myself, I sympathize with her. I told her that once she’s in, everything depends on you”
“I have told her many times including the time that I had to punish Taiichi for the purpose of an example and to not let anyone makes the same mistake. But she does not care that it would cause others a lot of troubles. The more I noticed the more I see of her selfishness. In order to obtain benefits and the satisfaction of her own that she does not think of others. If I let her come to interfere with me again, she will muddle to endless”
Ryu rests to breathe after a long talk. But he did not tell Mayumi that he had to pay Akiko to not interfere with him again. Also he did not wish to insult Akiko’s dignity in the presence of another woman “I conclude that, it is best to not let her come near me anymore. All this is for our future. I don’t want any misunderstanding between us again. After what had happened, and before you were willing to forgive me I was almost worse” At the end of the sentence he raised her hand up against his cheek and looked at her with eyes filled with affections
“I understand” she smiled sparsely. Her heart feels so overwhelm with the love that she has for him and glad to see him expressed clearly that he indeed ignored the woman in the past. Even though, earlier she was disturbed to see the intimacy gesture between him and Akiko “I also gave in to the nonsense. When there’s another person helped her talk and plead I was unable to resist. Perhaps I should not allow anyone to see you at all will be better”
“Help talked…” Ryu muttered before he looked up with suspicion “this means that it was not just Akiko alone?”
Mayumi turns pale a little that she accidentally slips out, but since she has talked to this point and also did not think it was a secret so she then confesses “Akiko came to see me at my office with Kobayashi Yuji. He said he saw her crying in the hallway outside and wondering why and asked and found out that she was denied a visit and he sympathized with her
Ryu frown immediately…police and his former girlfriend came together. Just by Listening, it does not bode well at all. He quickly ordered “Call Yasuo for me”
“Yes” Mayumi was puzzled that all of the sudden he had changed again. His beady eyes horrendously flare up
“Call Yasuo for me, I need to know if those two know each other accidentally or intentionally!”

“Damn, you went in for a long time and this all you got?” Yuji frustrated and wanted to throw the tape recorder on the table after listening with excitement. He was expecting to get some information from Ryu, if what Yuji heard were words that Akiko pleaded and a few words from Ryu. Ryu’s voice was so weak and difficult to listen to and it’s like Yuji hardly got anything out of this effort “why didn’t you try to get him to talk more than this? Do anything so that we know he is really hurt or pretended to be hurt”
“He is really hurt. His face very pale and lying motionless on the bed” Akiko reported and trembled when she saw the wrath demeanor of the officer
Yuji scolded Akiko that she should have done more than that. Akiko told him Ryu is still hurt and can’t talk much and she did try her best. They continue to talk until they were done with their business and Akiko left the coffee shop. Once she’s gone, Yuji thinks of finding ways to make use of Akiko in the future. At least she can be the one to undermine the relationship between Ryu and Mayumi for personal and work related purposes.
The latter is considered to be the main purpose. Because he wanted to cause chaos in Ryu’s mind, plus the problems of group and love. If he can use Akiko to hinder the relationship between the two, it would be considered a great success because it will be two distractions for Ryu. His father will follow the plan more easily, while his personal matter is deemed as by-product from the performance because if Mayumi changed her mind from Ryu, he still has the chance to court the young doctor. If the courtship is successful, it would be an insult to the greatest godfather of the city, and that would almost give the godfather the feeling of coughing up blood. Yuji smiled with the plan that came to mind. Perhaps he should buried seeds of suspicion in the mind of Mayumi first and regularly water and loosen the soil. Soon it will slowly sprout and bear fruits
He learned from his father for a long time that if he thinks of making it big, he must learned to wait. So when he thinks of doing it, he should be starting and using Akiko. She would be the tool to water and loosen the soil for the seedlings of suspicion in Mayumi’s mind and would be the most effective!
Kittiya said:
“Damn it!” Ryu cursed out in frustration when Yasuo said he did not catch up with Akiko. Once left, she was out of sight even though he followed to the bottom floor there was not even a shadow “the police must have tricked and use Akiko for sure, otherwise she probably wouldn’t have gone to find you with Kobayashi”
Mayumi who was sitting beside the bed looked at the patient with uneasiness “you may be thinking too much. Kobayashi seemed to understand that the doctor prohibited the visit. He did not really pressured me that much”
“He did not pressure because he send someone else instead” Ryu spoke with wearily mind before waving his hand to Yasuo to leave the room so that he can talk to Mayumi alone “you don’t know that the police have been harassing and suspecting us for several years. Even though they have never found us involve with any illegal trade but they would not abandon the efforts. They intended to pick on me”
“You may be thinking too much Ryu-san. They may only be doing their jobs. Also, the Oneshika is a well-known family of the city and the police will definitely be looking at it. If they know that you are not involved with illegal business then they will eventually stop bothering you” Mayumi reasoned if Ryu who has been listening could only goggle because the problem between him and the police is complicated and too chaotic beyond description for Mayumi to hear at this time and with his health has not yet fully recovered therefore he interrupted
“Then one day you will understand that what I have said was not a wrong accusation at all” he feebly answered if his mind is still mistrusting Yuji and Akiko. He believes the two are conspiring into doing bad things against him and the Oneshika for sure
“I think that you look at the police too pessimistic, perhaps if you provide useful testimony it may help catch the criminals faster”
Ryu shook his head slowly and leaned down again after sitting for a long time “I begged doctor Hara to help me extend the time a little longer because now, uncle Koji is seeking for the criminals and already found some clues”
“This means that your people are seeking for the criminals on your own without relying on the police?” Mayumi exclaimed in dismay
“When we suspect that the police are involved, we had to rush to find the attackers before the case will be turned to another direction by the police and in order to planned the retaliation on the attackers promptly. Otherwise, we will be one-sided party that gets attack”
Mayumi holds her temples; Ryu’s problem is so complicated than to understand if she should begin to learn it, if she thinks to became the Okami-san of the group in the future
“If the police are involved, then this means they are joining force with another person and who would that be?”
“Misawa-gumi” Ryu answered without wasting time to think “Uncle Koji thinks that it was the act of Misawa’s men but I don’t know who gave the order. By looking at the situation, Takao has a close relationship with Kobayashi’s father the most. Also, the reason they took action that day because they wanted me and Haru-san to split up. The Misawa want to get rid of their competitors as well. Both parties’ benefits, the police get the job and Misawa get to dominate nightclub business, the benefits seems to be well blend”
“Yes” Mayumi softly sighed. It seems as if the problem will be really profound and it will take Ryu a long time to finish. She didn’t want him to be tired because of her so she then cut in “It sounds really complicated. I think let’s wait until you are fully recovered than you can tell me, it would be better. Right now it’s time to take your medicine and then rest”
Ryu took the medicine and then leaned down ready for Mayumi to sponge bath him as usual. The moody feeling he has half an hour before, gradually improves when he see Mayumi walks to the bathroom and brought out water basin and a small towel. Even though she puts up a smooth straight face, but her red cheeks convey a sense of embarrassment and he knew that it is best that he ought to be quiet, otherwise, she will be embarrassed to the point that she may have the nurse doing it instead. Therefore, he lay still when Mayumi pulled the shirt out carefully not to hit the small tube that drain blood clot from the pleurae.
Mayumi pulled his shirt out and getting accustomed to his body in the injured form. The originally shyness was gradually reduced when she thinks that he did not have any evil minds and she is doing her duty. Nonetheless, it is her that cannot refrain from secretly glance at his admirable perfect physique. Ryu is set to be taller than the standard Japanese man, if his body is quite thick, so he looks not so tall when standing beside a slender man than him, especially when compared standing beside Takeshi, who is taller and slender. But when he came in with the other men, his tall and full of power physique quite offset auras of all of the other men.
She caresses his smooth skin slowing down bit by bit without realizing. You can say that the hand of hers favorite every square inch of his body and there isn’t any part on his body that has surplus fat came out to irritate the eyes, especially when he rolled over on his side with his back to her. Her eyes were drawn to a tattoo in the middle of the back which extends over to the strong hips.
Mayumi pulls the trousers down his legs in order to wipe the backside for him, if she actually wanted to see his tattoos once vividly. She then saw image of red face giant holds samurai sword raise above his head in the position ready to battle the opponent. All around the giant there’s a large dragon wrapped around independently. Its tail ends at the right hip to his thigh on the backside. While the head of it, as well as the claws wrapped around his left arm. And she recalled that his left chest above the breast has the dragon head tattoo leaping down. Inside the dragon’s mouth it holds a radius of sparkling crystal. If this time, is partially hidden in bandages from the surgery to remove the bullet lodge in the chest. Then she understood immediately that this dragon is Ryu, because it is his name. As though he can read her mind, he tossed then turned and looks at her with suspicion, and then Mayumi saw all of his tattoos, although some traces are hidden, but it cannot run off the assertiveness of the dragon. Mayumi then pushed out a light sigh. All of the sudden Mayumi legs start to get weak and lack of energy to resist, as though she has been hypnotized by the giant and the dragon. It’s a raw wild feeling that she did not think it would be hidden in any part of the body. Strange heat burst unrestrained when her fingertip touch on the torso of the dragon unconsciously.
Ryu spread out a smile with satisfaction. He lay motionless to provide Mayumi enough time to admire with what she is fully satisfied and he himself is also satisfied when he sees her eyes squinting like absent-minded. Her soft skin, glowing radiant red cheeks, full lips slightly parted before the end of the tongue trace to lick dry lips just simply that his body immediately reacts further to what he sees…
Even though the wound is still painful, if there’s still some part of his body starts to sense closeness and enchantment that arouses naturally of a lady who is his darling. It then has reaction responds, and he believes that her eyes would not miss when she exclaimed out lightly…
“Oh…” she glance sideways with eyes wide open when come across an unexpected. Her face is so red to her neck before she hurries to wipe his backside and all the way down to his legs. When she turned him to lie face up, she pretend not to look at him and hurry and wipe the rest. A few seconds later she hurries and put on new trousers for him. When she finished dressing him, she let out a sigh of relief. Then she took the water basin and towel to the bathroom and came out with tooth brush and a small bowl. She adjusted the bed, hand him the toothbrush, a glass of water and a bowl and let him help himself. Once he’s done, he handed her everything and she brought them to the bathroom and came back to the room. Her face flashing heat and she still feels ashamed to get caught red-handed admiring his body if she tries to justify it as a natural reaction. It’s a force of attraction between male and female since the ancient times. But it’s just that she will have feeling like this toward her man only, not everyone can cause this type of feeling
“Err...lets watch TV” she stood twisting her hands back and forth because she doesn’t know where to place them, before going to turn the TV on. Once on, she turns to the news channel because she thinks he may like to watch news just like men in general
“Mayumi-san…” such a sweet voice calls out from behind so she turned away from the TV
“The wound hurt so much” he puts his hand and hold on to his shoulder and made a face like he is in pain. Just seeing him in pain, she had forgotten all of the shamefulness immediately. She quickly stepped in and look down at the wound. She saw a white bandage still clean and dry
“There’s no bleeding from the wound, the report also confirmed, but if you are still having pain, I will have to open the bandage out…oh…”
Her voice is missing when she turned and looked at the patient then she sees his lips were a few inches away. A sudden shocked; she was about to backed away if big hand of his slips up to hold on to her neck and pulls her toward him. His thick lips touch with hers gently, no traces of the person who told her he is in pain a little while ago…
Mayumi had been kissed many times, but there isn’t any time that his kiss is sweet and sentimental like this. His first kiss was trespass and punitive. The second kiss was gentle and to cherish as though she was a Sakura petal that is so delicate and afraid if his kiss it too forceful the petal will bruise. This time is different when a tongue that teases to invade slips to receive a small tongue which accepts as way of not really certain. If she still brave enough to partially open her mouth to let him explore. She is bashful to respond, and inexperienced. She worries that she will not satisfy him so she backed away, but her innocence that prompted Ryu to want to kiss her deeper. It’s like a search for a sweet mild in her body in a way that there was never enough. He pulled her close and crushed her lips tight squeeze as sucking up all of the strength and life force from her. She can hardly stand on her legs. Her small hand can only cling on to his arm when she closes her eyes. The love that has been congested in the chest is now being released and she was enthralled to his kiss wholeheartedly. His palms that gently cradle the neck gradually slide down to her cheek when he saw that she had not moved away. He impressively sucks the sweetness from her little mouth which he is infatuated with again and again like he can never be full. His body part on the alert before is now quickly arouse and got hard as a rock. If he knows that his physical condition can only provide as much as this, eventually forced himself to let her go and release his kiss from her with regret. Despite the recession, but Ryu continued to rub his thumb along the soft red lips…the beautiful eyes lift up and look at him sheepishly. Her trembling lips indicated that she was affected by his kiss as well
“I would like to return a promise…” he whispered
“Yes?” She blinks in puzzled, does not understand what he means when her brain is still blur from his hot and powerful kiss
“I can’t wait for you any longer, I want you, marry me Mayumi-san”
Her mind start to return to normal condition, even though she has already give in, but when she heard that he wanted to get marry just only because of her body, she couldn’t refrain from feeling hurt
“Man…could only think of one thing, when wanted, he just asks for it and push away when he doesn’t want it. Look at the actress for example, in a little bit I may have to prepared myself after you have everything to satisfy your needs”
“Why do you talk like that Mayumi-san?” Ryu is holding on tight to her little two hands, not to let her take a step and move far from him after hearing those words and her feeling was hurt “you must know how I feel about you”
She might have the knowledge but she also want to hear the clear answer from his mouth
“If you don’t tell me, how will I know?”
“Oh…” Ryu groaned…He is embarrassed, because once he had already told her he loves her but she doesn’t believe in his words “I have told you several times and repeated too, but you don’t believe me at all”
“You’ve told me that you never loved anyone. Your words are contradicting each other, and I ought to believe in which word?” she asked in a smooth voice and sounds like a bully and cause Ryu to dismayed; he held on to her hands tightly “let’s believe in the latter words young lady” he plead and pretend to be sad “I’m telling the truth. That night when I was shot I wanted to tell you and let you know how I felt about you…in case I don’t have the chance to speak again. And now I know that I’ve said that I never really loved anyone, it’s a saying that I forced myself to think that way. But truly, I just know myself that all along in my life I have always loved you”
She smiles and begins to believe him a little bit but there are few things stuck in her mind, so she ask
“If you really love me like you said, why that night when seven years ago, you told me to give other guys a chance and yourself were also dating a lot of women. I don’t think that people who love each other will do that for sure”
Ryu sighed softly, knowing that one day he will have to answer the inevitable question. And it is possible that if he answers the question not so well, he will lose her for the rest of his life. Therefore, the best answer would be the fact that must come from the depths of the heart. He sighed softly before he starts
“In the past, I never believe in love. I think it’s ridiculous too. Especially when I saw how Takeshi fascinates Seiko-san to the point of delirium. Just a Sakura that she sniffed, he took it and kept it in his book, then sat there staring at it and I could not help to pity. I never knew the feeling of the so-called ‘love’ and how it is supposed to be. And I think that what I felt with you at that time; it was a concern as sibling. I want you to be happy, for you to do what you want such as doctorate study, as soon as I know that’s what you want to learn, so I support. But I didn’t think that to be love and I hesitated all along that what it is that I felt with you” he paused a little before continuing
“In fact, I let time to prove how I really feel about you. I tried dating several women and question myself if there is a special feeling with them as with you or not, but the answer is ‘NO’. Women who come into my life can only be friends for a short period of time but no one is in my mind all the time like you. I never care about any women like I care about you. Therefore, after I dated Akiko, I knew then that I should stop and should start dating you seriously because when I knew that I have never had special feeling with anyone like I have special feeling with you”
When he finished talking, he raises both of her hands up to touch his lip gently together with a sweet smile
“And I knew at once that it is ‘Love’ which I feared all along, and still shocked to discovered the truth, and when I told you, you wouldn’t believe me”
Mayumi let out a soft breath that she didn’t know since when she was holding it. The answer is clear; he answers all of her questions but she couldn’t refrain from muttering
“Well, you told me when I was angry, who will believe you”
Her petulant manner cause Ryu to laugh when he sees that she is not really angry with him, if Mayumi still have doubt, so she then ask again
“Should I dare believe that your love will really stop with me? Tomorrow you might be saying otherwise or there might be another woman makes you feel this way as well”
“Throughout the preceding seven years, I have desperately tried not to think about you and date many women at that time and I asked myself the same question. Which I once think that women are all the same. It could be any women just as long as I’m satisfied. But this time, I understood how Takeshi felt about Seiko-san. Because love is not to find someone to responds to your needs or just physical satisfaction but to be a spiritual shelter, to be warmth for two people to share together. And I never knew before that I have always sought after but never found it, all that it’s just at hand reach, and I regret exceedingly to be so foolish to reject it for several years”
He stared into her eyes resolutely “and I think I’ve already found the woman I want…Mayumi-san…You are my everything and from now on you are my one and only”
His voice sound earnest and serious; Mayumi who has been listening felt the warm flow swiftly throughout her body
“Believe me young lady; you don’t know how much I regret to have let time pass by this long and I am most regret to have force you that morning. Just knowing that you gave other men a chance and I can’t restrain myself”
“You are the person that told me to look for a man that is compatible with me and yet you are angry with me” her voice shook a little with offended emotion that still linger “if I dated someone from many years ago, everything would end because you never interested in whether I’m dead or alive”
“Who told you? Did you know that I sent my man to watch and protect you throughout seven years? I know everything about you. My man reports your news weekly, even news that you refuse those men and that made me happy. Then I allow you to study until graduate without interference and I was determined that if you decide to date someone, I will immediately send my men to intimidate him and to let him know that you are my woman”
“Such a bully, other people are not allow to date, but yourself is allow to date around and on the news everywhere” this time, her sound tells a smoldering anger “you don’t know that your name makes decent men afraid to date me. If any, it was only those that like to challenge but they are not the type of man that I want. I then looked for a man that I preferred but I can’t even find one”
“It was good that no one would dare because I really intended to wait until you graduate. Otherwise, I will drag you to stay with me a long time ago” he gives a flattering smile because he knows that she is sulking, so he quickly made a promise “I want you to forget about the past completely, from now on I will love and cherish you and you will be my one and only woman…”
“No Ane-san, whether presence or behind my back” she said and her eyes stare at him with force
“I swear, I have never had Ane-san and will never have whether today or tomorrow and whether presence or behind your back” he answered firmly and with confidence
Mayumi was delighted to hear…she unfold a smile at last
“Now that I have answered your question… and your answer is young lady?”
Ryu was anxious to hear the answer
“What answer?” she teased and pretends as those who know that she holds the upper hand. She wants to bully him a little bit and then she heard him whines again
“Oh dear, why do you say that, please forgive my stupidity and marry me”
She saw his gestures and broke out laughing. He also knew that she teased him but still waiting for her answer
“Okay, I will marry you. We will plan it together after you are released from the hospital”
Ryu was overjoyed only for a few second but then made a wry face when he heard her agreement and immediately outcry
“No, I don’t want to wait that long, I’m impatient. We plan it right now. I would like to get marry next month, would that be enough time for you to prepare yourself”
“Next month?” Mayumi exclaimed then made a not so sure face “I don’t know…I don’t know how long I must take to prepare. I would have to ask those who know. I would like to ask for two months would that be possible? Give me a little more time because I have a very tight and busy job at the hospital. I will have to get custom made gown and will need to spend reasonable time on that”
“Really, two months?” Ryu softly mumbles “Too long”
“It’s not too long. Please give me a little more time to manage my work schedule”
Ryu made a deep in thought face before he negotiates
“So while waiting, you will need to stay at Oneshika’s house with me”
“But it is not appropriate. People will reprimand”
“I don’t care who will criticize because it is necessary”
Mayumi raised one eyebrow up with suspicion. He then explained
“The first reason is: I want you to start learning everything concerning Oneshika-gumi. You will have to learn the ways of life of the gokudō that had inherited from several hundred years ago. You will have to learn the functions of Okami-san and the responsibility to the group. The second reason is: when you are my woman, you are not safe anymore, especially during this time, many problems arise. We still do not know who’s good or has wicked intentions toward us. As long as the problems still prolong, our lives, you and I are considered in danger. Therefore, you will be protected 24 hours when you are with me. And the last reason and most important is: I want you; I will surely suffocate and die if I have to wait another two months”
The first two reasons make sense and sound good, but this last reason which made Mayumi so embarrassed until her cheeks scorching hot all over when he told her clearly how he felt about her
“You have said that if you take advantage of me, you will disembowel yourself, have you forgotten that?” she sent him a stern glance “and look at you, arm still splint, chest still have rubber tube attached but your brain have already wander too far”
“I thought you have already forgotten about the disembowelment” he let out a soft laugh and then he has to raise his hand up to hold his chest because he felt trembling inside at the wound area. He then emits a groan
“You see, you don’t listen” Mayumi exclaimed before mumbles that he deserves it to not know his own limit
“I admit that right now I am really dilapidated. Let’s wait, when I get better, I will do what I can to get you to give in” he glances at her with anticipation
“Yes, let’s wait for that day” she said sarcastically before adjusting the head of the bed down when she sees that his drowsy eyes narrow down due to the analgesic effect “but right now it’s time to sleep and if you want to recover soon, you will have to get plenty of rest”
“Yes dear, whatever you say, I’ll do accordingly” Ryu moves to lie down, his voice starts to sound sleepy “Please stay here with me tonight, I have aunt Ayako arranged your clothes for you already”
“Oww, yesterday you said you want to let me rest more, didn’t you?” she wondered why Ryu and Koji urged her to go home yesterday
“You can rest here as well and I think that is much more enjoyable to be with you than with that old man Koji. Today I change my mind and let you rest here so you can take care of me and that would be better and uncle Koji already knew that’s why he didn’t come”
Mayumi laugh softly, but did not displeased him
“In that case I will go to bathe and if you are sleepy then go ahead and go to sleep”
“Before I go to sleep, I would like get goodnight kiss first, would that be possible my young lady?” the patient had not yet out of brass so easily and negotiate “so I will have sweet dream”
Mayumi laugh softly to see Ryu’s child-like manner. She then bent down to kiss his cheek gently but he turned to face her. Both lips met again if this time their kiss was short and sweet before he sleeps just like he said
Mayumi backed away when she saw he closed his eyes and then sigh softly when things that have been stuck in her mind for several years have been washed out completely. Already tonight and a bright future of her with Ryu is waiting in the forefront. It seems that…she should ask Koji for advice regarding the preparation of becoming an Okami-san and have something that she intended and wanted to surprise him…
Dr. Hara allowing the police to interviewed Ryu two days later, which gave Ryu enough time to prepare the speech with Masato the family’s lawyer. When Yuji came in to interrogate, the information he got was hardly different from what he already knew.
Yuji returned with disappointment when Ryu has no doubt and did not say the incident was the work of Miura like he expected and tried to convince. Instead Ryu gave details of the gunmen and the car that was used and didn’t provide any more comments or opinions. It’s more like testifying for the incident that night only and that is not what Yuji wants…
Ryu knows that Yuji left with disappointment and he never came back again. Meanwhile, news of his injury slowly dwindles. A week later, Ryu’s condition improved and doctor allows him to return home, but he was not yet allow to work strenuously because it will cause the wound to inflame again. Therefore, he exercises by walking around the house in the morning and late afternoon and refuses to lie down and stay still as the doctor ordered. His work was brought to him to sign by his secretary. As for the meeting part, he let Koji take charge as the president instead of him at all times. Also today, his company will hold a meeting on expanding the maritime routes to small-sized country and to extend coverage to the port outside the city near the opening of new industries, which the meeting will have to consider opening offices in such city as well.
He believes that there is no objection to the new project and he is waiting anxiously to hear the meeting results from Koji while strolling in the garden in the evening and until nearly nightfall, but Koji did not come, until he saw Mayumi’s car drove into the parking garage. He walked close by to wait for her
“Oww” Mayumi greeted when she saw Ryu standing in the garden instead of sitting in the house, so she went straight to him “why are you standing right here? The air is also starting to cool down”
“I’m here waiting for uncle Koji, thus far, he has not yet come” Ryu answered wearily
“Ah I see, if so let’s go in the house and wait there. The cool air out here will cause pain to your wound” she walks toward him to assist by support his arm. His bodyguards then step away and leave Mayumi to supports their master into the house on her own. The telephone rings as soon as they step inside. Kazuo who stood waiting for his master inside went to answer the call before he exclaimed loudly
“What? All three of them?”
Ryu stood still, listening and met Kazuo’s eyes with dread
“Got it, I will tell Oyabun right now”
Once done, he hang up the phone and turned to tell Ryu that waited anxiously
“The three senior leaders were ambush on the way home Oyabun”
“Oh no” Mayumi raises her hand to cover her chest with shocked
“Anyone hurt?” Ryu immediately asked
“Err…” Kazuo avoids Ryu’s stare when he reports “Kazuma-san died before he reach the hospital. Masato-san and Koji-san both are in severe condition and already have been delivered to the hospital!”
Ryu was very stressful after hearing what had happened to his men. They immediately went to the hospital even though Ryu is still not fully recovered. Although at first Mayumi begged him to stay home and wait for the news but he refused. At last, they came to the hospital together. If they have sat waiting for a long time in front of the operating room then the doctor came out and said the surgery has gone smoothly. But both senior leaders’ symptoms will have to be watched closely after the operation, which is possible Koji might not survive because he has been shot many round and the one shot that most concern is the shot to his head. Doctors have to do open skull surgery when there is a piece of metal fragments buried inside and he also loses a lot of blood while he was being sent to the hospital. While Masato is not as severe as Koji but both are still considered not safe yet
Ryu went home with worried mind when he received a report that several of his members died in the ambush. Masato was lucky that his subordinate rushed in and used his body to shield him, and his subordinate became a victim instead of him. While Kazuma was shot unexpectedly, the bullets landed on significant points therefore he pass away while being brought to the hospital. Koji himself was also caught off guard if the skill of the former bodyguard was good enough to avoid the bullets that hurl toward him like rain stream. He set up fortress and retorted together with his subordinates until the other party withdraw and depart. But the consequence is that there are several rounds of bullets buried in the body of the determined elderly bodyguard. If his large body falls down as soon as he knows the other party retreated.
“Uncle Koji is a strong person. Doctor said the surgery has gone well, I believe he would have fared better after the blood transfusion. Soon he will be off the danger list” Mayumi comforts Ryu while helped support him lying down late that night. Both came home and it was nearly midnight, Ryu’s weary body could hardly stand any longer. His pale face tells that he is exhausted if he still determined to support himself until returning home. Mayumi then quickly prepare his bed and brought cloth to wipe his face and hand him the medicine to take.
Ryu still staring at the ceiling, he keeps thinking about the incident
“This time Misawa has gone too far, he clearly insults Oneshika”
“The police have not concluded who did it” Mayumi argued
“What they did this time cause a lot of injuring or might even death to their people. I let Kazuo represents uncle Koji. I ordered him to find the wounded and the corpses of the other party, every hospital in and outside the city. Soon we will know who did it, but the act like this even an idiot knows is the act of Misawa”
“And how are you going to retort”
“An eye for an eye, he does not deserve to live anymore” Ryu gritted his teeth replied
“If he dies, everyone will think that you kill him and are you not scare the police will tackle?” Ryu becomes silent…Mayumi is right because he is being watched by the police, if he kills Takao, this also means that he walks right into a trap. No matter what he does, the police never take his side anyway
“If I’m going to kill him, I will have to plan it well. When he did it to this extent, I will never forgive him” Ryu is still feuds
“Right now you are still severely hurt. How about you don’t think about the revenge just yet, let yourself recovered first and think about it then” Mayumi reminds him when she see that he had not yet seem to go sleep so easily. The more stressed you are the slower you recovered”
Ryu sighed softly and turned to look at Mayumi which sat on her knees beside him before he unfold a thin smile
“Thank you for reminding me. I am very stressed indeed. You should go bathe so that you can rest also”
“Ok, go to sleep and relax and don’t think too much. Right now we must come and help each other pray for uncle Koji and uncle Masato to survive”
Ryu nodded slowly and closed his eyes. Mayumi backed away to pick up clothes and went into the bathroom. A few moments later she returns to the room and lie down to sleep close to Ryu on the bed. Then she knew that he was not asleep when his arm that was not hurt reach out and pull her body to him. Mayumi moved to hug his waist with worried mind…
Soon, she heard Ryu’s uniform breathing but she could not sleep because she’s extremely concerned about him and the two elderly leaders…She knows in her heart that whoever took action this time want to destroy and completely flush out Oneshika…
She should be terrified…but something told her to trust Ryu, told her to believe in him. He will take them through a step beyond this crisis for sure and she will have to stand by his side all the way through. Therefore, she will not be afraid. She has to have strong mind to make him proud of her, no matter what will happens…
Two days later, Masato’s condition improved and as soon as he was conscious doctor allowed short visiting, while Koji was still lay unconscious and in the care of a physician closely.
On Kazuo side, he was able to find out the names of those who have been injured in the shooting from various hospitals. He sent speed boat out to look for corpses that might have been thrown in the sea to destroy evidence. They will have to hurry to search for the corpses before the fish nibble the body until there’s no evidence left. Then the good luck goes to Oneshika when the fishing boat found a corpse stuck in the fishnet. The corpse has bullets buried in many places and then sent to the police for further examined for evidence.
Everyone in the Oneshika is well aware that the corpse belongs to Misawa due to the tattoo on the body which represents Misawa’s gang including those that are injured from various hospitals, all are Misawa’s men. In the legal section, Ryu let Yuji Kobayashi oversee the case but behind the scenes Ryu secretly coordinates with Hiro Abe the police deputy commander to observe the movement of the Kobayashi father and son closely
That day, while Ryu & Mayumi returned from the hospital after visiting the two elderly leaders, both intended to attend Kazuma’s funeral on the same night, but as soon as they arrived home, Ayako stood waiting with the latest news, she said with a startled face
“The deputy, Abe called and said that Seven Seas nightclub has been caught on fire. Miura-san was trapped in the building. Right now the firefighters are trying to get him out. The deputy also said to tell Oyabun to be careful”
Ryu turns to catch Mayumi’s eyes with apprehension…at last the war has begins and unavoidable. If Airu survives this time he will suspect that it is the revenge of the Oneshika, after he and the three elderly leaders were stealthily shoot in the equivalent time
If Ryu guess is not wrong, whoever took action does not wish Airu’s life because his life is still valuable, if the planner wanted to turned Airu against Ryu and the friendship between the two groups will be completely destroyed
“There it is” Ryu groans with wearily mind “their plan is such exceedingly clever. At last, they destroyed the trusts between us and Miura. Next, we will have battle on both sides, both Misawa and Miura including those that are hidden in the shadows as well”
“Who’s hidden behind the shadows?”
“Soon, he will emerge. He would be the mastermind behind Misawa and the person that planned all this. Because just Misawa alone will not be able to operate like this for sure”

The waiting is the most difficult part for impatient person like Ryu. First thing that he has to wait is waiting to hear the progress of Koji injuries. Koji is the person who has been taking care of Ryu since he was a child and Ryu loves him like a father, because if without Koji the Oneshika-gumi will be shaken and there’s no doubt about that. Although there will be Kazuo’s and others helps, but no one can worked efficiently as Koji
Koji lay unconscious for five days already and the doctor who operated him told everyone to prepare themselves. If altogether seven days and he did not yet recover, his chance of survival is nearly nothing…
The second thing is the case that Yuji is in charge. When looking at the reaction, it’s almost no progress of the people that attacked the three elderly leaders and also Ryu. Even though the Oneshika’s subordinates have already given the information regarding the attackers to the police
And the last thing is the problem between the Oneshika and Miura which seemed to be silent as if nothing had happened. But Ryu knows better than that…beneath the silent and calmness is time bomb that is tucked under when Airu was injured from the fire, with serious condition that he must stay in the sterile room and prohibit visiting. Ryu did not have the opportunity to meet or discuss anything except waiting for the time
Good thing that Masato’s condition improved and was out from the ICU room on the third day and will be released from the hospital in a few days. Ryu have been visiting Koji every day and then return home with disappointment when the elderly leader of the group was still no signs of recovery…
Ryu did not expect to receive good news after he found nothing but disappointments every day that he visited Koji but on the morning of the 6[sup]th[/sup] day, as soon as Ryu stepped in the ICU room, he looked right into Koji’s dark eyes that sparkling full of life and flare up when he saw who’s walking in
“Uncle!” Ryu exclaimed loudly. He quickly stepped to the bed. Tears were pulling up in his eyes when he reached out to hold Koji’s hand and squeezed hard “Uncle, you recovered”
The elderly leader nodded slowly and whispered through his dry lips which were exhausted and hoarse
“Yes, Oyabun”
“I am so happy…” Ryu had to swallow the sobbing lumps that run to his throat many times with gratitude “Uncle, you lost consciousness for several days until I was afraid”
Mayumi who stood beside Ryu, so as tears flow when she saw the bond between the two men and just by looking at the way they looked at each other. She then acknowledges the sincerity that these two gave to each other. She quickly wipes the tears of happiness and sent a smile to the elderly leader as to inspire now that he is off the danger list.
Nurse reported that Koji was conscious since early morning. The first person he asks for was Ryu. When he got the answer that Ryu is okay and came to visit him every day, Koji then was relief and wait anxiously for Ryu to visit him.
“Anything happened? I’m sure the past five days there must be a lot things going on” Koji asks his young master with concern to the problem that happened
“Please rest first uncle Koji” Ryu answered “don’t worry about work yet”
Koji shook his head slowly and refused
“Please tell me. I am feeling much better and I must know everything that had happened”
Ryu turned toward Mayumi for counsel when she nodded he then decided to tell Koji the whole story. Koji’s eyes immediately turned melancholy as soon as he heard that his best friend pass away. He swallows a sorrow lump down his throat and nodded with understanding. Once Ryu finished, Koji said he has some information and he needs to talk to Ryu alone. Mayumi then went outside the room to leave the two men to discuss their business.

Not long after Kazuma’s funeral, Ryu called for a meeting and right after the meeting he announced his marriage in the midst of stress. Few people were against due to the funeral just past and some people looked at it as the best way and to be a good news after the nightmare. While there are other people believe that Oyabun should not get married at this time because they are still in a critical situation and he should have managed the problem between the groups first then get married. If behind the scenes, there are only a few people close to Ryu that know why he announced his marriage as soon as he returns to work on the first day. Ryu dismissed the gossip or the protests that are floating in the air because this time he only wants to buy some time until Koji would recovered, then they will begin to proceed in accordance with the planned. At the same time, he began to spread the news to lure in what the police want to hear, for example, the smuggling contraband that will come with different ship of the company. In order to create confusion to the police force that determined to catch him. Ryu increased work load for the police that he will have time to prepare for the upcoming explosion soon.
Mayumi acknowledged the marriage but was not pleased because Ryu rushed and they will have to get married within a month. She negotiated and was able to extend to two more weeks which total up to 6 weeks instead of two months as she previously requested. All this, she does not know the real reason why Ryu is in such a rush to get married.
Ryu’s injury has improved to almost healed and return to normal. He began to come back to practice sword and light exercise again. During that time, if Mayumi has time she was a sparring partner for Ryu which she learned several new techniques and when he intended to teach and transmit knowledge she then accepted them fully and willingly.
The love between her and Ryu is booming. He has become a charming young man and did not command or force, he waited on her and try to please her any chance he gets. In the morning they would leave to work together by him dropping her off at the hospital. In the evening if he is not busy, he would come and pick her up at the hospital himself and if he is busy, then he would send someone to pick her up. Both had never quarreled again, when both knew their hearts belong to each other…therefore, both waited for their wedding day which was coming expectantly. But there is one thing that bothers Mayumi over the last several days…because when Ryu’s condition improved, at night he would pull her into his embrace all night. Before he sleeps he will only demand good night kiss and a long kiss from her until she was shaken all over but then he would pull away. He never demands to have her return the promise and acted every inch as a gentleman.
If it was her that has been aroused until nearly insane when she used to know the feeling of love making and it was so sweet and she began to yearn it with severely. Many times, she wanted to be the one that cancel the promise herself. If the dignity of a woman still hang around her neck and she did not want Ryu to know that she is going insane because of him. Therefore, every time he moved away, she can only clench her teeth so that she will not request him to continue what he had started…
And every time they go to bed, she wanted to escape and go the old bedroom which used to be Takeshi’s room and sleep there alone so that Ryu cannot wheedles her and backed away again but she cannot do that. Because she cannot and will not let him know how he affected her. Otherwise, he would have laughed at her that she herself calls to cancel the promise.
“Where are my pajamas?” a loud sound from the bathroom. Mayumi was in the bedroom, turned and looked around and saw his pajamas that she prepared for him still fold and in the same place. Ryu forgot to bring with him when he went in the bathroom. She went to retrieve his pajamas and bath towel, open the bathroom door from the outside, went in and hoping to put his pajamas on the wooden cabinet for him to pick up and use immediately when he finished bathing. But then she had completely forgotten that Ryu might be shouting from outside the bathtub and not wearing anything at all. By the time she realized, she had already opened the door and walked in
“Thank you so much, I was absent-minded, did not know what I’m thinking and forgot to bring them”
“It’s okay” she pretend to put up a smooth face, contrary to her heart which beats fast when she saw him standing naked in the middle of the room. Then she quickly handed him his pajamas and intended to hurry back to the bedroom, if her frantically trembling hands cause the pajamas to fell from her hand. Their eyes look at the pajamas on the ground. Then Ryu slowly bent to pick them up because he’s still stiff just seeing Mayumi he felt extremely guilty that she was embarrassed not sensible, he then bent down and snatch it himself. Mayumi unfolds the pajamas to let him inserts his arm easily, then she went around to the front to catch the end of the pajamas and fold them together then tied the strings before she ask him with concern
“Is your shoulder hurt?”
Ryu shook his head a little when answered
“No, just inconvenience. The surgery on the shoulder still feels a little discomfort”
“I’m sorry” once she finished talking, she quickly avoids eyes contact due to humiliation mixed with guilt
“It’s okay, I understand. A little more while you will get accustomed to this” he replied, laughing softly at the sight of her shy demeanor “Lets go to sleep, tomorrow we will have to get up early”
“Yes” Mayumi answered with a smile and follow behind him to their bedroom. Then she heard him asking
“About the invite guests, did you get the list of names yet? I would like to print invitation cards”
“Mine are ready, but not the elders. Tomorrow I will hasten my father again” she said after she reached out to turn off the lights in the room and help covering Ryu with blanket. Suddenly the room was silence
The young people were lying on the mattress of their own. Ryu did not move. Mayumi was almost did not dare to breathe. Her brain all muddled and still thinking of him stood naked a moment ago…he was so beautiful and powerful. Just that she felt a strange restless flash across the abdomen. She immediately closed her eyes and blocks that image out of her head. If several minutes had passed, she slowly opened up her eyes when she perceived the abnormal of Ryu.
Every night, he will be the one that move toward her but tonight, he lay motionless. She simply acknowledges in silent that the tension occurred between the two. And she did not know what he is thinking inside his mind
The man she thought of lying in the dark, gazing blankly at the ceiling for several minutes as if weighing harshly. One mind, Ryu wanted to turn over and pull Mayumi’s body to his embrace and kiss her like so many nights ago. If tonight, he did not dare to do like that anymore, when his body is strong and almost healed. His smoldering sexual energy is increasing every day. He fears he will not be able to restrain and back away from her anymore once he started.
He knew that she was terrified the first time together and just moments ago, he saw the symptoms of bewildered from her in the bathroom, he knew that she’s still afraid of him. Therefore, he will not make her panic and frightened until she retreated again. And he will have to keep the promise until the wedding day in order to possess her righteously, even though his body protests that thought oppressively
hope the nang'ek is either Margie or Taew


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Wow I never really look into this blog but if Mario is pra'ke than I want Mint C. Or if not than Yaya...I would love to see one of these as a lend cast for once...
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